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3 Prisoner of Hope, I still attend

The' appearance of my Lord,
These endless doubts and fears to end,

And speak my soul restored : 4 Restored by reconciling grace ;

With present pardon blest ;
And fitted by true holiness

For my eternal rest.
5 The peace which man can ne'er conceive,

The love and joy unknown,
Now, Father, to Thy servant give,

And claim me for Thine own. 6 My God, in Jesus pacified,

My God, Thyself declare,
And draw me to His open side,

And plunge the sinner there! 513

L.M. 6 lines. C. WESLEY. 1740.
DEGARDLESS now of things below,

N Jesus, to Thee my heart aspires,
Determined Thee alone to know,

Author and end of my desires :
Fill me with righteousness divine :

To end, as to begin, is Thine.
2 What is a worthless worm to Thee?

What is in man Thy grace to move ?
That still Thou seekest those who flee -

The arms of Thy pursuing love ?
That still Thine inmost bowels cry,
· "Why, sinner, wilt thou perish, why ?"
3 Ah, show me, Lord, my depth of sin !

Ah, Lord, Thy depth of mercy show;
End, Jesus, end this war within 1

No rest my spirit e'er shall know,
Till Thou Thy quickening influence give :

Breathe, Lord, and these dry bones shall live. 4 There, there, before the throne Thou art,

The Lamb ere earth's foundation slain !

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Take Thou, Oh take this guilty heart!.

Thy blood will wash out every stain
No cross, no sufferings I decline,
Only let all my heart be Thine !


Neander. 1679.
Isa. Iv. 6. Hymns from the LAND of LUTHER, 1854.
DEHOLD me here, in grief draw near,
D Pleading at Thy throne, O King;
To Thee each tear, each trembling fear,
Jesus ! Son of Man! I bring;

Let me find Thee,
Me, a vile and worthless thing!
2 Look down in love, and from above,

With Thy Spirit satisfy;
Thou hast sought me, Thou hast bought me,
And Thy purchase, Lord, am I;

Let me find Thee,
Here on earth, and then on high !
3 Hear the broken, scarcely spoken

Utterance of my heart to Thee ;
All the crying, all the sighing
Of Thy child accepted be.

Let me find Thee,
Thus my soul longs vehemently!
4 Worldly pleasures, earthly treasures,

Joys and honours will not stay ;
They often pain, and, Oh! how vain,
Looking to eternity!

Let me find Thee-
Find Thee, O my God, this day.

C.M. C. WESLEY. 1767.
THAT I could my Lord receive,

Who did the world redeem! .
Who gave His life, that I might live

A life concealed in Him.
2 O that I could the blessing prove,

My heart's extreme desire ;

515 way

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Live happy in my Saviour's love,
. And in His arms expire !
3 Mercy I ask, to seal my peace,

That, kept by mercy's power, :. I may from every evil cease,

And never grieve Thee more !
4 Now, if Thy gracious will it be,

Ev'n now, my sins remove;
And set my soul at liberty,

By Thy victorious love.
5 In answer to ten thousand prayers,

Thou pardoning God, descend !
Number me with salvation's heirs,

My sins and troubles end !
6 Nothing I ask or want beside

Of all in earth or heaven,
But let me feel Thy blood applied,
And live and die forgiven.

L.M. C. Wesley. 1762.

Judges vii. 2. Job xl. 4.
Moo strong I was to conquer sin,

1 When 'gainst it first I turned my face, Nor knew my want of power within,

Nor knew the' omnipotence of grace. 2 In nature's strength I sought in vain,

For what my God refused to give;
I could not then the mastery gain,

Or lord of all my passions live. 3 But, for the glory of Thy name,

Vouchsafe me now the victory :
Weakness itself Thou know'st I am,

And cannot share the praise with Thee. 4 Because I now can nothing do,

Jesus, do all the work alone;
And bring my soul triumphant through,

To wave its palm before Thy throne.

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5 Great God, unknown, invisible,

Appear, my confidence to’ abase :
To make me all my vileness feel,

And blush at my own righteousness. 6 Thy glorious face in Christ display,

That, silenced by Thy mercy's power,
My mouth I in the dust may lay,
And never boast or murmur more.


C. WESLEY. 1740. THEREWITH, O God, shall I draw near,

And bow myself before Thy face? How in Thy purer eyes appear?

What shall I bring to gain Thy grace ? 2 Will gifts delight the Lord Most High?

Will multiplied oblations please? Thousands of rams His favour buy,

Or slaughtered hecatombs appease ? 3 Can these avert the wrath of God ?

Can these wash out my guilty stain ? Rivers of oil, and seas of blood,

Alas! they all must flow in vain. 4 Whoe'er to Thee themselves approve,

Must take the path Thy word hath showed ; Justice pursue, and mercy love,

And humbly walk by faith with God. 5 But though my life henceforth be Thine,

Present for past can ne'er atone : Though I to Thee the whole resign,

I only give Thee back Thine own. 6 What have I, then, wherein to trust ?

I nothing have, I nothing am ; Excluded is my every boast,

My glory swallowed up in shame. 7 Guilty I stand before Thy face;

On me I feel Thy wrath abide ; 'Tis just the sentence should take place; :.

"Tis just ;-but, O! Thy Son bath died !

ver lives for at I am grav His hands.

8 Jesus, the Lamb of God, hath bled;

He bore our sins upon the tree;
Beneath our curse He bowed His head ;

'Tis finished ! He hath died for me !
9 See where before the throne He stands,

And pours the all-prevailing prayer !
Points to His side, and lifts Éis hands,

And shows that I am graven there ! 10 He ever lives for me to pray;

He prays that I with Him may reign;
Amen to what my Lord doth say!

Jesus, Thou canst not pray in vain. 518 (440)

C.M. C. Wesley. 1767.
ITH glorious clouds encompassed round,

Whom angels dimly see,
Will the Unsearchable be found,

Or God appear to me?
2 Will He forsake His throne above,

Himself to worms impart?
Answer, Thou Man of Grief and Love!

And speak it to my heart ! 3 In manifested love explain

Thy wonderful design :
What meant the suffering Son of Man,

The streaming blood Divine ?
4 Didst Thou not in our flesh appear,

And live and die below,
That I may now perceive Thee near,

And my Redeemer know?
5 Come, then, and to my soul reveal

The heights and depths of grace ;
The wounds which all my sorrows heal,

That dear disfigured face !
6 Before my eyes of faith confessed,

Stand forth a slaughtered Lamb;
And wrap me in Thy crimson vest,
: And tell me all Thy name.

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