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HYMN 44. S. M. Baptiser with the Holy Spirit and with Fire. Matt. iii. 11.

Isa. vi. 6, 7. 2 Chron. vii. 3. Acts ii. 3.

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JESUS, in ancient days,

Thine Isr'el saw the flame
From heav'n descend, to visit earth,

And praise thy glorious name.
Give us to join their song,

To hail thee, ever good :
And mid the fire, may we adore,

Th’unchanging, gracious God.
Thy fan, shall purge the floor :

Thy fire, the chaff destroy :
And yath'ring of the cleansed wheat,

Thy sheaves shall sing for joy.

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HYMN 45. L. M.
Brother. Prov. xvii. 17. Heb. ii. 17.

i FIRST born of many brethren, Thou

That didst expire on Calv'ry's brow,
Thine are the triumphs, Thee we hail !

Thy life, thy death, of what avail ! 2 Fulfil, O Lord, a brother's part ;

Bear us for ever on thy heart ;
The many sons to glory bring ;
And let the world thy praises sing. .

HYMN 46. C. M.
Grace in Christ, before the World began. Tit. i. 2. Ephes. iji.

2. 1 Tim. i. 9.

1 "TWAS finish’d, saith the faithful God,

Before the world itself began :
The ransom of a Saviour's blood,

From everlasting, flow'd for man.

2 Ere Satan dar'd th’ Eternal King ;

Ere Eden saw the morning sun; Ere Eve bad felt the Serpent's sting ;

Thy perfect will, O God, was done. 3 Before that Adam disobey'd,

Himself, and all his sons were thine : Those works, thy life, thy death display'd,

Confirm eternity's design. 4 Jesus from earth's foundation slain !

Worthy art thou, thrice worthy, Lord ! To ever live, and rule, and reign,

By angels, and by men, ador’d.

HYMN 47. S. M. Seeker and Saviour of the Lost. Luke xix, 10. Ezek. xxxiy.

11, 12, 15, 16.

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JESUS, 'tis thine to seek,
'Tis thine to save by grace,
The ruin'd, wand'ring, lost, undone,

Of Adam's guilty race.
No height, nor depth of sin,

Of wretchedness, nor woe,
Precluded, Lord, thy boundless love,

To helpless man below.
Deep as our depths of guile,

Didst thou, O Christ, descend ;
And lo, the prodigal is found,

Of his Almighty friend.
Come, grateful sinners, come,

The Seeker, Saviour, laud ;
Forever bless his gracious name ;

And praise the loving God..

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, HYMN 48. S. M.
Son of Man. Matt. xx. 28. Dan. vii. 13, 14.
AWAKE my soul, arise,

Review salvation's plan :
Behold all nature's sov’reign Lord,

The Son, the Son of Man.
2 What need of further proof,

That God is love supreme ?
Here goodness, mercy, justice, grace,

In full resplendence beam. 3 Will Jesus e'er deny,

This title which he wears ?
Sure no--for mid his glorious throne,

The name of Man he bears. 4. Then trust my soul, thy All,

To God, to Man, in one :
And humbly wait the coming day,

Which crowns the perfect Son.

HYMN 49. L. M.

Praise. Psa. xviii. 46. xxxiv. 1.
1 WORTHY art thou, the First of Days,

Forever live, forever reign ;
All blessing: glory, pow'r and praise

Be thine, from earth's foundation slain. 2 Ye angels, bow at Jesus' feet,

Let elders tune their harps aloud,
And bending from the radiant seats

Triumphant spirts shout the God. ? Amen, the prime archangel cries,

Amen-all heav'n returns Amen ;
Worthy is Christ the earth replies,
And worlds repeat the glorious strain.

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1 SHOUT Jehovah strong in battle,
Count the vict'ries he hath won ;
Sing the Saviour's mighty conquests,
Praise him, praise him, cry 'tis done :
He hath finish'd, finish'd, finish’d, he hath finish'd,

What his love ere worlds begun.
2 Give to Jesus pow'r and glory, .

Say, the triumph, Lord, is thine :
He hath took from sin dominion :
Death and bell the prey resign :
Sin subdued, death destroyed, man redeem'd,

These are glorious works divine.
3 People, nations, tongues and kindreds

Hail, all hail the mighty God :
Praise Jehovah strong in battle :
Shout the garment roll'd in blood.
Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah.
High hosannas shout abroad.

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PERMIT thy suppliants, gracious Lord ?
Again to bend th' adoring knee ;
And lend their grateful hearts, O God !

In fervent, solemn prayer, to thee ;
2 Send forth thy light, from glory's hill,

And cause salvation's sun to shine ;
Make known thy truth, from east to west,
And bid it speed, to earth's last line,


3 Thyself, the way, reveal to all

Of Adam's race, the globe around ;
And be thy love, in Jesus Christ,

Ador'd, at nature's utmost bound.
4 For nothing less, than light and truth,

The reign of sin and death can bound :
And life, and love alone, can flood

The world, with peace and joy around. 5 Hear thou in heav'n! and grant these prayers

Then all thy churches fill'd with light,
And full of truth, and love, and peace,

Shall come with songs, to Zion's height. 6 Where light and truth forever shine ;

Where life and love eternal reign;
And angels, men, in rapture, cry,
So be it, Lord ! amen! amen!

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i ETERNAL God ! Jehovah ! Lord ! • By seraphs, angels, saints ador'd ; Who spake th' omnific, soy’reign word, Which rollid adown the depths of night ; And binding darkness fast in chains, Adorn'd the mount, and cloth'd the plains. Where grandeur dwells, or beauty reigns,

In glorious pomp of heav'nly light.
2 Say, did thy word, thou great Sublime !

As breath'd by thee, on new-born time,
Produce those wonders all divine,
That grow beneath, or flame above ;
Where light and life rejoicing roll,
In forms of bliss, from pole to pole,

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