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the whole before they are reinforced, or before a landing is
effected at some other point. In case of several embarkations
at different places, he deems it important that the main force,
in the manner already stated, should be employed in destroy-
ing one invading division, before it advances against another.
In renewing their attacks incessantly, with numbers barely su-
perior to those of the enemy, our troops ought to reckon only
on the injury which they do to him, and not on complete suc-
cess; and they should regard themselves as victorious, while
they cause a loss to the enemy, though it should be less than
that which they themselves suffer. By rendering the engage.
ments thus (as it were) like single combats, the English will
deprive the French of the advantages which they derive from
their superior talents for maneuvring. He says that it is clear
to demonstration, that it would be more dangerous to oppose
100 thousand men to 10 thousand French, than 20 or 25
thousand : that it is not relinquishing the advantage arising
from numbers, but improving it to the utmost, to take care
that each portion shall render itself effective by a separate en.
gagement, while it is physically impossible that all should be
able to exert themselves, if drawn out at once; and that it is
making the most effective use of 100 thousand men, to light
four battles with 25 thousand each time: in which way, the
country will have the advantages arising from numbers, without
the inconveniences.'

The author makes use of very cogent reasons, in favour of
measures that would conciliate the Irish Catholics ; and he lays
so much stress on this idea, that it induces a conjecture that
he belongs to that body, and that he acquired the faculty of
writing French in consequence of having been long engaged in
foreign service. Be he whom he may, however, he is a zealous
friend of the British empire; highly sensible of the inestimable
value of its constitution, liberty, and laws; and very capable
of imparting to it important counsels, in the awful crisis in
which it is now placed. We should not have taken so large a
notice of his work, and more especially of that part of it which
treats of the English army, had we not regarded it as having
particular claims to the attention of the statesman and the sole
dier, and as eminently deserving of being seriously perused
by the Generals who may command us in the event of an in-


To the REMARKABLE PASSAGEs in this Volume.

N. B. To find any particular Book, or Pamphlet, see the

Table of Contents, prefixed to the Volume.

Austen, Lady, the cause of Cow.

per's writing his celebrated
ABELARD and Eloisa, ac- ballad of John Gilpin, and his

count of their tombs, 518." chef d'euvre, the Task, 231.
Achilles, lamentation of, over the Austin, Mr. on impregnating
body of Patroclus, translated waters, &c. with carbonic acid
into French, 537.

gas, 75.
Asid, sulphuric, obs. on, 77.
Alexandria, account of its occu.

pation by the English army, Bacchus de Richlieu, account of

that statue, 526.
Alnwick, ridiculous mode of ob- Bank of England, the suspension

taining the freedom of that of its payments in cash con-
town, 205.

sidered, 313.
Andrieux, M. three poems by, Banks, country, attacked, 163.

defended, 314.
Antiquaries, their pursuits defend. Barometers, in the north of Eu-
ed, 198.

rope, highest in the winter.
Antiquities in Malta described, 130. months, 189.
Antonia, Donna, tragical story Basque language, obs. on, 264.
of, 268.

Bath waters, their general effects,
Appenzell, great population of 370.
that canton, 491.

Beef, in Paris, not so plentiful
Arabs, of the Desert, their abste.. as in London, but of fine qua-
mious mode of life, 493

lity, 55.
Architecture, Gothic, hint for Berthollet, M. on charcoal, 531.

speculators on its origin, 19. Bile, its superabundance in Eu-
Eulogium on, as exemplified in ropeans visiting warm climates

Westminster Abbey, 297. explained, 368.
Army of France the most dis. Billings, Capt. his conduct in the

orderly in Europe, 540. Re. expedition to Northern Russia
markable trait of, 541. , censured, 15. defended, 20.
- British, characterized, 541. Biscay, language of, remarks on,
Artillery, French, said to be de. - 264.
spicable, 540.

Bilaubé, M. reflections on Pindar,
Assembly, legislative, of France, 538.

account of, 246. 248. 467. Blackfriar's Bridge, its merits
Asses, their shameful usage at discussed, 299.
Bath, 197.

Black-hole at Calcutta, monu-
Atmosphere, remarks on the varia ment erected over that fatal
tions of, 188.

spot, 429.

