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Were I built upon the Rock,

They never could prevail.
3 Rock of my salvation, haste,

Extend Thy ample shade ;
Let it over me be cast,

And screen my naked head :
Save me from the trying hour,
Thou my sure protection be,
Shelter me from Satan's power,

Till I am fixed on Thee.
4 Set upon Thyself my feet,

And make me surely stand;
From temptation's rage and heat

Cover me with Thy hand :
Let me in the cleft be placed,
Never from my fence remove;
In Thine arms of love embraced,

Of everlasting love. 636 (557) L.M. 6 lines. C. Wesley. 1739.

Isa. xliii. 2.
DEACE! doubting heart-my God's I am!

Who formed me man, forbids my fear :
The Lord hath called me by my name; .

The Lord protects for ever near ;
His blood for me did once atone,

And still He loves and guards His own. 2 When passing through the watery deep,

I ask in faith His promised aid,
The waves an awful distance keep,

And shrink from my devoted head;
Fearless their violence I dare;

They cannot harm, for God is there. 3 To Him mine eye of faith I turn,

And through the fire pursue my way:
The fire forgets its power to burn,

The lambent flames around me play;
I own His power, accept the sign,
And shout to prove the Saviour mine.

4 Still nigh me, O my Saviour stand!

And guard in fierce temptation's hour;
Hide in the hollow of Thy hand;

Show forth in me Thy saving power ;
Still be Thy arms my sure defence ;

Nor earth nor hell shall pluck me thence.
5 Since Thou hast bid me come to Thee,

(Good as Thou art, and strong to save,)
I'll walk o'er life's tempestuous sea,

Upborne by the unyielding wave,
Dauntless, though rocks of pride be near,

And yawning whirlpools of despair,
6 When darkness intercepts the skies,

And sorrow's waves around me roll,
When high the storms of passion rise,

And half o'erwhelm my sinking soul,
My soul a sudden calm shall feel,

And hear a whisper, “ Peace, be still !"
7 Though in affliction's furnace tried,

Unhurt, on snares and deaths I'll tread ;
Though sin assail, and hell, thrown wide,

Pour all its flames upon my head,
Like Moses' bush, I'll mount the higher,

And flourish, unconsumed, in fire, 637 (509)

108 & 118. C. WESLEY. 1742. OMNIPOTENT Lord, my Saviour and King, U Thy succour afford, Thy righteousness bring : Thy promises bind Thee compassion to have;

Now, now let me find Thee almighty to save. 2 Rejoicing in hope, and patient in grief,

To Thee I look up for certain relief;
I fear no denial, no danger I fear,

Nor start from the trial, while Jesus is near. 3 I every hour in jeopardy stand;

But Thou art my power, and holdest my hand :
While yet I am calling, Thy succour I feel;
It saves me from falling, or plucks me from hell.

4 O who can explain this struggle for life!

This travail and pain, this trembling and strife! Plague, earthquake, and famine, and tumult, and

The wonderful coming of Jesus declare! (war, 5 For every fight is dreadful and loud !

The warrior's delight is slaughter and blood,
His foes overturning, till all shall expire ;

But this is with burning, and fuel of fire.
6 Yet God is above men, devils, and sin :
My Jesus's love the battle shall win :
So terribly glorious His coming shall be,

His love all-victorious shall conquer for me. 7 He all shall break through ; His truth and His

Shall bring me into the plentiful place, grace Through much tribulation, through water and fire,

Through floods of temptation, and flames of desire. 8 On Jesus, my power, till then I rely;

All evil before His presence shall fly :
When I have my Saviour, my sin shall depart,

And Jesus for ever shall reign in my heart. 638 (510)

C.M. C. Wesley. 1742.
MHE Lord unto my Lord hath said,

L “ Sit Thou, in glory sit,
Till I Thine enemies have made

To bow beneath Thy feet.”
2 Jesus, my Lord, mighty to save,

What can my hopes withstand,
While Thee my Advocate I have,

Enthroned at God's right hand ?
3 Nature is subject to Thy word ;

All power to Thee is given,
The uncontrolled, Almighty Lord

Of hell, and earth, and heaven.
4 And shall my sins Thy will oppose ?

Master, Thy right maintain !
O let not Thy usurping foes

In me Thy servant reign !

5 Come, then, and claim me for Thine own;

Saviour, Thy right assert!
Come, gracious Lord, set up Thy throne,

And reign within my heart !
6 So shall I bless Thy pleasing sway;

And, sitting at Thy feet,
Thy laws with all my heart obey,

With all my soul submit.
7 So shall I do Thy will below

As angels do above;
The virtue of Thy passion show,

The triumphs of Thy love.
8 Thy love the conquest more than gains ;

To all I shall proclaim,
“Jesus, the King, the Conqueror reigns ;

Bow down to Jesu's Name.”
9 To Thee shall earth and hell submit,

And every foe shall fall,
Till death expires beneath Thy feet,

And God is all in all.

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8.M. C. WESLEY. 1749. AWAY, my needless fears,

H And doubts no longer mine;
A ray of heavenly light appears,

A messenger divine.
Thrice comfortable hope,

That calms my troubled breast;
My Father's hand prepares the cup,

And what He wills is best.
If what I wish is good,

And suits the Will Divine ;
By earth and hell in vain withstood,

I know it shall be mine.
Still let them counsel take

To frustrate His decree,
They cannot keep a blessing back,

By Heaven designed for me.

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640 (651)


5 Here then I doubt no more,

But in His pleasure rest,
Whose wisdom, love, and truth, and power,

Engage to make me blest. 6 To accomplish His design

The creatures all agree;
And all the attributes Divine
Are now at work for me.

. C.M. TURNER. (1787.) AITH adds new charms to earthly bliss,

And saves me from its snares;
Its aid in every duty brings,

And softens all my cares ;
2 Extinguishes the thirst of sin,

And lights the sacred fire
Of love to God, and heavenly things,

And feeds the pure desire.
3 The wounded conscience knows its power,

The healing balm to give;
That balm the saddest heart can cheer,
. And make the dying live.
4 Wide it unveils celestial worlds,

Where endless pleasures reign ;
And bids me seek my portion there,

Nor bids me seek in vain.
5 Shows me the precious promise sealed

With the Redeemer's blood;
And helps my feeble hope to rest

Upon a faithful God.
6 There, there, unshaken would I rest,

Till this vile body dies ;
And then on faith's triumphant wings,

At once to glory rise. 641 (511)

S.M. C. WESLEY. 1749. CESUS, the Conqueror, reigns,

In glorious strength arrayed,

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