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Whoso offereth praise, glorifieth me.

Psalm 1. 23.
Therefore shall the people praise Thee. Psalm xly. 19.
Let the people praise Thee, O God, let all the people praise Thee. O let

the nations be glad, and sing for joy, for thou shalt judge the people
righteously, and govern the nations upon earth. Psalm lxvii. 3, 4.




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A new edition of the Collection of Hymns for the use of the Universal Church being required, by the entire sale of all the copies of the former impression, it may be proper 10 give a short account of the work.

In the year 1792, “ the First Universal Church in Boston, Massachusetts, attendant on the ministry of their respected elder, Mr. John MURRAY, having taken into consideration the impracticability of adapting James and John Relly's Hymns to all the purposes of social worship ; and conceiving that many valuable additions might be made from the writings of many eminent penmen, of almost every persuasion in the christian world, were pleased to aħpoint a committee for the revision of RelLY's Hymns, and the selection of other composition."

In this selection were many excellent hymns, marked origidal, written by one of the committee, Mr. GEORGE RICHARDS, now minister of the Universal Church at Portsmouth, New-Hampshire,

In 1802, this first Collection being out of print, and the church conceiving that a more extensive selection was necessary, appointed a committee to select and arrange hymns for a new book ; and a copy-right continuing on the former collection, they considered it a subject of

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