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Let us ever hear Thy voice,

Ask Thy counsel every day;
Saints and angels will rejoice,

If we walk in wisdom's way.
Saviour, give us faith, and pour

Hope and love on every soul,—
Hope, till time shall be no more;

Love, while endless ages roll!

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8.7.4. Edmeston. 1820.

LEAD us! Heavenly Father, lead us,
O'er the world's tempestuous sea;
Guide us, guard us, keep us, feed us,

For we have no help but Thee;
Yet possessing every blessing,

If our God our Father be.
Saviour, breathe forgiveness o'er us j

All our weakness Thou dost know;
Thou didst tread this earth before us,

Thou didst feel its keenest woe;
Lone and dreary, faint and weary,

Through the desert Thou didst go.
Spirit of our God, descending,

Fill our hearts with heavenly joy;
Love with every passion blending,

Pleasure that can never cloy.
Thus provided, pardoned, guided,

Nothing can our peace destroy.

(226) liM. Doddridge. 1755.

BESET with snares on every hand,
In life's uncertain path I stand:
Saviour Divine, diffuse Thy light
To guide my doubtful footsteps right.
Engage this roving treacherous heart
To fix on Mary's better part;
To scorn the trifles of a day,
For joys, that none can take away.

Then let the wildest storms arise,
Let tempests mingle earth and skies;
No fatal shipwreck shall I fear,
But all my treasures with me bear.
If Thou, my Jesus, still be nigh,
Cheerful I live, and joyful die:
Secure, when mortal comforts flee,
To find ten thousand worlds in Thee.

976 (13) L.M. Gilbert. 1809.

AMONG the deepest shades of night,
Can there be One who sees uiy way?
Yes;—God is like a shining light.
And turns the darkness into day.

2 When every eye around me sleeps,

May I not sin without control %

No; for a constant watch He keeps

On every thought of every soul.

3 If I could find some cave unknown,

Where human foot has never trod,
Yet there I could not be alone:
On every side there would be God.

4 He smiles in heaven, He frowns in hell;

He fills the air, the earth, the sea :—

1 must within His presence dwell;
I cannot from His anger flee.

5 Yet I may flee—He shows me where;

To Jesus Christ He bids me fly:
And while He sees me weeping there,
There's only mercy in His eye.

Oil (625) CM. Fawcett. 1782.

RELIGION is the chief concern
Of mortals here below:
May I its great importance learn;
Its sovereign virtue know.

2 Religion should our thoughts engage

Amid our youthful bloom:

Twill fit us for declining age,
And for the awful tomb.

Oh, may my heart, by grace renewed,
Be my Redeemer's throne;

And be my stubborn will subdued,
His government to own.

Let deep repentance, faith, and love
Be join'd with godly fear;

And all my conversation prove
My heart to be sincere.

Preserve me from the snares of sin,
Through my remaining days;

And in me let each virtue shine
To my Redeemer's praise.

Let lively hope my soul inspire;

Let warm affections rise:
And may I wait, with strong desire,

To mount above the skies.

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CM. Doddridge. 1755.

Those that seek me early shall find mo.—Prov. viii, 17.

YE hearts with youthful vigour warm,
In smiling crowds draw near,
And turn from every mortal charm
A Saviour's voice to hear.

He, Lord of all the worlds on high,

Stoops to converse with you;
And lays His radiant glories by,

Your friendship to pursue.

"The soul that longs to see My face

Is sure My love to gain;
And those that early seek My grace,

Shall never seek in vain."

What object, Lord, my soul should move,

If once compared with Thee?
What beauty should command my love,

Like what in Christ I see?

5 Away, ye false delusive toys,
Vain tempters of the mind!
Tis here I fix my lasting choice,
And here true bliss I find.

O tU (626) S.M. MoNTGOMEBY. 1835.

THERE is a precious day;
In youth that day is ours,
When we should dedicate to God
Our life with all its powers.

2 There is a gracious day,
When conscience speaks within;

Tis now, for now the Spirit strives,
Convincing us of sin.

3 There is a holy day,

Of faith, and hope, and love:
It reaches through our Christian life
On earth to heaven above.

4 There is a serious day,

When we must yield our breath;
Be born, to die no more, or die
An everlasting death.

5 There is an awful day,
Of judgment and decree;

Lord! be we all, through Christ prepared,
That last of days to see.

6 There is a glorious day,
Of sweet sabbatic rest:

Oh, may we its eternal length
Enjoy with all the blest!

oO\) (605) L.M. 6 lines. C. Weslet. 1763.

COME, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,
To whom we for our children cry;
The good desired and wanted most,
Out of Thy richest grace supply;
The sacred discipline be given,
To train and bring them up for heaven.

Answer on them the end of all

Our cares, and pains, and studies here;
On them, recover'd from their fall,

Stamp'd with the humble character,
Raised by the nurture of the Lord,
To all their Paradise restored.
Error and ignorance remove,—

Their blindness both of heart and mind;
Give them the wisdom from above,

Spotless, and peaceable, and kind;
In knowledge pure their minds renew,
And store with thoughts divinely true.
Learning's redundant part, and vain,

Be here cut off, and cast aside;
But let them, Lord, the substance gain,

In every solid truth abide;
Swiftly acquire, and ne'er forego,
The knowledge fit for man to know.
Unite the pair so long disjoined,

Knowledge and vital Piety:
Learning and Holiness combined,

And Truth and Love, let all men see,
In those, whom up to Thee we give,
Thine, wholly Thine, to die and live.
Father, accept them, through Thy Son,

And ever by Thy Spirit guide!
Thy wisdom in their lives be shown,

Thy name confess'd and glorified;
Thy power and love diffused abroad,
Till all the earth is filled with God.

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(606) L.M. 6 lines. C. Wesley. 1763.

CAPTAIN of our salvation, take
The souls we here present to Thee,
And fit for Thy great service make

These heirs of immortality;
And let them in Thine image rise,
And then transplant to Paradise.

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