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undertook and discharged it, con. iv. 8. By his perfect obedience, and sacrifice of himself, he purchased reconciliation and eternal life for all the elect, con. viii. 5. cat. 38. To whom in all ages the bene. fits of his mediation are effectually applied, con. viii. 6,8. Christ's offices of Trophet, Priest, King, cat. 43,44, 4$. See acceptance, access, body of Christ, church, death of Christ, exaltation, expiation, humiliation, imputation, intercession, judge, merit, Messiah, name of Christ, personal union, propitiation, reconciliation, redemption, resurrection, righteousness, sacrifice, salvation, satisfaction, surety. Christian liberty See liberty. The church is the object of God's special providence, con. vii. 5. cat 63. Christ the only head of it, con. vjii. 1. xxv. 6. The catholic church invisible, what, con. xxv. 1. cat. £4. Given to Christ from all eternity, con. viii. 1. The benefits which the members of it enjoy by Christ, cat. 65, 66, 69, 81, 83,8*, »o. The catholick church visible, what, con. xxv. a. cat. 61. Out of it no ordinary possibility of salvation, con. xxv. 1. Its privileges, con. xxv. 3. cat. 63. Particular churches more or less pure, con. xxv. 4. The*purest subject to mixture and error, con. xxv. 5. There ihall always be a church on earth to wortliip God according to his will, ibid. Church-censures. See Censures. Church-government, appointed by the Lord Jesus in the hand of church-officers, distinct from the civil magistrate, con. xxx. I. cat. 4;, lotf. But they are'not exempted t'rom obedience to the magistrate, con. xxiii. 4. They have the power of the keys committed to them, con. xxx. 1. What that power is, and its use, con. xxx. 2, 3, 4. They arc not to be opposed in the lawful exercise of their powers, upon pretence of Chiistian liberty, con. xx. 4. See Councils. There are some circumstances concerning churchgovernment, which arc to be ordered by, the light of nature and Christian pru

dence, according to the general rules of the word, con. i. 6. Circumcision, one of the ordinances by which the covenant of grace was administred under the law, con. vii. j. cat. 34

CiviJ magistrate, or civil powers. See Magistrate.

The Ten Commandments are the sum of the moral law, con. xix. a. cat. pS. They are a perfect rule ot righteousness, con. xix. ». Rules for understanding them, cat. »o. The preface explained, cat. let. The first commandment, cat. 103,— 106. The second, cat. 107,—110. The third, cat. 111,—114. The fourth, cat. 115,—111. The fifth, cat. 113,— 133. The sixth, cat. 134,—136. The seventh, cat. 137,—133. The eighth, cat. 140,—14a. The ninth, cat. 143,— >4J. The tenth, cat. 146,—148. The sum of the first four commandments, which contain our duty to Gcd, cat. 101. The sum of the other hx which contain our duty to man, cat. laa. No man is ■ able to keep the commandments of God perfectly, cat. 149.

The Communion, See the Lord's Supper.

Communion of Saints, wherein it consists, ccn. xxvi. 1, 1. The enjoyment of it is one of the privileges of the visible church, cat. 63. In the Lord's Supper, communicants testify their mutual love and fellowship e2ch with other, cat. i<53. That sacrament being a bond and pledge of believers communion with Christ, and with each other, as members of his mystical body, con. xxix. 1. The communion of saints doth not infringe a man's property in his goods and possessions, con. xxvi. 3

Communion which the elect have with Christ, con. xxvi. 1. In this lite, cat, Co. 83. Immediately after death, cat. 86. At the resurrection and day of judgment, cat. 87, to. It is a consequence of their union with him, con. xxvi. r. It doth not make them part-kers of his GodhcaJ, nor equal with him, con xxvi.

j. It is confirmed in the Lor.l's supper,
cat. i«8.

Unchaste Company not to be kept, cat. 139.
Nor corrupt communications to be used
or listened to, ibid.

