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Holy Ghost....

Sect. XXX. Christ's agony in the garden

Sect. XXXI. Christ betrayed by Judas. He resigns
himself into the hands of his enemies ........

Sect. XXXII. Christ is carried before the High Priest.

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Sect. XXXVI. Christ examined by Herod, and sent
back to Pilate. He is scourged and crowned
with thorns, and condemned to crucifixion, by
the general voice of the Jewish people

Sect. XXXVII. Part of Isaiah's prophecy relating to

the Messiah

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Sect. XXXIX. Part of the xxiid Psalm. Prophetic
of our Saviour's reflections on the cross
Sect. XL. Christ's body taken from the cross. Joseph
of Arimathea inters it in his own tomb. The
Jewish priests scal the sepulchre...
Sect. XLI. Judas Iscariot repenting, returns the mo-


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Sect. LI. Two angels discourse with the apostles after

the ascension of Christ......

Sect. LII. Extracts from the ancient prophets con-
cerning the glorious appearance of the Lord God

in their visions


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