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Shall be caught up to the skies,

And see our Lord again :
We shall meet Him in the air,
All rapt up to heaven shall be ;
Find, and love, and praise Him there,

To all eternity.
3 Who can tell the happiness

This glorious hope affords ?
Joy unuttered we possess

In these reviving words :
Happy while on earth we breathe,
Mightier bliss ordained to know,
Trampling down sin, hell, and death,

To the third heaven we go.
444 (156) 4-85 & 2-6s. C. Wesley. 1749.

THOU God of glorious majesty,
T To Thee, against myself, to Thee,

A worm of earth, I cry;
A half-awakened child of man,
An heir of endless bliss or pain,

A sinner born to die !
2 Lo! on a narrow neck of land,
"Twixt two unbounded seas I stand,

Secure, insensible :
A point of time, a moment's space,
Removes me to that heavenly place,

Or shuts me up in hell.
3 O God, mine inmost soul convert !
And deeply on my thoughtful heart

Eternal things impress :
Give me to feel their solemn weight,
And tremble on the brink of fate,

And wake to righteousness.
4 Before me place, in dread array,
The pomp of that tremendous day,

When Thou with clouds shalt come,
To judge the nations at Thy bar;

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And tell me, Lord, shall I be there,

To meet a joyful doom?
5 Be this my one great business here,
With serious industry and fear

Eternal bliss to' ensure :
Thine utmost counsel to fulfil,
And suffer all Thy righteous will,

And to the end endure.
6 Then, Saviour, then, my soul receive,
Transported from this vale to live

And reign with Thee above;
Where faith is sweetly lost in sight,
And hope in full supreme delight,

And everlasting love. 445

87,87,887. Ringwald & COLLYER.
TREAT God, what do I see and hear!
u The end of things created !
Behold the Judge of man appear,

On clouds of glory seated!
The trumpet sounds, the graves restore
The dead, which they contained before :

Prepare, my soul, to meet Him. 2 The dead in Christ shall first arise,

At the last trumpet's sounding,
Caught up to meet Him in the skies,

With joy their Lord surrounding :
No gloomy fears their souls dismay;
His presence sheds eternal day

On those prepared to meet Him. 3 But sinners, filled with guilty fears,

Behold His wrath prevailing ;
For they shall rise, and find their tears

And sighs are unavailing;
The day of grace is past and gone ;
Trembling they stand before the throne,

All unprepared to meet Him.
4 Great God, what do I see and hear !

The end of things created !

Behold the Judge of man appear,

On clouds of glory seated !
Low at His cross, I view the day
When heaven and earth shall pass away,

And thus prepare to meet Him. 446

78 & 6s. C. WESLEY. 1756. OTAND the' omnipotent decree :

Jehovah's will be done !
Nature's end we wait to see,

And hear her final groan :
Let this earth dissolve, and blend
In death the wicked and the just,
Let those ponderous orbs descend,

And grind us into dust :
Rests secure the righteous man !

At His Redeemer's beck,
Sure to' emerge, and rise again,

And mount above the wreck ;
Lo! the heavenly spirit towers,
Like flame, o'er nature's funeral pyre,
Triumphs in immortal powers,

And claps his wings of fire ! 3 Nothing hath the just to lose,

By worlds on worlds destroyed ;
Far beneath His feet He views,

With smiles, the flaming void :
Sees this universe renewed,
The grand millennial reign begun;
Shouts, with all the sons of God,

Around the eternal throne !
Resting in this glorious hope

To be at last restored,
Yield we now our bodies up

To earthquake, plague, or sword :
Listening for the call divine,
The latest trumpet of the seven,
Soon our soul and dust shall join,

And both fly up to heaven.

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C.M. P. J. WRIGHT, 1863,
A MID the dark and silent night,
A A trumpet thrills the sky,
Dread lightnings flash upon the sight,

Loud thunders roll on high.
2 The clouds divide, the Lord appears,

And lifts His mighty voice;
The trembling earth responsive hears,

And waking saints rejoice.
3.The Judge ascends the judgment-seat,

In glory sits alone,
And myriad saints and sinners meet,

Before the great white throne.
4 Ten thousand angels waiting stand ;

The books are opened wide;
A fire consumes the sea and land;

From judgment none can hide.
5 The blest with joy, the lost with fear,

Behold the Saviour's face;
While words of weal and woe declare

His justice, truth, and grace.
6 Great Judge of all ! from sin and hell,

O save me, I implore !
That I in perfect bliss may dwell,

And praise Thee evermore. 448 Old 104th. P.M. MiLiAN. (1827.) MHE chariot ! the chariot ! its wheels roll on

I fire,
As the Lord cometh down in the pomp of His ire ;
Self-moving, it drives on its pathway of cloud,
And the heavens with the burden of Godhead are

The glory! the glory! by myriads are pour'd,
The hosts of the angels to wait on their Lord;
And the glorified saints, and the martyrs are there,
And all who the palm-wreath of victory wear!

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3 The trumpet ! the trumpet ! the dead have all heard ;

stirred; Lo, the depths of the stone-covered charnel are

From the sea, from the land, from the south and : the north,

The vast generations of men are come forth. 4 The judgment ! the judgment ! the thrones are all set,

sare met; Where the Lamb and the white-vested Elders All flesh is at once in the sight of the Lord,

And the doom of eternity hangs on His word ! 5 Oh mercy! Oh mercy ! look down from above,

Creator ! on us, Thy sad children, with love ! When beneath to their darkness the wicked are

driven, May our sanctified souls find a mansion in heaven! 449 (149)


Newton. 1779.
AY of judgment! day of wonders !

Hark! the trumpet's awful sound,
Louder than a thousand thunders,
Shakes the vast creation round:

How the summons
Will the sinner's heart confound !
2 See the Judge, our nature wearing,

Clothed in majesty Divine !
You who long for His appearing,
Then shall say, This God is mine :

Gracious Saviour,
Own me in that day for Thine!
3 At His call the dead awaken,

Rise to life from earth and sea :
All the powers of nature, shaken
By His looks, prepare to flee :

Careless sinner,
What will then become of thee ?
4 But to those who have confessed,

Loved, and served the Lord below,

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