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the same concern one for an- my goods to feed others, and

if I should give up my body to
26 so that, if one member be burned, but not have love,
suffer, all the members suffer it profiteth me nothing.
with it; or, if one member be 4 Love, suffereth long, and
honoured, all the members re- is kind; love, envieth not,
joice with it.

vaunteth not itself; is not puff-
27 And so, ye are the body of ed up;
Christ, and are severally his 5 doth not behave itself un-

seemly; seeketh not that which
28 and those whom God hath is not its own; is not easily

ordained in the church are, provoked; noteth not injury; Eph. iv. 11. first, apostles, secondly pro- 6 rejoiceth not in iniquity,

phets, thirdly teachers; next but rejoiceth in the truth;
miracles, then gifts of healings, 7 beareth all things, believeth
assistants, governings, different all things, hopeth all things,
kinds of tongues.

endureth all things.
29 Are all apostles? are all 8 Love, never faileth ; but, if
prophets? are all teachers ? there be prophecy, it will fail;
have all the power of miracles? if there be tongues, they will

30 have all gifts of healings ? cease; if there be knowledge,
do all speak with other tongues? it will be done away;
do all interpret?

9 for we know only in part,
31 But, desire ye earnestly the and we prophesy only in part;
best gifts; and I will yet shew 10 but, when that which is
you a more excellent way. perfect is come, that which is

but in part will be done away: CHAPTER XIII.

11 when I was a child, I

spake as a child, I understood TF I speak with the tongues as a child, I thought as a child;

of men and of angels, and but when I became a man, I have not love, I become as put away childish things : sounding brass, or a tinkling 12 for, we now see only as cymbal :

through a glass, darkly, but 2 and if I have the gift of then we shall see face to face; Num. xii. & prophecy, and understand all now I know only in part, but mysteries, and all knowledge; then I shall know, even as I and if I have all faith, so as to also am known. remove mountains, but have 13 And now remaineth faith, not love, I am nothing: hope, love, these three; but

3 and if I should bestow all the greatest of these is love.



uncertain sound, who will pre

pare himself for battle? FOLLOW after love; yet, 9 So likewise ye, unless ye - desire spiritual gifts, and utter by the tongue intelligible chiefly, that ye may prophesy: speech, how shall it be known

2 for, he who only speaketh what is spoken? for ye will be j. e. foreign in another tongue, speaketh speaking only to the air.

not to men, but to God; for 10 There are, it may be, so no one understandeth him, al- many kinds of speech in the though in the spirit he speak- world, and none without a eth mysteries :

meaning; 3 but he who prophesieth, 11 if, therefore, I know not speaketh edification, and ex- the meaning of the speech, I hortation, and consolation, to shall be to him who speaketh men.

as a foreigner, and he who 4 He who speaketh in another speaketh will be as a foreigner tongue, edifieth himself; but he to me. who prophesieth, edifieth the 12 And so ye, since ye are church.

desirous of spiritual gifts, seek 5 Though I would that ye all to abound in them to the edispake with other tongues, I fication of the church : would rather that ye prophe- 13 let him, therefore, that sied; for, he that prophesieth speaketh in another tongue, is greater than he who speak- pray that he may also interpret: eth with other tongues, unless 14 for, if I pray in another he interpret, so that the church tongue, my spirit indeed praymay receive edification:

eth, but my mind is unfruitful
6 for, brethren, if I should to others.
now come to you speaking with 15 What is it then that I
other tongues, in what should would? I would pray with
I benefit you, unless I should the spirit, but I would pray
speak to you either by revela- with the understanding also;
tion, or by knowledge, or by I would sing with the spirit,
prophesying, or by doctrine ? and I would sing with the un-

7 As when things without life derstanding also.
give sound, whether pipe or 16 Else, when thou blessest
harp; unless they give a dis- with the spirit, how shall he
tinction of sound, how shall it who filleth the place of the
be known what is piped or unlearned say Amen, to thy
harped ?

thanksgiving, since he know8 for, if the trumpet give an eth not what thou sayest?

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17 for, though thou givest worship God, and declare, that
thanks well, yet the other is God is really in you.
not edified.

26 What mean I, then, bre-
18 I thank God, I speak with thren? That when ye come
tongues more than ye all; together, each hath a psalm,

19 yet I would rather speak or a doctrine, or a tongue, or
five words in the church with a revelation, or an interpreta-
my understanding, that I might tion : let all things be done
instruct others also, than ten for edification :
thousand words in another 27 and if any one speak in

another tongue, let it be only
20 Brethren, be not children two, or at the most three, and
in your minds : in malice in that by turn; and let some
deed be ye infants, but in your one interpret :
minds be ye full-grown.