ŅA Bonaparte's

Bonaparte, pleasing anecdote of,

Borderers, English and Scotch,

preserve a remnant of past ani

mosities, 205.
Botany Bay. See Wales, New

Bouro, monks of that monastery

described, 172.
Brazils, picture of the Indian in-

habitant of, 426. Salt-trade

of, ought to be made free, ib.
Brinkley, Mr. on the orbits of

bodies having two apsides, &c.
180. On portions of a sphere,


Brissot, said to have negociated

with Louis XVI. for the pre-
vention of the insurrection of
the 19th Aug. 250. Charges
of venality advanced against
him doubted, 251. His anti-
monarchical declarations, 470.
Brissotins, character of, by M.

Bertrand, 246.'
Bristol, account of two excellent

schools at, 201.
Browne, Dr. on the Vicar's

Cairn, 195. On antient trum.
pets, 196.

, Sir W. his happy reply
to the epigram on the universi.
ties of Oxford and Cambridge,

Brunswick, Duke of, his mis.

taken conduct in his campaign
against Frauce, 471.

sending a present of books to

the University of, 338.
Camus, M. his report on a plan

for engraving on glass plates,

Capontan Pacha, character of, 132.
Curriages, antient, of Eastera

countries, remarks on, 60.
Charcoal, observations on, 531.
Charleville. See Tullamore.
Chenevix, Mr. on sulphuric acid,

Cherbourg described, 401.
Cherson described, 36.
Churches, absurdity of making

them the repositaries of the
dead, 401.

, improperly constructed
with respect to the arrange.
ment and form of the pulpit,

&c. 306.
Climate, Montesquieu's system

respecting its effects contro.
verted, 427.

- See Cultivation.
Coffin bong, of the horse's foot,

its connection with the crust,

account of,' ;66.
Coimbra, University of, the cos.

lume of its members, 172.
Collin - Harleville, M. eulogy on

MM. Le Blanc and Desmoustier,
533. His poem, Melpomens
and Thalia, 539. His poeti-

cal dialogue on comedy, ib.
Commerce, system of, rem. on, 23.
Commune of Paris. See Paris.
Constantinople, ceremonies of dip-

lomatic audience at, 39.

, its population, 117.
Trade of, remarks on, 120.
Convention, of France, its triumph

over Robespierre, 475. Its

termination, 477.
Corn laws, their impolicy repre.

sented, 390.
Cortes, the conqueror of Mexico,
*complaints against, 275. His
scandalous execution of Guati.
motzin, 276. His character,

Cairn, antient, in the county of

Armagh, account of, 195.
Cairo, devastation of, when be.

sieged by the French, 496.
Calculi, urinary, analysis of, 527.
Calculta described, 428.
Çaldus, that town and its Baths

described, 171.
Calomel, its good effects in acute

inflammation, 369.
Calp, observations on, 76.
Cambridge, epigram on Georgell.


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Cosmogony, various obs. on, 404 Egyptians, manners of, disgusting
et seq.

to Europeans, 494.
Cotnar wine described, 42. Engraving. See Glass.
Covent Garden, remarks on, 297. Equality, the supposed doctrine of,
Courage, female, instance of, in depicted, 312.

a French Lady, 400. Erskine, Hon. Henry; his imita-
Cowper, the poet, particulars rel. tion of the Idyllium of Mos.
to 225—245. 330.

chus on the death of Bion,
Crimea, mountains of, majestic 136. His imitation of Horace,
, scenery in, 36.

... Cultivation, its effects on climate, Estates-man, a singular and valu.

able character, existing in

Westmoreland and Cumber.
Deer, the chace of, on the Banks land, 207.

*: of Killarney Lake, 386. The
:: distress of the poor animal feel-
:... ingly described, 387.

Fashion, votaries of, in London,
Denmark, its connection with their mode of life, 45.
:: France in the izth century, 536. Fishers, their barbarity reprobate

Desmarest, M. on the prisms ed, 390. note.
* "found in beds of plaster, 530. Floriana, or suburbs in Malta;
- Desmoustier, M. some acc. of, 533, described, 8o.
... Diderot, his singular mode of Foolz or buffoon, anecdote of

judging of the merits of actors, one, 200.
.: 490.

