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own is bound, -oh! this is bliss ! Earth has noth-| tears of an idolized daughter. So do men bow their ing-nothing that can approach it. Believe it, wills to the praise of one " whom the king descoffer at the power and happiness of love. lighteth to honor.”

The mornSuch was the happiness of those moments of ing sun streamed brightly through the richly existence to the lovers.

painted window of the royal chapel. The SoveAt length Stephano said, “and you are still mine reigns and a noble suite were there, and at the own, mine own, and mine only, sweet Leonore, oh! altar, Pedro de Gonzalez sat in his sacred canoniiell it me again and again."

cals. A slight rustling broke the impressive "We have nothing now to fear, dearest, no magic silence, and a bridal train swept down the broad horrors torture us,” said the soft trembling voice, aisle, and stood before the altar. Columbus stood but the bedewed eyes answered better the enrap- by, and Prince Azzo placed the trembling hand of tured youth.

his only and cherished daughter, the pride of his And Eccelino !-what of him-has he relin- house, in that of the son of the Ghibeline enemy quished all claim to thee?"

of his fathers, but happiness alone found place in " Death freed me," said the maiden solemnly. the hearts beneath that sacred roof, and congratula

"Death! he seemed invulnerable in field and tions flowed from every lip. Columbus made hall; the foeman's sword and treachery's poison honorable mention of the obedience and love of were harmless to that fearful man of blood. He Stephano to the Sovereigns, and he was munifihad antidotes and protectives innumerable; in what cently rewarded. The sympathy expressed for guise came death to him ?

the youthful pair was universal, for their romantic " By the rashness of a hasty tongue he perished; story awoke an echo in every heart. The Prince he denounced the council for want of justice and thought it best that they should remain awhile in threatened betrayal to the Turks, because they had Spain. The influence of the Sovereigns and Cogranted my father's prayer to defer his marriage.” lumbus extended not to the nefarious council. ** And your father, Leonore ?"

Isabella gave to Leonore a beautiful castellated "Will make us happy, fear not. I reign again villa near Barcelona, in which the happy couple in his heart, and now let's seek him, dear Stephano, were soon domiciled, and Prince Azzo left for and tell him all-fear not--he will surely grant our Italy. prayer," and the lovers returned to the city. Years passed—the pride and glory of beautiful

Venice were laid low, and with her overthrow

perished the infamous ten. Many were the deeds CHAPTER IX.

of horror laid open to the eye of day, when this 'Twas midnight and Prince Azzo stood at the fearful tribunal was destroyed. window of his chamber, looking out on the beauty From a few fishermen's huts on marshy islands of the night. A soft hand was laid on his arm, and sprang Venice. Like the Queen of Beauty of old a sweet low voice murmured in faltering tones, from the sea, thus rose she to be Queen over that " My Father, I have suffered much of late, would element which once covered with slime and weeds, you heal my wounded heart ?”

her infant foundation. A kingdom of Beauty, " With the price of my life, sweet child; I Elegance, Power and Terror. know thou hast suffered and borne much; what

“ Thus did Venice rise, shall I do for thee, dear Leonore ?"

Thus flourish, till the unwelcome tidings came, "Colonna has returned and is here, oh! father, That in the Tagus had arrived a fleet bless our love."

From India, from the region of the sun,

Fragrant with spices; that a way was found, "Colonna! bless thy love for a Colonna! a

A channel opened, and the golden stream Ghibeline-usurper of the rights due my father's Turned to enrich another. Then she felt house ! Maiden, thou dreamest! Whence came this Her strength departing, and at last she fell, presumptuous youth again ?"

Fell in an instant, blotted out and razed." * With Columbus from the new world ; he is his Peace for a little while brooded over distracted valued friend and rode by his side Oh! Italy; and in the midst of the refinement and cultimy father, hear me, do not make me miserable,” vation of Ferrara often found an asylum, yea, a and she sank weeping at his feet.

cherished home. Prince Azzo gently raised her, and pressing her in In a hall of a noble casile, one of these homes his arms, said, “ seek your couch Leonore ; if I can of peace, one sweet summer eve, sat a cavalier grant your wish without tarnishing the honor of past the prime of life, but with its beauty and my house, I will.”

dignity still resting on his brow. On his shoulder The next morning Columbus, having been told by leaned a noble looking matron, but her thoughts his young friend of his meeting with Leonore, and his and eyes were given more to a beautiful young fears of her father's refusal to grant their request, girl, who sang to a harp with all the gushing joy of sought Prince Azzo; and the praise of the Admi- early youth, a gleeful air, than to the book with ral did more for the cause of the lovers, than the which her husband's mind was engaged. The

