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Thee they sing, with glory crowned ;
; We extol the slaughter'd Lamb;
Lower if our voices sound,

Our subject is the same.
4 Father, God, Thy love we praise,

Which gave Thy Son to die;
Jesus, full of truth and grace,

Alike we glorify;
Spirit, Comforter divine,
Praise by all to Thee be given,
Till we in full chorus join,
And earth is turned to heaven.

L.M. 6 lines. J. WESLEY. 1739.
Gen, xxviii. 16, 17. From the German of G. TERSTEEGEN,
TO! God is here ! let us adore,
1 And own, how dreadful is this place!
Let all within us feel His power,

And silent bow before His face ;
Who know His power, His grace who prove,

Serve Him with awe, with reverence love. 2 Lo! God is here! Him day and night

The united choirs of angels sing :
To Him, enthroned above all height,

Heaven's host their noblest praises bring :
Disdain not, Lord, our meaner song,

Who praise Thee with a stammering tongue. 3 Gladly the toys of earth we leave,

Wealth, pleasure, fame, for Thee alone :
To Thee our will, soul, flesh, we give ;

O take, O seal them for Thine own:
Thou art the God ; Thou art the Lord;

Be Thou by all Thy works adored ! 4 Being of beings, may our praise

Thy courts with grateful fragrance fill;
Still may we stand before Thy face,

Still hear and do Thy sovereign will :
To Thee may all our thoughts arise,
Ceaseless, accepted sacrifice ! -

5 In Thee we move all things of Thee

Are full, Thou Source and Life of all; Thou vast, unfathomable Sea !

(Fall prostrate, lost in wonder, fall, Ye sons of men ; for God is man!)

All may we lose, so Thee we gain ! 6 As flowers their opening leaves display,

And glad drink in the solar fire, So may we catch Thy every ray,

So may Thy influence us inspire ; Thou Beam of the eternal Beam, Thou purging Fire ; Thou quickening Flame !

998,664,88. G. Tersteegen. 1860.
T ORD our God, in reverence lowly,
L The hosts of heaven call Thee "Holy."

From cherubim and seraphim,
From angel phalanx, far extending,
In fuller tones is still ascending
The “Holy, holy," of their hymn.

The fount of joy Thou art,
Ever filling every heart,

Ever I ever !
We too are Thine, and with them sing,

• Thou, Lord, and only Thou art King.
2 Lord, there are bending no'y before Thee
The elders, with their crowned glory,

The first-born of the blessed band.
There, too, earth's ransomed and forgiven,
Brought by the Saviour safe to heaven,
In glad unnumbered myriads stand.

Loud are the songs of praise
Their mingled voices raise,

Ever! ever!
We too are Thine, and with them sing,

• Thou, Lord, and only Thou art King.'
3 They sing, in sweet, and sinless numbers,

The wondrous love that never slumbers,

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And of the wisdom, power, and might,
The truth and faithfulness abiding,
And over all Thy works presiding.
But they can scarcely praise aright;

For all is never sung,
Even by seraph's tongue,

Never ! never !
We too are Thine, and with them sing,
*Thou, Lord, and only Thou art King.


Watts. 1705.
TNTERNAL Power, whose high abode

Becomes the grandeur of a God,
Infinite lengths beyond the bounds

Where stars revolve their little rounds : 2 Thee, while the first archangel sings,

He hides his face behind his wings ;
And ranks of shining thrones around

Fall worshipping, and spread the ground. 3 Lord, what shall earth and ashes do ?

We would adore our Maker too !
From sin and dust to Thee we cry,

The Great, the Holy, and the High.
4 Earth from afar hath heard Thy fame;

And worms have learn'd to lisp Thy name;
But, O! the glories of Thy mind

Leave all our soaring thoughts behind ! 5 God is in heaven, and men below :

Be short our tunes, our words be few;
A sacred reverence checks our songs,
And praise sits silent on our tongues.

L.M. 6 lines, triplets. C. Wesley. 1854.
SING unto God. His praise proclaim,
D Extol the great Jehovah's name,

Who rides upon the stormy sky ;
For He in power and love is great,
Enthroned in everlasting state,

The Lord most merciful, most high ! .

2 A father of the fatherless;
The widow, in her sad distress,

Is sure to find a friend in Him;
He every helpless soul befriends;
To all His servants condescends,

In goodness as in power supreme. 3 Thou, Jesus, art gone up on high, Hast captive led captivity

The powers that held our souls in chains : Thy blood hath sign'd our souls' release; Pardon, and liberty, and peace,

Thy precious blood for all obtains. 4 Thou hast received the promised grace For all of Adam's helpless race,

The glorious gift unspeakable ; That all Thine image might retrieve, That man again in God might live,

That God again in man might dwell.
5 Bless'd be the God of pardoning love,
Who showers His blessings from above,

And fills us with His richest store ;
The God of our salvation,-He
Redeems from all iniquity,
And bids us live, and sin no more.

L.M. 6 lines, triplets C. WESLEY. 1854

Psalm lxviii. 32–35. VE kingdoms of the earth, arise ! 1 Sing unto God who bows the skies,

Sing praises to the King of kings ; He from the heaven of heavens comes down, Forsakes His everlasting throne,

And grace and peace to sinners brings. 2 Hear Him, ye nations, and rejoice ;

His voice He sends, His mighty voice,
. And bids you come to Him and live ;
Sinners receive the gospel word ;
Your loving, all redeeming Lord

With joy let all mankind receive.

3 Jesus let all mankind adore ;
Give Him the glory of His power,-

His power displayed in pardoning love;
His excellence of saving grace
Is only known to Israel's race;

A mystery to the hosts above.
4 Thee, by the highest heavens adored,
Tremendous, everlasting Lord,

The God of Israel we proclaim;
The glory of Thy grace receive :
All blessing, might, and thanks we give,

All praise and love to Jesu's name.

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C. WESLEY. 1767
THOUSAND oracles divine

Their common beams unite,
That sinners may with angels join

To worship God aright: 2 To praise a Trinity adored

By all the hosts above;
And one thrice-holy God and Lord

Through endless ages love.
3 Triumphant host ! they never cease

To laud and magnify
The Tri-une God of holiness,

Whose glory fills the sky :
4 Whose glory to this earth extends,

When God himself imparts,
And the whole Trinity descends

Into our faithful hearts.
5 By faith the upper choir we meet;

And challenge them to sing
Jehovah, on His shining seat,

Our Maker, and our King.
6 But God made flesh is wholly ours,

And asks our nobler strain ;
The Father of celestial powers,

The Friend of earth-born man.

5 By face challengs shining ring.

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