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man could open the heart to receive, en- | his watch tower to see what the Lord lighten the eyes to see, and fix the will say unto him, and what he shall mind on Jesus--only God can do these answer when he is reproved by conthings—for, do I persuade men or God ? science, the Word and his adversaries. “Since the world began, was it pot He wants to view from his tower the heard that any man opened the eyes of way the Lord has led him in the wilderone that was born bli

;" (John ix. 32). ness, and to behold the land of far All life is in Christ; he is the path of distances. He wants to know more life, the word of life, the well of life, and more of Christ; to possess more of and the tree of life. Life is attended His riches, grace, and promises; and to with light-for in Him was life, and the enjoy more of His love, presence, and life was the light of men. The path of communion. He is, therefore, always the just, which is Christ, is as the looking to Christ, and looking for shining light that shineth more and Christ-He is his all in all. more unto the perfect day. Hear in- Now, whatever God is pleased to struction, saith wisdom, and be wise, show the soul, has life in it, light in it, and refuse it not. “ Blessed is the man and love in it, and, I may say, power in that heareth me, watching daily at my it; for our Lord promised his disciples gates, waiting at the posts of my doors; that they should not taste of death for whoso findeth me findeth life, and until they saw the kingdom of God shall obtain favour of the Lord.” Here come with power. And the saved sinner you see how the Lord keeps the hear- finds "there is a path which no fowl ing, watching, waiting soul at his gates. knoweth, and which the vulture's eye The poor sinner wants to see Jesus, and hath not seen: the lion's whelps have to find him, that he may find or lay not trodden it, nor the fierce lion passed hold of eternal life, and obtain favour of by it;" that all God's children are taught the Lord. The prophet Isaiah saith, these things by God the Holy Ghost, and “ Therefore will the Lord wait that he every one that hath heard and learned may be gracious unto you; and there of the Father comes to Christ. Again, fore will he be exalted, that he may “thou wilt shew me the path of life have mercy upon you; for the Lord is this was through death. Had not a God of judgment : blessed are all they Jesus died there would have been no that wait for Him” (Isa. xxx. 18). You life; but when, as we confess," he had learn that the Lord Jesus keeps you endured the sharpness of death, he waiting at his gates; and also, therefore, opened the kingdom of heaven to all will the Lord wait-not as many who believers." His death is our life, and corrupt the word say, that God is wait- the path is his cross; for it is through ing for you if you will come to him; much tribulation we enter the kingdom but therefore will the Lord wait that he of God. Has the Lord the Spirit ever may be gracious unto you-he defers showed you this path? that you must your hope--he keeps you waiting, and be crucified with Christ — be planted be himself waits, until the set time to together with all His saints in the likefavour Zion be come, and then the Holy ness of His death, before you can be Spirit shows us the path of life-we planted in the likeness of his resurbear his word behind, or which has been rection before you can spoken, saying, “This is the way, walk ye knowing this, that our old man is cruci

fied with Christ, that the body of sin The first thing in a real change of might be destroyed; that henceforth we heart is life — "For you hath he should not serve sin. As the Spirit shows quickened who were dead in trespasses us life in Christ, life through Christ, and sins."

Religion is a hidden thing and life with Christ; so, when we pass -it is the work of God-it is life through the valley of the shadow of within, and it is a constant revelation death, he will show us the path of life both of ourselves and of God, in His at. hereafter; and when the morning of the tributes of Christ, in His person, work, first resurrection, or the resurrection of and redemption, and of the Holy the saints, takes place, God the Holy Ghost in His Word, His operations, and Ghost will reveal to us fully the path of renewings; and the believer is set upon lives--for so it is in the Hebrew : "If


see life?

in it.”


the Spirit of Him that raised up Jesus “ Weeping endureth for this night-joy from the dead dwell in you, He that cometh in that morning." “Thy raised up Christ from the dead shall also shall no more go down.” When we quicken your mortal bodies by His receive the fulness, when that which is Spirit that dwelleth in you." Thou perfect is come-"neither shall thy moon wilt show me—even me, a poor, weak, withdraw itself, for the Lord shall be vile sinner, utterly unworthy and un- thine everlasting light, and the day of done--the precious path of everlasting thy mourning shall be ended.” But time life, through Christ my Saviour's would fail to recount the joy and rejoicprecious death.