Vol. X-55


song ceased--the golden strings no longer vibrated the tides, the growth of grain and vegetables, and to her fairy fingers. She leaned her head for a above all, the wits of mankind; and I was anxious moment thoughtfully against her harp, then sud- for an intercourse with the Man in the Moon, who denly raising it, looked on the cavalier. Presently from his great age, and other collateral circumstanshe rose, and gently put aside the book. “Dear ces must, notwithstanding the perpetual insinuafather, read no more now, but tell me some legend tions about his ignorance, have acquired a prodigiof old."

ous mass of knowledge and experience. In short, I “What shall it be, my Leonore ? Of your became exceedingly unhappy at that mysterious nonmother's magic spell, in early life ?"

intercourse which it would seem had been rendered No, no, something fresh and joyous, a tale of eternal between the different planets, and to tell the new world, or the villa in Spain, or some such the honest truth, nearly lost my wits in derising exglowing picture of happy life and love."

pedients to surmount it, by applying some of the And Stephano sat in the soft twilight and wove new principles of science to this interesting object. legends for his daughter, whilst Leonore listened While in this painful state of mind, I accidentally with a face lighted by gentlest smiles. Years saw in one of the public papers a notice of some dimmed not the bright jewel of love they wore in ingenious experiments in a new and hitherto untheir hearts, and the faith and love of Stephano known science, called Aeriotism, or the faculty of and Leonore was the oath by which lovers swore self-suspension in the air. It immediately occurred and the pledge which maidens gave.

to me that I might convert this interesting discoL.

very to my purpose, and pursuing the hint, I instituted a series of experiments which finally resulted in complete success, and enabled me to accomplish my long cherished object of a visit to the Moon,

from which I have just returned, after a most reRECOLLECTIONS OF SIX DAYS' JOURNEY IN THE MOON, freshing tour of six days, five hours, and forty

seven minutes. No time has been lost in laying the results of this journey before the enlightened

public, of late so surfeited with all kinds of fictions, Inasmuch as this terrestrial world of ours has that it must needs feel a desire for a little wholelately been so thoroughly explored by all sorts of some truth, if only for the sake of novelty. I can ingenious and inquisitive travellers, who have left not but flatter myself the information communicated nothing for those that may come after them either will be entirely new, as hitherto we have known to describe or invent, it has happened that those nothing of this planet, except from Astronomers who, like myself, are fond of new sights and new and anonymous scribblers; of the former of whom sensations, can find little or nothing here below I wish to speak with all possible respect, but wha, to awaken their wonder or produce any excite- I must be permitted to say, have told some strange ment. Even the remotest regions of the earth stories about volcanoes and what not. As to the have been so thoroughly explored, that it may be latter, I pledge my word to my readers I am the said with perfect truth, of my countrymen most first native of this world who ever visited that especially, that they are more intimately acquainted planet, without losing his wits irrevocably; and with the interior of Asia and Africa than the land that these egregious romancers koow no more of of their birth, and know a great deal more about the subject, than divers of those English travellers Paris, London, Florence and Rome, than any of who have deluded mankind with pretended accounts our great emporiums.

of their discoveries and inventions, know of this Being a devoted lover of travelling, partly on country. account of the agreeable dissipation of mind it pro- It is not my intention to disclose the progress duces, but more especially the dignity and conse- and final success of my experiments in Aeriotism, quence derived from breathing the air of foreign inasmuch as I contemplate extending my visits to lands, I have been seriously aggrieved at this la- all the other planets in succession, and do not wish mentable exhaustion of novelty, and more than to be forestalled by others, since it can not be doubtonce, like Alexander, sat down and wept that there ed that were I to divulge the secret, they would all were no more worlds to explore. The planets and in a short time be overrun by inquisitive Englishother heavenly bodies most especially attracted my men, who, according to custom, would leave the attention, and of these the Moon, which is at the poor people scarcely a remnant of character, esbottom of so many sublunary influences, and with-pecially, as judging by those of the moon, they are out whose aid the adepts of Natural Philosophy far more refined, polite, moral and intelligent than would be so often at a loss to account for various those of that country, and withal better fed and phenomena, appeared to me the most interesting. I more comfortable. It will be sufficient, I trust, wished, if possible, to ascertain the fact of such to insure the utmost confidence in my veracity, influence, and the mode in which it is exercised on merely to state, as the basis of my process, that I


