Bradshaw's railway &c. through route and overland guide to India, Egypt, and China; or The traveller's manual [&c. Title varies. Afterw.]. Bradshaw's through route overland guide to India, and colonial handbook [afterw.] Bradshaw's through routes to the capitals of the world and overland guide to India, Persia, and the Far East [afterw.] Bradshaw's through routes to the chief cities of the world. [Issues for 1858-62, 65, 69, 71/2, 73/4, 75/6, 78/9, 84, 98, 1903, [07] 13].


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Página liii - Examination, as may be deemed necessary. 8. The marks obtained by each candidate, in respect of each of the subjects in which he shall have been examined, will be added up, and the names of the...
Página lx - Candidates will be examined by the Examining Board in the following subjects:— Anatomy and Physiology. Surgery. Medicine, including Therapeutics and the Diseases of Women and Children, Chemistry and Pharmacy, and a practical knowledge of Drugs. (The examination in Medicine and Surgery will be in part practical, and will include operations on the dead body, the application of surgical apparatus, and the examination of medical and surgical patients at the bedside.) The eligibility of each Candidate...
Página liv - All selected candidates will be required, after hat-ing passed the second periodical examination, to attend at the India Office for the purpose of entering into an agreement binding themselves, amongst other things, to refund in certain cases the amount of their allowance in the event of their failing to proceed to India.
Página liii - Commissioners to be entitled to be appointed to the Civil Service of India, provided they shall comply with the regulations in force, at the time for that Service.
Página liii - Examination will be conducted by means of printed questions and written answers, and by viva voce examination, as may be deemed necessary. The last of these Examinations will be held at the close of the second year of probation, and will be called the "Final Examination," at which it will be decided whether a selected candidate is qualified for the Civil Service of India.
Página lix - A certificate of moral character from a magistrate, or a minister of the religious denomination to which the candidate belongs, who has personally known him for at least two preceding years.
Página lx - At its conclusion, the candidate will be required to pass an examination on the subjects taught iu the School.
Página lii - A certificate, signed by a physician or surgeon, of his having no disease, constitutional affection, or bodily infirmity, unfitting him for the Civil Service of India ; (c.) Satisfactory proof of good moral character ; (d.) A statement of those of the branches of knowledge hereinafter enumerated in which he desires to be examined.
Página liii - Nothing can be further from cur wish than to hold out premiums for knowledge " of wide surface and of small depth. We are of opinion that a candidate ought to " be allowed no a edit at all for taking up a subject in which he is a mere smatterer.
Página 124 - Tigris; but for above two thousand years its known existence in the world was as a mere name ; a word. That name suggested the idea of an ancient capital of fabulous splendour and magnitude; a congregation of palaces and other dwellings encompassed by walls and ramparts, vast but scarcely real.

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