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silent, yet plaintive, speaking tears of tame him, but whom with one word He a broken heart, that He is the good brought to His feet, clothed, and in his Physician; that there is balm in Gilead; right mind. and that there is a Physician there. Moreover, how much wretched pha

How sweet, then, in pursuing the risaism and self-complacency might many journey to which I have alluded, was of us in that train have been indulging, the reflection, that, as Jesus is the same at the time we witnessed the violence, yesterday, and to-day, and for ever, He and of necessity heard the blasphemies, was as well able to meet the case of of that poor fallen one.

Hers were that

poor, fallen, and degraded creature sins of lip and life; but what if the who occupied a seat in the same train heart-sins of her fellow-passengers had as I, as that of Mary Magdalene, out been exposed ? Equally in need they of whom He cast seven devils. He was of that blood which can alone cleanse as able now as when He crossed the from all sin. How well may the selfSea of Gennesaret to tell the evil spirit righteous and the Pharisee remember the to come out of this poor miserable out- words of Jesus, “Publicans and harcast, as of him who had his dwelling lots shall enter the kingdom before you." among the tombs, neither could any man





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I HAD been for some days unusually | desolate,” indeed. With me it was as indulged. Sweet was the access with with the disciples of old, “ It was now which I was privileged. Christ was i dark, and Jesus was not come.' sensibly near and dear. All was beloved had withdrawn himself. “I felt to be well. I was where I was, sought Him, but I found Him not.” and what I was, and how I was, accord- Such passages as these were just exing to the loving and gracious purpose pressive of my state:-"Be not far from of my God and Father. But suddenly me, for trouble is near ; for there is none I was called to encounter a most painful to help.” “The troubles of my heart

Something like Abraham's are enlarged : O bring me out of my “horror of great darkness" befel me. distresses. Look upon mine afiliction, I lost all my comfort. Every particle and my pain ; and forgive me all my of childlike trust, and confidence, and sins.” “And I said, Oh, that I had simplicity, had subsided. The “Can wings like a dove! for then would I fly God spread a table in the wilderness ?” away, and be at rest." “ From the end set in with a host of doubts and fears. of the earth will I cry unto thee, when Sight and sense seemed to have it all my heart is overwhelmed : lead me to their own way: Deeply depressed in the rock that is higher than I.” spirit, and broken, and humbled, I felt us help from trouble, for vain is the I would gladly have picked up even a help of man.” crumb from the veriest babe in the I was, in point of feeling and realizafamily. I had engaged to go and speak tion, brought very low; but now mark, on behalf of my great Lord and Master; reader, the goodness of God, and His but the unlooked-for attack of deep, great care and watchfulness over His deep depression overawed my spirit, and children, when they have least consciousI strove to the utmost to find a substi- ness of the fact. Whilst thus musing tute; but my efforts were in vain, I in pensiveness and sorrow, I suddenly was obliged to go.

heard the passenger who sat in the At length I started on my journey. most distant corner of the carriage, At the first station at which the train whistle a tune. I recognised the tune, stopped,

a young man stepped into the notwithstanding the noise of the carcarriage, and took his seat on the riage as it progressed. “ What tune is opposite corner. Not a word was that ?" said I to myself ;.“oh, it is that spoken by him or the other passenger;

toand I was too sorrowful to break the “Begone, unbelief, my Saviour is near, silence. “My heart within me And for my relief, will surely appear :


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By prayer let me wrestle, and He will per- varied constitutional or occasional ail

ments—the feeling under the depression With Christ in the vessel, I'll smile at the is this—that even if delivered from the

present attack, there would always be Then verse after verse of that precious the fear of a recurrence, and thus one hymn flowed into the mind in the most would be in perpetual bondage and fear; timely and refreshing way. It was in- whereas, so complete is the Lord's deed most seaso

sonable, and brought succour and deliverance, when His time home at such a juncture by such a sim- sball have arrived to vouchsafe it, that ple and unexpected means the whistling His dear suffering people “forget their of a tune by a passenger with whom I misery, and remember it as waters that had not exchanged a word. I felt he pass away," messenger