followed the example of the aforesaid travellers, as the thousand islands in the St. Lawrence, and more especially the renowned “ Boz,” in procuring having my whiskers scorched by too near an apthrough the exertions of my numerous friends and proach to the Dog star, I proceeded on at a great admirers, divers public demonstrations of admira- rate, but was much alarmed to find that the Moon tion, and a prodigious number of complimentary sailed much faster than I did, and seriously connotices, whereby I at length became so puffed up templated lying to in her track and awaiting her with self-conceit, that I grew specifically lighter coming round again. Fortunately however, while than the air, and felt just as I have sometimes done debating the subject, I suddenly found myself rain my sleep, when dreaming of flying over the pidly approaching the land, and just at the dawn heads of my fellow creatures with a pair of imagi- of day distinctly heard the cocks crowing. In a hary wings. I became so light and airy, that I few minutes I was so near, as to be obliged to could not keep my feet to the ground without great shorten sail, and immediately after landed, where I difficulty, and was once blown across Cayuga found the Moon, like a fly in a spider weh, so enLake by a sodden gust of wind. I was fain to tangled in the beard of the comet which was wear heavy leaden soles to my boots, by means of marauding through the skies about this time, that which, though sometimes blown down, like the lit- she could not budge an inch. Had it not been for tle witches bought by children at the toy-shops, this providential circumstance, I verily believe I I always popt up again in an instant, my head being should never have overtaken her. I had almost so much lighter than my heels. Having thus sur- forgot to mention having been nearly demolished mounted the great obstacle of specific gravity, the by a falling star which just grazed my head, and next difficulty was to propel myself forward, and gave a great light, but no heat that I could discoabove all govern my motions while in progress ver. It may be proper also to state that I reached through the air. I succeeded beyond my most san- the Moon in two days and ten hours, in consequence guine anticipations, by an ingenious application of of its being caught by the beard of the comet, machinery and mesmerism, which I shall keep a being exactly half the time it would take, according profound secret, lest future travellers should fol. to the calculations of Astronomers, for the planet to low in my track, and contradict all I say, as they fall to the earth, if let go suddenly. Admitting are too apt to do, in order to appear wiser than their then, that the Moon was thus arrested half way on

her nightly course, I must have travelled at a pretty Having perfected my machinery, and furnished good rate, to overtake her in so short a period. As myself with a bladder bag of a whip-syllabub, the this planet is said to be unequal in its motions, it lightest food I could think of, together with a map is possible however it did not travel at this time as of the Moon, and some cheap publications to sup- fast as usual. ply me with light reading by the way, I left this Having a great deal of business on hand, as I world, on the night of the sixth full Moon, in the contemplated a visit to the other planets, and had year 1844, when there was not a cloud in the sky but little time to do it in, I determined to proceed in and the air was calm, and commenced my daring my inquiries into the state of the country and the undertaking. The first step, I found was every character of its inhabitants without delay. Acthing; I rose slowly and with great difficulty, until cordingly, availing myself of that facility of locomogradually receding from the attraction of the earth, tion, I had acquired by applying the principles of I was borne along with such inconceivable swift- Aeriotism to practical purposes, I managed in the ness, that had I not provided against the contin- course of six days, to distance all previous travelgency, by an ingenious process of shortening sail, lers, even those who have heretofore visited my own I should soon have left my breath behind me. As country, and become miraculously acquainted with I rose in the air, I also found the great advantage its morals, manners, institutions and government, of the Bozzian process I had undergone, for had not as it were by intuition. my head been already as light as a feather, I should Beginning with the geography of the country, I inevitably have become so dizzy in looking down shall content myself with stating that the map of from such a fearful height, that I might probably the Moon I carried with me, and which exhibited have lost all consciousness, or at least become all the latest discoveries in the science of astronototally incapable of distinguishing truth from false- my, is extremely inacurate in many essential par

ticulars. The physiognomy of this planet strikingFor the same reason that I have not explained ly resembles the human face on a great scale, and the minutiæ of my machinery, I shall refrain from hence doubtless the vulgar error of the Man in the all detail of the particulars of my journey through Moon, who I assure my readers is only a creature the air, the dangers I encountered and my expe- of the imagination. The sockets of the eyes are dients for avoiding them. It is sufficient to my two large seas, and the protuberances of the cheek purpose at present, merely to state, that after having bones and nose, nothing more than high mountains, encountered a vast deal of difficulty in crossing the one of the latter of which, having a redish appearmilky way, where the stars are as close together'ance, has doubtless been mistaken for a volcano by


the astronomers. I pledge my word, however, there sons who have lost their wits in searching for the is no such thing as a volcano in the whole planet. Philosopher's Stone, Perpetual Motion, the wisdom I had also occasion to notice that the portion of the of Congress, and the first principles of Political moon which astronomers call the land is water, Economy. and their water good solid terra firma. Numerous This island which is called by its inhabitants the other blunders have been committed, which I for- most free, happy, and enlightened of all the countries bear to notice out of respect for the learned. of the Moon, I found not a little worthy the study of

