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One face, one voice, one though he do nothing but rehabit, and two persons, a na- prove.. Olivia a. 1 8. 5 tural perspective that is, and 'Tis beauty truly blest, is not..Du. a. 5 s. 1

whose red and white, nature's So full of shapes in fancy,

own sweet and cunning hand

laid on.. Viola a. 1 s. 5 that it alone is high fantastical..Du. a. I s. 1

The parts that fortune Sure

hath bestowed upon her, tell have some hid

you polis matter to deliver, when her I hold as giddily as forthe courtesy of it is so fear- tune, but'tis that miracle and ful.. Olivia a. 1 s. 5



that uature She bore a mind, that envy pranks her in, attracts my could not but call fair .. Seb.

soul.. Du, a. 2 s. 4 a. 2 s. I

There is no woman's sides She made good view of me, can bide the beating of so indeed so much, that sure me strong a passion, as love doth thought her eyes, had lost give my heart ; no woman's her tongue, for she did speak heart so big to hold so much, in starts distractedly.. Viola they lack retention.Du. u. a, 2 s. 2

2 s. 4 Some are born great, some This fellow's wise enough achieve greatness, and some to play the fool, and to do have greatness thrust upon that well, craves a kind of wit them..lal. a. 2 s. 5

Viola a. 3 s. 1 There is a fair behaviour

The clock upbraids me in you Captain, and though with the waste of time.. that nature, with a beauteous

Olivia a. 3 8. 1 vale, doth oft close in pol

They have been grand jury lution, yet of thee I will be

man, since before Noah was lieve, thou hast a mind, that

a sailor.. Sir Toby a. 3 s. 2 suits, with this thy fair and The double guilt of this opoutward character .. Viola a. portunity, you let time wash 1 2

off, and you are now sailed to There is no slander in an the north of my lady's opinallow'd fool, though he do ion.. Fab. a. 3 s. 2 nothing but rail : nor no rail- Taunt him with the licence ing in a known discreet man ofiak. . Sir Toby d. 3 8. 2


ask of me,


There's something in me When wit and youth is that

reproves my fault, but come to harvest, your wife is such a headstrong, potent

like to

reap a proper man.. fault it is, that it but mocks Olivia a. 3 s. 1 reproof. . Olivia a. 3 8.4 What a deal of scorn looks

There is no darkness but beautiful, in the contempt ignorance, in which thou art and anger of his lip!.. Olivia more puzzled than the Egypt- a. 3 8.1 ians in their fog.. Clown a. We'll whisper o’er a coup4 s. 2

let or two, of most sage saws

Sir Toby a. 3 8. 4 Virtue is beauty, but the What shall

you beauteous evil, are empty that I'll deny, that honour trunks o’erflourished by the saved, may upon asking give Devil. . Antonio a. 3 s. 4 .. Olivia a. 3 4

We intended to keep in Wit, an't be thy will, put darkness, what occasion now me into good fooling ; those reveals before 'tis ripe. . Oliwits that think they have

via a. 5 s.

] thee, do very oft prove fools, and I that I am sure to lack You must confine yourself, thee, may pass for a wise within the modest limits of man.. Clown a. 1 8. 5

order.. Maria a. 1 s. 3 Was not this love indeed ? Young as thou art, thine we men may say more, swear

eye has stayed upon some more, but indeed our shows favour, that it loves..Du. a. are more than will, for still

2 s. 4 we prove much in our vows, Youth is bought more oft, but little in our love. . Viola than begg'd or borrow'd.. a. 2 s. 4

Olivia a. 3 s. 4

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A woman that bears all of admiration, tho' the catadown with her brain, and this logue of his endowments, had her son, cannot take two from been tabled by his side, and twenty, for his heart, and

I to peruse him by items.. leave eighteen !..2 Lord a. Iach. a. 1 8. 5 2 s. 1

Blessed be those, how A women's fitness, comes mean so e'er, who have their by fits. . Clo. a. 4 s. 1 honest wills, which season

A thing more slavish, did comfort. . Imo. a. 1 s. 7 I ne'er, than answering a Boldness be my friend! slave without a knock. . Gui. me audaciously from a. 4 s. 2

head to foot.. Iach. a. 1 s. 7 All solemn things, should Behold divineness no elder answer solemn accidents.. than a boy.. Bel. a. 3 s. 6 Gui. a. 4 s. 2

Brothers, man and man, And now our cowards, like should be, but clay and clay, fragments in hard voyages, differs in dignity, whose dust become the life of the needy is both alike.. Imo. a. 4 s. 2 .. Post. a. 5 8. 3

