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8. 3

I never did

repent for In terins of choice 1 am doing good, nor shall not not solely led by nice direc- now.. Portia a. 3 8. 4 tion of a maidens eyes.. I thank you for your wish, Portra a. 2 s. 1

and am well pleased to wish 1 would outstare the it back on you. . Part. a. 3 sternest eyes that look, outbrave the heart most daring 1f two Gods should play on the earth, pluck the some heavenly match, and young suckling cubs from on the wager lay two earthly the bear, yea, mock the lion women, and Portia one, there when he roars for prey, to

must be something else pawn. win thee, lady.. Mor. a. 2 let with the other, for the 8. 1


rude world hath not her 1 am right loath to go,

fellow.. Jessica a. 3 s. 5 there is some ill a brewing 1 see, sir, 'you are liberal towards my rest, for 1 did in offers, you taught me first dream of money bags to

to beg, and now methinks night.. Shy. a. 2 s. 5 you teach me how a begger

It is marvel he outdwells should be answered.. Port. his hour, for lover's ever run a. 4 s. 1 before the clock.. Grat. a. 1 am never merry when I 2 s. 6

hear sweet music .. Jessica I think he only loves the a. 5 s. 1 world for him, I pray thee let us go and find him out, Love is blind, and lovers and quicken his embraced cannot see, the pretty follies heaviness, with some delight that themselves commit.. or other.. Salan a. 2 s. 8

Jessica a. 2 s. 6 I will not choose what Let music sound, while he many men desire, because 1 doth make his choice, then will not jump with common

if he lose he make a swanspirits, and rank me with the like end, fading in music, barbarous multitudes. . Ara.

that the comparison may a. 2 s. 9

stand more proper, my eyes It is the most impenetra- shall be the stream, and ble cur that ever kept with watery death-bed for him.. man.. Salan a. 3 s. 3

Por. a. 3 s. 2

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