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cently been brought up to the surface an expulsion of Missionaries to the of the earth, and the light of day, are, Jews from the Austrian dominions. first, the embalmed body of a Bishop, In Milan, the persecuted Protestants discovered in the crypt of St. Ste- are delighted with the permission, phen's Chapel, Westminster, in a doled out to them after long entreaty, state of singularly perfect preserva. to use their chapel, which had been tion, and with a pastoral staff lying shut up, the indulgence being now on the breast. Antiquarian diligence granted in consideration that the has collected evidence whereon to building is “situated in a garden, conjecture, if not to affirm, that this having no front towards the street, corpse was the mortal tenement of and bearing no outward sign of its Lyndwode, Bishop of St. David's, destination." At Madrid, too, the author of the celebrated “Provin- English are indulged with permission ciale.” He died in the year 1446; to inter their dead in a grave-yard of and in the year 1852, a cast has been their own, provided there be taken of his face !- We hear of a less prayer offered there, nor even the noble disinterment effected in Mount most trifling act attempted that might Zaharah, on an island of the Red lead to worship, or the performance Sea. In an old emerald-mine, in a of any sacred rite. In Tuscany, the gallery at great depth, Mr. Allan, beds of sick and dying Christians are engineer of an English company that surrounded with Priests, and even has obtained permission to work the with armed men, to compel them to mine, has found tools, utensils, and profess membership in the Church of an engraved stone, all of remote Rome. antiquity. The stone is said to reveal the date of the mine ; of depths Don Francisco de Paula Vigil, a where living men laboured no less Doctor in Theology, in Lima, has than three thousand five hundred published a learned and elaborate and two years ago.

work, in six octavo volumes, in “De.

fence of the Authority of Governments Graduates of the University of and of Bishops against the pretenLondon, of a certain standing, expect sions of the Roman See.” The book henceforth to be constituted a Senate, has produced a great sensation in or electoral body.

South America, and is honoured with

a place in the Roman “Index ExAfter the intermission of centuries, purgatorius.” The Pope threatens to Protestant worship has been restored excommunicate the Doctor, who, in in Laibach, in Austria, where a church that event, will receive the congratuis now opened, and a Minister_or- lations of all evangelical Christendom. dained, by permission of the Em- It is much to be desired that the peror. This rare instance of tolera- entire work, without the least abridgtion is, however, more than counter- ment, should be translated into the balanced by a prohibition of the holy principal languages of Europe. Scriptures in certain languages, and



“ EARTH now is green, and heaven is blue;
Lively Spring, which makes all new,

Jolly Spring, doth enter;
Sweet young sunbeams do subdue

Angry, aged Winter.

" Winds are mild, and seas are calm,
Every meadow flows with balm,

The earth wears all her riches;
Harmonious birds sing such a psalm

As ear and heart bewitches."

AND these“ harmonious birds” do more than sing. While they pour forth a psalmody that, in its joyousness, reproves the dumb ingratitude of myriads of men, they labour with busy wing, and beak, and claw, gathering and interweaving straws, twigs, leaves, hard fibres of roots, for the outer fabric of their nests; and then, padding them comfortably inside with feathers, down, soft moss, or hair, prepare the home and nurturing-place for broods that will break the shells of eggs that yet have to be laid there. Returning from their southern voyage, a few stray swallows are first seen to flit past shily and suddenly about the middle of the month, skimming the field, as if they had come in advance of the whole tribe that will swarm in about the end of it. One strange bird proclaims herself present by a peculiar note, that is accepted as a proclamation of the spring, making“ koo-koo, koo-koo, koo-koo" resound from far, while her sturdy young ones, hatched by the warmth of other birds, one here, and another there, toss out their weaker companions from the nests. To the cuckoo the wryneck responds with its peculiar cry. Now comes the nightingale, to cheer some favoured districts with her inimitable song; and every wood resounds with notes of almost all kinds of birds. The redstart, whitethroat, yellow-wagtail, and blackcap intermingle in their haunts. The linnet, in high glee, trills its changeful carol, imitative, yet surpassing. White-butterflies and copper-butterflies flutter like living flowers in the gardens, and the emperor-moth unfolds his wings. Bụt the lists are too long to be recited.

