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Lately, at Mount Capper Villa, Madras, proprietor of the Liverpool Advertiser. 18. Josia Marshall Heath, Esq. to Charlotte At Edinburgh, James Dennistoun, Esq. of Catherine Fraser, youngest daughter of Colgrain, convener and vice-lieutenant of the late General Charles Fraser, com- the county of Dumbarton, and colonel of manding the northern division of the 'the Dumbartonshire local militia. 20. At army on the Madras establishment. At Coldingham, Patrick Johnston, Esq.35, Buccleuch Place, Charles Short, Esq. The Princess of Mecklenburg Schwerin, 6th dragoon guards, to Miss Agnes, of the house of Saxe Weimar. 21. The daughter of the late John Cunninghame, Princess of Nassau Weilburg.--At KirkEsq. of Balgounie. Lambton, Esq. cudbright, Archibald Brodie, Esq. writer to Lady Louisa Grey, daughter of Earl in Edinburgh. 22. At his house, PieGrey. T. J. Featherstone, Esq. to Lady cadilly Terrace, Sir Drummond Smith, Elizabeth Howard, daughter of the Earl Bart.-At Garscube House, Susan Sitof Wicklow. F. Taylor, Esq. to the Ho- well, daughter of the late Francis Sitwell, nourable Juliana Cavendish, daughter of Esq. 24. At Edinburgh, Mrs Helen Ro Lord Waterpark.

bertson, youngest daughter of the late Rev. William Robertson, one of the mi

nisters of Edinburgh, and sister of the DEATHS.

late Principal Robertson.—At Londou,

the Honourable Apsley Bathurst, only Jan. 1. The Right Honourable Lady brother of the Right Honourable Earl Penrhyn, widow of Richard Pennant, Bathurst. 27. Samuel Viscount Hood, Lord Penrhyn, and daughter and heiress Admiral of the Red, and governor of of General Warburton, of Winnington, Greenwich Hospital, in his 92d year. 28. Cheshire. 3. At Holehouse of Tinwald, At Havelberg, in Prussia, Field-Marshal in the 83d year of his age, Mr William Mollendorff, at the age of 92. He is bee Dinwoodie.' He never felt headache in lieved to have been the oldest general in his life, nor was he ever confined to bed Europe._29. At Castlebank, John Banby pain or sickness, till the day previous natyne, Esq. in the 77th year of his age. to his death.- At Edinburgh, Mrs Dou- -At Strawberry Hill

