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sins.' And, in this sense, it shall never be cancelled or repealed; it ihall never be mitigated, abrogated, disannulled, done away, made void, or abolished. “ Think not that I am come to destroy the Law.”

Fourthly, I am not come to destroy the condemning authority, or to mitigate the rigour, of the Law. It is an eternal Law, and shall remain in full force, as it ever did : for although I shall keep my court at Zion, reign in love, and sway my righteous sceptre over my own children; and, as King of Grace, on a throne of grace display my mercy there to all who escape the storm, and Ay for shelter thither; yet I have prepared my throne for judgment. All judgment is committed unto me: I am the Judge of quick and dead; and, as a righteous Judge, I shall • condemn the wicked, and bring his wickedness “ on his own head; and justify the righteous, to give “ him according to his righteousness.” As Judge of quick and dead, I shall bring forth the Book of Life, and the Book of the Law: the quick, and those who died in the faith, shall be judged by the Book of Life, (Rev. xx. 12.) and the dead by the Law of Death, Rom. ii. 12. The children of the freewoman shall be judged by the Law of Liberty, (James, i. 12.) and the bond-children by the Law of Works. They that sin in the Law, shall be judged by the Law. The manifold wisdoon of God shall be unfolded to perfection on the one hand, (Ephef. ii. 10.) and the roll of lamentation, mourning, and woe,


con the other, Ezek. ii. 10. The blessing shall be pronounced from the first, and the curse from the

Second: 146 Come, ye blessed of my Father, enter into : « the kingdom prepared for you from the founda

166 cion of the world.--Go, ye cursed, into everlasting 6 fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.” And the one shall go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into life eternal.---Think not that I am come to destroy the Law

Or the Prophets. I am not come to prove the prophets liars, or to make their predictions void. I shall neither oppose their writings, contradict their assertions, nor let one prediction noted in the Scriptures of truth ever fail of it's full accomplishment: the things therein written shall be accomplished in me. The faithfulness of God in his word shall never fail; his veracity shall never fall to the ground; the hope of Israel shall never be lost, nor their expectations be ever cut off. I am not come to destroy the propbets

But to fulfil. All that has ever been written in the Law, the Prophets, or the Psalms, concerning me, shall have a fulfilling end. All that is said of my birth, and of my life; of my mean appearance, and mighty power; of my matchless love to men, and of their cruel treatment of me; of the miracles performed, and of peace proclaimed; of magnifying the Law, and preaching the everlasting Gospel; of mny sorrowful life, and cruel death; of the destruc



rion of the Jewish nation, and the salvation of the Gentile world; shall all be fulfilled. My reward is with me, and all my work before me: nor will I bow my head in death, till all be finished. I am not come to destroy the prophets, but to fulfil.'

For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass, one jot, or one tittle, fall in no wife pass from the Law till all be fulfilled. I plight my veracity, I speak in verity. Amen, so it shall be. Verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth pass

The elementary and starry heavens shall stand to the world's end. Then the elements shall melt with fervent heat, and the stars shall fall from their sockets, as the untimely fruit of the fig-tree; the sun shall be confounded, and the moon alhamed; the heavens and the earth shall flee away, and new heavens and a new earth shall appear, when I arise to shine before my ancients gloriously.

Till then, one jot or one tittle Mali in no wise pass from the Law, till all be fulfilled. The Law shall stand as it does in all it's sense, and in all it's meaning, without being evangelized, or without ceasing to exist as a covenant of works; without being bereft of it's irritating power, or shorn of it's penal fanction; without mitigation, and without repeal. It Thall stand as my children's schoolmaster, and first husband; as the master's commanding will, and the bond-fervant's only rule; as the creditor's handwriting, and the debtor's dreadful account-book ;

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as a testimony for God in defence of his holiness, and against the wicked for every transgrellion. So Thall it stand .

Till all be fulfilled. The Law is fulfilled in a fourfold sense.

ist, Perfectly, in both precept and penalty, by the Saviour.

2dly, In the Church, efficaciously, by the Spirit.

3dly, Imperfectly, in the exercise of grace, by the saint.

4thly, In the execution of the curse, which is the damnation of the wicked.

First, The Law is perfectly fulfilled, both in pre. cept and penalty, by the Saviour, who assumed man's nature, and took man's name, to act in man's stead. He was made of a woman, and made under the Law. He became surety for man's debts; and, by his kind undertaking and circumcision, became a debtor, in the debtor's place, to restore that [honour to the Law] which he took not away. “He was made « fin for us, who knew no sin, that we might be made o the righteousness of God in him.” Of him a perfect obedience to the precept was exacted, and he made restitution; the debt of suffering was demanded, and he was pressed to pay. When he had given a perfect obedience to the precept, he says, I bave finished [this part of] the work which thou gavest me to do.And, at closing his obedience unro death, he bowed his head, and said, “It is finilhed.”




Thus he “magnified the Law, and made it honours « able;" so that one jot, or one tittle, did in no wife pars from the Law till all was fulfilled. It is easier for heaven and earth to pass, than for God's rightes ous Servant to fail of performing the will of his God. " I delight to do thy will, O my God; yea, thy Law “ is within my heart.” So he undertook, and so it became him to fulfil all righteoufress, Matt. iii. 15. And so it behoved Christ to suffer; for he come not to destroy the Law, but to fulfil.

Secondly, The Law is fulfilled efficaciously in the Church of God, by the Spirit: as it is written, That the rightecufaefs of the Law might be fulfilLED IN US, who walk, not after the flesh, but after the Spirit, Rom. viii. 4. Now the righteousness of the Law is fulfilled in the Church.

ift, By the imputation of Christ's righteousness for our justification, Rom. v. 19.

2dly, By the indwelling of the Holy Ghost, which is our sanctification. Rom. xv. 16.

3dły, By God's circumcising our hearts, to love him with all our heart, and with all our soul, that we may live, (Deut. xxx. 6.) Love to God being the first and great commandment of the Law.

Athly, By the indwelling of God's good word, and by the good treasure of his grace.

First, What is the Law? It is a just Law, and is the rule of righteoujness. “This,” says Moses, "shall

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