Condition. Perfect, personal and perpetual
obedience the condition of the. covenant
ef works, con. vii. t. xix. 1. cat. 10. God
requires faith as the condition to interest
sinners in the mediator of the covenant
of grace, cat. 3 a.

Confession of sin always to be made in pri-
vate to God, con. xv. 6. And is to be
joined with prayer, cat. 178. When to
be made to men, con. xv. 6. Upon con-
fession the offended brother is to be re-
ceived in love, ib.

^Conscience, See liberty of conscience. Peace
of conscience, a fruit of the sense of
God's love, con. xviii. r, 3. cat. 83. Be-
lievers may fall into sins which wound
the conscience, con. xvii. 3. xviii. 4. The
wicked are punished with horror of con-<
science, cat. 18. 83.

Contentment, Submission to God is our du-
ty, cat. 104. Discontent at his dispensa-
tions, is sinful, cat. 105. A full content-
ment with our condition, is oar duty,
cat. 147. Discontentment with out own
estate, a sin, cat. 148.

Controversies. It belongs ,to synods and
councils ministerially to determine con-
troversies of faith, and cafes of consci-
ence, con. xxxi. 3. The Spirit speaking
in the scriptures, is the supreme judge of
all controversies in religion, con. i. 10.
The original text of the scriptures is that
to which the church is finally to appeal,
con. i. 8.

Cur conversation ought to be in holiness and
righteousness, answerable to an holy pro-
fession, cat. 111. 157.

Corruption of nature, What, con. vi. x,
4. cat. xj. A consequence of the fall of
man, ibid. Actual sin a fruit of it, con.
vi.4. cat. aj. How it is propagated, cop.
vi. 3. cat »5. It doth remain during this
life in the regenerate, and all its motions
art truly sin, con. vi. f. xiii. *. cat. 78.

But it is pardoned and mortified through
Christ, con. vi. 5.

1 Covenant. No enjoying of God, bat by
way of covenant, con. vii. x.
Covenant of Works, what, and with whom
made, con. iv. 1. vii. a. xix: r. cat. ac.
x%. Perfect, personal and perpetual obe-
dience the condition of it, con. vii. z.
xix. 1. cat. ao. It is called a law and a
command, con. iv. 1. Aud a law given
as a covenant, con. xix. 1. and a cove
nant of life, of which the tree of life was
a pledge, cat. xo.
Covenant of Grace, What, con. vii. 3. cat.
30. 3a. It was made with Christ as the
second Adam, and with all the elect ut
him as his feed, cat. 31. In it God re.
quireth of sinners faith in Christ, that
they may be justified and saved, con. vii.
3. cat. 71. Faith being required as the
condition to interest them in Christ, cat.
3». Who is the Mediator of this cove-
nant, con. viii. 1. cat. }(. Why it is cal-
led a testament, con. vii 4. It was diffe-
rently adminiftred in the time of the
law, and in time of the gospel, con. vii.
f. cat. 33. How it was administred un-
der the law, con. vii. 5. cat. 34. How
under the gospel, con. vii. 6. cat. 35.

Councils or synods ought to be, con. xxxi. 1.
They may be called by the civil magistrate,
con. xxiii. 3. xxxi. ». When ministers
may meet without the call of the civil
magistrate, con. xxxi. ». What power
councils have, con. xxxi. 3. What sub-
mission due to their decrees, ibid. Not
Infallible since the apostles times, con.
xxxi. 4. But there determinations are to
be tried by the scriptures, con. i. 10.
How far they may meddle in civil affairs,
con. xxxi. j.

Creation of the world, cor*, iv. 1. cat. 1 j. Of
man, con. iv.i. cat. 17. Of angels, cat. 16.

Creatures. Dominion over the creatures
given to man, con. iv. 1. cat. 17. They .
are cursed for our fakes, since the fall,
cat. a8. Religious worship to be given t»
no creature, con. xxi. a. cat. Ioj.

