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Jesus smiles, and says, “Well done,

Good and faithful servant thou;
Enter, and receive thy crown,

Reign with Me triumphant now.”
5 Angels catch the approving sound,

Bow, and bless the just award ;
Hail the heir with glory crowned,

Now rejoicing with his Lord:
Fuller joys ordained to know,

Waiting for the general doom,
When the Archangel's trump shall blow

“Rise, ye dead, to judgment come !"

Found bath all th mates behin

430 (141) 2-68 & 4-78. C. WESLEY. 1749.

GAIN we lift our voice,
A And shout our solemn joys;
Cause of highest rapture this,

Rapture that shall never fail ;
See a soul escaped to bliss,
: Keep the Christian Festival.
2 Our friend is gone before

To that celestial shore ;
He hath left his mates behind,

He hath all the storms outrode !
Found the rest we toil to find,

Landed in the arms of God.
3 And shall we mourn to see

Our fellow-prisoner free ?-
Free from doubts, and griefs, and fears,

In the haven of the skies ?
Can we weep to see the tears

Wiped for ever from his eyes ?
4 No, dear companion, no;

We gladly let thee go,
From a suffering church beneath,

To a reigning church above :
Thou hast more than conquered death ;

Thou art crowned with life and love.

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Thou, in thy youthful prime,

Hast leaped the bounds of time :
Suddenly from earth released,

Lo! we now rejoice for thee ;
Taken to an early rest,

Caught into eternity.
Thither may we repair,

That glorious bliss to share !
We shall see the welcome day,

We shall to the summons bow ;
Come, Redeemer, come away :.

Now prepare, and take us now!

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431 (142)


C. WESLEY. 1749.
On the Death of a Widow.
NIVE glory to Jesus our Head,
U With all that encompass His throne ;
A widow, a widow indeed,

A mother in Israel is gone! 2 The winter of trouble is past;

The storms of affliction are o'er ;
Her struggle is ended at last,

And sorrow and death are no more. 3 The soul hath o'ertaken her mate,

And caught him again in the sky:
Advanced to her happy estate,

And pleasure that never shall die : 4 Where glorified spirits, by sight,

Converse in their holy abode,
As stars in the firmament bright,

And pure as the angels of God.
5 O Heaven! what a triumph is there!

Where all in His praises agree;
His beautiful character bear,

And shine with the glory they see : 6 The glory of God and the Lamb

(While all in the ecstasy join)

Darts into their spiritual frame,

And gives the enjoyment divine.
7 In loud hallelujahs they sing,

And harmony echoes His praise ;
When, lo ! the celestial King

Pours out the full light of His face :
8 The joy neither angel nor saint

Can bear, so ineffably great ;
But, lo! the whole company faint, '

And heaven is found at His feet.


555,11.. C. WESLEY. 1744. TTOSANNA to God in His highest abode ;

[ All heaven be joined, To extol the Redeemer and Friend of mankind! IIe claims all our praise, who in infinite grace

Again hath stooped down, And caught up a worm to inherit a crown. 2 Our friend is restored to the joy of his Lord,

With triumph departs, But speaks by his death to our echoing hearts: “Follow after," he cries, as he mounts to the skies,

“Follow after your friend, To the blissful enjoyments that never shall end." | 3 Through Jesus's name, our comrade o'ercame;

And Jesus is ours, And arms us with all His invincible powers: He looks from the skies, He shows us the prize,

And gives us a sign That we shall o'ercome by the mercy Divine. 4 For us is prepared the angelical guard;

The convoy attends,
A ministering host of invisible friends: [light,
Ready winged for their flight to the regions of

The horses are come,
The chariots of Israel to carry us home.


Watts. 1705.
OW long shall death, the tyrant reign,
1 And triumph o'er the just ?
While the rich blood of martyrs slain

Lies mingled with the dust.
2 Lo! I behold the scattered shades !

The dawn of heaven appears;
The sweet, immortal morning spreads

Its blushes round the spheres.
3 I see the Lord of Glory come,

And flaming guards around;
The skies divide to make Him room ;

The trumpet shakes the ground.
4 I hear the voice, “ Ye dead, arise !"

And lo! the graves obey :
And waking saints, with joyful eyes,

Salute the expected day.
5 They leave the dust, and on the wing

Rise to the midway air;
In shining garments meet their King,

And low adore Him there.
6 O may our humble spirits stand

Among them, clothed in white !
The meanest place at His right hand
Is infinite delight.

Watts. 1709.
AND must this body die ?

A This well-wrought frame decay ?
And must these active limbs of mine

Lie mouldering in the clay?
Corruption, earth, and worms

Shall but refine this flesh;
Till my triumphant spirit comes

To put it on afresh.
3 God, my Redeemer, lives,

And ever from the skies
Looks down, and watches all my dust,

Till He shall bid it rise.

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4 Arrayed in glorious grace

Shall these vile bodies shine ;
And every shape and every face

Be heavenly and divine.
5 These lively hopes we owe,

Lord, to Thy dying love :
O may we bless Thy grace below,

And sing Thy power above !
6 Saviour, accept the praise

Of these our humble songs,
Till tunes of nobler sound we raise

With our immortal tongues. 435

L.M. 6 lines. C. WESLEY. 1762.
“I know that my Redeemer liveth "-Job xix. 25-27.
T CALL the world's Redeemer mine;
I He lives who died for me, I know;
Who bought my soul with blood Divine,

Jesus, shall re-appear below,
Stand in that dreadful day unknown,

And fix on earth His heavenly throne. 2 Then the last judgment-day shall come;

And though the worms this skin devour,
The Judge shall call me from the tomb,

Shall bid the greedy grave restore,
And raise this individual me,
God in the flesh, my God, to see.
3 In this identic body I,

With eyes of flesh refined, restored,
Shall see that self-same Saviour nigh,

See for myself my smiling Lord,
See with ineffable delight;

Nor faint to bear the glorious sight.
4 Then let the worms demand their prey,

The greedy grave my reins consume;
With joy I drop my mouldering clay,

And rest till my Redeemer come;
On Christ my Life, in death rely,
Secure that I can never die.

2 Then th though th call me ty

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