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989 CM. C. Wesley. 1750.

SING to the Great Jehovah's praise!
All praise to Him belongs:
Who kindly lengthens out our days,
Demands our choicest songs.

2 His providence hath brought us through

Another various year:
We all with vows and anthems new,
Before our God appear.

3 Father, Thy mercies past we own,

Thy still continued care;
To Thee presenting, through Thy Son,
Whate'er we have or are.

4 Our lips and lives shall gladly show

The wonders of Thy love,
While on, in Jesu's steps, we go
To see Thy face above.

5 Our residue of days or hours

Thine, wholly Thine, shall be,
And—all our consecrated powers—
A sacrifice to Thee:

6 Till Jesus, in the clouds, appear

To saints on earth forgiven,
And bring the grand sabbatic year,
The Jubilee of Heaven.

990 L.M. Watts. 1709.

U xl . 31.

AWAKE, our souls! away, our fears!
Let every trembling thought be gone!
Awake, and run the heavenly race,
And put a cheerful courage on.

2 True, 'tis a strait and thorny road,

And mortal spirits tire and faint;
But they forget the mighty God,

That feeds the strength of every saint.

3 Thee, mighty God! whose matchless power

Is ever new and ever young;


And firm endures, while endless years

Their everlasting circles run—
From Thee, the ever-flowing Spring,

Our souls shall drink a fresh supply;
While such as trust their native strength

Shall melt away, and droop, and die.
Swift as the eagle cuts the air,

We'll mount aloft to Thine abode;
On wings of love our souls shall fly,

Nor tire, while on the heavenly road.

S.M. Doddridgk. 1755.

"\7~E servants of the Lord,
X Each in his office wait,
Observant of His heavenly word,

And watchful at His gate.

Let all your lamps be bright,

And trim the golden flame;
Gird up your loins, as in His sight,

For awful is His name.
Watch ;—'tis your Lord's command;

And while we speak, He's near:
Mark the first signal of His hand,

And ready all appear.

O happy servant he,

In such a posture found!
He shall his Lord with rapture see,

And be with honour crowned.

Christ shall the banquet spread

With His own royal hand,
And raise that favourite servant's head

Amidst the angelic band.



National Solemnities.

664,6GG4. J. S. Dwight. (1855.) OD bless our native land, Firm may she ever stand,


Through storm and night;
When the wild tempests rave,
Ruler of winds and wave,
Do Thou our country save,

By Thy great might.
For her our prayer shall rise,
To God above the skies,

On Him we wait.
Thou who art ever nigh,
Guarding with watchful eye,
To Thee alone we cry,—

God save the State!

(18) L.M. Watts. 1719.

Peace Restored.

LET Zion in her King rejoice,
Though tyrants rage and kingdoms rise j
He utters His almighty voice;
The nations melt, the tumult dies.

2 The Lord of old for Jacob fought;

And Jacob's God is still our aid:
Behold the works His hand has wrought,
What desolations He has made!

3 From sea to sea, through all the shores,

He makes the noise of battle cease;
When from on high His thunder roars,
He awes the trembling world to peace.

4 He breaks the bow, He cuts the spear;

Chariots He burns with heavenly flame:
Keep silence, all the earth, and hear
The sound and glory of His name.

5 "Be still, and learn that I am God;

111 be exalted o'er the lands:
I will be known and feared abroad;
But still My throne in Zion stands."

6 O Lord of Hosts! Almighty King!

While we so near Thy presence dwell,
Our faith shall sit secure, and sing
Defiance to the gates of hell.

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994 (649) L.M. dines. 0. Wesley. 1719. Days of Humiliation

GOD, Thy righteousness we own:
Judgment is at Thy house begun!
With humble awe Thy rod we hear,
And guilty in Thy sight appear:
We cannot in Thy judgment stand,
But sink beneath Thy mighty hand.

2 Our mouth as in the dust we lay,
And still for mercy, mercy, pray;
Unworthy to behold Thy face,
Unfaithful stewards of Thy grace,
Our sin and wickedness we own,
And deeply for acceptance groan.

3 We have not, Lord, Thy gifts improved,
But basely from Thy statutes roved,
And done Thy loving Spirit despite,
And sinned against the clearest light,
Brought back Thy agonizing pain,
And nailed Thee to Thy cross again.

4 Yet do not drive us from Thy face,
A stiff-necked and hard-hearted race;
But, O! in tender mercy break

The iron sinew in our neck;

The softening power of love impart,

And melt the marble of our heart.

995 8s & 7s. C. Wesley. 1756.
"piGSTEOUS God! whose vengeful vials
XX All our fears and thoughts exceed,
Big with woes and fiery trials,

Hanging, bursting o'er our head;
While Thou visitest the nations,

Thy selected people spare;
Arm our cautioned souls with patience,

Fill our humbled hearts with prayer. 2 If Tby dreadful controversy

With all flesh is now begun,

In Thy wrath remember mercy;

Mercy first and last be shown:
Plead Thy cause with sword and fire,

Shake us till the curse remove,
Till Thou com'st, the world's Desire,

Conquering all with sovereign love.

Every fresh alarming token

More confirms Thy faithful word:
Nature (for its Lord hath spoken)

Must be suddenly restored:
From this national confusion,

From this ruined earth and skies,
See the times of restitution,

See the new creation rise!

Vanish, then, this world of shadows;

Pass the former things away:
Lord, appear! appear to glad us

With the dawn of endless day!
O conclude this mortal story,

Throw this universe aside!
Come, eternal King of glory,

Now descend, and take Thy Bride!


S.M. C. Wesley. 1744.

SINNERS, the call obey,
The latest call of grace;
The day is come, the vengeful day
Of a devoted race;
Devils and men combine
To plague the faithless seed,
And vials, full of wrath Divine, *
Are bursting on your head.

Enter into the Rock,
Ye trembling slaves of sin,
The Rock of your salvation, struck,
And cleft to take you in:
To shelter the distrest,
He did the cross endure;

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