Curiosity. Bold and curious searching into


God's secrets, discharged, cat. Ioj, Cu-
rious prying into God's decrees forbid-
den, cat. 113. Curious or unprofitable
questions are to be avoided, ibid.

The Curse and wrath of God, man liable to
it, both by original and actual sin, con.
vi. 6. cat. 17. How it may be escaped,
con. vii. 3. cat. 153.

Cursing, sinful, cat. 113,
. D

A M c 1H o. Lascivious dancing forbid-
den, cat. 130-
Dead, not to be prayed for, con. xxi. 4. cat.

Death, being the wages of sin, con. vi. 6.
cat. a8. 84. It is appointed for all men,
cat. 84. How it is an advautage to the
righteous, cat. 8$. The state of believer*
immediately after death, con. xxxii. 1.
cat. 86. Of the wicked, ibid.

The death of Christ, con. viii. 4. eat. 49*.
In it he saw no corruption, con. viii. 4.
cat. 51. The divine nature having sus-
tained the human from sinking under the
power of death, cat. 38. By his obedience
and death, he made a proper, real and
full satisfaction to the justice of the Fa-
ther, con. xi. 3. cat. 71. Thro' the vir-
tue of his death and resurrection, belie-
vers are sanctified, con. xiii. 1. Believers
have fellowship with Christ in his death,
con. xxvi. 1. And from his death and re-
surrection they draw strength for the mor-
tifying of sin and quickning of grace, cat.
167. The Lord's supper is a memorial of
his death, con. xxix. 1. cat. 168. And in
ditate affectionately on hisdeathand suffer-
ings, cat. 174. and receive and feed upon
all the benefits of his death, con. xxix. 7.

The Decalogue, See Commandments.

The Decrees of God, the nature, end,
extent and properties of them, con. iii. 1,
». cat. «». The decree of predestination,
con. iii. 3, 4. Of election and reprobati-
on, con. iii. 5, 6, 7. cat. 13. How God
cxecDteth his decrees, cat. 14. How the
doctrine of decrees is to be handled, and
what use co be made of them, con. iii. 8,

Curious prying into God'i decrees, for-
bidden, cat. 113.

Desertion. Wilful desertion, unlawful, cat.
139. Such as cannot be remedied, by the
church or civil magistrate, is cause suffi-
cient of dissolving the bond of marriage,
con. xxiv 6.

Despair, sinful, cat. Ioj. Believers always
supported from utter despair, con. xviii.
4. cat. 81. .

Devil, all compacts and consulting with him,

• sinful, cat. toe.

Diligence in our calling, a duty, cat 147.
Dipping in baptism, not necessary, coo.
xsviii. 3.

Discontent at the dispensations of God's pro-
vidence, sinful, cat. Ioc, 113 Discontent-
ment with our own estate, sinful, cat. 148.

Divorce, lawful in case of adultery after
marriage, or of such wilful desertion as
cannot be remedied, con. xxiv 5, 6. A
publick and orderly course of proceeding
is to be observed in it, con. xxiv. 6.

Dominion. See sovereignty, creatures sin.

Doubting ef being in Christ, may consist
with a true interest in him, con. xvii. 3.
xviii. 4. cat. Sr, 171. And therefore
should not hinder'from partaking of the
Lord's Supper, cat. 17a.

Drunkenness forbidden, cat. 13s;

Duty to God by the light of nature, con.
xxi. s. Duties required in the first
commandment, cat. 104. In the se-
cond, cat. io3. In the third, cat. 11a.
In the fourth, cat. no. Duties of infe-
riors to their superiors, con. xxiii. 4.
cat. 1x7. What is required of superiors,
con. xxiii. a. cat. 119 Duties of equals,
cat. 131. Duties of the sixth command-
ment, cat. 135. Of the seventh, cat. 138.
Of the eighth, cat. 141. Of the ninth,
cat. 144. Of the tenth, cat. 147.
. E'

Cclesiastical powers not to be opposed up-
on pretence of Christian liberty, con.
xx. 4. Ecclesiastical persons not exempt-
ed from obedience to the civil magistrate,
con. xxiii. 4.
Effectual Calling, What, con. x. t. cat. 67.

