You've Decided to Homeschool, Now What?

New Leaf Publishing Group, 2007 - 140 páginas
A guide to homeschooling for overwhelmed parents. A practical, welcome aid for overcoming initial anxiety over homeschool for your children, this detailed-but-readable look at getting started (and maintaining) with a workable plan is written by well-known homeschool consultant Marsha Hubler. With invaluable checklists for getting started, sample yearly calendars, and detailed items like student transcripts, filed trip records, and web addresses, this true "survival guide" makes it easy and lays the groundwork for a winning experience. This helpful book enables overwhelmed parents to see the big picture by helping tailor a curriculum for each child's specific needs and gives practical advice for working with homeschool evaluators, taking standardized tests, and injecting discipline necessary for academic success.

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great resource for beginners

Crítica de los usuarios  - retta33 -

This is a wonderful tool if you are just starting out. Leer comentario completo

Crítica de los usuarios  - Kelli Darter -

My daughter is two years old and my husband and I are looking into homeschooling. This is an excellent starting point. Marsha Hubbler gives an easy step-by-step formula for preparing your family for ... Leer comentario completo


As You Consider Homeschooling
Setting Up Your Homeschooling Program
Curriculum and Legal Help
B The Most Popular Homeschool Curricula in the United States
C Additional Curriculum Websites and Phone Numbers
D Advanced Placement AP Courses for advanced high school students
E Legal Counsel
Helpful Resources for Parents
C Other Great Websites for Homeschoolers
Starting Your Own Homeschool Support Group
A Word about Cyber Schools
What Will Everyone Else Think?
Tools To Help You Organize
Transcript of High School Record
Sample of PA State Required Affidavit

A HowTo Books for Parents
B Help for Special Needs Children

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