Fortification, particular species of;
· Diligence of Angers, description of, recommended, ižg.
: 53

Fourcroy and Vauquelin, MM. on
:: Dine vawr castle described, 357. urinary calculi, 527. Nat. Hist.
Disney, Dr. an error in the acc. of urine, 531.

of his psalms corrected, 224. France, l'evolution in, remarks
Domiciliary visits, their horrid on, 25, et seq. 245, et seq.
... effects in Paris, 252.

466. et seq.
Dublin county, descript. of, 66. , present condition of,
Ducis, M. epistle to M. Vien, generally stated, 402.
536. .

, and Denmark, their con-
Duck chase at Ochotsk, describ. nection in the 12th century;
ed, 4.


Friendship, beautiful verses on, by
Earth, theory of. See Kirwan. Wm. Cowper, 235.
Eartham, the seat of Mr. Hayley, Froissart, the historian, anecdotes
described, 241.

of, 177..
Earthquake at Kamtshatka dem Frome, in Somersetshire, its fa.
scribed, 18.

mous wool manufactories, 198.
· Echellon, instructions for a bate

talion to form én echellon, 333.
Education. See Schools. Gas, carbonic acid. See Austěna
Egypt, plagues of, obs. on, as Geddes, Dr. his intrepid theolo.

related by the Hebrew histos gical character, 379.
rian, 383.

German writers, remarks on their
, the conquest of, recom. style, 194..
mended by Leibnitz to Louis Gibelin, M. on the Borghese Gla-
XIV, 434

diator, 539.

'Naa Gibraltar



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Gibraltar, want of discipline in Hayley, Mr. his first interrier

that fortress, 128. A garri. with his Brother Bard, Cow.
son-library laudably kept there, per, 240.

Hazel, character and description:
Gipsies of Siberia described, 19. of that trec, 209.
Girondists, or Brissotins, charac. Head-ache, sick, not arising froin
terized, 246.

bile, 369. Cause of, ib.
Gladiator. See Gibelin.

Henry V'li. chapel of, in West-
Glan, mines of, mernoir on, 76. minster Abbey, architectural
Glass plates proposed as a substi. observations on, 296.
tute for copper, in engraving, Hesketh, Lady, lettersto, from her

relation Cowper the poet, 232.
Globe, primitive state of, facts 234.
relative to, 73:

Holloway, near Bath, the ren-
God, the derivation of that word dezvous of beggars, and the
discussed, 378.

nocturnal retreat of the poor
Gold, mine.of, discovered in Ire labouring asses, 197.
fand, particulars respecting, Horace, imitated by Mr. H. Er

skine, 136.
Gomara's hist. of the conquest of Hume, Mr. remarks on some of

Mexico, strictures on, 274. his sceptical positions, 184.
Gout, new medicine for, account Huntingford, Dr. his character of
of, 87.

Mr. T. Warton, 341.
Greeks, modern, their mode of
killing partridges, 123. Of

I and J
Tenedos, characterized, ib. Jardinière, la belle, Raphael's
Of Scio, 124.

. picture, account of, 524.
-, antient, the sources of Jassy, in Moldavia, short acc.
their superior attainments, 415. of, 34.
View of their arts, religion, in. Tuy-sea, general remarks on, 8,9.
stitutions, &c. ib. 416.

Fehovah, that term discussed,386
Guillotine, a merciful mode of ex- Jews of Asia, their character
ecution, 396.

more unfavourable than that
Gustavus II. of Sweden, his as of their brethren in Europe,

sassination a fatal blow for the 116.
French Royalists, 249. Ignorance the mother of devotion !

that absurd idea examined, 335.

India, the nature of landed pro-
Habit, its dominion over animals perty discussed, 236 et seg.

and vegetables exemplified, Infidel authorssuccession of, in
411. its influence on sensa. England, during the 18th cen

tion, perception, &c. 458. tury, 283.
Hall, Sir J. controversy with Mr. Infidelity of Spanish wives, anec.

Kirwan on the Huttonian dotes of, 268. 271.

theory of the earth, 71. Influenza, as it appeared in Bath,
Handkerchief, the ceremony of history of, 445.

throwing, by the Grand Sig. Invasion of England by France,

por, stated tot to exist, 117. mode of fighting to be adopted
Havre-de-Grace, scene at an Inn in that case by the British
, there, 395.

troops, 542, et seq.
Haulerive, M. his work on the Irkutsk, in Siberia, some account
· French Republic answered, 22. of, 3.


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