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Regeneration and of the Spirit's influence to secure it. Here then, let brethren caress each other, and co-operate in giving their testimony to the truth. Why should any follow the light of philosophy, which beguiles from the simplicity of faith, and causes christian ministers and people to diverge further and further from each other?

If the following disquisitions will, in any measure contribute to heal divisions,—to correct suspicions,—to promote the unity of the Spirit,-to lead any to see the essential accordance in faith, of those who are at war with each other in philosophy, the author will consider himself amply rewarded. They have been submitted to the press as they were prepared, in moments redeemed from many pressing engagements;—and they have been conducted through it, in the midst of the cares, anxieties, labours, watchings and interruptions incident to a season of the powerful and gracious effusions of the Spirit of God, among the people of his charge, and others whom he has been called occasionally to visit. The author therefore claims the indulgence of the reader for whatever diffuseness and desultoriness and other imperfections he may notice, while he commends the whole to God, with earnest prayer for His blessing to accompany it.



Some peculiar life, as produced by the Spirit, spoken of by Christ and the

prophets-The design of the work stated— The character and source of proof to be adduced--Illustrations drawn from the analogy of nature legitimate-God's moral and physical constitutions not at varianceMode of interpreting scripture—The divine testimony paramount evidence—The biblical student should not violate the principles of sound philosophy—The principles to conduct the investigation avouched--The author's hopes expressed.

It was long since predicted, that some divine energy should be exerted to produce life in the souls of men. “And shall put my spirit in you, and ye shall live,”* said "the Lord Godby the mouth of Ezekiel. Whether this language is wholly metaphorical, will be seen in the progress and result of the discussion contained in these pages. The PREDICTION relates particularly to the conversion of the Jews. That event shines conspicuously in prophetic story, and we are directed to it, as to the bright morning star which immediately precedes, and even shines resplendent in the rising glory of millennial day. What shall be the circumstances connected with their national regeneration, time alone will disclose. The operative and efficient agent will be the Spirit of God, and the immediate effect and proof of His influence, will be the possession of life in their souls. However the circumstances conducive to the conversion of the Jews shall differ from those ordinarily employed by the Spirit, the charac

. Ezek. XxYİ. 14.

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