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Jesus, thou Sun of righteousness
Jesus, thy beauties I explore
Jesus, thy blood and righteousness
Jesus, thy name we praise
Jesus, when faith with fixed eyes
Join all the names of love and power
Joy to the world, the Lord is come
Let all the earth their voices raise
Let all the nations of the earth
Let earth and heaven agree
Let every mortal ear attend
Let us our hearts and voices raise
Lo, he comes with clouds descending
Long have the infernal band
Lord, every knee to thee shall bow
Lord, how divine thy comforts are
Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear
Lord, when thou didst ascend on high
Lord, what was man, when made at first
Loud let the tuneful trumpet sound
Lo, what a glorious sight appears
Lo, what an entertaining view
METHINKS I see an heavenly host
Mighty God, while angels bless thee
Mortals awake, with angels join
Mortals behold the dying love
Mortals, behold your dying God
Most precious in our Saviour's sight
My God, mine everlasting hope
My dearest Lamb, who bear'st my grief
My dear Master, Jesus Christ
My life's a shade, my days
My Redeemer, let me be
My song shall be of him who died
My soul, how lovely is the place
NATURE with all her pow'rs shall sing
No more, dear Saviour, will I boast
No sigh, no murmur, the wide world shall hear
Not unto us, but thee alone
Now are we sons of God
Now begin the heav'nly theme
Now blessing, honour, glory, praise
Now doth the truth appear
Now in the face of Jesus, we
Now let our voices join
Now let us raise our cheerful strains


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Now sball our souls with pleasure raise
Now shall our tongues with rapture tell
Now shall my inward joys arise
Now to our God a song of praise
Now to the Lord a noble song
Now we are met, from diff'rent parts
O Bless the Lord, my soul
O Christ, I love divine
Of him who did salvation bring
O for a shout of sacred joy
O for a thousand tongues to sing
O God, my Sun, thy blissful rays
O holy Immanuel, thy myst'ry divine
O Lamb, my Lord, my God, my King
Old hoary winter now has ceas'd his raging
O love, what a secret to mortals thou art
O love, thou bottomless abyss
O, my distrustful heart
Once more do we enjoy the sign
One God there is, which God is ours.
On Zion his most holy mount
O praise the Lord, ye nations praise
O sight of anguish, view it near
O thou lov'd sov'reign of my breast
O thou 'in whom the Gentiles trusc
O thou who didst thy glory leave
Our confidence and hope, O Lord
Our God, how firm his promise stands
Our glorious Lord is ris'n indeed
Our heay'nly Father calls
Our Jesus is both God and man
Our Jesus is divinely kind
Our Lord is ris'n from the dead
Our Shepherd alone
Poor, weak and worthless though I am
Praise God from whom all blessings flow
Praise the Lord, who reigns above
Praise to thee, thou great Creator
Praise ye the Lord, adore his name
Precious Bible, what a treasure
Raise your triumphant songs
Rejoice evermore, with angels above
Rejoice, the Lord is King
Rise, every heart and every tongue
Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wings
Sages of ancient letter'd times
Salvation is for ever nigh

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Salvation is from God alone
Salvation, O the joyful sound
Salvation, O the thought
Salvation through our dying God
Saviour of men, and Lord of love
See Israel's gentle Shepherd stand
See, my soul, with wonder see
See, O my soul, on Calvary
See, O my soul, with wonder see
See what a living stone
Shout, for the blessed Jesus reigns
Sing the triumphs of your conqu’ring
Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice
Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands
So fair a face bedew'd with tears
Sons of Adam, why despair
Sons of men, behold from far
Soon will appear a brighter sky
Stretch'd on the cross, the Saviour dies
Sure thy name is Wonderful
Sweet is the memory of thy grace
The bible is justly esteem'd
The builder, whom true wisdom sways
Th’ Eternal speaks : all heav'n attends
The Father's great decree
The Father's love to man so free
The gracious Saviour bow'd his head
The heav'ns declare thy glory, Lord
The joyful, happy day appears
The King of saints, how fair his face,
The lands that long in darkness lay
The lofty pillars of the sky
The Lord descended from above
The Lord is come, the heav'ns proclaim
The Lord my pasture shall prepare
The Lord my Shepherd is
The Lord our God is high
The Lord of glory reigns, he reigns on high
The Lord on high proclaims
The man who works not, but believes
The morning dawns; celestial light
The promise was divinely free
There is a land of pure delight
There is a fountain fill'd with blood
The Saviour calls, let ev'ry ear.
These glorious minds how bright they shine

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The Sun of righteousness appears
The true Messiah now appears
Th’unutterable Word thou art
The victory's won
The voice of my beloved sounds
The way of safety's found
The wonders, Lord, thy love has wrought
This God is the God we adore
This is the fast that I will choose
This life's a dream, an empty show
Thou art the mighty King of kings
Thou dear Redeemer, dying Lamb
Thou God of mercy, loving, kind
Though mothers kind, forgetful prove
Thou great, all-knowing, present God
Through all the changing scenes of life
Thus saith the Ruler of the skies
Thus the Eternal Father spake
Thus we commemorate the day
Thy name we extol, Jehovah our King
Thy ways, O Lord, with wise design
'Tis by thy strength the mountains stand
"Tis finish'd, cry'd the Lamb of God
'Tis finish'd, loud the echo sounds
'Tis finish'd, so the Saviour cry'd
'Tis finish'd, the Redeemer said
'Tis good to praise Jehovah's name
'Tis not of him that weeps and prays
'Tis not the law of ten commands
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
To Jesus, lifted up on high
To our Almighty Maker, God
To our Redeemer's glorious name
To sing Immanuel's grace divine
To thee, Jehovah Lord alone
Truest Lover of thy people
'Twas ever in Jehovah's heart
VITAL spark of heavenly flame
We celebrate the praise to-day
Welcome, sweet dav of rest
We now arise, the light is come
We now with gladness tell
We're helpless, feeble, mean and poor
We the joyful sound have heard
What blessings below we daily receive
What blessings in the Lamb abound

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What condescending grace and love
What equal honours shall we bring
What glories surrounding my Saviour I see
What grace and love divine
What joy or honour could we have
What saving pow'r, what grace divine
What wonders hath Jehovah wrought
When all mankind corrupt
When all the virtues of the wood
When by the tempter's wiles betray'd
When elements and time will fade
When favour'd John beheld
When first the God of boundless grace
When God our Father's pleas'd
When God would manifest his grace
When God would prove his love
When I behold my bleeding God.
When Israel's grieving tribes complain'd
When I survey this world
When I the holy grave survey
When Jesus shed compassion's tear
While in this wilderness
While shepherds watch'd their flocks by night!
Whilst I celestial themes pursue
Whilst we are marching through
Why sinks my weak, desponding mind
Why should we complain whatever our state
With bruises Christ was dress'd
With joy we meditate the grace
With solemn shout we sing thy praise
With thankfulness I sing the Man
Wonderful, thy name we call
Wond'rous voice that cries with pow'r
Worthy is Christ, our Paschal Lamb
Ye angels that surround the throne
Ye children of my God
Ye children of the living God :
Ye humble saints, proclaim abroad
Ye mortals wake your tuneful powers
Ye nations round the earth rejoice
Ye scarlet-colour'd sinners come
Ye sons of men, with joy record
Yes, the Redeemer rose
Ye tribes of Adam join
Yonder, amazing sight, I see
Young men and maidens raise
Your harps, ye trembling saints

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