to my soul

Beloved reader, have you not proved -the bearer of hope, and peace, and a this again and again ? Notwithstanding measure of joy, although he knew it allthat yonfelt and feared, when under the not; and, when at the next station he discipline of a kind and gracious Father, rose to leave, from my heart I thanked when at length He has appeared, has him from my inmost soul, although no not the deliverance proved to be of that word was spoken: and I prayed my perfect and complete nature of which God to bless him, whoever he was, or I have spoken? Have you not, in very wherever he was going. Oh, reader, deed, proved that He giveth songs in how sweetly, under those circumstances, the night ?" and have you not blessed, flowed the words into the burdened praised, and adored the Lord for these heart

renewed discoveries of His grace, faith“ His love in times past forbids me to fulness, and power? Yea, moreover

, think

have you not found that that very sink. He 'll leave me at last in trouble to sink; ing of heart and mental anguish, deEach sweet Ebenezer I have in review pression, or dismay, has been a means of Confirms His good pleasure to help me leading into sweetest sympatlıy with a quite through.

suffering Christ, as you have had fellow' Though dark be my way, since He is my ship with. His Gethsemane groans, guide,

Father, if it be possible, let this cup 'Tis mine to obey, 'tis His to provide : pass from me;" or His Calvary cries, Thongh cisterns be broken, and creatures My God, my God, why hast thou forall fail,

saken me?” Moreover, if I happen to The word He has spoken shall surely pre be addressing one of the Lord's messenvai).

gers, will he not agree with me in testi“Since all that I meet shall work for my fying, that his best times in preaching good,

have followed some of these seasons of The bitter is sweet, the mea'cine is food; deep suffering, when he could in very Though painful at present, 'twill cease deed realize, that “out of weakness, be before long,

was made strong-strong in the Lord, And then, oh, how pleasant the con. and in the power of His might ?" And qucror's song."

sure I am, that if we could but learn Thus is one taught one's utter help- our lessons more readily, we should at lessness on the one hand, and the once construe these special seasons of sovereignty, grace, and condescension sorrow, soul-travail, or distress, into of the Lord on the other. When He sweet harbingers of mercy and foregiveth quietness, who then can make runners of blessings, love-tokens, and trouble : and when He hideth His face, enjoyment. We should immediately who then can behold Him?"

And one recognize in them and by them the of the most wonderful features of the voice, “Child, thy Father is about to do Lord's deliverance is this : Under one something for thee.” of those severe attacks of depression, Lord, give Thy dear children, under arise from what cause they may- all thy varied dealings, to remember whether from merely outward circum- that " unto them it is given, on the stances, or that close sympathy which behalf of Christ, not only to believe, but the mind has with ander its to SUFFER, for His sake."


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I HAD accompanied two dear ones to the or so, the place where the carriages had train. They had seen to their luggage, stood was a blank, and the train only to got their tickets, and taken their seats be seen in the distance. in the carriage. Passenger after passen- “Is there no lesson here?” thought ger was accommodated-truck after I. “Yes, this young man is like thoutruck cleared of its contents; the steam sands in the world, who, from the effects blowing off at a high pressure, intimated of a religious training, know that, if they all was waiting for the signal to start. would be saved, they must be conveyed The platform, now so empty, presented a away from the city of destruction-from singular contrast to the animating scene a world lying in the wicked one; but which one had just before witnessed. they are resolved to tarry in that world, Instead of a multitude of persons run- and to have their fill of it, as long as ning bither and thither, porters drawing they can. Their leaving the world shall a truck this way, or carrying a burden be more of necessity than choice. At that; all was now perfectly quiet, and length, though led to make a profession; not a creature to be seen with the ex. though, like the young man rushing to ception of the guards of the train, and the railway station, they resort to the a stray porter or two. That rapid clear. house of God, they come unto the ance and perfect quiet, by so quick a Lord as His people cometh, and they transition, seemed quite painful. There sit before Him as His people;' yet was a kind of deathliness about it, that though they hear His words, they do reminded one in a moment of how deep them not.' Though at the station, they that silence, when men that now give loiter; they linger and look back,

did life and animation to our streets and Lot's wife at Sodom. There's no heart, cities and public resorts, shall one and no will nor inclination to take their all disappear.