The Moon comprises several states and king- an enlightened traveller. Every thing is done there doms, the former republican, the latter generally, by machinery; and the men themselves, if not mathough not always despotic. These mutually chines, are as much their slaves, as the genius of abhor each other, and are perpetually quarrelling, Aladdin's lamp. These machines have in a great and not unfrequently falling together by the ears, measure taken the place of men, and snatched the about which is the most enlightened and happy, or bread from their mouths, because they work so much other matters still more difficult to decide, or still cheaper and faster. I saw several which I was more insignificant. On one occasion, I found two assured by the proprietor of a manufactory who nations cutting each other's throats most valiently, was reckoned worth millions, could do the work of and mutually desolating fields and habitations with a thousand men. I asked what became of the out mercy.

On inquiring the occasion of this thousand men in the meantime; upon which he violent animosity, I found the people knew nothing entered into a long dissertation to prove, that they at all about it, except that they were ordered to do were infinitely benefitted by the cheapness of every so by their respective sovereigns, one of whom thing occasioned by these labor-saving machines. was an infant, the other a madman. In another I took the liberty of observing that the capital of a part of the Moon, I found them at loggerheads large portion of mankind was labor; and that if they about the honor and interests of the country, con- could get no work, or were deprived of ils adequate cerning which scarcely any two agreed in opinion ; rewards, it was of little consequence to them that or rather there were two parties who differed things were cheap, as they would have no money altogether on the subject, one maintaining that the to purchase them. The millionaire looked at me honor of the nation consisted altogether in its with surprise, mingled as I thought with contempt, interests, the other that the interests of the nation and answered rather superciliously, "my good consisted entirely in its honor. I was not a little friend, I perceive you don't understand the first struck with the resemblance I observed in these principles of Political Economy.” I acknowledged and many other particulars between the inhabitants my ignorance, and begged him to enlighten me; of the earth and those of the Moon, which at first whereupon, he went on to entangle himself in I ascribed to that family likeness which is found in a web of knotty arguments, sufficient to confound all creatures of the same species. Further in the whole universe, but by which he imagined that quiries have however satisfied me, that the people he had demonstrated his whole theory. “You see," of the Moon are the genuine descendants of Adam concluded he, “the thing is as clear—as clear and Eve, and that their ancestors were certainly as”—“mud,” said I, perceiving he halted for a accomplices in erecting the Tower of Babel. The comparison. proofs and deductions through which I arrived at Believing, however, in the truth of the old prothis conclusion, I shall, however, reserve for a sep- verb, “ that the proof of the pudding is in the arate dissertation.

ealing," I determined to see a little further into The most remarkable kingdom in this planet, I this matter; so I left the Political Economist, found to be an island, called the Isle of Engines, and proceeded through the various departments of in what is vulgarly supposed to be the left eye of his immense establishment, where I found hunthe Man in the Moon, which, as I observed before, dreds, I might almost say, thousands of men, wois a great sea of salt water. It is not so large as men and children, male and female, employed in some of the other states, but has extended its depen- tending the machinery. They could not be said to dencies to the utmost bounds of the great ocean in govern, but to be directed by it; and it seemed that which it lies. I heard so much of it, at every step their very souls had transmigrated into the Steam in my progress, that I became extremely anxious to Engines and Spinning Jennies. There were a pay it a visit, and accordingly took the first oppor- great many female children, not more than sevea tunity that offered, embarking on a magnetic steam- or eight years old, half-clothed, and, if I might boat, which progressed at the rate of an hundred judge from their wretebed squalid appearance, less miles an hour, against winds and currents. Touch- than half-fed, but who, as I understood, labored sising this word, Progressed, I would observe that it teen or eighteen hours of the day, at this monotois in general use among all classes, is incorporated nous employment, which seemed to consist in with all their dictionaries, and recognized as legiti- perpetual watchfulness, and all for a pittanee mate by the most learned and illustrious of all their which I am afraid to name, lest no one should academies, which is exclusively composed of per-'believe me. As I stood contemplating the scene,

