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III. A THIRD BOOK OF READING AND SPELLING, with simple Instructlons for avoiding Common Errors.

IV. A FOURTH BOOK OF LESSONS FOR READING, with Rules and Instructions.

From Ebenezer Bailey, Principal of the Young Ladies' High School, Boston; Author of "Young Ladies' Class Book," and "First Lessons in Algebra." "I have used Worcester's series of reading books in my school ever since they were published, and regard them as among the most valuable works of the kind with which I am acquainted."

From the Brooklyn (N. Y.) Advocate, and Nassau Gazette, of August 2, 1837. "Amidst the great diversity of School Books that have been published, parents have often great difficulty in making a selection for their children. We have ourselves been much puzzled on this point; but have at last, after considerable search, discovered what we consider as decidedly the best elementary reading books ever published. We refer to WORCESTER's four books of Reading and Spelling. We have examined these books attentively; and cannot refrain from expressing our j sincere conviction that they are every way worthy of patronage. There are two things in particular, which, in our opinion, preeminently distinguish Mr. W.'s books over all others. These are, 1st, the peculiar adaptation of the lessons, and Ithe method of their induction, to the minds of the children; and 2dly, their entire freedom from the inculcation of any sentiment or principle not precisely in accord**** * ance with the purest scriptural rule. * * *

* *

"Worcester's Fourth Book should be in the hands of every adult in the country. There is no person, however well informed in his mind, or polished or correct in his deportment, that might not gain much valuable information therefrom.

"We have given this extended notice of these books, considering that, by so doing, we are merely performing our duty."

THE POLITICAL CLASS BOOK, designed to instruct the Higher Classes in Schools in the Origin, Nature, and Use of Political Power. By WILLIAM SULLIVAN. LL. D.

"The library of no citizen is complete where this work is wanting, and if the shelf contains no more than a Bible and an Almanac, the householder should not attend a town meeting until he has at least read the Political Class Book.”—Massachusetts Spy.

THE MORAL CLASS BOOK; or the Law of Morals, derived from the Created Universe and from Revealed Religion; intended for Schools as well as private Reading. By WILLIAM SULLIVAN, LL. D.

"The American and British public have united in pronouncing this the best Manual of Moral Philosophy ever prepared for young minds; we would recommend it most warmly as a text-book for schools and closet scholars, and believe that its general use would be productive of much good to the rising generation."-Mercuntile Journal.

AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON GEOMETRY, simplified for Beginners not versed in Algebra. Part I. containing Plane Geometry, with its Application to the Solution of Problems. By F. J. GRUND.

AN ELEMENTARY TREATISE ON GEOMETRY, simplified for Beginners not versed in Algebra. Part II. containing Solid Geometry, with its Application to the Solution of Problems. By F. J. GRUND.

At a meeting of the School Committee of the city of Boston, Mr. Grund's Geometry was recommended as a suitable book to be used in the Public Schools.

ELEMENTS OF NATURAL PHILOSOPHY, with Questions for Review, Illustrated by one hundred and eighty-eight Engravings; for the use of Schools. Third Edition, stereotyped.

ELEMENTS OF CHEMISTRY; with Practical Exercises; for Schools. By F. J. GRUND.

POPULAR ASTRONOMY, on a new Plan; in which some of the leading Principles of the Science are illustrated by actual Comparisons, independent of the Use of Numbers.

EXERCISES IN ARITHMETIC, for Schools; with a Key for the use of the Teacher.

EXERCISES IN ALGEBRA, for Schools; with a Key for the use of the Teacher.

BOSTON READING LESSONS, for Primary Schools.

ELEMENTS OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR, with Progressive Exercises in Parsing. By JOHN FROST.


I. PARLEY'S ARITHMETIC; with numerous Engravings.

From the Principal of the Young Ladies' Seminary, Exeter, N. H. "I am sorry I have not had the benefit of Parley's Arithmetic' in years past. I have never seen any thing bearing the name of Arithmetic half so attractive. Children will have Arithmetic at the outset, if they have the good fortune to begin with Peter Parley."

"It is an excellent little work."-Northampton Courier.

II. PARLEY'S BOOK OF THE UNITED STATES, Geographical, Political, and Historical; with Comparative Views of other Countries. Illustrated by 40 ENGRAVINGS, designed and executed in the best manner, expressly for this work, and Eight Maps from NEW STEEL PLATES.

This book forms an 18mo. volume of upwards of 200 pages, to which is added about 1000 questions on the matter in the body of the work; together with several hundred questions on the Maps.

"An excellent compendium-It contains, in a condensed form, a great amount of useful information. The plan pursued throughout the book is, in one important respect, superior to that of almost any other similar work. We refer to the continual comparisons made between the objects described, and similar objects in other countries, thereby showing the resemblance and differences which exist between this and other portions of the earth. The attention of the young reader is thus kept more continually awake, and an additional interest is given to every part of the book. It is well fitted for the school-room or juvenile library."-Providence Courier.

III. THE FIRST BOOK OF HISTORY, OR HISTORY ON THE BASIS OF GEOGRAPHY, (Comprehending the Countries of the Western Hemisphere,) with sixty Engravings, from original Designs, and sixteen Maps of the different sections of the United States and the various countries of the Western Hemisphere, executed in the most beautiful manner on steel plates.

"This is decidedly the best historical work for children we have ever met with. It is filled with ideas instead of dates. Let every child study this book three months in his own way, and he will have a better knowledge of the history and geography of his country, than is often acquired by spending three years in the senseless operation of committing to memory page after page of the tiresome treatises in common use."-Brandon Telegraph.

IV. THE SECOND BOOK OF HISTORY; (Comprehending the Countries of the Eastern Hemisphere,) with many Engravings, and sixteen Maps, from steel plates, of the different countries.

"Those who have used the First Book of History,' will need no persuasion to use this also; it is on the same perspicuous plan, and well adapted to the abilities and wants of the young historian."-Evening Gazette.

V. THE THIRD BOOK OF HISTORY; By the same author and on the same plan; Comprehending Ancient History in connection with Ancient Geography; with Maps and Engravings.

"This is an excellent work. It contains an admirable synopsis of the rise, and progress, and downfall, of the Roman Empire, and is written in a familiar style, which, in connection with the many remarkable incidents which it embodies, must make it particularly interesting to children."-Mercantile Journal.

From the Principal of the High School, Woodstock, Vt.


"I must say, that if any work upon history, of the same extent, is deserving public approbation for its real merits, it is the First, Second, and Third Books of History,' by Peter Parley "

THE CHILD'S BOTANY; with Copperplate Engravings. 9th Edition. HOLBROOK'S GEOMETRY. Easy Lessons in Geometry, intended for Infant and Primary Schools, but useful in Academies, Lyceums, and Families. By JOSIAH HOLBROOK. Tenth Edition.


An invaluable work for Primary


THE GEOGRAPHICAL COPY-BOOK; Consisting of Outline and Skeleton Maps, adapted to the use of Schools, with an Introduction, explaining the Nature and Use of Maps, in the most familiar manner. By WM. C. WOODBRIDGE.

WALSH'S ARITHMETIC. The Mercantile Arithmetic; adapted to the Commerce of the United States in its domestic and foreign Relations; with an Appendix, containing practical Systems of Mensuration, Gauging, and a new and improved System of Book-Keeping. A new Edition, revised and enlarged. By MICHAEL WALSH, A. M.

NOVES'S SYSTEM OF PENMANSHIP, Containing Instructions for Writing, with two sets of Copies in Large and Small Hand.

Published by C. J. HENDEE, Boston; and for Sale by the Booksellers generally.

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