place in the train. They would sooner, How solemn that universal calm which in reality, it would start without them, prevailed, whilst Noah and his sons were and leave them behind to return like shut within the ark, and ere yet the the dog to its vomit, and the sow to her land had thoroughly dried up.

wallowing in the mire.' Theirs is proWhat a gloom must have pervaded fession-nothing more ; ' merely a name Egypt at early morn, after the destroy- to live' is theirs. And, though at ing angel had passed through the land length, they may take their seat, show

Whilst thus musing, as I stood near ing like the young man their ticket; the carriage which contained those so they may be baptized into this church or dear to me, a young man came running that church- be called by this name or towards the train. He was greatly that name and travel for a time with agitated, as though overcome by his God's people, yet, after all, there is no efforts to be in time; but, strange to vital change--no real heart-work-no say, having reached the platform he inward experience of that great truth, appeared to be perfectly satisfied. There If any man be in Christ, he is a new was the train in readiness to start, and creature; old things are passed away, I expected every moment to hear the behold all things are become new. whistle sounded, and the puffing and They know nothing experimentally of snorting of the engine bespeaking in that great and glorious secret, I am proud triumph that she was off; but, crucified with Christ ; nevertheless I though all this was clear, the young man live, yet not I, but Christ liveth in me; in question took his stand deliberately and the life I now live in the flesh, I by the train as if in perfect indifference live by the faith of the Son of God, who whether he went or not. At length, as hath loved me, and given Himself for if roused from an unaccountable reverie, me.' And the inquiry of such, 'Is there he suddenly bestirred himself, and now room” is simply the emanation of that hurriedly stepped from carriage to car- feeling which prompted the wicked riage, exclaiming, “Is THERE ROOM?" Balaam to exclaim, “Let me die the Fortunately for him, the guard found death of the righteous, and let my

last just one seat; and, in another minute lend be like His.'




Thou shalt not die.~Judges vi. 23. OBSERVE 1st. The contrast,

4th. The cause of deliveranceshalt die.” Ezek. xviii. 20, " The prophet was sent (v. 8). The Holy soul that sinneth, it shall die." Mark Ghost is the Deliverer. When we are John viii. 21, “If ye believe not that I brought, under His teaching, to see and am He, ye shall die in your sins." feel our own sinfulness and need of sal

2. The kind of death here meant. Not vation, we are then led to Christ, the the death of the body, for the sentence only Refuge. Mark (v: 9), There came of death has passed upon all men, for an angel of the Lord Jesus Christ. See all have sinned. In this sense it is John vi. 53, 54, of which the flesh, appointed unto all men once to die; not, mentioned in Judges vi. 19, 20, was a therefore, the death of the body, but type. And then markthe second death-dying in “sin," with- 5th. The certainty of the triumph out Christ (Rev. xx. 12–15 to the end (Rev. xx. 4–6). In conclusion, pray of the chapter). Mark John xi. 25. for grace to be deeply humbled under a

3rd. The character of those who shall sense of self-unworthiness and need of not die. “Those,"

the salvation. What did Gideon do? He penitent sinner, humbled under a sense built an altar (v. 24) to Jehovah-Shalom. of sin. Mark his cry (Psalm cxlii. 4, to

The Lord send peace.

"I thank the end).

God, for thirty-seven years I have been Such was the state of Israel, as de- able to raise this altar in public and in scribed in the chapter containing the text; private, in the public ministry of the greatly impoverished, feeling their need Church, in the bosom of my own family, of help, and crying to God (Judges vi. and in my own private devotion. 6). Rev. iii. 16–18, The case of the Mark 1 Cor. xv. 51–55. The victory church at Laodicea.

through our Lord Jesus Christ. Mark What was the effect of Israel crying the certainty of the victory. A brief reto God? Help and deliverance granted. view of the whole (Rom. viii. 35—39). Mark

Mark Judges xiii. 22, 23.