It is of God's free grace, not from any thing foreseen in man, con. x. a. cat. S7. All the elect, and they only are effectually called, con. x. 1, 4. cat. 08. The elect united to Christ in their effectual calling, cat. 66. Election, out of God's mere free grace, con. iii. 5. cat. 13. From all tternity in Christ, ibid. Election not only to eternal life and glory, but also to the means thereof, con. iii. 6. cat. 1 j. All the elect, and they only, are effectually called and saved, con. iii. 6. x. 1, 4. cat. 68. Tho' others may be outwardly called by the word, and have some common operations of the Spirit, ibid. Elect infants, and other elect persons who are incapable of being called by the word, how saved, con. x. iii. What use to be made of the doctrine of election, con. iv. 8. And how men may be assured of their eternal election, ibid. See Assurance.

Envy, sinful, cat. ia8, 136, 14*. 14S. »48.

Equals, their duties and fins, cat. 131,13a.

Equivocation, speaking the truth in doubtful and equivocal expressions, to the prejudice of truth or justice, sinful, cat. 145.

Eucharist. See Lord's Supper.

Exaltation of Christ, con. viii. 4. cat. ;t. In his rt/.irrection, cat. 51. In his ascension, cat. {3. In his fitting at the right hand of God, rat. 54. In his coming to judge the world, cat. 56".

Self-Examina ion, cat. 171.

Excommunication, con. xxx. a, 3; 4.

Expiation. Sin cannot be expiated but by the blood of Christ, cat. 15a. F

JpAiTH, What, con. xiv. 71. God requireth nothing of sinners that they may be justified, but faith in Christ, con. xi. 1. cat. 71. Which he requireth as the condition to interest them in the Mediator of the covenant of grace, cat. 3a. It justifies a sinner in the sight of God only as it is an instrument by which he receiveth Christ and his righteousness, <ron. xi. a. cat. 73. Faith is the gift of God, con. xi. 1. cat. 71. It being the

work of the Spirit, con. xiv. 1. cat. J», 7a. It is ordinarily wrought by the ministry of the word, con. xiv. 1. Increased and strengthned by the word, sacra, ments and prayer, ibid. Often weakened, but always gets tbe victory, con. xiv. 3. Growing up in many to a full assurance, con. xiv. 3. cat. 80. Good works the fruit and evidence of true faith, con. xvi. a. cat 5a. Which is never alone, but always accompanied witV all other saving graces, and is no dead faith, but worketh by love, con. xi. a. cat. 73.

Fall of man, the nature and effcts of it, con. vi. cat. a 1, a3, as, a?, a8. ap. Why permitted, con. vi. 1. How all mankind concerned in it, con. vi. 3. cat. xa.

Falling away. See Perseverance.

Family-worihip daily, required of God, con. xxL 6.

Fasting. Religious fasting, a duty, cat. 108. Solemn fasting a part of religious worship, con. xxi. J.

Fellowship. See Communion.

Foreknowledge, all things come to pass infallibly according to the foreknowledge of God, con. v. a.

Forgiveness, Sec Pardon.

Fornication committed after contract of marriage, a just ground of dissolving the contract, con. xxiv. $.

Fortune. To ascribe any thing to fortune, is sinful, cat. Ioj.

Free-Will, See Will.

Frugality, a duty, cat. 141,

Qaming. Wasteful gaming forbiddes, cat. 141.

Glory. The communion in glory witx Christ, which believers enjoy in this life, cat. 83. con. xviii. 1, a, 3. Immediately after death, con. xxxii. ■. cat. SO. At the resurrection and day of judgment, con. xxxii. 3. xxxiii. a. cat. 87, 90.

