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In Thy wrath remember mercy ;

Mercy first and last be shown:
Plead Thy cause with sword and fire,

Shake us till the curse remove,
Till Thou com’st, the world's Desire,

Conquering all with sovereign love. 3 Every fresh alarming token

More confirms Thy faithful word :
Nature (for its Lord hath spoken)

Must be suddenly restored :
From this national confusion,

From this ruined earth and skies,
See the times of restitution,

See the new creation rise !
4 Vanish, then, this world of shadows ;

Pass the former things away :
Lord, appear! appear to glad us

With the dawn of endless day!
O conclude this mortal story,

Throw this universe aside!
Comé, eternal King of glory,

Now descend, and take Thy Bride! 996

S.M. C. Wesley. 1744.
CINNERS, the call obey,

D The latest call of grace ;
The day is come, the vengeful day

Of a devoted race;
Devils and men combine

To plague the faithless seed,
And vials, full of wrath Divine,

Are bursting on your head. 2 Enter into the Rock,

Ye trembling slaves of sin,
The Rock of your salvation, struck,

And cleft to take you in :
To shelter the distrest,
He did the cross endure ;

RS, the li of grace day

Enter into the clefts, and rest

In Jesu's wounds secure, 3 Jesus, to Thee we fly,

From the devouring sword;
Our city of defence is nigh ;

Our help is in the Lord.
Or, if the scourge o'erflow,

And laugh at innocence,
Thine everlasting arms, we know,

Shall be our souls' defence. 4 We in Thy word believe,

And on Thy promise stay;
Our life, which still to Thee we give,

Shall be to us a prey :
Our life with Thee we hide,

Above the furious blast,
And shelter'd in Thy wounds abide,

Till all the storms are past. 5 Believing against hope,

We hang upon Thy grace,
Through every lowering cloud look up,

And wait for happy days;
The days when all shall know

Their sins in Christ forgiven,
And walk awhile with God below,

And then fly up to heaven.

IT is the Lord !-Behold His hand
1 Outstretched with an afflictive rod !
And hark! a voice goes through the land,

“Be still and know that I am God.” 2 Shall we, like guilty Adam, hide

In darkest shades our darker fears?
For who His coming may abide ?

Or who shall stand when He appears? 3 No, let us throng around His seat;

No, let us meet Him face to face ;

997 (1948

Prostrate our spirits at His feet,

Confess our sins, and sue for grace.
4. Who knows but God will hear our cries,

Turn swift destruction from our path,
Restrain His judgments, or chastise

In tender mercy, not in wrath ?
5 He will, He will—for Jesus pleads;

Let heaven and earth His love record ;
For us, for us, He intercedes;

Our help is nigh :-it is the Lord ! 998 (650

NREAT God of heaven and nature, rise,
U And hear our loud united cries;
See Britain bow before Thy face,

Through all her coasts, and seek Thy grace. 2 No arm of flesh we make our trust;

Nor sword, nor horse, nor ships we boast ;
Thine is the land, and Thine the main :

Without Thee, force and skill are vain. 3 Our guilt might draw Thy vengeance down

On every shore, on every town :
But view us, Lord, with pitying eye,

And lay Thy lifted thunder by.
4 Forgive the follies of our times,

And purge our land from all its crimes :
Reform’d and deck'd with grace divine,
Let princes, priests, and people shine.


88 & 78.

READ Jehovah ! God of nations !
1 From Thy temple in the skies,
Hear Thy people's supplications

Now for their deliverance rise.
Lo! with deep contrition turning,

Humbly at Thy feet we bend;
Fasting, praying, weeping, mourning,

Hear us, spare us, and defend.

1000 (646)

2 Though our sins, our hearts confounding,

Long and loud for vengeance call,
Thou hast mercy more abounding;

Jesu's blood can cleanse them all ;
Let that mercy veil transgression,

Let that blood our guilt efface ;
Save Thy people from oppression,
Save from spoil Thy holy place.

4-88 & 2-6s. C. WESLEY. 1756.
OW happy are the little flock,
I Who, safe beneath their Guardian-Rock,

In all commotions rest!
When war's and tumult's waves run high,
Unmoved above the storm they lie,

They lodge in Jesu's breast.
2 Such happiness, O Lord, have we,
By mercy gathered into Thee,

Before the floods descend :
And while the bursting cloud comes down,
We mark the vengeful day begun,

. And calmly wait the end.
3 The plague, and dearth, and din of war,
Our Saviour's swift approach declare,

And bid our hearts arise :
Earth's basis shook confirms our hope ;
Its cities' fall but lifts us up,

To meet Thee in the skies.
4 Thy tokens we with joy confess :
The war proclaims the Prince of Peace ;

The earthquake speaks Thy power;
The famine all Thy fulness brings;
The plague presents Thy healing wings,

And Nature's final hour.
5 Whatever ills the world befall,
A pledge of endless good we call —

A sign of Jesus near :

His chariot will not long delay ;
We hear the rumbling wheels, and pray,

Triumphant Lord, appear!
6 Appear with clouds on Sion's hill,
The word and mystery to fulfil,

Thy confessors to approve,
Thy members on Thy throne to place,
And stamp Thy name on every face,

In glorious, heavenly love !



L.M. C. WESLEY. 1740.
T ORD of the wide, extended main,
U Whose power the wind, the sea, controls,
Whose hand doth earth and heaven sustain,

Whose Spirit leads believing souls : 2 For Thee we leave our native shore,

(We, whom Thy love delights to keep,) In other climes Thy works explore,

And see Thy wonders in the deep.
3 'Tis here Thine unknown paths we trace,

Which dark to human eyes appear ;
While through the mighty waves we pass,

Faith only sees that God is here.
4 Throughout the deep Thy footsteps shine,

We own Thy way is in the sea.
Oerawed by majesty Divine,

And lost in Thy immensity.
5 Thy wisdom here we learn to adore,

Thine everlasting truth we prove;
Amazing heights of boundless power,
Unfathomable depths of love.

L.M. O. WESLEY. 1740.



INFINITE God, Thy greatness spann'd 1 These heavens, and meted out the skies ;

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