, after a lingering glas, widow of the late Lieutenant-Ge- illness, Elizabeth Laura, Countess of neral Douglas, of the 5th dragoon guards. Waldegrave, in the 56th year of her age. 4. At his house at Sheepsear, near Leeds, 30. Much respected, George Walker, Esq. Sir D. D. D'Arcy Molineux, Bart. 5. late of Thirsstone; at the advanced age Lieutenant-General Sir George Prevost, of 88. late governor-in-chief and commander of FEB. 1. At Edinburgh, John Newton, the forces in the British colonies in North Esq. of Curriehill.–At Allanton, John America, in his 49 th year. 6. At War- Johnston, Esq. younger of Castlehillsaw, F. Narodisky, a Polish gentleman, 'In Dublin, at his house in Merrion at the age of 125. He married a second Square, south, aged 87 years and nine wife at 92, by whom he had a daughter months, Joshua Viscount. Allen, Baron now living. 8. John Dallas, Esq. of Allen, of Stillorgan. 3. Eleanor, VisNorth Newton. 10. At Port Hender- countess of Wilton, in her 67th year.son, Jamaica, Kenneth Mackenzie, Esq. At London, Sir Henry Dampier, Knight, only son of George Mackenzie, Esq. late one of the judges of the Court of King's of Rosehall. 15. At her house, North Bench. 4. Richard, Viscount FitzwilEnd, Hampstead, at an advanced age, liam, of the kingdom of Ireland, in his Elizabeth Dowager Marchioness of Wa- 71st year. -5. At London, after a tedious terford, widow of the late and mother of illness, Robert Hobart, Earl of Buckingthe present Marquis.-At Picardy Place, hamshire, in the 56th year of his age. $. Thomas Wood, Esq.-At Bath, in his The Countess of St Vincent, aged 75. 89th year, Henry Harrington, M. D. 17. 10. At Edinburgh, Lady Colquhoun, William Handyside, Esq. writer to the widow of Sir George Colquhoun, of Tilsignet.—At Liverpool, in the 75th year lyquhoun, Bart. 12. At sea, on his pasof his age, (after a short illness, and sage to India, Alexander Fraser Tytler, greatly respected,) Mr Thomas Billinge, Esq. late assistant-judge on the Bengal establishment, third son of the late Lord -ploits in support of the British in the Woodhouselee.--At his house, at Fort seven years war. 12. Lady Longford, William, Colonel John Cameron, Glene- mother of the Duchess of Wellington.vis, much and justly regretted. 15. Ad- At Lamington Manse, the Rev. Thomas miral R. M‘Douall, in his 87th year. 16. Mitchell, minister of that parish, in the At his seat at Compton Verney, in the 78th year of his age, and 42d of his micounty of Warwick, the Right Honoura- nistry. 13. At Edinburgh, Mrs Jean ble J. P. Verney, Lord Willoughby de Warrender, daughter of the late Sir John Broke, in the 78th year of his age.—At Warrender, of Lochend, Bart.--At his Cheltenbam, Sir William Forbes, of house, Fountainbridge, after a short illCraigievar, Bart. 18. At Whitburn, in ness, Mr David Miller, for many years the 70th year of his age, and 48th of his teacher of music in this city. 14. At ministry, the Reverend Archibald Bruce, Edinburgh, in the prime of life, Charles Minister of the Gospel, and Teacher of Spink, Esq. of Charlotte Square. At the Theological Class there. 19. Louisa Calton, Glasgow, Serfeant Geo. Walker, Grace, Duchess of St Albans, with her aged 105.- At Pitfour House, Fifeshire, infant male son. 21. At. Edinburgh, the Mrs Skene, of Hallyards, in the 98th Right Honourable Lady Charlotte Dur- year of her age.—At his house, in George ham, wife of Rear-Admiral Sir Philip Street, the Hon. William Baillie, of PolCharles Durham, daughter of the late kemmet, late one of the Senators of the and sister to the present Earl of Elgin. College of Justice. 15. At his house in 22. Adam Fergusson, Esq. L. L. D. in Edinburgh, Mr Alexander Ritchie, wrihis 93d year, formerly Professor of Moral ter to the signet. 19. At Irvine, Mr Philosophy in the University of Edin- Hugh Bankhead, in the 94th year of his burgh, and author of several esteemed age. 20. At Farnham, the Right Howorks.-At Perth, in the 90th year of nourable Lord Charles Beauchamp Kerr, his age, the Honourable Henry Nairn, second son of the late Most Noble Marson of the late John, Lord Nairn. 26. quis of Lothian. 22. Lady Catherine At Merion Square, Dublin, Chichester Poulett, fourth daughter of Earl Poulett, Skeffington, Earl of Massareene, Baron in her 21st year. 24. John Courtenay, of Loughneagh. 29. Gustavus Hamilton, Esq. a gentleman whose eminent talents, Viscount Boyne, in Ireland._Lately, at eloquence, and wit, displayed on former Aberdeen, William Raitt, Esq. of the occasions in the House of Commons, and royal navy,

above all whose political integrity, made March 5. At Riarchar, in the county him justly dear to all who had the hapof Sutherland, Lieut.-Col

. George Su- piness to know him. 25. At Edinburgh, therland, in the 94th year of his age. 6. Mr John Craw, writer to the signet, aged At the Manse of Borgue, in the 58th 44. 27. At Ardgowan, Dowager Lady year of his age, and 33d of his ministry, Maxwell, of Springkell. 31. At Moffat, the Reverend Samuel Smith, late mini- Mrs Home, widow of Johin Home, auster of that parish. 7. At his house in thor of the tragedy of Douglas, &c. LateCamberwell Grove, Vice-Admiral Sir W. ly, at Mesoncomme, department of Gers, Mitchell, K. C. B. in the 71st year of his in France, Joseph Dedieu, day-labourer, age. 8. At the Manse of Kinfauns, the aged 106 years. He ate but little besides Reverend Dr Duff, minister of that pa- vegetables, and preserved his faculties to rish.-In the 82d year of her age, the the last. At Grenada, the Hon. Alex. Countess Dowager of Farnham. 11. At Cockburn, aged 76. At Banda, in the Hobart House, in the 78th year of her East Indies, David Forbes, Esq. governor age, Albina, Countess Dowager of Buck- of that island, and second son of the late inghamshire, eldest daughter and co- George Forbes, Esq. of Aberdeen. At heiress of the Lord Vere Bertie, and re- Exeter, aged 81, Admiral Edmund Dod. lict of George, Earl of Buckinghamshire. April 1. Baroness Say and Sele, re-At Oneida, at the great age of 110 lict of Lord Say and Sele, and daughter years, Skenandon, the Indian chief. He of the late Sir Edward Turner, Bart. 3. distinguished himself by numerous ex« Lady Emily Latouche, wife of Robert of

