How to Choose a Life Partner

Xulon Press, 2005 - 180 páginas

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This book has answered a lot of questions I kept asking myself about choosing a life partner . I would recommend it to every single person out there who has not yet made a decision , or is struggling to make one concerning a life partner.

Crítica de los usuarios - Marcar como inadecuado

This is my first review. I haven't finished reading the book.
But so far my mind has travelled waters and cultures; an experience
I find very unforgettably real in Nigeria. The titles per paragraph
and how they take u on a journey to and through and of a married life is very interesting.
Im engaged to a man iv known for 13yrs and to marry in 7.
Its taking me towards my relationship with Jesus; my mother in law and my mother.
It is quite scary.... and building.

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I never thought it could happen to me
7 reasons why people make the wrong choice
165 questions to ask
Confirm your choice
How to tell if you are really in love
Define your relationship
Pray fervently
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