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When sin shall all be purged away!
The night of doubts and fears is past ;
The Morning Star appears at last,

And I shall see the perfect day. 749 L.M. 6 lines, triplets. C. WESLEY. 1742.

T SOON shall hear Thy quickening voice,

Shall always pray, give thanks, rejoice;
(This is Thy will, and faithful word ;)
My spirit meek, my will resigned ;
Lowly as Thine shall be my mind ;

The servant shall be as his Lord. 2 Already, Lord, I feel Thy power; Preserved from evil every hour,

My great Preserver I proclaim :
Safety and strength in Thee I have ;
I find, I find Thee strong to save,

And know that Jesus is Thy name. 3 By faith I every moment stand, Strangely upheld by Thy right hand;

I my own wickedness eschew;
A sinner, I am kept from sin ;
And Thou shalt make me pure within,

And Thou shalt form my soul anew. 4 Come, then, and loose my stammering tongue, Teach me the new, the joyful song,

And perfect in a babe Thy praise : I want a thousand lives to' employ In publishing the sounds of joy,

The gospel of Thy general grace.
i Come, Lord, Thy Spirit bids Thee come ;
Give me Thyself, and take me home ;

Be now, the glorious earnest given !
The counsel of Thy grace fulfil;
Thy kingdom come, Thy perfect will
Be done on earth, as 'tis in heaven.


thof Tby thy perte heaven


S.M. C. Wesley. 1762.
2 Cor. iii. 17; v. 17. Heb. xi. 6.
COME, and dwell in me,
U Spirit of power within !
And bring the glorious liberty

From sorrow, fear, and sin.
The seed of sin's disease,

Spirit of health, remove,
Spirit of finished holiness,

Spirit of perfect love.
Hasten the joyful day,

Which shall my sins consume,
When old things shall be passed away,

And all things new become.
The' original offence

Out of my soul erase ;
Enter Thyself, and drive it hence,

And take up all the place.
I want the witness, Lord,

That all I do is right,
According to Thy will and word,

Well-pleasing in Thy sight.
I ask no higher state;

Indulge me but in this,
And soon or later then translate

To my eternal bliss.


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78 & 6s. C. WESLEY. 1762. Gen. Ii. 7. Lev. xxvi. 13. Gen. xvii. 1; 1. 20. DATHER, see this living clod,

T This spark of heavenly fire;
See my soul, the breath of God,

Doth after God aspire :
Let it still to heaven ascend,
Till I my principle rejoin,
Blended with my glorious end,

And lost in Love Divine.

2 Lord, if Thou from me hast broke ..

The power of outward sin,
Burst this Babylonish yoke,

And make me free within ;
Bid my inbred sin depart,
And I Thy utmost word shall prove,
Upright both in life and heart,

And perfected in love.
3 God of all-sufficient grace,

My God in Christ Thou art ;
Bid me walk before Thy face,

Till I am pure in heart;
Till, transformed by faith divine,
I gain that perfect love unknown,
Bright in all Thine image shine,

By putting on Thy Son.
4 Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

In council join again,
To restore Thine image lost

By frail, apostate man :
Oh might I Thy form express,
Through faith begotten from above,
Stamped with real holiness,
And filled with perfect love !

L.M. C. WESLEY. 1762.

Ezek. xvi. 62, 63.
GOD, most merciful and true!

Thy nature to my soul impart;
'Stablish with me the covenant new,

And write perfection on my heart. 2 To real holiness restored,

Oh let me gain my Saviour's mind !
And, in the knowledge of my Lord,

Fulness of life eternal find.
3 Remember, Lord, my sins no more,

That them I may no more forget;
But sunk in guiltless shame adore,

With speechless wonder, at Thy feet.

752 (247)

4 O'erwhelmed with Thy stupendous grace,

I shall not in Thy presence move;
But breathe unutterable praise,

And rapturous awe, and silent love.
5 Then every murmuring thought and vain

Expires, in sweet confusion lost;
I cannot of my cross complain;

I cannot of my goodness boast. 6 Pardoned for all that I have done,

My mouth as in the dust I hide;
And glory give to God alone,

My God for ever pacified ! 753

C.M. C. Wesley. 1762.

Deut. xxxii. 39. Ps. cxii. 98.
TEEPEN the wound Thy hands have made

In this weak, helpless soul,
Till mercy, with its balmy aid,

Descends to make me whole.
2 The sharpness of Thy two-edged sword

Enable me to' endure;
Till bold to say, my hallowing Lord

Hath wrought a perfect cure.
3 I see the exceeding broad command,

Which all contains in one :
Enlarge my heart to understand

The mystery unknown.
4 Oh that with all thy saints I might

By sweet experience prove,
What is the length, and breadth, and height,
And depth, of perfect love!

C. Wesley. 1762.
Psalm xxxix. 8; xlii. 2.
W HAT now is my object and aim ?

What now is my hope and desire ?
To follow the heavenly Lamb,

And after His image aspire :

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2 My hope is all centred in Thee ;

I trust to recover Thy love,
On earth Thy salvation to see,

And then to enjoy it above.
3 I thirst for a life-giving God,

A God that on Calvary died ;
A fountain of water and blood,.

Which gushed from Immanuel's side! 4 I gasp for the stream of Thy love,

The spirit of rapture unknown;
And then to re-drink it above,

Eternally fresh from the throne.

755 (248)

78 & 6s. C. WESLEY. 1762.

Psalm luxxi. 10.
VIVE me the enlarged desire,
u And open, Lord, my soul,
Thy own fulness to require,

And comprehend the whole :
Stretch my faith's capacity
Wider, and yet wider still ;
Then with all that is in Thee

My soul for ever fill !

1756 (249)

From the Germania

J. WESLEY. 1739. From the German of Paul GERHARDT. TESUS, Thy boundless love to me J No thought can reach, no tongue declare; O knit my thankful heart to Thee,

And reign without a rival there : Thine wholly, Thine alone, I am ; Be Thou alone my constant flame! O grant that nothing in my soul

May dwell, but Thy pure love alone : O may Thy love possess me whole,

My joy, my treasure, and my crown; Strange flames far from my heart remove ; My every act, word, thought, be love !

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