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faithi,” and fulfilling in us the work of Ruth (or faith) must go and glean them.
faith with power,” causing “the life of But here faith is shut out again, and
Jesus to be manifest in our mortal that substituted in its room which the
flesh;" "the kingdom of God is within Lord will never thank us for. Now,
you,” and it standeth “not in word, but my dear brother, I hope you will see
in power.”. I think you will admit that that what I contend for is the doctrine
this is a divine and scriptural experi- of faith, both in precedence and prefer-
ence; and I feel persuaded you will fur- ence, to that of “applications and
ther agree with me, that while it is the manifestations. Peter had a manifesta-
office and work of the Holy Ghost to tion on the mount; but he says,
"quicken, convince," " testify,” “re- have a more sure word of prophecy, where-
veal,” and “ strengthen,” it is also the unto we do well to take heed. And I
province and work of faith to “hear” feel confident that were weak believers
(Gal. iii. 2), to “feel” (Acts xvii. 27), to study and practise William Maude's
to "see

(Heb. xi. 13), to “under- article in the last month, it would be stand”,, (1 John v. 20), to be “per: better for them. As for you and me, I suaded” (Heb. xi. 13); also to "attain" believe we are the same in substance; and "apprehend” (Phil. ii. 11, 12), to and while you contend for the special “obtain” (Heb. xi. 33), to "compre: teaching of the Holy Ghost, I contend hend” (Eph. iii. 18), to "embrace” for his indwelling presence. And while (Heb. xi. 13), to "lay hold” (1 Tim. vi. you contend for the application of the 12), and to "hold fast (Rev. ii. 25): Word, I contend for the “ Word becomand when the work of faith is thus fúl. ing flesh,” by the power of the Holy filled with power, there can be no mis- Ghost, and faith "finding it and eating take. Here, then, my brother, is the it” (Jer. xv. 16). And if you contend foundation of that objection which you for a manifestation of Christ, I contend say, “with heart and soul away with.” for an inward revelation (Gal. i. 16) of And what, in reality, is the objection, Christ, Christ in you, dwelling in the heart that you should cast it away with a by faith. And, my brother, what I have

eming measure of contempt? Is it said I believe to be the doctrine of not the doctrine of faith, or believing, Christ; and he that abideth in the docboth in precedence and preference to trine of Christ hath both the Father and that of special applications, &c.! Now I the Son: so we carry precious treasure will not attempt to enter into your in our poor earthen vessels. And I have meaning, lest I should misunderstand also endeavoured to write in the Spirit you, and commit another error; for I of Christ, knowing that in proportion as cannot believe or think for a moment I departed from that, I should suffer for that you would say, away with faith, it in my own conscience; and if the though the words appear like it. But Holy Ghost should show you anything, the most charitable conclusion I can my brother, after reading this, whereby come to is this, that it is not contending myself or the family of God may be for the faith, neither can I believe the benefited, I am open to conviction and expression was dictated by the Holy to instruction also; and if there is any. Ghost, without whose teaching and guid- thing that I have written aforetime, deance we are all very liable to err. Faith rogatory to the honour of God, and calis the gift of God, and the Spirit's own culated to lead souls from Christ, smite work;

and it pleases God to allow it a me, my brother, but try to do it in love, sphere to work in to the glory of God, and it shall be an excellent oil that shall and he commends its exploits. Let us not break my head. Sincerely praying, beware how we place anything before that you may

« be filled with the Spirit, it, or use any term or doctrine in prefer- and with the fulness of God,” ence to it, thereby putting that into the I remain, dear brother, yours, &c., in shade which our God and Saviour is the bonds of everlasting love, pleased to honour and speak well of.