ing of the righteous (Isa. xxxv. 10). 2nd. “ In Thy presence is fulness Have you received out of his fulness, of joy.” Here again, we see Jesus-He grace, joy, peace life, light, comfort, is the presence of Jehovah-as the Lord strength, wisdom, riches, glory? for we said to Moses, “My presence shall be shall receive in his presence the fulness, with thee, and I will give thee rest.” the whole, the perfection nothing dimiAnd Moses said unto the Lord, “If thy nished, nothing dimmed, nothing, depresence go not with me, carry us stroyed; "for in Thy presence is fulness not up hence” (Exod. xxxii. 14, 15), or of joy." In short, you cannot be in His as we might say, go before, for the angel presence but you feel joy. Then were of the Lord went before them. How- the disciples glad when they saw the ever, Jesus is the angel of God's pre- Lord—they had wept, but He said, “ Let sence; he is the image of the invisible not your heart be troubled, you believe God. “He that hath seen me,” saith in God, believe in me.” He will wipe He," hath seen the Father.” There are away every tear, and satiate the sorrowthree very wonderful verses in Paul's ful soul ; He comforted Mary, Martha, Epistle to the Colossians concerning the and Peter, yea, all His apostles ; for how Lord Jesus Christ which I cannot com- could they be sad when He talked with prehend, but, blessed be God, which I them, and walked with them, and enjoy and rejoice in. After the apostle their hearts burned with love to Him. had declared him to be the image, the “These things,” said He, -Ah! how first-born, the creator, the pre-existent, many precious things He had said the head, the beginning, he saith, “For these things have I spoken unto you it pleased the Father that in Him should that my joy might remain in you, and all fulness dwell.” And again, chap. ii. that your joy might be full.”. 3. “In whom are hid all the treasures Lastly. “At thy right hand there are of wisdom (of God the Holy Ghost), and pleasures for evermore."

I believe this knowledge (of God the Father); and is Jesus again. This is the third time He the third time, verse ninth, “For in Him manifests Himself; for who is the right dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead hand save our God? “The voice of rebodily.” " In thy presence is fulness of joicing and salvation is in the tabernacle joy." Mind that word joy—the joy of of the righteous : the right hand of the faith—the joy of thy salvation-the joy Lord doeth valiantly; the right hand and

peace in believing--the joy in God of the Lord is exalted; the right hand the joy of the bridegroom and the bride of the Lord doeth valiantly” (Psa. cxyiii

. the righteousness, joy, and peace of the 15, 16). The right hand shows His kingdom. " I will greatly rejoice in the exaltation, His strength and power, His Lord, my soul shall be joyful in my God; dominion and might, His victory and for He hath clothed me with the gar- triumph. Our Lord sitteth on the right ments of salvation, he hath covered me hand until He has made His enemies with the robe of righteousness." We His footstool. He saves with His right shall at last enter into the joy of our hand, and His right hand is full of righteLord, for ye shall go out of this body ousness (Psa. xlviii. 10). Jesus is the and this world with joy, and be led forth path of life as our prophet ; He is the from all your sins and sorrows, foes and presence of Jehovah as our priest; and fears here with peace. "The mountains He is the right hand as our king; 'with and the hills shall break forth before you Him, and in Him, are pleasures for into singing, and and all the trees of the evermore. Oh what short-lived pleasures field stall clap their hands ” (Isa. Iv. 12). are the delights of the sans of mea!

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their laughter, merrriment, pleasures, saints ! Oh the pleasure to sing, "Unto riches, honours, joys, are so transitory Him that hath loved us, and washed us that they are not worthy our regard. from our sins, and hath made us kings Their pleasures are all "sinful, which and priests unto God and His Father!" makes them bitter, and they are all Oh the pleasure to cast our crowns of short-only for a season; for the world gold before the throne, saying, “Thou passeth away, and the lusts and plea- art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory, and sures thereof, but our pleasures are honour, and power!”

Ah! and I may without sin, pain, and end--pleasures for say, to be free from falling, fearing, evermore: Oh, the pleasure of seeing doubting ; free from sin which dwells in Jesus as He is, and to be made like Him, us, from Satan, the world; to be out to see the face of God, and live for ever of the body of the flesh and in the body beholding; to see the glory of the Lord; of glory ; to be free from distress, tempto drink of the living fountains, and the tation, trial, sorrow, the curse, from river of life; to eat of the tree of life; sickness, pain, pride, danger, for ever to behold the holy city having the glory and ever; for Jerusalem, which is above of God, its gates of pearl and walls is free-which is the mother of us allof jasper;. to see the holy angels; see free from sects and divisions, parties and Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and all the prejudices. Remember, brethren, at prophets, apostles, and saints; to see God's right hand there are pleasures for one another there; to see our names evermore; here we taste and see the written in the book of life. Oh the plea- Lord is gracious, but there we shall eat sure to walk with Jesus clothed in white and be satisfied. Amen. linen, which is the righteousness of the



