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8. The house-keeper was busy with a basket of china, some of which had been broken in the carriage; and as her thoughts were fixed on the fragments of the china, she scarcely attended to the nature of Isabel's question, and said hastily, that the right hand road led o Morton Park : and so it did ; but that was the coach road, and Mr. Stanmore meant to go a much aearer and cleaner way, upon a raised dry path across some pleasant meadows.

9. No sooner had Isabel received the house-keeper's reply, than away they went, and in their eagerness to reach Morton Park, they did not at first observe that the lane was very dirty ; but at last some large splashes of mud on Isabel's clean frock, attracted Henry’s notice, and he then perceived that his own white stockings and napkeen trowsers were in the same dirty state.

10. What was now to be done? They both felt that it was highly improper to go to a gentleman's house in such a condition : but then Henry said that his father must know the road was dirty, after so much rain as they had had lately, and as he meant to walk, he supposed their getting a few splashes was of no consequence. Isabel agreed with this mode of reasoning, and on they went, expecting every moment to hear their father's steps behind them.

11. The lane now became wider and more open to the beams of the sun, which had dried the path-way; but though they were somewhat out of the mud, the neat of the sun was so intense, they knew not how to Dear it, and they walked as fast as they could in order o get to some shady place..

12. While they were panting with heat, they suddenly came to a stream that ran directly across the road, and had no bridge over it, because foot passengers seldom came that way.

ERRORS. 3. ass questions for ask questions; plezher for pleasure. 4. ware for were ; ruther for rather. 5. libry for library. 7. whuther for whether. 12. pass'ngers for passengers.

QUESTIONS. Repeat the Rule. How do you pronounce given, driven, seven, cloven, heaven, forgiven, eaten, spoken, taken ? Is the e in the last syllable of these words sounded? Is that syllable accented ? How do you pronounce, sudden, kitchen, sloven? 8. Wliat word in this sentence has the e silent before n? 12. Which words have e sounded before n?

What Rule is before Lesson 8?- before Lesson 9 ?-before Les son 10?

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LESSON X VI. -RULE. The letter i is silent before 1 in the words evx and devil, but it is sounded in nearly all other words that ena in the same manner. Thus, evil, devil cavil, civil, fossil, anvil, pencil, tonsil.

IMPATIENCE — concluded. 1. THEY were now in the greatest distress. To stand still in the full burning sun was dreadful, and to

go back was equally fatiguing. There was no place to sit down in that part of the road, but on the opposite side of the stream three large oak-trees were growing, and formed a pleasant shade over a green bank.

2. Isabel, greatly tired, and almost fainting with heat, wished she could get to the shady bank : so did Henry ; and he said he could take off his shoes and stockings, and carry his sister through the water on ais back.

3. This plan was settled ; and they agreed that, when they were over the stream, they would wait on the bank for their papa, and endeavor to rub off upon the grass, the clots of mud that stuck to their shoes.

4. But either Henry was not so strong as he had supposed he was, or Isabel, having her brother's shoes and stockings to carry in her hand, did not hold fast round his neck; for just as they were in the middle of the stream, his foot slipped, he staggered, fell, and down went brother and sister at once into the pool.

5. Both scrambled up in a moment, and neither had suffered more injury than being completely bathed in the water. With streaming hair and dripping garments they reached the bank : but when Isabel saw that the ribbons of her new straw bonnet were spoiled, she began to cry and accuse her brother of having thrown her down on purpose, which so provoked the young gentleman, that he said it was all owing to her clumsiness, and at the same time he shook the sleeves of his jacket, from which he was wringing the wet, in her face.

6. Isabel's anger increasing at this, she rudely gave her brother a severe box on the ear. A scuffle now

cnsued, which caused a second tumble, and this fall being on the rough gravel, Isabel's face was scratched by the sharp pebbles, and Henry's elbow sadly cut by a large flint stone.

7. The smart of these wounds cooled their passions: they thought no more of fighting, and were wiping away the blood, and looking with grief and dismay at their wet dirty clothes, when a servant came up who had been sent in pursuit of them.

8. Mr. Stanmore was not far behind. He had been told that Henry and Isabel were gone before him, and was much alarmed at not finding them in the fieldpath. He had therefore returned the same way to search for them. He ordered the servant to conduct them home, and told them that their silly impatience had spoiled their pleasure, as it was not possible for them now to appear at Morton Park.

9. Mr. Stanmore then hastened on, for fear Mr. Morton's dinner should wait for him ; and Henry and Isabel, forlorn, wet, draggled, and dirty, were led back to their own house, and they passed a dismal afternoon, lamenting their folly and imprudence.


2. kerry for carry. 5. scrabble for scramble ; injry for injury; ribbins for ribbons. 8. spiled for spoiled.


In what two words is i silent before 1 ? Is it silent in pencil, civil, cavil ?

What Rule is before Lesson 11 ?- before Lesson 12 ?- before Les son 13?--before Lesson 14?

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TABLE OF ABBREVIATIONS. Role. When any mark or abbreviation stands for a word or several words, read it as though the word or words were printed. A. or Ans. Answer. B. L. Bachelor of Laws. A. A. S. Fellow of the B. V. Blessed Virgin.

American Academy. 1 C. or Cent. A hundred. A. B. or B. A. Bachelor Cant. Canticles. of Arts.

Capt. Captain Abp. Archbishop.

C. C. P. Court of ComA. C. After Christ.

mon Pleas. Acct. Account.

Chap. or ch. Chapter. . A. D. In the year of our Chron. Chronicles. Lord.

Co. Company ; county. Æt. Aged.

Col. Colonel ; Colossians. Al. Alabama.

Com. Commissioner ; Alt. Altitude.

Commodore. A. M. Master of Arts ; | Con. On the other side.

Before noon ; In the Conn. or Ct. Connecticut.

year of the world. Const. Constable. Am. American.

Cor. Corinthians. Atty. Attorney.

Cr. Credit ; Creditor. A. U. C. After the build Crim. con. Criminal coning of Rome.

nexion. Aug. August.

C. P. Court of Probate. B. Book.

C. P. S. Keeper of the Bart. Baronet.

Privy Seal. bbl. Barrel.

C. S. Keeper of the Seal; B. C. Before Christ. Court of Sessions. B. D. Bachelor of Di- cts. Cents. vinity.

cwt. Hundred weight.

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