WILLIAM. And when sister “L. C.” alludes to the [We despatched the foregoing letter “handfuls of purpose let fall by Boaz,” to the printer, having hastily read it I must say she would have spoken more coming in from a preaching journey ; scripturally if she had also said that I and considering it was only fair that our

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correspondent should be allowed the the Holy Ghost with His Person. His privilege of replying to those who had indwelling in the hearts of His people is animadverted upon his former letter. ¡a glorious truth; faith is His gift, and The impression which his present epistle a fruit of His indwelling and operating left apon the mind was, that "WILLIAM”, in and upon the soul.-ĚD.] was somewhat confounding the work of



To the Editor of the Gospel Magazine. MY DEAR SIR,—The remarks of your you have felt the same, you are not as beloved correspondent “A Servant of yet right;" oh, what pain and agony the Church,” on Job xlii. 5, have been a this has occasioned me! And, added to source of comfort to me. The subject this, perhaps just before doubting one's is one which has at times caused me the sincerity, and then Satan coming in saygreatest pain and sorrow from my youth ing, You may as well give all up, your up till now.

case is different from others; you can't From earliest

years, I think I can say you have been in such depths, and say, my great desire was to be one of had the law brought home to you as such the Lord's people. And oftentimes a person says he has; and that, before when a boy have I asked the Lord to you can be right, you must also.” make me His. And twice, I remember, I have been at times almost ready to when quite a boy, a divine light shone wish I had lived in a state of open into

my soul which filled me with won- sin till such or such a time, and then to der, and, for the moment, an unearthly bave been suddenly convinced of sin, peace. I remember the very spots now and to feel that I was of sinners chief; where I was.

At one of the times I was or, in other words, to have had a deep law puzzled about that passage, "The soul work going on in my soul for some that sinneth, it shall die." I always length of time, and then to have been felt that I wanted something to satisfy enabled to look to Jesus by faith, as me, which earth could not give. Å dying for me; and to feel His precious power within kept me from following blood applied to my soul, and through sin as other boys did. What was it, that to feel the burden, the guilt, taken dear sir, but the fear of the Lord that away; and feelingly to say,

“ He loved made me thus ? What but a divine me, and gave Himself for me.” Then I nature-a principle of life-the light of have thought I should be able to point life, working within ?

to the exact time of my conversion, And may I not appeal to you, dear and have no, or at least 'not so much, sir , and say, what made you carry things doubt about it.

the Lord as you did when a boy? What deep agonies it occasioned me What made you so anxious as to what some years ago, when I believed the time your 14th year would bring to pass, as was up for the appearing of Jesus (and related in Conversations by the Way?" I believe now that time is very near), Was it not from a new and divine nature because I could not make out that I was which the Lord had implanted within really converted, and therefore not preyou? Do the cries, and groans, and pared. The fear that I did not know intense desires, arise from our own evil enough of myself—that I had not felt nature? Who could dare to say so ? myself a hell-deserving sinner, &c., as I

How it has made me to groan and have before described, and a sense of beg of the Lord to make me feel that I guilt on account of not confessing Jesus was of sinners chief ; and that had He before men as I ought, were almost too long ago sent me to hell, I should have much for me to bear; but yet, then the justly deserved it. When I have heard Lord did not bring home the law to me, those whom I know to be the Lord's as I have heard said it must be. But, children describe how they have been in the midst of my pain and misery, I made to feel this, and then add, “ Unless trust He enabled me feelingly to lean


on Jesus. And that text in Solomon's / forth to the God and Father of all their Song, “Who is this that cometh up from mercies. the (I think it was out of the wilderness Have we not reason to believe, dear that came to my mind) wilderness lean- sir, that most of the disciples were ing upon her Beloved ?” and also that called, and had felt the life-giving voice

“ How sweet the name of Jesus of Jesus, before they knew much of sounds,”. &c., were exceedingly sweet themselves ? and precious to me.

I desire to thank “A Servant of the The “opening heavens” did, indeed, Church,” or rather his or her Lord for "shine with beams of sacred bliss,” the remarks he or she has made on this because I trust I could realize that “ He subject. And may I not ask the favour was my Beloved.”

of a word or two from you, dear sir, on That sweet peace lasted about a day the subject, or from any other of the and a half, when the thought struck me, Lord's dear family? It is a subject

How easy it is to believe;" but which, no doubt, some others feel deep I think, immediately a cloud, as it interest in, because they feel their comwere, overshadowed me, and I was fort now, and their eternal salvation taught that faith was not in my own depends on whether they are truly born power.

again or not. Since then, when cast down, the other May the Lord be indeed with you, part of that precious verse in Solomon's dear sir, during this year. May He Song was brought home with some cheer and comfort you, and may the sweetness to me"I raised thee up Gospel Magazine be indeed made a under the apple-tree: there thy mother blessing to all God's dear people. brought thee forth." The apple-tree,

I am, dear Sir, I believed, was no other than our most Yours very affectionately and reprecious Saviour, under whose shadow spectfully, I trust I had been, ever since I was

ONE OF LOW ESTATE. born, “ Preserved in Christ Jesus.”

