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God was man, and served below,

That man with God might reign!
Father, Son, and Spirit, come,

And with Thine own abide :
Holy Ghost, to make Thee room,

Our hearts we open wide ;
Thee, and only Thee request,
To every asking sinner given;
Come, our life, and peace, and rest,

Our All in earth and heaven.

793 (200)

78 & 6s. C. WESLEY. 1762.

Jer. xiii. 27; viii. 29,
NOW, e'en now, I yield, I yield,

With all my sins to part;
Jesus, speak my pardon sealed,

And purify my heart;
Purge the love of sin away;
Then I into nothing fall;
Then I see the perfect day,

And Christ is All in ali.
2 Jesus, now our hearts inspire

With that pure love of Thine;
Kindle now the heavenly fire,

To brighten and refine;
Purify our faith like gold ;
All the dross of sin remove;
Melt our spirits down, and mould
Into Thy perfect love.

C.M. C. WESLEY. 1742.
IESUS hath died that I might live,
J Might live to God alone;
In Him eternal life receive,

And be in spirit one.
. 2 Saviour, I thank Thee for the grace,

The gift unspeakable !
And wait with arms of faith to' embrace,

And all Thy love to feel.

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3 My soul breaks out in strong desire

The perfect bliss to prove ;
My longing heart is all on fire

To be dissolved in love.
4 Give me Thyself; from every boast,

From every wish set free :
Let all I am in Thee be lost ;

But give Thyself to me.
5 Thy gifts, alas, cannot suffice;

Unless Thyself be given;
Thy presence makes my Paradise, -
And where Thou art is heaven!

C.M. C. WESLEY. 1762.

Mark xi. 24. Isaiah xxvii. 3.
I ASK the gift of righteousness,
I The sin-subduing power,
Power to believe, and go in peace,

And never grieve Thee more.
2 I ask the blood-bought pardon sealed,

The liberty from sin,
The grace infus'd, the love revealed,

The kingdom fixed within.
3 Thou hear'st me for salvation pray ;

Thou seest my heart's desire ;
Made ready in Thy powerful day,

Thy fulness I require.
4 My vehement soul cries out, opprest,

Impatient to be freed ;
Nor can I, Lord, nor will I rest,

Till I am saved indeed.
5 Art Thou not able to convert ?

Art Thou not willing too?
To change this old rebellious heart,

To conquer and renew ?
6 Thou canst, Thou wilt, I dare believe,

So arm me with Thy power,

2 I ask the bit grieve There in peace,


796 foran

That I to sin shall never cleave,

Shall never feel it more.
7 This moment I Thy truth confess,

This moment I receive
The heavenly gift, the dew of grace,

And by Thy mercy live :
8 The next, and every moment, Lord,

On me Thy Spirit pour,
And bless me, who believe Thy word, :
With that last glorious shower.


C. WESLEY. 1762.

Mark xi. 24.
COME, O my God, the promise seal,
U This mountain, sin, remove :
Now in my gasping soul reveal

The virtue of Thy love.
2 I want Thy life, Thy purity,

Thy righteousness, brought in ;
I ask, desire, and trust in Thee,

To be redeem'd from sin.
3 For this, as taught by Thee, I pray,

And can no longer doubt ;
Remove from hence ! to sin I say ;

Be cast this moment out !
4 Anger and sloth, desire and pride,

This moment be subdued ;
Be cast into the crimson tide

Of my Redeemer's blood.
5 Saviour, to Thee my soul looks up,

My present Saviour Thou !
In all the confidence of hope,

I claim the blessing now.
6 'Tis done: Thou dost this moment save,

With full salvation bless ; Redemption through Thy blood I have,

And spotless love and peace.

For Believers Saved.

797 (3

75 & 6s. C. WESLEY. 1762.

1 Cor. vi. 20. Rev. i. 5.
NOD! who didst so dearly buy
U These wretched souls of ours,
Help us Thee to glorify

With all our ransomed powers :
Ours they are not, Lord, but Thine ;
O let the vessels of Thy grace,
Body, soul, and spirit, join

In our Redeemer's praise !
2 True and Faithful Witness, Thee,

O Jesus, we receive;
Fulness of the Deity,

In all Thy people live!
First-begotten from the dead,
Call forth Thy living witnesses ;
King of Saints, Thine empire spread

O'er all the ransomed race.
3 Grace, the fountain of all good,

Ye happy saints, receive,
With the streams of peace o'erflowed,

With all that God can give ;
He who is, and was, in peace,
And grace, and plenitude of power,
Come your favoured souls to bless,

And never leave you more.
Let the Spirit before His throne,

Mysterious One and Seven,
In His various gifts sent down,

Be to the churches given;
Let the pure seraphic joy
From Jesus Christ, the Just, descend ;
Holiness without alloy,

And bliss that ne'er shall end.

798 (som

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C. WESLEY. 1762

2 Tim. i. 7.
QUICKEN'D with our immortal Head,
W Who daily, Lord, ascend with Thee,
Redeemed from sin, and free indeed,

We taste our glorious liberty.
2 Saved from the fear of hell and death,

With joy we seek the things above;
And all Thy saints the Spirit breathe

Of power, sobriety, and love.
3 Power o'er the world, the fiend, and sin,

We through Thy gracious Spirit feel;
Full power the victory to win,

And answer all Thy righteous will. 4 Pure love to God Thy members find,

Pure love to every soul of man ;
And in Thy sober, spotless mind,
Saviour, our heaven on earth we gain.


C. WESLEY. 1762.

Col. iii. 1, 2.
VE faithful souls, who Jesus know,

If risen indeed with Him ye are,
Superior to the joys below,

His resurrection's power declare. 2 Your faith by holy tempers prove,

By actions show your sins forgiven !
And seek the glorious things above,

And follow Christ, your Head, to heaven. 3 There your exalted Saviour see,

Seated at God's right hand again,
In all His Father's majesty,

In everlasting pomp to reign. 4 To him continually aspire,

Contending for your native place;
And emulate the angel-choir,

And only live to love and praise.

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