" Why so alarmed about Popery ? Why stronghold of Protestantism; a Papist keep thundering against a system that was quite a curiosity. But now, the is fairly prostrate, and can never rise entire face of things is changed! The again in these islands ? What is Popery facts are patent to all. About the now, but the slender shadow of a potent middle of last month, the new Romish substance ? Once it ruled the nations schools, lately erected, were formally with a rod of iron, making kings tremble; opened' by a soirée. Bishop Gillis, of but now it is only a bugbear to frighten Edinburgh, was in the chair, supported by children ! There is nothing whatever to Drs. Marshall, late of Oxford, and Macbe apprehended from it. In such a pherson, as also by Dr. Keenan, of Dunland as ours; with a free constitution, a dee, to whom was presented by the Dunfree press, a land thickly studded with dee Romanists an address, along with a Protestant pulpits, overspread with purse of 150 sovereigns, as a tribute of Sunday-schools, and covered with Bibles, their regard for him as their pastor for it is, and ever will be, utterly impotent the last twenty years. Dr. Keenan to lift its head again. It is a mere relic replied in terms which demonstrated of former times, illustrating and con- pretty plainly to what source the great firming the statements of history." success of the Catholic body in that Well

, be it so ; this self-satisfied style town is to be attributed. It was quite of talk may seem to bespeak manly clear that they were of the workingspirit and superior sagacity, but it is classes, and that, as they stuck fast by only the effect of ignorance, frivolity, their clergy in the bond of union, their and apathy. Let us take a single small mites had been the means raisexample of progress, which is of more ing them, in a pecuniary point of view, value than a flood of declamation. from small things, to a position most

Dundee, thirty years ago, was one of honourable in the town. The Catholics, the most intelligent, moral, and Church- be said, were, within his own recollecgoing towns in Scotland, the very tion, possessed of only £700 worth of


church property in Dundee, and now was wanted, a demonstration of the they were worth £18,000. They had marvellously philanthropic spirit of only one small chapel, which barely con. Popery, and the response of the multitained 300 persons ; now they had two tude will be a shout of victory and magnificent churches, capable of con- glory. taining 5,000. They had no school; If Dundee may be taken as a fair now they had five schools, capable of average display of the progress of containing 1,800 scholars. They had Popery, we put it to every man of comonly one resident clergyman; now they mon-sense, whether the state of the had six. They had not 200 Easter com- country be not in a high degree alarmmunicants; now they had 9,000. ing. Many towns, we know, are in

As is usual in Roman Catholic meet- advance of Dundee,—those especially ngs, the health of the Pope, as Head in the middle, and on the western shores of the Church, was given, and received of Scotland. Dundee is very

unfavourwith great enthusiasm. That also of the ably situated as the home of Irish emi. Queen was received in a manner equally grants, and hence Popery must recruit enthusiastic and loyal—both sentiments her forces very mainly by appropriating coming from the chair. Dr. Keenan, to herself the refuse of the population, after receiving, the address and testi- stealing by degrees on those in better monial, retained the former, and disposed circumstances. We are, nevertheless, of the latter :-Ist, to the Royal In- told to take it easy, and comfort ourfirmary, £10; to the destitute poor, in selves by the assurance that Popery case of want this winter, £10, to the is making no progress. Would that it soup kitchen (if any), £10; and the re- were so ! The impious and pestilent maining £120°to be devoted to the com- system is assuredly, spreading, and pletion of the schools.

everywhere fast covering the land, and In all this there is something pe. rising into favour. It is acting on the culiarly characteristic. This apportion- two extremes of society, and skilfully ing of the money, is a master stroke. adapting itself to both. It is actually

The ignorant multitude can only be subjugating to itself the ruling mind of reached through the medium of their the nation, which seems awed by its senses ; fill their mouths, and hosannas arrogance, and dazzled by its dignity. will at once break forth. Spiritual good is Our great men may not enter its pale, beyond their comprehension, but they but they do it homage, and show it are keenly alive to bread and meat. The kindness. gift to the Infirmary is fixed and gone : We call not on the Legislature for not so the rest. The poor are to receive pains and penalties; but we do call on the money only “in case of want,” of them henceforth to abstain from direct which his “Reverence” is, of course, to patronage both at home and abroad; be the judge—an event which, from the and we do also call on the Protestant New Scottish Poor Law, is not of likely Churches to arise from their sloth, to occurrence. The other donation is only anoint the shield, furbish the spear, and to go to the “Soup Kitchen," if such prepare themselves for battle.British there be. It is enough; here is all that | Ensign.