Be not as is our fangled A nobler sir, ne'er lived, world, a garment, nobler than 'twixt sky and ground. . Iach. that it covers..Post. a. 5 s. 4 a. 5 s. 5

By medicine, life may be

prolonged, yet death will But not a courtier, altho’ seize the Doctor to. . Cym. a. they wear their faces to the 5 s. 5 bent of the King's looks, hath Briefly die their joys, that a heart, that is not glad at place them on the truth of the thing they scowl at..l girls and boys. .Luc. a. 5 s. 1 s. 1

5 By her election, may be Beaten for loyalty excited truly read, what kind of man me to treason.. Bel. a. 5 5.5 he is.. 1 Gent, a. 1 8. 1

But I could then have look- Consider when you alone ed

upon him without the help | perceive me like a crow, that

Gent. a.


Post. a.

it is place, which lessens and loves woman for.. Jach. a. 5 sets off.. Bel, a. 3 s. 3

8. 5 Cowards father cowards, For my sake wear this, it and base things sire base..

is a manacle of love, I'll place Bel. a. 4 8. 2

it upon that fairest prisoner

1 8. 2 Deliver with more open

For so long as he could ness your answers to my de

make me with his eye or ear mands. . Imo. a. 1 s. 7 distinguish him from others,

Discourse is heavy fasting he did keep the deck with .. Bel. a. 3 s. 6

glove, or hat, or handkerchief Do not play in wench like still waving, as the fits or words, with that which is so

starts of his mind could best serious.. Gui. a. 4 s. 2 express, how slow his soul (Death) being an ugly

sailed on, how swift his ship

.. Pisa. a. 1 8.4 monster, 'tis strange he hides him in fresh cups, soft beds,

Fold down the leaf, where sweet words, or hath more

I have left. . Imo. a. 2 s. 2 ministers, than we that draw For there's no motion, that his knives i' the war.. Post.

tends to vice in man, but I a. 5 s. 3

affirm it is the woman's part

.. Post. a. 2 s. 5 Every good servant, does not all commands. . Post. a. Good wax, thy leave, bles5 s. 1

sed be you bees, that make

these locks of counsel. . Imo. From every one, the best a. 3 s. 2 she hath and she of all com- Grow patience, and let the pounded out-sells them all.. stinking elder grief, untwine Clo. a. 3 s. 5

his perishing root, with the Flow, flow, you Heavenly increasing vine.. Arv. a. 4 blessings on her.. Pisa. a. 3

Great griefs I see, medi. Falsehood is worse in kings eine the less. . Bel. a. 4 s. 2 than beggars.. Imo. a. 3 8.6 Gods if you should have For condition, a shop of taken

vengeance on my faults all the qualities that man I never had lived to put on

8. 2

8. 5



Imo, a.

1 s.



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this...Post. a. 5 s. 1

known .. Guid. a. 3 s. 3

How hard it is, to hide the He that hath her, I mean sparks of nature. .Bel. a. 3 that married her, alack good s. 3 man !--and therefore banish- Hit the innocent mansion ed, is a creature such as, to of my love-my heart—fear

seek through the regions of not 'tis empty of all things the Earth for one his like, but grief.. Imo. a. 3 8.4 there would be something lIath Britain all the sun failing in him that should that shines ! day, night, are compare. . I Gent, a. 1 s. 1

they not but in Britain, i the How fine this tyrant can world's volume, our Britain tickle where she wounds..

seems as of it, but not in it 2

Imo. a. 3 s. 4
How worthy he is, I will

He cut our roots in chaleave to appear hereafter, ra

racters, and ther than story him, in his broths, as Juno had been own hearing. . Phil. a. 1 s. 5 sick and he her dieter.. Gui.

He furnaces the thick sighs a. 4 s. 2 from him..

7 Herbs that have on them He sits 'mongst men like a the cold dew of the night, are descended God.. Jach. a. I strewings fitt'st for graves..

Bel. a. 4 s. 2 He never can meet more Heaviness and guilt within mischance than come to be, my bosom, take off my manbut nam'd of thee.. Imo. a. 2 hood. . Iach. a. 5 s. 2

He was too good to be Her pretty action did out where ill men were, and was sell her gift, and yet enriched the best of all, amongst the it too.. Iach. a. 2 8. 4

rarest of good ones. . Iach. a. Horses have been nimbler 5 s. 5 than the sands that run in Hearing us praise our loves the clock's behalf.. Imo. a. 3 of Italy for beauty that made S. 2

barren the swell’d boast of Haply this life is best, if him who best could speak.. quick life be best, sweeter to Iach. a. 5 s. 5

that have a sharper Hang there like fruit, my

Iach. a.

1 s.

s. 7

8. 3

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