The glory of God, the end of his decrees, con. iii. 3. cat. la. The glory of his grace the end of election, con. ii. J. cat. 1 j. The glory of his justice the end of the decree of reprobation, con. iii. 7. cat. I j. The glory of his eternal power, wisdom, and goodness, the end of the creation, con. iv. i. The manifestation of the glory of his wisdom, power, justice, goodness and mercy, is the end of all God's works of providence, con. v. i. cat. 18. The end of God's appointing the last judgment is the manifestation of the glory of his mercy and justice, con. xxxii. 10. To glorify God is the chief end of man, cat. i. God is glorified by good works, con. xvi. x. Gluttony, a sin, cat. 139. God. The light of nature (heweth that there is a God, con. xxi. 1, cat. ». W hat it declares concerning him, and of our duty to him, con. i. x. xxi. 1. It is not sufficient to give that knowledge of God and of his will, which is necessary unto salvation, con. i. 1. cat. 1. The attributes or perfections of God, con. ii. 1, a. cat. 7. 101. There is but one only God, con. ii. I. cat 6. There are three persons in the Godhead, distinguished by personal properties, con. ii. 3, cat. 9. io. The co-equality of the persons proved, cat. 11. To him is due from all bis creatures, whatsoever worship, service or obedience he is pleased to require, con. ii ». Our duty to God, cat. 104, 108, in, 116. What conuary to it, cat. 105,100, 113, 119. Religions worstiip is to be given to God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and to him alone; and that only in the mediation of Christ, con. xxi. a. cat. 179.181. God is to be worshipped in that way only which he hath instituted in the scriptures, con. xxi. 1. cat. 109. To glorify God, and fully to enjoy him for ever, is the chief end of" man, cat. z. Good works. See Works. Gospel. How the covenant of grace is administred under the gospel, con. vii 6. cat. 3 J. Without the gospel no salvation, cat. 60. con. x. 4. In it Christ doth not dissolve, but strengthen the obligation to the obedience of the moral law, con. xix. {.Believers under the gospel have a great

er boldness of access to the throne of grace, than believers under the law did ordinarily partake of, con. xx. 1.

Government. See Church, Magistrate.

The grace of God. Election, of God's mere free grace, con iii. j. cat. 13. How the grace of God is manifested in the second covenant, coa vii. 3. cat. 31. Effectual calling is of God's free and special grace, con. x. 1. cat. 67. Justification is only of free grace, con. xi 3. cat. 70, 71. Adoption is an act of free grace, con. xii. cat. 74. The communion in grace which believers have with Christ, cat. 69. All saving graces are the work of the Spirit, con. xiii. xiv and xv. cat. 3:, 71, 7$, 76, 77. And do always accompany faith, con. xi. ». cat. 73. Perseverance io grace, con. xvii. cat. 79. Increase in grace, con. xiii. 1, $ cat. 75. 7 7 Assurance of grace, con. xviii. cat. 8s, 81.


Jlt\rdfn. Why and how sinners are hardened, con. v. 6. Relievers may have their hearts hardened, con. xvii. 3.

Head. The elect are inseparably nnited to Christ Is their head, coil, xxv, t.xxvi. 1. cat. 64. 66. He is the only head of the church, con xxv. 6.

Hearing. What is required of those that hear the word preached, con. xxi. j. cat. 140.

Heaven, the slate of the blcsted, con. xxxii, I. xxxiii. » cat. 86. jio.

Hell, the state of the damned, con. xxxii. 1. xxxiii, 1. cat. 19, 86, 89. The meaning of these words in the creed. He descended into hell, eat. 50.

ilereticks to be rejected, cat. Ioj.

Holiness. God is most holy in all his counsels, works and coitimands, con. ii ». Man was created holy after the imaje of God, con. iv x. cat 17. But by the fall he became wholly defiled, con vi. a. Believers are by the sanctifying spirit of Christ, quickened and strengthened to the practice of holiness, con. xiii. 1, 3. cat. 7 j. And are madeperftctiy holy in heaven, con. xxxii. 1. cat. 85,90. SceSanctisicjuuu.


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