But, dear sir, after all this, fears will [Our Correspondent, whom we haparise at times whether I am not wrong; pen to know and love in the Lord, asks it is not because I disbelieve I am a hell for a word or two upon the foregoing deserving sinner; but do I feel it ? subject. As the Lord may enable us, What law work can I look back on? we shall readily comply with his request. But, dear sir, is it not possible that In common with himself, the arguthere are still some Obadiahs ?

ments which we have heard advanced Such cases were doubtful, said a friend about “a law work have, in years to me

But was Obadiah's a past, given us the deepest possible anxiety. doubtful case ? Where there is no life, And many, and many a time have we there must be death. Cannot the Lord come to the conclusion that ours was breathe spiritual life into an infant or a not the spot of God's elect, because we child ? Does not life show itself by the could not express ourselves, truthfully effects it produces Is there any rea- and unfeignedly, in the same terms in son to believe that Zaccheus had a law- which we have heard others speak. work going on within him for a month, Now the question is simply this-What a day, an hour, or a moment? Did not is a law-work, or what is intended to be life accompany the voice of Jesus ? conveyed by the idea ? It is this: a Who can doubt it? and were not its man is going on in a thoughtless, carnal, effects seen directly ? Has the Lord dead condition, the downward road to less power now? I know that in due destruction. He is suddenly stopped. time the Lord will make all His people Divine justice arrests him with, “ Thou feel what they are in themselves- art my prisoner; pay me that thou “earthly, sensual, devilish,” and that, owest.” The man is surprised; at first were it not for His grace, they would indignant; and, sparring and plunging, be walking in the broad road to destruc- he seeks to disentangle himself

, to get and as they are taught this they away, and to pursue his onward course. will be humbled and melted down, His efforts are fruitless. Somewhat whilst holy joy and praise will be going wearied by his exertions to free himself



from a power that he now finds to be such terms, they think that of necessity superior to his own, he asks the mean they must be wrong; they fear they fall ing of this arrest. 'Tis then the long, short! and that theirs is not the spot of black catalogue of sins long since for- God's elect. Whilst at the same time, gotten, or but just now committed, are in simplicity and godly sincerity, they presented to his affrighted and aston- are following on hard after Jesus, and ished view. He stands aghast as con- can with the utmost truthfulness say, cerning these huge debts, he hears in a “ Whom have I in heaven but thee, and voice like thunder, the demand, “Pay there is none upon earth I deșire beside me that thou owest.” He is about to thee.reply, “ Have patience with me, and I It does grieve us at heart to hear will рау, thee all,” when by an internal these little

ones discouraged and conviction he is reminded of former ad wounded; those made sad whom the monitions, and similar promises which Lord would not have made sad; those all have come to nought; and between who are near to Him and dear to Him which time and the present the dreadful as the apple of His eye. score has only been accumulating. If our correspondent had not “passed

Now this is the law-work. Its appli- from death unto life," why does such lancation varies; the time of the arrest; guage as this suit him ? the character of the demand-its par- “Should I joy His saints to meet, ticular items, and length of standing ; Choose the ways I once abhorred; the suddenness of the appeal; the Find at times the promise sweet, amount of resistance; the apologies, If I did not love the Lord ?" excuses, or promises; all this may differ " I love to meet among them now, in the experience of individuals, but the

Before thy gracious feet to bow, result in each and all is precisely the Though vilest of them all. same-namely, a consciousness that a But can I bear the piercing thought, debt has been contracted that there is What! if my name should be left out, an utter inability to pay-a falling down

