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11.10. 11-10.6 HEBER. 1827. I am the Bright and Morning Star- Rev. xxii. 16. DRIGHTEST and best of the sons of the morn

ing! Dawn on our darkness, and lend us Thine aid ! Star of the East, the horizon adorning, • Guide where our Infant Redeemer is laid. 2 Cold on His cradle the dew-drops are shining,

Low lies His head with the beasts of the stall; Angels adore Him in slumber reclining,

Maker, and Monarch, and Saviour of all. 3 Say, shall we yield Him, in costly devotion,

Odours of Edom, and offerings divine ? Gems of the mountain, and pearls of the ocean,

Myrrh from the forest, or gold from the mine? 4 Vainly we offer each ample oblation :

· Vainly with gifts would His favour secure : Richer by far is the heart's adoration ;

Dearer to God are the prayers of the poor. 5 Brightest and best of the sons of the morning

Dawn on our darkness, and lend us Thine aid ! Star of the East, the horizon adorning,

Guide where our Infant Redeemer is laid ! 239

88 & 78. C. Wesley, 1744.
NOME, Thou long-expected Jesus,
U Born to set Thy people free ;
From our fears and sins release us,

Let us find our rest in Thee :
Israel's Strength and Consolation,

Hope of all the earth Thou art;
Dear Desire of every nation,

Joy of every longing heart. 2 Born Thy people to deliver ;

Born a child, and yet a King ;
Born to reign in us for ever,

Now Thy gracious kingdom bring ;


By Thy own eternal Spirit

Rule in all our hearts alone,
By Thy all-sufficient merit
Raise us to Thy glorious throne.

(ARK! the glad sound, the Saviour comes,

The Saviour promised long; Let every heart prepare a throne,

And every voice a song.
2 On Him the Spirit largely poured,

Exerts His sacred fire;
Wisdom and might, and zeal and love,

His holy breast inspire.
3 He comes, the prisoners to release,

In Satan's bondage held :
The gates of brass before Him burst,

The iron fetters yield.
4 He comes from thickest films of vice,

To clear the mental ray;
And on the eyes oppressed with night,

To pour celestial day.
5 He comes the broken heart to bind,

The bleeding soul to cure;
And with the treasures of His grace,

To' enrich the humble poor.
6 Our glad hosannas, Prince of Peace,

Thy welcome shall proclaim ;
And heaven's eternal arches ring
With Thy beloved Name.

7s & 6s. C. WESLEY. 1789.
VELEBRATE Immanuel's name,
U The Prince of life and peace !
God-with-us, our lips proclaim,

Our faithful hearts confess :
God is in our flesh reveald,
Heaven and earth in Jesus join,
Mortal with immortal fillid,

And human with divine.


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2 Fulness of the Deity

In Jesu's body dwells,
Dwells in all His saints and me,

When God His Son reveals :
Father, manifest Thy Son,
And, conscious of the Incarnate Word,
In our inmost souls make known

The presence of the Lord. 3 Let the Spirit of our Head

Through every member flow;
By our Lord inhabited,

We then Immanuel know :
Then He doth His name express,
And God in us we truly prove,
Fill'd with all the life of grace,
And all the power of love.

78 & 6s. C. WESLEY. 1744.
LORY be to God on high,
U And peace on earth descend;
God comes down, He bows the sky,

And shows Himself our Friend :
God the Invisible appears !
God, the blest, the great I AM,
Sojourns in this vale of tears,

And Jesus is His name.
2 See the eternal Son of God

A mortal Son of man ;
Dwelling in an earthly clod,

Whom heaven cannot contain !
Stand amazed, ye heavens, at this;
See the Lord of earth and skies ;
Humbled to the dust He is,

And in a manger lies.
3 We, the sons of men, rejoice,

The Prince of Peace proclaim ;
With heaven's host lift up our voice,

And shout Immanuel's name :


Knees and hearts to Him we bow;
Of our flesh and of our bone,
Jesus is our Brother now,
And God is all our own.

S.M. C. WESLEY. 1744.
TATHER, our hearts we lift,

T Up to Thy gracious throne,
And bless Thee for the precious gift
Of Thine Incarnate Son :
The gift unspeakable

We thankfully receive,
And to the world Thy goodness tell,

And to Thy glory live.
2 A peace on earth He brings,

Which never more shall end;
The Lord of hosts, the King of kings,

Declares Himself our Friend;
Assumes our flesh and blood,

That we His Spirit may gain :
The everlasting Son of God,

The mortal Son of man.
3 His kingdom from above,

He doth to us impart,
And pure benevolence and love,

O'erflow the faithful heart :
Changed in a moment we

The sweet attraction find,
With open arms of charity

Embracing all mankind. 244

is & 6s. C. WESLEY. 1790.
TESUS, Thee Thy works proclaiin
J Omnipotently good;
Moses Thy forerunner came,

And mighty works he show'd :
Minister of wrath divine,
His wonders plagued the sinful race :
Works of purest love are Thine,

And miracles of grace.

2 · All Thy cures are mysteries,

And prove Thy power to heal
Every sickness and disease

Which now our spirits feel :
Good Physician of mankind,
Thou wilt repeat Thy sovereign word,
Chase the evils of our mind,

And speak our souls restored. 3 Who of other help despair,

And would Thy word receive,
Us Thou mak'st Thy tenderest care,

And kindly dost relieve :
Every soul-infirmity,
And plague of heart, Thou dost remove;
Heal'st whoe'er apply to Thee,

With balm of bleeding love.
4 Still Thou go'st about to teach,

And desperate souls to cure ;
Still Thou dost the kingdom preach

Which always shall endure;
Publishest the power of grace,
Which pardon and salvation brings,
Saves our fallen dying race,

And makes us priests and kings. 245 (199) . L.M. MEDLEY. 1800.

TOW in a song of grateful praise,
N To my dear Lord my voice I'll raise,
With all His saints I'll join to tell,
My Jesus has done all things well.
2 All worlds His glorious power confess;

His wisdom all His works express :
But oh ! His love, what tongue can tell !

My Jesus has done all things well.
3 How sovereign, wonderful, and free,

Has been His love to sinful me!
This plucked me from the jaws of hell :
My Jesus has done all things well.

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