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The Committee of the Manchester and Salford Sunday School Union desire, most gratefully, to acknowledge the prosperity and usefulness which have crowned their Magazine. Though emanating from a provincial press, it reaches most of the towns of the kingdom, and from all quarters does it call forth “letters of commendation.” The present times are times of unspeakable importance. To the rising race all eyes are directed. They are the hope of the patriot and the comfort of the Christian. Their claims on the educational resources of the church are urgent. To secure for them the devoutest attention to set before them, in all possible aspects the blessings of truth and the curses of errorto convey to them, in the most effectual manner, the greatest amount of Christian knowledge—to kindle in their behalf the fervent prayers of the faithful—to bind our scholars to their schools, our schools to their churches, and our churches to their Lord-to make known to all, the plans and successes of each—to record the triumphs achieved by the Sunday School system—this was the object of the originators of the Sunday School Magazine ; it is still the object of its ....... Editor; and to effect it, we invite the kind co-operation of all friends by augmenting the subscribers to this periodical. Let ministers introduce it to their people—teachers to their scholars—and booksellers to their customers. At the social tea-party—at the Sunday School meeting—at the gladsome festival—let this Magazine be frequently made known, and by all let its advertising pages be sanctioned. In the hands of our present Editor the sale has, within a few months, increased five fold; and its circulation we believe is destined still to extend. We believe the Magazine will be more and more worthy of the blessed cause to which it is devoted.


Secretary of the Manchester and Salford Sunday School Union. Nov. 22, 1841.

To this appeal the Editor may perhaps add, that with the January number some new features will be introduced to this little work. Its pages will be illustrated not only by beautiful engravings, but also by occasional maps and music. Articles of a very superior order are ready for the press : several able pens are engaged to contribute a series of papers on educational subjects, and of outline descriptions of touching incidents in Sunday school life: the most interesting parts of the Ames rican periodical literature will be regularly transmitted : from the leading towns of this country kind friends have promised to forward for insertion the movements of our great cause : and with especial pleasure he has to announce, that scripture lessons, prepared for each Sabbath in the month, will appear in every number. These lessons, composed by gentlemen who have had much happy experience in religious tuition, will, the Editor believes, be a most valuable means of assisting teachers, and of training up our Scripture classes in the nurture and admonition of the Lord To none of the projected improvements does he look forward with more pleasure than to this one. He has deplored, in many schools, the need of such a system of lessons, which, always new and ever varied, would render Sabbath School engagements both happy and instructive.

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