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In the Youth's Magazine—a new series the motive power of our Sovereign's life. of which has just been commenced under When very young, it was her favourite the auspices of the Sunday-school Union gift-book, and it is well known that -appears a very interesting article on when about to enter on a new era in life, " The Royal Family," from which we a copy of that blessed volume was sent give an extract specially for our youth to a dying girl in Kensington, who had ful readers. “A foreign potentate, on been visited by the Queen, with her coming to know something of Victoria's name written on the fly-leaf,' the gift of power and greatness, eagerly inquired Victoria.' Much has been said about how they had been acquired. Like the the advantages of secular education, but,

. Queen of Sheba, she was wondering whatever these may be, the friends of where all the glory came from; when the Bible will rejoice to know that it is the Queen, in answer to her inquiry, the text-book of the royal nursery, and sent her sister Sovereign a Bible, and the class-book of the schools of the the moral was clear, for a greater than Queen. Day by day, too, it is the 'lamp Solomon was there. In this Book lies of life' in the royal household, and rethe source of Victoria's greatness and ceives the homage of the heart at the glory, for to its heaven-born principles morning and evening sacrifice wherever are due the moral influence which flows the Court resides. Oh! blessed Book, from the crown of England's Queen. may it never cease to shine as the And the Bible, from childhood, has been morning star of Guelph !"


CHRIST acts as a net to draw men unto the thing whereto He hath sent it. The Him. The Gospel ministry is, in God's Gospel never was unsuccessful yet, Word, compared to a fishery; God's when it was preached with the demonministers are the fishermen—they go to stration of the Spirit and with power. catch souls, as fishermen go to catch It is not fine orations upon the death of fish. How shall souls be caught? They princes, or the movements of politics, shall be caught by preaching Christ. which will save souls. If we wish to Just preach a sermon that is full of have sinners saved and to have our Christ, and throw it unto your congre- churches increased; if we desire the gation, as you throw a net into the sea spread of God's kingdom, the only thing -you need not look where they are, whereby we can hope to accomplish our nor try to fit your sermon to different end is plain Gospel preaching, the listing cases ; but, throw it in, and as sure as up of Christ; for “1, if I be lifted up, God's Word is what it is, it shall not will draw all men unto me.”—Reo. C. return to him void; it shall accomplish H. Spurgeon. that which He pleases, and prosper in


LOOKING out of his window one summer | faith to us all. He takes hold of his evening, Luther saw on a tree at hand a twig, tucks his head under his wing, and little bird making his brief and easy dis- goes to sleep, leaving God to think for positions for a night's rest. Look,” | him." said he, “how that little fellow preaches

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. And it shall come to pass, that before they call I will answer : and while they are

yet speaking, I will hear.”Isa. Ixv. 24. The following short history, as strongly thy tribulation! Join in the

