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OO 4-6s. & 2-8s.

COME, O Thou Mighty Lord!
Come, O Thou Prince of Peace!
Send forth the Gospel word,
And crown it with success:
Now to Thy ransomed ones appear,
And plant Thy heavenly kingdom here.

2 Claim for Thy lawful right

The souls before Thee bowed;
From darkness turn to light,

From Satan's power to God,
That they may all Thy love receive,
And, saved from sin, for ever live.

3 In this accepted hour

A gracious token show;
And make us own Thy power,

And groan ourselves to know,
Weep for our sins, and deeply mourn,
And to a pardoning God return.

4 Gather the outcasts in,

Who feel their guilty load;
Redeem the slaves of sin,

And point them to Thy blood:
Thy blood be to our hearts applied,
And speak us freely justified.

(340) L.M. H. Moee.

Altered by John Wesi.kt. 1739.

FATHER, if justly still we claim
To us and ours the promise made,
To us be graciously the same,

And crown with living fire our head.

Our claim admit, and from above

Of holiness the Spirit shower,
Of wise discernment, humble love;

And zeal, and unity, and power.

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The Spirit of convincing speech,
Of power demonstrative, impart;

Such as may every conscience reach,
And sound the unbelieving heart:

The Spirit of refining fire,

Searching the inmost of the mind,

To purge all fierce and foul desire,
And kindle life more pure and kind:

The Spirit of faith, in this Thy day,
To break the power of cancell'd sin,

Tread down its strength, o'erturn its sway,
And still the conquest more than win.

The Spirit breathe of inward life,

Which in our hearts Thy laws may write;

Then grief expires, and pain, and strife;
'Tis nature all, and all delight.

(291) Ii.M.


ON all the earth Thy Spirit shower;
The earth in righteousness renew;
Thy kingdom come, and hell's o'erpower,
And to Thy sceptre all subdue.

Like mighty wind, or torrent fierce,

Let it opposers all o'errun;
And every law of sin reverse,

That faith and love may make all one.

Yea, let Thy Spirit in every place

Its richer energy declare;
While lovely tempers, fruits of grace,

The kingdom of Thy Christ prepare.

Grant this, O holy God, and true!

The ancient seers Thou didst inspire;
To us perform the promise due;

Descend, and crown us now with fire!

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(841) 6-7s. C. Wesley. 1745.

LAMB of God, who bear'st away
All the sins of all mankind,
Bow a nation to Thy sway ;—

While we may acceptance find,
Let us thankfully embrace
The last offers of Thy grace.

2 Thou Thy messengers hast sent,

Joyful tidings to proclaim,
Willing we should all repent,

Know salvation in Thy Name,
Feel our sins by grace forgiven,
Find in Thee the Way to heaven.

3 Jesus, roll away the stone;

Good Physician, show Thine art:
Make Thy healing virtue known;

Break the unbelieving heart:
Soften the obdurate crowd;
Melt the rebels with Thy blood!

4 Let Thy dying love constrain

Those who disregard Thy frown;
Sink the mountain to a plain;

Bring the pride of sinners down;
By Thy bloody cross subdue;
Tell them, "I have died for you!"

7s & 6s. Luther. (1852.)

SAVIOUR, none like Thee can teach,
Nor yet unfold Thy word;
None, like Thee, the heart can reach,

And heavenly light afford.
Rich in wisdom, rich in love,
Upon us Thy grace bestow;
Raise our thoughts to things above;
Teach us Thyself to know.

2 Speak to us from lips of love,

And give the listening ear;
Thus our waiting souls shall prove,

That Thou art present here.
Ever to Thy righteous word,

glan's rebellious heart to smite,)
o Thou lend Thy blessing, Lord,
A blessing infinite.

3 In Thy Person we descry

Redemption's glorious Lord;
For Thy work and ministry,

The joys Thy words afford,—
For the gift of righteousness,
Through Thy sin-atoning blood,—
Thee we honour, Thee we bless,

Thou Son and sent of God.

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(633) 4-6s & 2-8s. C. Wesley. 1830.

SAVIOUR, we know Thou art
In every age the same:
Now, Lord, in our's exert
The virtue of Thy name;
And daily, through Thy word, increase
Thy blood-besprinkled witnesses.

Thy people saved below,

From every sinful stain, Shall multiply and grow, If Thy command ordain; And one into a thousand rise, And spread Thy praise through earth and skies.

In many a soul, and mine,

Thou hast displayed Thy power,
But, to Thy people join

Ten thousand thousand more;
Saved from the guilt and strength of sin,
In life and heart entirely clean.

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Before Reading the Scriptures.

CM. C.wesley. 1740.

COME, Holy Ghost, our hearts inspire,
Let us Thine influence prove;
Source of the old prophetic fire,
Fountain of Light and Love.

Come, Holy Ghost, (for moved by Thee

The prophets wrote and spoke,)
Unlock the Truth, Thyself the Key,

Unseal the sacred Book.

Expand Thy wings, celestial Dove,

Brood o'er our nature's night:
On our disordered spirits move,

And let there now be light.

God, through Himself, we then shall know,

If Thou within us shine;
And sound, with all Thy saints below,

The depths of love divine.

(339) CM. C.wesley. 1740.:

FATHEK of all, in whom alone
We live, and move, and breathe,
One bright, celestial ray dart down,
And cheer Thy sons beneath.

2 While in Thy word we search for Thee,

(We search with trembling awe !)
Open our eyes, and let us see
The wonders of Thy law.

3 Now let our darkness comprehend

The Light that shines so clear;
Now the revealing Spirit send,
And give us ears to hear.

4 Before us make Thy goodness pass,

Which here by faith we know;
Let us in Jesus see Thy face,
And die to all below.

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