Latouche, Esq. M. P. and daughter of house of her daughter, in the 84th year the first Earl of Clancarty. At the Cape of her age, Mrs Robinson, relict of Wilof Good Hope, Major-General Joseph liam Robinson, Esq. Banff. 14. At LiBaird. At his seat, Puttenham, Priory, verpool, Lieutenant-Colonel Cochrane, of Surry, aged 76, Samuel Cornish, Esq. the 36th regiment, brother of Lord CochAdmiral of the Red. 4. In Marlborough rane. 22. At Colzium, Mrs Davidson, Place, aged 66, Rear-Admiral Peyton. 5. wife of James Davidson, Esq. writer to At Penrith, Stephen Irvine, at the ad- the signet. 23. Mrs Jane Alder, wife of vanced age of 101. He was fifteen years David Hume, Esq. one of the Principal a dragoon in the reign of George II. 7. Clerks of Session.

-At his house, DunAt his house, in Prince's Street, Edin- das Street, William Trotter, Esq. senior, burgh, Lieut.-Col. John Cochran, late of in the 85th year of his age.--At Northe 2d battalion of the Royal Scots.--At bury, near Stockport, Robert Littlegood, Verona, the Empress of Austria, in her in his 108th year. 24. Aged 81, Prince 28th year. 11. At his lodgings in Par. Charles Jerome de Palfy, chief of one of liament Street, London, the Right Ho- the most illustrious - houses of Hungary, nourable Dr Patrick Duigenan, L. L. D. and formerly Supreme Chancellor of the -At his house, George Street, Edin- Kingdom. At his house, Balbedie, Fife burgh, Dr Thomas Hay:-At Edinburgh, shire, Sir John Maloolm, of Balbedie, in the 46th year of his age, Mr E. J. Bart. 25. At Mary Bank, Mrs Ann Eyre, of the 'l'heatre-Royal. 14. At his Chisholm, relict of Roderick Mackenzie, house in Newcastle, aged 76, sincerely Esq.of Scotsburn.-At Maryculter House, regretted by a large circle of friends, Ge- near Aberdeen, General the Honourable neral John Dickson, brother of the late William Gordon, of Fyvie, colonel of the Admiral W. Dickson, and of the late 21st regiment of foot, in the 81st year Admiral Sir Archibald Dickson, Bart.- his age.-At Callander, in Perthshire, Richard Malone, Lord Sunderlin, of Ire- Francis Macnab, Esq. of Macnab, at the land. The title became extinct at his age of 82. 28. James Buchan, Esq. of death. 15. Sir Simon Le Blanc, a Judge Hunting-tower, in the 89th year of his of the Court of King's Bench, in his 68th age.-At Rutherglen, John Galloway, late year. 18. Lord Arthur J. Hen. Somer- of Tanfield, Edinburgh.–At Carnwath set, M. P. for Monmouth, and brother to Manse, the Rev. George Park, minister of the Duke of Beaufort, in his 37th year. the parish of Carnwath, in the 87th year of 24. At Malta, General Thomas Murray. his age, and 50th of his ministry. 20. At 25. At Langstone Cliff Cottage, near Hopetoun House, the Right Hon. James Dawlish, aged 67, Thomas Johnes, Esq. Hope Johnstone, Earl of Hopetoun. 30. of Hafal, in Cardiganshire, Member in At Blairgowrie House, Colonel Allan Parliament for that county, Lord Lieu- Macpherson, of Blairgowrie. Lately, on tenant and Custos Rotulorum. 29. At Mark's Hill, in his 105th year, William Allanbank House, Sir John Stuart, of Wait, late of Halloway, and formerly of Allan bank, Bart. in the 60th year of his Marshfield. He buried his third wife age.

only a month since. In the Exe island, MAY 1. At Edinburgh, Mr James Exeter, Mrs Mary Mounce, widow, at the Moffat, solicitor at law, aged 40. 2. .At advanced age of 103 years. At Neston, his house, Green Street, London, George Cheshire, at the advanced age of 106, Earl Brooke and Earl of Warwick, aged William Broughton, one of the veterans 70 years. 4. At Edinburgh, John Dun- that fought at the battle of Culloden ; he das, Esq. clerk to the signet. 5. At was an industrious labourer, and enjoyed Edinburgh, the Right Hon. Dowager good health till within a few hours of his Lady Belhaven and Stenton. 11. At death. At the Hot Wells, near Bristol, Glendelvine, John Hagart, of Glendel- Anne, widow of Colonel Montague, and vine, Esq. advocate. 13. At her house,, daughter of William and Lady Jane in Portobello, Mrs Scott, of Seabank.- Courtney, and sister to the late Earl of At Berwick, Mrs Cameron, dowager of Bute. At Old Windsor, Mrs Ferryman, Lochiel, aged 15.-At Auchry, in the in her 103d year.