“Oh illustrative of the gracious dealings and that men would praise the Lord for His covenant faithfulness of our God and i goodness, and for His wonderful works Father towards His beloved children in to the children of men!" providential matters, might find a corner About the commencement of 1858, in the Gospel Magazine. How prone are K., a fisherman of this town, a man poor the blood-bought family, the objects of in this world's goods, but rich in faith everlasting and exhaustless love, as Is- and a heir of the kingdom, was enabled rael of old, to murmur_and doubt! by the aid of some friends to raise by Though redeemed of the Lord from the loan and subscription a sum of money hand of the enemy, and gathered out of towards the building of a boat, in which all lands, yet, at the first difficulty, un. he might carry on his business with mindful of former and repeated deliver. more independence and prospect of comances, how soon do they call in question fortably supplying the wants of a family -if not the love of God-at any rate, dependent on his exertions. The boat their interest in that love which has was commenced in May, and approached been so often sweetly sealed to be their its completion in October ; during which own in the banqueting-house of their time various sums were forwarded to Beloved. If one may speak for others, the builder at Eastbourne. Receipts it is indeed a hard matter daily to bless were duly received for these sums, but God in all His providential dealings, and without any legal stamp upon them. In in the exercise of a living faith to see October, however, the last sum was forthat all things are working together for warded, and a stamped receipt for £36 our good, and to shout, "Oh give thanks duly arrived from the builder. Who can unto the Lord, for He is good, for His judge of poor K.'s consternation when mercy endureth for ever. Thanks be almost immediately after this a letter to God, who always makes us to conquer, arrived from a pious woman at Eastnot in ourselves, but in our Lord Jesus bourne, informing him that the builder Christ. Beloved one, thou who hast of his boat had decamped, having prefelt with me in this, be encouraged ! viously made over the boat to two creThou standest not in or by thine own ditors for £20. It inimediately appeared faith, but in the faith of Him. O thou that the stamped receipt which K. held of little faith, wherefore didst thou was of a date posterior to that of the doubt ?" Thou hast not faith to walk transaction by which the boat had been upon the water, but thou canst not sink made over to the creditors. Here was a to the bottom. Remember, that though trial for faith. Where was the £20 to thou believest not, “yet He abideth come from? And yet, without that, faithful; He cannot deny Himself.” how could the boať be saved? And Thou changest perhaps daily, but He is would not the whole £36 be lost too? " the same yesterday, to-day, and for The poor fisherman felt that all these ever." He says, “I am tắe Lord, I things were against him. change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob from man's efforts was apparently cut are not consumed." This trial of thy off; but he had a Friend on high-one faith is necessary, and for thy good, or who sticketh closer than a brother-one it would never have been permitted. It who directeth everything in the love of is to lead thee from self and all created His heart, and by the power of His support, in order that thou mayest cry hand. To the well-known mercy-seat aloud to the Lord in thy trouble, and did K. in his extremity betake himself. then He will gather to Himself great Fervent and repeated were the prayers glory by saving thee out of all thy dis- which he sobbed out. That night, as tresses. Rejoice, then, tried one, in this K. himself relates, he was in and out of


His hope

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bed till morning in an agony of prayer. position affairs had taken. Upon arrivHe would find relief on his knees; but ing at the office, one of the creditors anxious and perplexing thoughts would taking a chair, said, “This is for my fill his breast upon entering his bed friend K. We do not want to hurt him. again. Were these prayers unheard, We have got a good dinner for him to unaccepted, unanswered? Oh, no! eat, and a good bed for him to lie on; They were answered ; for, “it shall come nor do we want the assistance of any to pass,

before they call I will answer; lawyers. We can settle all this matter and while they are yet speaking, I will by our own selves.” The lawyer rehear." Let us stand still and see the turned to Brighton, declaring that he salvation that God wrought for this poor could make nothing of it at all; but that faith-tried man.

it seemed quite evident that they were The next day K. proceeded to East- all friends together, and had no need of bourne with a lawyer, who kindly con- his assistance. And so it is ever the sented to act for him, and see what same. The world cannot comprehend could be done. In the train again K. the invisible tie that binds Christians was in tears, inwardly begging the Lord together; it is all foolishness to them. to

appear for him, to make his way clear" See how these Christians love one anbefore him, and give him favour in the other," was the remark, made 1800 years eyes of the creditors. Arrived at their ago; and it is the same that is made at destination, they proceeded to the beach; the present day. They see it, but they and there was the boat ticketed for sale cannot sympathize with it, or underin the hands of the bailiffs. The two stand it.. creditors happened to be standing by As for K., he was taken home to the the boat. They were very respectable house of one of the creditors. The persons, and quite unknown to R. They claim upon the boat was at once given found out his business, and upon receiv- up, and he himself restored to full posing an affirmative answer to their inquiry session. Warm offers were made to as to whether the boat was his, they advance any money that he might need, proposed retiring to the office to talk and to fit out the boat for him; but the matter over. On their way thither these the grateful and happy fisherman K. thus audibly gave expression to his could not accept. But after partaking feelings-“This is a very bad job for of refreshment, they all sat down togeme, but I trust that the Lord knows all ther with the family'; the Word was read, about it." Few words indeed, and sim- and prayer offered, and a season of reple;

but see what an effect they have freshing experienced which will be forproduced upon the creditors! A warmth gotten by none who were present. There and friendliness is added to the courtesy were no dry eyes. K. cannot now tell which had previously marked their man- what was felt by all; it must be left to ners. Whence that sudden cordiality those who have experienced suchy mo, with, and interest in, the poor fisher- ments to realize the felt presence and man? Ah! the two creditors were sons preciousness of Christ in their midst

