Stories by English Authors, Volumen3

C. Scribner's Sons, 1896

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Página 186 - He merely desired to warn them against pride and despising any of their fellows, not to insist on the actual reason given, which was simply adopted in order to persuade them more easily.
Página 98 - I'll see," said Thomas Simmons in reply, and he made a rush for the staircase. Bob Ford heard him open the front door. Then he went to the window, and, just below him, he saw the crown of a bonnet. It vanished, and borne to him from within the door there fell upon his ear the sound of a well-remembered female voice. " Where ye goin' now with no 'at ?
Página 69 - I saw a certain look in the creature's eyes, as if he were aware that he was required to connive at a fraud, and rather resented it. If he would only be good enough to back me up! Fortunately, however, he was such a perfect facsimile of the outward Bingo that the risk of detection was really inconsiderable. When I got him home I put Bingo's silver collar round his neck, congratulating myself on my forethought in preserving it, and took him in to see my mother. She accepted him as what he seemed without...
Página 54 - I could not grovel to quite such an abject extent. I wondered what the Colonel would say. Simple and hearty as a general rule, he had a hot temper on occasions, and it made me ill as I thought, would he and, worse still, would Lilian believe it was really an accident ? They knew what an interest I had in silencing the deceased poodle — would they believe the simple truth? I vowed that they should believe me. My genuine remorse and the absence of all concealment on my part would speak powerfully...
Página 97 - Anner was this other man's wife, and he was bound in honour to acknowledge the fact. The small devil put it to him as a matter of duty. "Well," said Ford, suddenly, "time's short an' this ain't business. I won't be 'ard on you, matey. I ought prop'ly to stand on my rights, but seein' as you're a well-meaning young man, so to speak, an' all settled an' a-livin' 'ere quiet an' matrimonual, I'll" — this with a burst of generosity — "damme!
Página 72 - I heard Mrs. Currie telling my mother, "how really touching it was to see poor dear Bingo's emotion at seeing all the old familiar objects again ! He went up and sniffed at them all in turn, quite plainly recognizing everything.
Página 61 - Why should they shoot him, Lilian? Tell me that! I — I hope you won't let me hear you talk like that again. You don't think he's shot, eh, Weatherhead?
Página 49 - ... his evil bleared eyes, and deliberating where he would have me when I rose to go. This was the beginning of an intimacy which soon displaced all ceremony. It was very pleasant to go in there after dinner, even to sit with the Colonel over his claret and hear more stories about Bingo, for afterwards I could go into the pretty drawing-room and take my tea from Lilian's hands, and listen while she played Schubert to us in the summer twilight. The poodle was always in the way, to be sure, but even...
Página 70 - Bingo again," she said at once; "and they said such charming things about you, Algy — Lilian particularly; quite affected she seemed, poor child! And they wanted you to go round and dine there and be thanked to-night, but at last I persuaded them to come to us instead. And they're going to bring the dog to make friends. Oh, and I met Frank Travers; he's back from circuit again now, so I asked him in too to meet them!" I drew a deep breath of relief. I had played a desperate game, but I had won!...
Página 48 - I had to endure a long biographical sketch of him, — what a society paper would call an "anecdotal photo," — and each fresh anecdote seemed to me to exhibit the depraved malignity of the beast in a more glaring light, and render the doting admiration of the family more astounding than ever. "Did you tell Mr. Weatherhead, Lily, about Bingo" (Bingo was the poodle's preposterous name) "and Tacks? No? Oh, I must tell him that; it'll make him laugh. Tacks is our gardener down in the village (d

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