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“ Take care of yourself,” said one friend | enough, nor wise enough to take care of to another, as the latter took his seat in yourself. It is only God, He who the train. My dear sir," was the neither slumbers nor sleeps, that can reply, “I am quite old enough to take take care of you. You have as much care of myself. “ Are you thought reason as the great king of Israel to JONATHAN. You are very greatly mis- exclaim, 'Hold thou me up, and I shall taken. If you knew where you are- be safe;' for when we are least sus. what you are and the enemies and the picious of danger, or think we are freest dangers to which you are every moment from temptation, then are we most ex exposed, you would think otherwise. posed. Let him that thinketh be You are not old enough, nor strong standeth, take heed lest he fall.”'





To the Editor of the Gospel Magazine. DEAR BROTHER IN THE LORD,-It 2. That, for example, it is so used in is with unfeigned reluctance that I John vii. 39. again buckle on my controversial ar- 3. That it being thus proved that the mour. I know that you, as well as the words are used both in a personal and large majority of your readers, would far in an impersonal sense, and it being a rather have your pages otherwise occu- fact which cannot be gainsaid that they pied than with controversy; especially occur in some instances with the article controversy on such “hard questions " and in some without it, it is a most as the present. I know also, alas ! too reasonable conclusion that it was intendmuch of theological disputation, not to ed, generally at least, to indicate in have learnt its general proximate use- which sense they are used. lessness. Rarely, indeed, has it any

4. That to talk of a personal indwellother effect, so far as the parties engaging of the Holy Spirit in believers is ing in it are themselves concerned, than simply to “darken counsel by words to confirm each in his own opinion : and without knowledge." it is a happy thing if it does not at the Should I succeed in doing this, it same time produce coldness, irritation, will, I think, be the conclusion of every and harsh judgment of one another, even candid and unprejudiced mind that I between Christian brethren. Oh, for have proved that T. B. Li's strictures more of what has been beautifully called " are not founded on Scripture.” "the controversial intellect without the 1. My first thesis, then, is that the controversial spirit.My own opinion appellation the Holy Ghostis frehas long been that the grand use of con- quently used in an IMPERSONAL sense. troversy is not so much the conviction of T. B. L. expresses “his own conviction your opponent' as the confirmation of that the words Holy Spirit,' with or those who are disposed to agree with without the article, never refer to anyyou, but whose minds may be perplexed thing else than the Divine Person.". This and unsettled by the arguments used on is indeed “ a hardy saying." He does the other side. And so in the present well to call it his own conviction, for I case, it is, I will candidly confess, not think he will find few who share it. so much in the hope that I shall succeed The thesis expresses not merely my own in changing the opinion of your Brighton conviction, but that of every biblical correspondent (any more than he has critic worthy of the name. I confidently succeeded in changing mine), as to pre-challenge T. B. L. to produce a single vent any who may be disposed to agree

modern_authority who agrees with him. with my views from being frightened In Dr. KITTO's “Cyclopædia of out of them, that I make this reply to Biblical Literature," under the article his animadversions.

“ Holy Spirit," I read thus : T. B. L.'s able letter occupies some words Spirit and Holy Spirit frequently nine columns in your current Number, occur in the New Testament, by meand were I to attempt to enter upon the tonymy, for the influence or effects of full discussion of every point he has His agency. raised, or the critical examination of (a.) Ås a procreative power, the every text he has quoted in it, I should power of the Highest' (Luke i. 35), have to write not a letter but a treatise. " (6.) As an influence, with which It will, therefore, be my main object in Jesus was endued (Luke iv. 1). . the following remarks, to establish these (c.) As a divine inspiration or aflafour propositions :

tus, by which the prophets and holy men 1. That the appellation “the Holy wrote and spoke (2 Pet. i. 21; Numb. Ghost ” is frequently used in the New 11. 26; Neh. ix. 30; Ezek. iii. 12, 14; Testament Scriptures in an impersonal Rev. i. 10; iv. 2; xvii

. 3). “(d.) As miraculous gifts and powers,


- The


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