, of God-sons of the same Father with which each of that small party enjoyed : poor K., heirs of the same promises, and as also their union with Him and one joint-heirs with the same blessed Saviour: another. All were humbled in the As K. afterwards well said, “Instead of dust, and none would have wished one falling, as I expected, among lions, Il event altered in that chain of circumfell among

lambs.” The subject of their stances which had thus brought them conversation now changed; but it was together, and which all knew had been evidently one of far more engrossing in ordered by their all-wise and loving terest. To the whispered communica- Jehovah. "It was only after keeping K. tions of his lawyer not to talk so much, several days, and making him sleep in and perhaps spoil the whole business, the bed that the minister had; lately K. replied, “ All right, Sir; I sha'nt occupied when on a visit, that the two spoil matters. We are not talking about creditors allowed him to depart in peace the things you suppose. They are with his boat. brothers of mine." The lawyer remained It was thus that the Lord, in the most silent; he could not understand the

new unlikely

manner, wrought out a deliver


ance for His servant out of his distresses / what a God is our God! In His wisdom when he cried unto him-“The righteous and wonderful foresight, He brings His shall see it and rejoice.” And so it was dear children into positions-trials, in this instance; for when, in a touching sorrows; hedges up their way; affords letter, K.wrote to his friends in Brighton, them for the time being not the slightest. to tell of the goodness of the Lord, and semblance of deliverance. All is blank. his own remarkable deliverance from his All is perfectly dark. Destruction seems threatening troubles, there was great inevitable. Then by grace divine, and rejoicing, and the words, “It is the by the precious power of the Holy Lord!" were in every heart and on every Ghost put forth in the soul, “they cry lip. Let us praise the Lord and take unto the Lord in their trouble, and He courage, for our God is at hand, and not helpeth them out of their distresses ;" afar off, and will appear for the succour and well indeed may we add, “Oh that of all those who trust in Him. “Whoso men would praise the Lord for His is wise, and will observe these things, goodness, and for His wonderful works even they shall understand the loving- to the children of men.” kindness of the Lord” (Ps. cvii. 43). Why, that poor fisherman, with his Brighton.

T. B. L. £20 deliveranee, was a far happier and

richer man than multitudes with their [Reader, if you could refrain from tens of thousands. We were never less mingling your tears with that precious disposed to envy the rich than now. Oh, weeping group, it is more than one we how much they lose of the good hand of know could do. “Not tears of sorrow, God, as seen in the daily remembrances but of joy," as a blessed woman once and gracious and all-bountiful supplies said to us on the beach at Dover. Oh, lof His poor and needy ones.-Ed.)

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The foregoing subject, beloved, has in comparison with our God? lately opened to us in this way. Who woman forget her sucking child, that she lives nearest the mother? The babe. should not have compassion upon the From whence its supplies ?. From the son of her womb? Yea, they may forbreast-warm, and fresh, and nutritious. get; yet will I not forget thee. Thou What prompts the mother to impart? art graven upon the palms of my The cry, the look, the turning to the yea, thy walls are continually before me. breast with that significance of expres- Depend on it, that he who carries merely sion which only a mother understands. his land-basket, and gets his supply What a tie! what a bond! what a one from on high just as he from day to day ness of life! The babe and mother one! needs, knows what the warmth, and And then how sweet its repose! How freshness, and nutritiousness of the supfree from care! perhaps the faint relic ply is; whence it comes; what its of the sob or sigh, as it slumbers upon effects; how great the blessedness of the bosom after participation; and what having at hand a bountiful Benefactor, a yearning of heart does that very sigh Friend, and Portion! God all-sufficient! produce ! How intense that mother's nigh at hand, and not afar off —"a emotion! Beloved, what's that mother very present help in trouble."--EDITOR.