As the month goes out the nests are filled, and active parents winnow the air with an instinctive activity that sinks only with the sun, catching young insects that have just come forth, as if to provide their young with nourishing sustenance when they need it

Now the cock struts in the farmyard, crows and claps his wings ; and the busy hen clucks among her chickens, gathers them under her wings, bristles up her feathers, and repels every intruder on the domain. The earth swarms with its reptiles ; ponds and rivers are teeming with fish, newly spawned. Snakes begin to venture out. Bats drop from the crannies of rocks and hedges into the mild evening air. The sluggard snail moves upon its slimy way. Earth worms, ants, beetles, and dies trail on the ground, and swarm in the breeze.

Who does not expect April showers ? The atmosphere, imbriferous, distils fruitfulness upon the flourishing fields and gardens ; and then the shower clears away, that no sluggish vapour may obscure the sunshine, that quickens the verdure into more vigorous and blooming beauty, opening the infant blossom, and giving deeper green to the expanding leaf. And as this glad “Easter-month" goes out, the wall-flowers are bursting, daffodils, narcissi, tulips, hyacinths, violets, emit their fragrance, and the later primroses yet sprinkle the sunny banks. It is a joyous month. All nature is in her virgin beauty. The orchards are white with promise of abundant crops; but even there the worm eats out the half-opened blossom, or a northern frost sweeps away the bloom, and in one chill morn


ing tells the fruiterer that half his profits for the year are gone. It pleases God to send forth His hoar-frost as ashes of disappointment and humiliation; but still the lily of the field springs up, a terrestrial iris, to tell him of God who clothes her; and the wild bird sings, merrily as ever, to tell him of God who feeds her; and all nature, laughing at his unbelief, seems to enforce the promise, “Trust in the Lord, and do good, and erily thou shalt be fed.”



Truro. London. Manchester. Edinburgh. Tain. Day.

Rises. Sets. Rises. Sets. Rises. Sets. Rises. Sets. Rises. Sets. h. m. h. m. h. m. h, m. h. m. h, m. h. m. h, m. h. m.

h. m. 1 5 38 6 30 5 37 6 315 35 6 335 33 6 35 5 31

6 37 11 5 17 6 46 5 15 6 48 5 11 6 525 7 6 56 5 3 7 0 214 56 7 24 53 7 5 4 48 7 10 4 41 7 17 4 36 7 22


4th day, 2h. 24m. aftern.
Last Quarter 11th day, 8h. 59m. morn.

19th day, 11h. 45m. morn. First Quarter, 27th day, 8h. 3m. morn.

Mercury, in the constellations Pisces and Aries, is an evening star until near the end of the month. On the 7th, at 3h. 33m., A.M., in conjunction with Saturn, at 4° 52' S.; on the 19th, at 7h. 56m., P.M., stationary; on the 30th, at 3h. 36m., A.m., in inferior conjunction with the Sun. Venus, in the constellations Aries and Taurus, on the 6th, at lh. Om., P.M., in perihelion ; on the 15th passes the meridian at 2h. 53m., P.M. Mars, in the constellation Cancer, on the 15th passes the meridian at 6h. 49m., P.M.; on the 28th, at 11h. 52m., A.M., in quadrature with the Sun. JUPITER, in the constellation Libra, on the 15th passes the meridian at lh. 43m., A.M. SATURN, in the constellation Aries, on the 15th passes the meridian at Oh. 42m., P.M. ; on the 27th, at 3h. 10m., P.M., in conjunction with the Sun. URANUS, in the constellation Aries, on the 24th, at 11h. 22m., A.M., in conjunction with the Sun.

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