28 but, if there be no inter21 It is written in the law, preter, let him keep silence in Is. xxviii. 11. “ By other tongues, and other the church, and speak only to

“ lips, I will speak to this himself, and to God.
“ people ; yet, even thus they 29 And let prophets also speak
“ will not hearken to me,” by two or three, and let the
saith the Lord :

other prophets judge what they
22 so that tongues are for a speak :
sign, not to them that believe, 30 and if any thing be re-
but to them that believe not: vealed to another who sitteth
but prophecy is given, not for by, let the first be silent:
them that believe not, but for 31 for ye can all prophesy,
them that believe.

one by one; that all may learn,
23. If, therefore, the whole and all be comforted :
church come together, and 32 and the spirits of prophets,
all speak with other tongues; are in subjection to the pro-
and if any who are unlearned phets ;

come in, will they not say that 33 for, they are not spirits of Acts, ii. 14. ye are mad ?

disorder, but of peace; as in 24 but, if all prophesy, and all the churches of the saints. some unbeliever, or unlearned 34 Let women keep silence person, come in, he is con- in the churches; for it is not vinced by all, he is judged committed to them to speak, 1 Tim. i. by all;

but let them be in subjection; 25 the secrets of his heart as also saith the law : Num. XXX. are made manifest; and thus, 35 and if they wish to learn falling on his face, he will any thing, let them ask their

11, 12.


husbands at home; for it is a 6 that, after that, he appeared shame for a woman to speak to above five hundred brethren in the church.

at once; of whom the greater 36 Did the word of God come part remain until now, but out from you? or did it go only some are fallen asleep: to you?

7 after that, he appeared to 37 If any one account himself James ; then to all the apostles: to be a prophet, or spiritual, 8 and, last of all, he aplet him know, that what I write peared to me also, as to the to you is a commandment of infant not yet formed : the Lord ;

9 for I am the least of the 38 but if any one know not apostles, who am not fit to this, let him be ignorant. be called an apostle, because

39 So then, brethren, be ye I persecuted the church of desirous to prophesy, yet for- God; bid not to speak with other 10 but, by the grace of God tongues :

I am what I am : and his grace 40 and let all things be done which was bestowed upon me, decently, and in order. hath not been in vain, but I

have laboured more than they CHAPTER XV.

all: yet not I alone, but the M OREOVER, brethren, I grace of God which was with We recall to your knowledge me. the gospel which I declared to 11 Whether, therefore, it be you; which also ye received, I or they, so we preach, and and in which ye stand; so ye believed.

2 by which also ye are saved, 12 But, if Christ be preached, if ye hold it fast in the word that he is risen from the dead, in which I declared it to you; how say some among you, that unless ye have believed in vain. there is no resurrection of the

3 For I delivered to you, at dead ? first, that which I also re- 13 for, if there is no resurceived ;) That Christ died for rection of the dead, then Christ our sins, according to the is not risen; scriptures;

14 and if Christ is not risen, 4 and that he was buried; then our preaching is vain, and that on the third day he and your faith is vain : rose again, according to the 15 and we are found to be scriptures :

false witnesses of God'; because 5 and that he appeared to we testified of God that he Kephas, and then to the ten: hath raised the Christ, whom

he hath not raised, if indeed it is manifest that he is ex-
the dead rise not :

cepted, who did put all things
16 for, if the dead rise not, under him :
neither is Christ raised: 28 and when all things shall

17 and if Christ is not raised, be subjected to him, then will
your faith is vain; ye are still the Son himself be subjected
in your sins:

to him who put all things
18 then, they also who are under him, that God may be
fallen asleep in Christ, are all in all.

29 Else, what will they gain
19 if in this life only we have who are baptized for the dead,
hope in Christ, we are the most if the dead rise not at all ?
miserable of all men.

30 why, then, are they bap-
20 But now, Christ is risen tized for them ? and why stand
from the dead, the first-fruit we in peril, every hour ?
of them that have slept : 31 I protest, brethren, by the

21 for, since by man came joy I have in you, in Christ
death, by man came also the Jesus our Lord, I die daily:
resurrection of the dead : 32 when (to speak according

22 for, as in Adam all die, to the manner of men) I fought even so, in Christ all will be with wild-beasts at Ephesus, Acts, xix. 29. made alive.

what profit was it to me, if
23 But, each in his own order: the dead rise not?“ Let us Is. xxii. 13.
Christ the first-fruit; after- “ eat and drink; for to-mor-
ward, at his coming, they that “row we die:”
are Christ's :

33 be not deceived : “ evil
24 then cometh the end, when “ conversations corrupt good
he delivereth up the kingdom “ manners :"
to God, even the Father; when 34 awake duly, and sin not;
he shall have abolished all for some of you are in ignorance
rule, and all authority, and of God: I speak this to your

25 for he must reign, till he 35 But, some one will ask,
hath put all his enemies under How are the dead raised ? and
his feet.

with what body do they come?
26 The last eneny that will 36 Seuseless ! that which thou
be destroyed, is death; for, he sowest is not made to live, un-
hath put all things under his less it die:
feet :

37 and, as to that which thou
27 but when it saith, “ All sowest, thou sowest not the
“ things are put under him," body that will be, but bare

Ps. viii. 6.

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