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4 O'erwhelmed with Thy stupendous grace,

I shall not in Thy presence move;
But breathe unutterable praise,

And rapturous awe, and silent love.

5 Then every murmuring thought and vain

Expires, in sweet confusion lost;
I cannot of my cross complain;
I cannot of my goodness boast.

6 Pardoned for all that I have done,

My mouth as in the dust I hide;
And glory give to God alone,
My God for ever pacified!

753 CM. C. Wesley. 1762.

Deat. zxxil . 39. Ps. cxlx. 06.

DEEPEN the wound Thy hands have made
In this weak, helpless soul,
Till mercy, with its balmy aid,
Descends to make me whole.

2 The sharpness of Thy two-edged sword

Enable me to' endure;
Till bold to say, my hallowing Lord
Hath wrought a perfect cure.

3 I see the' exceeding broad command,

Which all contains in one:
Enlarge my heart to understand
The mystery unknown.

4 Oh that with all Thy saints I might

By sweet experience prove,
What is the length, and breadth, and height,
And depth, of perfect love!

754 8s. C. Wesley. 1762.

Psalm mix. 8; xlIl . 2.

WHAT now is my object and aim?
What now is my hope and desire?
To follow the heavenly Lamb,
And after His image aspire:

2 My hope is all centred in Thee;

I trust to recover Thy love,

On earth Thy salvation to see,

And then to enjoy it above.

3 I thirst for a life-giving God,

A God that on Calvary died;
A fountain of water and blood,

Which gushed from Immanuel's side!

4 I gasp for the stream of Thy love,

The spirit of rapture unknown;
And then to re-drink it above,
Eternally fresh from the throne.

I DO (248) 7s & 6s. C. Wesley. 1762.

Pwlm lxxxi. 10.

GIVE me the enlarged desire,
And open, Lord, my soul,
Thy own fulness to require,

And comprehend the whole:
Stretch my faith's capacity
Wider, and yet wider still;
Then with all that is in Thee
My soul for ever fill!

ZOO (249) L.M. 6 lines. J. Wesley. 1789.

From the German of Paul Gxbbmxdt.

JESUS, Thy boundless love to me No thought can reach, no tongue declare; 0 knit my thankful heart to Thee,

And reign without a rival there:
Thine wholly, Thine alone, I am;
Be Thou alone my constant flame!

0 grant that nothing in my soul
May dwell, but Thy pure love alone:

0 may Thy love possess me whole,
My joy, my treasure, and my crown;

Strange flames far from my heart remove;

My every act, word, thought, be love I

O Love, how cheering is Thy ray!
All pain before Thy presence flies;

Care, anguish, sorrow, melt away,
Where'er Thy healing beams arise:

O Jesus, nothing may I see,

Nothing desire, or seek, but Thee!

Unwearied may I this pursue,

Dauntless to the high prize aspire;

Hourly within my soul renew

This holy flame, this heavenly fire;

And day and night be all my care

To guard the sacred treasure there.

My Saviour, Thou Thy love to me

In shame, in want, in pain, hast showed;

For me on the accursed tree,

Thou pouredst forth Thy guiltless blood;

Thy wounds upon my heart impress,

Nor aught shall the loved stamp efface.

More hard than marble is my heart,
And foul with sins of deepest stain;

But Thou the mighty Saviour art,

Nor flowed Thy cleansing blood in vain;

Ah ! soften, melt this rock, and may

Thy blood wash all these stains away!

O that I, as a little child,

May follow Thee, and never rest
Till sweetly Thou hast breathed Thy mild

And lowly mind into my breast!
Nor ever may we parted be,
Till I become one spirit with Thee.

Still let Thy love point out my way!

How wondrous things Thy love hath wrought!

Still lead me, lest I go astray;

Direct my word, inspire my thought;

And if I fall, soon may I hear

Thy voice, and know that Love is near.

9 In suffering be Thy love my peace,
In weakness be Thy love my power;
And when the storms of life shall cease,

Jesus, in that important hour,
In death as life be Thou my Guide,
And save me, who for me hast died.

iul (121) L.M. 6 lines. C. Wesley. 1739.

COME, Holy Ghost, all-quickening Fire,
Come, and in me delight to rest;
Drawn by the lure of strong desire,
O come and consecrate my breast!
The temple of my soul prepare,
And fix Thy sacred presence there!

2 If now Thy influence I feel,

If now in Thee begin to live,
Still to my heart Thyself reveal;

Give me Thyself, for ever give:
A point my good, a drop my store,
Eager I ask, I pant for more.

3 Eager for Thee I ask and pant;

So strong the principle divine,
Carries me out with sweet constraint,

Till all my hallowed soul is Thine;
Plunged in the Godhead's deepest sea,
And lost in Thine immensity.

4 My peace, my life, my comfort Thou,

My treasure, and my all Thou art!
True witness of my sonship, now

Engraving pardon on my heart,
Seal of my sins in Christ forgiven,
Earnest of love, and pledge of heaven.

5 Come then, my God, mark out Thine heir

Of heaven, a larger earnest give!
With clearer light Thy witness bear;

More sensibly within me live;
Let all my powers Thine entrance feel,
And deeper stamp Thyself the seal!

lO.O (250) L.M. 6 lines. C. Wesley. 1712.

SAVIOUR from sin, I wait to prove
That Jesus is Thy healing name;
To lose, when perfected in love,

Whate'er I have, or can, or am:
I stay me on Thy faithful word,
"The servant shall be as his Lord."

2 Answer that gracious end in me,

For which Thy precious life was given; Redeem from all iniquity;

Restore, and make me meet for heaven! Unless Thou purge my every stain, Thy suffering, and my faith are vain.

3 Didst Thou not in the flesh appear,

Sin to condemn, and man to save?
That perfect love might cast out fear?

That I Thy mind in me might have?
In holiness show forth Thy praise,
And serve Thee all my spotless days?

4 Didst Thou not die, that I might live

No longer to myself but Thee? Might body, soul, and spirit give

To Him who gave Himself for me? Come then, my Master, and my God, Take the dear purchase of Thy blood.

5 Thy own peculiar servant claim,

For Thy own truth and mercy's sake;
Hallow in me Thy glorious Name;

Me for Thine own this moment take,
And change and throughly purify;
Thine only may I live and die.

759 (H7) L.M. 6 lines. C. Wesley. 1710.

I WANT the Spirit of power within,
Of love, and of a healthful mind;
Of power, to conquer inbred sin;

Of love, to Thee and all mankind;
Of health, that pain and death defies,
Most vigorous when the body dies.

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