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Blind we were, but now we see ;
Deaf, we hearken now to Thee;
Dumb, for Thee our tongues employ ;

Lame, and, lo ! we leap for joy. 6 Faint we were, and parched with drought,

Water at Thy word gushed out;
Streams of grace our thirst repress,
Starting from the wilderness.
Still we gasp Thy grace to know ;
Here for ever let it flow;
Make the thirsty land a pool,
Fix the Spirit in our soul.

8-78. C. WESLEY. 1740.

W HERE the ancient Dragon lay,

1. Open for Thyself a way!
There let holy tempers rise,
All the fruits of Paradise.
Lead us in the way of peace,
In the path of righteousness,
Never by the sinner trod,

Till he feels the cleansing blood.
2 There the simple cannot stray ;

Babes, though blind, may find the way,
Find, nor ever thence depart,
Safe in lowliness of heart;
Far from fear, from danger far ;
No devouring beast is there;
There the humble walk secure,
God hath made their footsteps sure.
3 Jesus, mighty to redeem,

Let our lot be cast with them ;
Far from earth our souls remove,
Ransom’d by Thy dying love.
Leave us not below to mourn ;
Fain we would to Thee return,
Crown'd with righteousness, arise
Far above these nether skies.

733 (242)

4 Come, and all our sorrows chase,

Wipe the tears from every face;
Gladness let us now obtain,
Partners of Thine endless reign.
Death, the latest foe, destroy ;
Sorrow then shall yield to joy ;
Gloomy grief shall flee away,
Swallow'd up in endless day.

4-7s. J. WESLEY. 1740.
From the German of ANNA DOBER.
TTOLY Lamb, who Thee receive,

1 Who in Thee begin to live,
Day and night they cry to Thee,

As Thou art, so let us be !
2 Jesu, see my panting breast !

See I pant in Thee to rest !
Gladly would I now be clean :

Cleanse me now from every sin.
3 Fix, O fix my wavering mind;

To Thy cross my spirit bind;
Earthly passions far remove ;

Swallow up my soul in love.
4 Dust and ashes though we be,

Full of sin and misery,
Thine we are, Thou Son of God !

Take the purchase of Thy blood !
5 Who in heart on Thee believes,

He the’ atonement now receives ;
He with joy beholds Thy face,

Triumphs in Thy pardoning grace.
6 See, ye sinners, see! the flame,

Rising from the slaughtered Lamb,
Marks the new, the living way,

Leading to eternal day!
7 Jesus, when this light we see,

All our soul's athirst for Thee ;
When Thy quick’ning power we prove,
All our heart dissolves in love.

8 Boundless wisdom, power Divine,

Love unspeakable, are Thine :
Praise by all to Thee be given,
Sons of earth, and hosts of heaven !

734 (243) L.M. 6 lines, triplets. C. Wesley. 1740.

NOME, Holy Ghost, all-quickening fire !
U Come, and my hallowed heart inspire,

Sprinkled with the atoning blood :
Now to my soul Thyself reveal :
Thy mighty working let me feel,

And know that I am born of God.
2 Thy witness with my spirit bear,
That God, my God, inhabits there,

Thou, with the Father, and the Son,
Eternal Light's coeval Beam,
Be Christ in me, and I in Him,

Till perfect we are made in one.
3 When wilt Thou my whole heart subdue ?
Come, Lord, and form my soul anew,

Emptied of pride, and self, and hell :
Less than the least of all Thy store
Of mercies, I myself abhor :

All, all my vileness may I feel. 4 Humble, and teachable, and mild, O may I as a little child,

My lowly Master's steps pursue !
Be anger to my soul unknown :
Hate, envy, jealousy, be gone;

In love create Thou all things new. 5 Let earth no more my heart divide; With Christ may I be crucified,

To Thee with my whole soul aspire ;
Dead to the world and all its toys,
Its idle pomp, and fading joys,

Be Thou alone my one desire !

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6 Be Thou my joy, be Thou my dread;
In battle cover Thou my head ;

Nor earth, nor hell I then shall fear;
I then shall turn my steady face,
Want, pain defy,-enjoy disgrace,

Glory in dissolution near.
7 My will be swallowed up in Thee;
Light in Thy light still may I see,

Beholding Thee with open face;
Called the full power of faith to prove,
Let all my hallowed heart be love,

And all my spotless life be praise. 8 Come, Holy Ghost, all quickening Fire ! My consecrated heart inspire,

Sprinkled with the atoning blood;
Still to my soul Thyself reveal;
Thy mighty working may I feel,
And know that I am one with God.

2-63 & 4-78. C. WESLEY. 1739. (ESUS, Thou art our King !

To me Thy succour bring;
Christ, the Mighty One, art Thou;

Help for all on Thee is laid ;
This the word ; I claim it now ;

Send me now the promised aid.
2 High on Thy Father's throne,

O look with pity down!
Help, O help! attend my call,

Captive lead captivity :
King of Glory, Lord of all,

Christ, be Lord, be King to me!
3 I pant to feel Thy sway,

And only Thee to obey ;
Thee my spirit gasps to meet ;

This my one, my ceaseless prayer,
Make, O make my heart Thy scat,

O set up Thy kingdom there !

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4 Triumph and reign in me,

And spread Thy victory;
Hell, and death, and sin control,

Pride, and wrath, and every foe,
All subdue; through all my soul
Conquering, and to conquer, go.

L.M. 6 lines, triplets. J. WESLEY. 1739.
From the German of JOHN ANASTASIUS FREYLINGHAUSEN-1670-1739.

JESU, source of calm repose,
U Thy like nor man, nor angel knows ;

Fairest among ten thousand fair !
E'en those whom death's sad fetters bound,
Whom thickest darkness compass'd round,

Find light and life, if Thou appear.
2 Effulgence of the Light Divine,
Ere rolling planets knew to shine,

Ere time its ceaseless course began;
Thou, when the appointed hour was come,
Didst not abhor the virgin's womb,

But, God with God, wast man with man. 3 The world, sin, death, oppose in vain ; Thou, by Thy dying, death hast slain,

My great Deliverer, and my God!
In vain does the old Dragon rage,
In vain all hell its powers engage;

None can withstand Thy conquering blood. 4 Lord over all, sent to fulfil Thy gracious Father's sovereign will,

To Thy dread sceptre will I bow :
With duteous reverence at Thy feet,
Like humble Mary, lo! I sit ;

Speak, Lord ! Thy servant heareth now.
5 Renew Thine image, Lord, in me; .
Lowly and gentle may I be ;

No charms but these to Thee are dear :
No anger may’st Thou ever find,
No pride, in my unruffled mind,

But faith, and heaven-born peace, be there!

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