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CHRISTIAN RESIGNATION. Beside a lowly cottage, where the flowers

Cast their rich fragrance on the summer air, And peace and sunshine mark the passing hours

Sate a fair boy, with brow untouched by care ; Bright were the fields, and cloudless was the sky,

But what was all that fairy scene to him? For light had never shone in that dark eye,

And his imaginings were faint and dim; And as he listened to the gurgling brook,

That murmured its rich music by his side, There was a shade of sadness in his look

Oh! why was life's best gift to him denied ? Meekly he clapsed his hands and answered me, “Even so, Father, for it seemeth good to thee."

Within a little coffin there was laid
· A lovely infant in her last repose;
Like a fair snowdrop in the sunny glade,

Which withers with the first rough wind that blows, That precious flow'ret faded ; silent now

Were those sweet tones that could our care beguile; The soft curls moved not on her marble brow,

And her calm features wore no beaming smile;
The pale young mother sorrowfully bent

In silent anguish o'er her infant's bier ;-
Oh! why had death's stern touch thus sadly rent

The tie which binds the child and parent here?
That mother, midst her tears, said fervently,
“Even so, Father, for it seemeth good to thee."

Dark change and care passed o'er the rich man's home;

And penury's cold grasp was keenly felt ; For he, in life's decline, was forced to roam

Far from the mansion where his fathers dwelt. Ah! strangers now would tread that noble hall,

And other voices in his home be heard ; Few memories his virtues would recall ;

His name would soon be a forgotten word ;

And yet his spirit bowed not to despair ;

No bitter murmurings to his lips arose ;
Grave, and yet tinged with gladness, was his air,

Like the soft cloud which bids the daylight close; Oh! what sweet thought gave such tranquillity ? Even so, Father, for it seemeth good to thee.”

Oh happy faith! which in the darkest night

Of grief and trial, calmly looks above ; Bright are the stars invisible to sight;

Sweet are the promises of changeless love. It is a Father's hand which marks the path

His child must tread—this lightens évery care; Afflictions gather round his home and hearth,

But the pale mourner feels He sent them there, And hushes each repining thought; and clings

With simple trust and confidence to Him; And not the darkest shade vnat sorrow flings

The gentle radiance of his faith can dim; When reason questions, his response will be, “EVEN SO, FATHER, FOR IT SEEMETH GOOD TO THEE."

H. M. W.


I will tell you the tale of the spoiler-He
Who tore the bough from the Balsam tree ;-
But, as the odorous branch he broke,
Deeply he pierced his breast with the stroke.
The generous tree wept her gums; and he found
That thus he was healed of the smarting wound.

This fable of the eastern tree,
O Christian heart! will come home to thee;
For when thou see'st thy bitter foe
Drinking deep the cup of woe,
Pity and sweetest Charity
Will drop their balm as the eastern tree;
And when love sheds its tear-drop there,
'Tis a healing balm for a heart of care.

E. L. A.

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And yet his spirit bowed not to despair ;

No bitter murmurings to his lips arose ;
Grare, and ret tinged with gladness, was !

Like the soft dond which bids the day
Oh! what sweet thought gave such tranqu
“Even so, Father, for it seemeth good to




..I care;

, 1848.

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