JUNE 5. On board 'his Majesty's ship John Lord Selsey, in the 68th year of his Inconstant, off the coast of Africa, of a age. 30. At New-Abbey, in the county malignant fever, in the 21st year of his of Kildare, Lieutenant-General Robert age, Andrew Stirling, Esq. sixth son of Brereton. Andrew Stirling, Esq. of Drumpellier, in JULY 2. Sir John Dyer, Lieutenantthe county of Lanark. 6. At Petersburg, Colonel of Artillery, whose death was ocField-Marshal Prince Nicholas Sollikoff, casioned, whilst on field daty, by endeaaged 83. 7. At Huntly, Lady Ann vouring to stop the carriage of a brother Chalmers, sister to his Grace the Duke officer whose horses had taken fright in of Gordon. 8. At his house in Queen the absence of the coachman. He was Street, Mayfair, Lord Frederick Camp- struck on the breast by the pole, and the bell. 11. At Rothsay, Miss Elizabeth carriage ran over him.- At Green Merse, M'Cormick, daughter of the deceased Mr John Kerr, farmer there, aged 78, William M‘Cormick, Esq. Dundas Street, much regretted. 3. At Mayville, AyrEdinburgh.-At Golspie, the Reverend shire, Miss Susanna Baillie, daughter of William Keith, minister of that parish. the late Hugh Baillie, Esq. of Monkton, 12. At her Ladyship's house, Merrion in the 91st year of her age.--LieutenantSquare, Dublin, the Right Honourable General the Honourable Sir Bridges TreLady Elizabeth Tyne, daughter of the cothick Henniker, Bart. son of the late late John, Earl of Aldborough, and sister Lord Henniker. 4. At Paris, of an apoof the present Earl, aged 86. 14. At piectic attack, Arthur Annesley, Earl of Coates House, near Edinburgh, the Ho- Mountnorris, aged 72.-At Calgrath, his nourable Allan Maconochie, of Meadow- seat on the banks of Windermere, in his bank, one of the Senators of the College 79th year, Richard Watson, the Right of Justice, one of the Lords Commis- Reverend Lond Bishop of Landaff, D. D. sioners of Justiciary, a Lord Commis- regius professor of divinity in the unisioner of the Jury Court, and Vice-Pre- versity of Cambridge ; formerly fellow sident of the Royal Society. 15. At the and tutor of Trinity college, as well as Royal Military College, Sandluurst, near professor of chemistry to the university. Bagshot, Surry, in the 16th year of her - The Reverend William Paterson, miage, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr nister of Logie Buchan, in the 65th year W. Wallace, one of the Professors of of his age, and 42d of his ministry. 5. Mathematics in that Institution.-In At St Cloud, near Paris, Mrs Jordan, a Lower Grosvenor Street, London, aged celebrated actress, considered as unrival97, the Countess of Conyngham, widow led on the English stage for perfect naof Henry, Earl of Conyngham, great un- ture with arch simplicity in comic chacle of the present Marqus. 16. In the - racters. With foiūles in her conduct, parish of Donaghmore, townland of Dro- she possessed a generous and benevolent millen, Patrick Fitzgerald, aged 107. 17. heart. 6. At Bath, aged 85, the Rev. At his house in Portman Square, Lon- Thomas Webster, D. D. minister of the don, Charles Earl Manvers. He is suc- Established Church of Scotland. 7. Richceeded in his titles and estates by Charles, ard Brinsley Sheridan, whose character the present Earl Manvers. 18. Right and talents have, for a long course of Honourable Lady Mary Parker. 21. At years, kept him in the eye of the public the Manse of Carmyllie, the Reverend as one of the most remarkable persons of Patrick Bryce, in the 84th year of his his time. He was born in 1751, at or age, and 45th of his ministry. 22. At near Dublin, and was the fourth son of Inverary, Sir Alex. Macdonald Lockhart, Thomas Sheridan, known for his powers of Lee and Carnwath, Bart. 23. At the of declamation as an actor, and as a sucManse of Wick, in the 79th year of his cessful instructor in elocution. 12. At age, and 53d of his ministry, the Rev. Newington, Edinburgh, Mrs Drummond Mr William Sutherland, minister of that Mary Macgregor, wife of John Macgreparish. 24. At Edinburgh, Mrs Chris- gor, Esq. cashier of the Commercial Bank iian Hunt, wife of James Harrowar, Esq. of Scotland. 13. At Aberdeen, in the younger of Inzievar, advocate. 27. At 730 year of his age, 52d of his ministry, his seat at West-dean, the Right Hon. and 34th of his episcopate, the Right