As long as there is fuel in the heart forshun the very shadow of sin ; and he a temptation, we cannot be secure. He that would neither wound conscience or that has gunpowder about him, had credit, God or the gospel, had need hate need keep far enough off from sparks; the garments spotted with the flesh.he that 'is either tender of his credit Brooks. abroad, or comfort at home, had need



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Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fulness of joy; at thy right

hand there are pleasures for evermore.”—Psa. xvi. 11. This is the first psalm which has the title be saved because he never did any of Michtam, or golden, as you read in the harm; another walks in a profession of margin, and signifies the glory to be re- religion, and believes he is safe ; a third vealed, which was revealed in Christ, builds on his duties, and thanks God and is to be revealed in us; or Michtam be is not so bad as others; some rely on means engraved, written indelibly, so their gifts, for they have done many as to be had in everlasting remembrance. wonderful works, and preached in

Peter quotes the verse before the Christ's name : Behold, all ye that text, and the text, upon the day of kindle a fire, that compass yourselves Pentecost, as fulfilled in the death and about with sparks; walk in the light of resurrection of our Lord; and Paul your fire, and in the sparks that ye have quotes the verse before in his wonderful kindled.' This shall ye have of mine sermon at Antioch, as fulfilled at the hand, ye shall lie down in sorrow same blessed event-indeed the whole (Isa. 1. 11). It is the work of the Holy psalm is applicable to Him, and only Spirit to convince us of our sin; not applicable to His people, or to David and only convict us by the waw, but convince all saints, because they are Christ's. us in our conscience by the gospel, that Yet not all, only in part; for no man we are out of the right way; that if we called of God the Holy Ghost can take trust to our name, sect, privileges, upon himself to say verse the fourth, talents, experience, knowledge, anand verse the tenth. Every child of cestors, or anything of ourselves

, we God feels he cannot adopt every saying shall be deceived at last. Therefore, he in the Word as his; he must say this is led them forth by the right way, after he Christ's, and that is His, and Christ's had led them out of Egypt, and out of alone; to Him it belongs ; in Him it is the house of bondage-after he had refulfilled: but this is written for my deemed them from the hand of the learning, and my reproof, and that is enemy, and gathered them cut of the lands; written for my comfort, and my faith. and they had wandered in the wilderHowever, we may to-night, without ness in a solitary way, and found no city doubt or contradiction, take this text as to dwell in-hungry and thirsty, their ours, and plead it in our prayers, though soul fainted in them. “Then they cried Peter saith it belongs to Jesus; but He unto the Lord in their trouble, and he desaid, “You shall drink indeed of the livered them out of their distresses;" and cup which I drink of, and be baptized he showed them Jesus, the way, and the with the baptism I am baptized with ;" truth, and the life ; for, saith our Lord,

I yea, you shall enter into the joy of " he shall receive of mine and show it your Lord. Therefore, let us first un- unto you."

The poor sinner finds derstand by the Spirit, the path of life ; Jesus is the way of faith, and believes secondly, the fulness of joy; and thirdly, on him; the way of truth, and receives the pleasures for evermore.

him; and the way of life, and lives upon 1st. We know all men walk in paths him. “ Thou wilt shew me the path of of sin, error, and darkness; in the way of life”--this is the Lord's work. You the world, the flesh, and of death. remember the woman who cried after “All we like sheep have gone astray, Paul and Timothy, “ These men are the we have turned every one to his own servants of the most high God, which way."

They make to themselves shew unto us the way of salvation." crooked paths; they walk on in dark- So they did, and pointed, like the ness; "there is a way which seemeth Baptist, to Jesus, saying,

“Behold right unto a man, but the end thereof is the Lamb of God, which taketh away the way

of death." One thinks he shall' the sip of the world.” Nevertheless, no

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