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the millionaire came suddenly behind me, and said, charity. But he had done enough for one day; he
" ah !—Mr.—Mr.-I forget your name-I think had got his name before the public as a Prince of
you said you came from the United States. I unparalleled humanity, and passed on muttering
think I have heard of such a place some where or something about the poor rates. For my part, I
other, though I can't tell where. They say it is a honestly confess, that I went away with my re-
large country almost as big as this; but it is a great spect for that much calumniated maxim, about
pily they tolerate slavery there. Now, in this charity beginning at home, greatly increased.
free and happy land, there is no such thing as a I look upon this island to be the best study in
slave. The moment a man, woman, or child the Moon, for a politician, a philosopher, and a
touches this sacred soil of freedom, the chains fall philanthropist ; but the desire to anticipate other
from their limbs, and they stand redeemed, regen- travellers who may possibly find their way to that
erated and disenthralled by the irresistible genius planet and forestall my work, obliges me to curtail
of universal emancipation.” At this moment of it in many interesting particulars, which I may
sublime exultation, it happened that a little pale, probably supply in a future edition. At present I
emaciated girl, apparently worn out with toil and shall only say, that while this nation pretends to be
hunger, or both, was observed to fall asleep, as she the freest under the sun, it abounds in a species of
was standing watching the evolutions of a Spinning slaves more abjectly wretched by far than those of
Jenny. Upon this a fellow came up and pinched any other country; that while it affects to take
her until she awoke with a scream, and the mil- precedence of the rest of the world in learning,
lionaire directed that a deduction of three pence science and knowledge, a large portion of the peo-
should be made from her wages, which, on inquiry, ple of all ages are in a state of most unparalleled
I found amounted to two shillings a week. ignorance ; that while its power and glory are said

I had the curiosity to follow a family to their to have reached far above all that have gone before
home. It consisted of the husband, his wife, and it, such are the discontents of the people that the
three children, two of them girls, neither apparent- laws can only be executed by a military force;
ly over ten years of age. They had labored and that finally while boasting of its happiness, it
eighteen hours a day for months past. Yet re- comprises a portion of actual misery, greater than
turned to a wretched home, where two other fami- that of any other nation of the Moon or the Earth.*
lies beside themselves lived in the same room.

[To be continued.) The weather was cold, yet they were without fire * The Æronaut next visits a certain Republic in the and almost destitute of any other clothing than Moon. dirty rags; their food was of the most miserable kind, and entirely insufficient to satisfy the craFings of hunger; a wretched straw bed lay in

SONG. one corner, when they had eaten their scanty meal, they laid themselves down altogether, sup- Inscribed to one about to form a Marriage of Convenience." plying the want of covering by a mutual communi

BY L. J. CIST. cation of animal heat. Turning from the scene in sickening disgust, mingled with indignation, I pro

Lady! Why seek troth to plight

Where not, too, Love is sought? ceeded towards my lodgings, when I was attracted

Never should cold hands unite, by a concourse of splendid equipages, before the

Where hearts are wedded not! doors of a great public building, into which a

They who join, without Love's fame, considerable number of people were entering.

Mock the sacred rite; Prompted by curiosity, I followed the crowd into a

They are wedded but in name

Words will not hearts unite! splendid hall, where I found a large assemblage of distinguished persons, who, as I soon learned, were Lady! Why thyself wouldst bind holding a meeting to raise funds for some philan

To one, in Hymen's chain,

In whom thou dost not look, to find thropic society, whose name I forget, but whose

Thyself giv’n back again? object was enlightening the minds or relieving the

Fearest thou, perchance, that none Decessities of people some where at the antipodes.

Else thy hand may sue? A Royal Duke, as I afterwards learned, presided

Doubt not Lady! many an one on the occasion, and a most eloquent address was

Yet shall come to woo ! delivered, in which the orator lauded the philan

Lady! thou hadst better far, thropy of his country to the skies, and praised the

With the peaceful dead illustrious individuals there met together, for their

Who forever quiet are, munificent liberality. After this, several thousand

Make thy lonely bed,

Than invoke that fearful cursepounds were subscribed; the meeting broke up,

'Thine to bind aloneand I observed that as bis Royal Highness came

Promethean-like, but worse, forth, a family similar in wretchedness, ignorance

Chained to living stone! and poverty to that I have described, begged his Cincinnati, Ohio.

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