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Reverend John Skinner, senior bishop, Hall, Suffolk, in his 71st year, Lord and primus of the Episcopal Church in, Huntingfield.-At Windsor, in his 49th Scotland. 16. Lieut.-Colonel Alexander year, Captain John Kirkpatrick, of the Grant, of Redcastle. 22. At Wilton, in Hon. East India Company's ship the Hedthe county of Limerick, at the advanced ry Addington. He was descended from age of 116 years, Mary Madden. 23. Mrs a collateral branch of the Kirkpatricks of Hamilton, the authoress of so many use- Closeburn, Dumfries-shire. Left early in ful and interesting works. She had been life an orphan, he received from a noblefor some time in a declining state of minded friend of his deceased father, the health, and was advised to go to Bath; tenderness of a parent, united with the she took Harrowgate in her way, but ha- services of the warmest patronage. From ving there become worse, she was unable his nautical skill in the line he was ento proceed farther, and, after lingering gaged in, his intellectual endowments, for some weeks, expired on Tuesday the and his spirited conduct under emergen23d. She was well known as the au- cies, there can be little doubt that if he thoress of a work on Education-of Mo- had pursued his fortune in the British dern Philosophers-Life of Aggrippina- navy, he might have arisen to the first Glenburnie, and other productions. The honours of the profession ; but his fate great scope of all her writings was the ordained him to acquire independence in improvement of the heart and conduct. another way, and lie used the advantages 25. William Hunter, Esq. of Glenor- of it upon occasions, when his charity or miston.- At Nairn, Major J. G. King, of his friendship were called upon, with unthe Portuguese service. 28. At Thorn- bounded liberality. He bore a long and hill, the Rev. James Pattison, minister severe illness with patience and fortitude, of the Associate Congregation there, in supporting himself under the most acute the 63d year of his age, and 38th of his sufferings

with a resigpation and submisministry. Lately, at Tolcross, near Glas- sion to the divine, dispensations, that gow, James Dunlop, Esq. late of Garn- were truly exemplary. He was constantkirk, in the 75th year of his age. At ly attended with affectionate solicitude Mount Pleasant, Cheltenham, General by one or other of his friends; and, al. Cunningham. Aged 105, Mrs Noon. though he had not one near family conShe was a native of Scotland, born in the nection, he was never left a day without reign of Queen Anne, and resided many some valuable character about him among years in St Mary's Hospital, Leicester, those who regarded him. On his side,

Aug. 1. At Fotheringham, Feter Fo- no sickness or suffering made him ever theringham, Esq. advocate. 2. At Dean- unmindful of that accommodation he felt haugh, near Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Cor- due to those who attended him, and rie, relict of Hugh Corrie, Esq. writer to which had marked his character through the signet. 3. James Barnet İl Barnet, life. He constantly preserved through his teacher in Edinburgh, aged 82 years. 5.

illness the sentiments of liberality, geneAt Smyliam Park, the seat of Sir Wil- rosity, gratitude, and feeling, which had liam Honeyman, of Armadale and Græm- particularly distinguished his dawn of say, Bart. Robert Dundas Macqueen, sife, and seemed to beam forth with inEsq. of Braxfield. 7. At Longtown, aged creased fervour to the very close of his about 90, Mary Little, commonly called existence. 17. At Rennes, in France, Maron the Red, a character well known Sir William Codrington, Bart. in the in the north of Cumberland. 9. At Max- 78th year of his age. At the early age wellton House, the seat of Sir Robert of 24, Alexander Simpson, Esq. of CollsLawrie, Bart. Walter Ross Monro, Esq. hill.–At York Street, Portman Square, M. D. late President of the Medical" London, Lady Susan Clinton, wife of Board, Bengal. 10. At Haigh-Hall, in Lieutenant-General Sir Henry Clinton, Lancashire, the Countess of Balcarras. G. C. B. and sister to the Earl of Wemyss 13. At Forthar, in Fife, after a few hours and March. 19. At her house, Maite illness, Mirs Janet Blyth, of Kininmouth, land Street, Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth spouse of David Lister, writer to the Drummond, widow of Patrick Drumsignet. 15. At his scut, Heveninghain mond, Esq. of Comrie. 23. At St Vin

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