Trials of the Heart (Love Triangles)

AuthorHouse, 2007 M01 16 - 108 páginas

Killeen Grantham thought she had it all: a successful career, family, friends, and love.  There is one thing that she does have but did not ask for, Bitterness.  All that changes when she meets sexy, polished, free-spirited Promotions Manager, Naja’ Spencer.  When her bitter heart arrives on the scene Killeen must decide whether to let her guards down and accept her desires to find true love or remain bitter.


“Don’t let the past interrupt your future.”

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Trials of the heart is a wonderful short to the point story with lots of time for intervention. Trials of the Heart (Love Triangles)introduces Killeen Grantham a woman that seems to have everything that she wants but finds herself trapped and hurt from a prior relationship. Killeen didn't realize that she was Bitter. With this Bitterness she caused her life to be at a hault and alienated herself from dating and buried herself in work. This story will empower women to have self-respect and confidence to love and know how to love unconditionally... or in whatever passions that they may possess. Trials of the Heart (Love Triangles) will not only give you a true love story but it will teach you how to forgive, pray, and overcome Bitterness. This is the next Best-Seller!  

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Acerca del autor (2007)

Takyra “Kyra Evonne” Mountain was born February 21, 1977, in Memphis, Tennessee.  After two years of college she went on into the workforce whereas she is now a full- time student in continuous for her BA of Applied Science in Elementary Education.  The sophomore is a Dean List student who strives to become a better achiever daily.


 “My essence for writing came at the age of 8.  The fancy of my calligraphy has always mesmerized me to persistently doodle.  I was once told that you are able to acquire exceptional information about a person through the strokes of their letters and the passion to have just enough ink."


Some of my earlier inspiration come from several authors starting with the work of Terry McMillian, Michael Baisden, Eric Jerome Dickey, and Juanita Bynum Weeks are among my favorites.  Yet I felt there is a void in the book industry.  There are few authors writing about how to go about building a strong relationship amongst each other in single life and in marriages from the Godly relationship perspective. 


It wasn’t until 1999 that Kyra Evonne found that her God-given talent was writing.  Single life is hard and does have its advantages. In marriages the couples are compelled to build stronger, compassionate relationships with one another and the twists and turns in that monogamist relationship makes it hard to shape the bends.  Therefore, one must remember that with God anything is possible to have. So understand that when your relationship is based solely on unconditional love you have touched down with God’s prospective.

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