When, thou for them shalt call ?” with none to help- a sense of being shut Dost thou not "love to meet among up in prison, with no hope whatever of them,” brother. Then how is it, since being liberated by either personal pay- we commenced this reply, we saw thee ment or promises of so doing in time to among others who had travelled some

eight miles out, with the same distance This is a law-work, and we repeat, it to return home, on a winter's night, on varies both in degree and duration, but purpose to hear the Word ? Was this its effects are always the same-namely, carnal ease ? this agreeable to the flesh? in the soul being led, under the teaching Was there nothing in this that savoured and power of the Holy Ghost, to dis- of, “Sirs, we would see Jesus ? " Uncover that he is a debtor, and has nought doubtedly it was the effects of a spiritual to pay with ; consequently, he is shown appetite; a hungering and a thirsting the need of a Daysman-a Redeemer- after righteousness; a seeking for Jesus a Substitute; and this is Christ, who in earnestness ; a participating of her says, “Deliver him from going down spirit who arose, whilst it was yet into the pit--I have found a ransom.” dark(mark this), and exclaimed, in And all such know, in due time, the the intensity of her love (though at the reality and the blessedness of that truth, time she scarcely knew what it was that "And if the Son make you free, ye shall possessed her, or whence it was), “Sir, be free indeed.”

| if thou have borne Him hence, tell me Words and phrases are calculated to where thou hast laid Him, and I will make such havoc with many of the dear take Him away.” Poor Mary, in her children of God. They have experienced zeal and devotion, she “ wist not what the very things of which they hear, but, she said.” I will take Him away. because they have not been accustomed What, Mary, thyself be the bearer of to this or that mode of expression ; and His precious, lifeless body merely. Ah! because some whom they doubt not are thou hast been seeking a dead Christ, not only believers, but established and, and little thinkest that thou art speakconfirmed in the truth, speak in such and (ing with thy risen and exalted Lord!



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But one word will establish the fact. whilst thou canst really set to thy seal, Mark, dear troubled brother, the climax Well

, this is true. As God is my had well nigh arrived in her case, and witness, I do know somewhat of these so, we believe, in THINE. "Jesus saith, blessed and unearthly motions; the Mary!” One word, and only one, but which I can no more produce when I that sufficed! Full, sweet, glorious! would, and as I would, than I can create “She turned herself, and saith unto a world.” Him, Rabboni, which is to say, Master.” Oh, precious grace, and dear, and

Beloved, this blessed meeting--this blessed, and holy the God of all grace, one word—is generally too much for that He should have to do with such our hearts. Oh, the grace, the mercy, sinners—so base, so vile, so earthly, the tenderness, the bowels of compassion sensual, devilish; and yet by these, that are bound up in that one word- and upon these, to show forth the depths that sweet, precious, condescending, of the “riches of His grace.” gracious salutation, "Mary!” and the astonishment, admiration, devotedness,

“ Oh, for such love let rocks and hills

Their lasting silence break; love, that are equally bound up in that

And all harınonious, human tongues, one-word reply," Master!"

The Saviour's praises speak.Oh, dear brother, never mind about terms and phrases don't harass thy

EDITOR.] self about a so-called “law-work,'

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The beloved travelling friend, mentioned | asked him for the loan of one of his serelsewhere, narrated an anecdote-a cir- mons. The clergyman consented, and, cumstance which greatly interested me. withdrawing to his study, resolved to A clergyman, in going to his parish, make the most of the opportunity. He which was at some distance, had to pass sought out a sermon upon the text, “Ye by the house of another clergyman. On must be born again.' The clergyman one occasion, when on his way to hold received it with thanks—proceeded to the service for the day, to his great dis- his church-conducted the service as comfort be found he had forgotten bis usual, and concluded by reading the sermon. He was at a loss for a moment borrowed sermon. At the close of the to know what to do. The time would service, one of his congregation came to not admit of his returning home; and him in great distress of mind. “Sir,”. to attempt to preach without a book was said he, “what must I do to be saved ?” out of the question. There was only “Oh, repeat the Lord's prayer, and say one help for him in his difficulty, and the creed, and the ten commandments. that was to call at the clergyman's " Ah, sir, I have done that, but I find whose house he had to pass, and ask that won't save me. I want to know him to lend him a sermon. This he was how I am to be born again, as you have most loath to do, “Because,” said he to been telling us this morning ?"\" Well," himself," he is a Methodist sort of a said the clergyman, “the fact is, it was fellow; however, it cannot, under the a borrowed sermon; and you had better circumstances, be helped.” He called at go to the , Rev. Mr. who lent it the parsonage--saw the clergyman in me, and he will tell you what to do.” question—told him of his dilemma, and



God is so incomprehensibly excellent affections, the flower of our strength, that we cannot render Him what He and the cream and top of our spirits.deserves; we must render Him what Charnock. we are able to offer, the best of our

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