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A DEAR brother and I were in conversa- | realize with my Father-God! I shall. tion. We used to dwell near together, see Him! I shall behold my precious and meet and converse day by day. But Jesus, "no more as through a glass now, in the Providence of God, our lot darkly, but face to face." "I shall as is cast many miles apart. Hence, when verily gaze upon Him, and speak to we meet, the moments are so much the Him, as I now gaze upon and speak more precious. Well, as I sat looking with this dear brother."

Oh, how preup into a face I loved to contemplate, cious was the thought, and how did my and whilst listening to his voice, the heart dance with delight in the anticipathought suddenly crossed me, “Why, tion. Moreover, I thought it was worth this self-same thing I shall ere long I suffering for and waiting for. D.

The doctrinal mysteries of Christianity are bones to philosophy, but milk to faith.-Howell.


If one part of God's holy Word more! the outward_persecutions and snares of than another may be said to be full of the world. Like Moses they go to God comfort or edification to the Christian, at once, and tell Him their sorrows; surely that part is the few chapters but too often, like Moses, they lose which contain the account of the sojourn sight for a time of God's faithfulness, in Egypt of God's ancient chosen and wonder why He has not delivered people, and their glorious deliverance His people at ali. from the heart-hardened monarch.

Then mark the infinite love and longHow do the heavy afflictions and suffering of Jehovah. Might He not bitter bondage of the sons of Israel, justly have rebuked His complaining correspond with the struggles and trials servant, and chastised him for doubting of the people of the Lord in every age? His word ? But instead of this, in

When Moses came to them, with the answer to the appeal of Moses, He grapromise of deliverance from the Lord's ciously renewed and confirmed His proown mouth, how impatient they were, mises to the children of Israel (Exod. because that deliverance was not imme- vi. 1-8), which promises were diately effected. Under their renewed troubles and heavy tasks, they groaned

“ Fenced with Jehovah's shalls and wills,

Firm as the everlasting hills.” for the expected, but yet delayed, hour of emancipation, which they thought The word of the Lord, doubtless was to free them at once from the hands received with reverence and gratitude by of their enemies and their cruel burdens; Moses, was not so received by the and their chafed and grieved spirits gave grieved and stricken Israelites. They rise to the harsh words spoken to the hearkened not to Moses for anguish of servant of the Lord. And even Moses, spirit and for cruel bondage. So, often the most meek man that ever lived, the mourner in Zion can hardly be perbegan to give way to reproachful suaded to give an ear to the Word of thoughts towards God, and to call in the Lord; he refuses to believe that the question the promise of His aid. “Why promise is really to him; his drooping is it that thou hast sent me ? For since spirit, so long borne down under the I came to Pharaoh to speak in thy name, weight of his sins and sorrows, finds it he hath done evil to this people ; neither hard to rise up into the light and freehast thou delivered thy people at all.dom which the peace of the gospel Exactly thus is it with many now; they brings; he cannot realize that the great are in bitterness of spirit; they go to I AM has condescended to call him by the messenger of their Lord, perhaps the his name, and to call himself the God one who was the means of awakening and Father of such a guilty, worthless them to a sense of the burdens of the creature. But the Lord is unchangeEgypt of this sinful world; and they able; and now, as formerly, He hath rehearse to him, that although the pro- established His covenant with all His mise of deliverance has sounded in their people; and although the way may be ears, and the light of a happier day has often cloudy, He will assuredly bring cast a faint ray across their wearisome them into the land of Canaan. path, the gloom has now only become Throughout the various and fearful thicker around them, and they are almost judgments poured out upon Egypt's ready to doubt whether or no the Lord cruel monarch and his people, how means to keep His promise, because beautifully is the discriminating love of instead of their burden being lightened, God and His watchfulness over His it has been made heavier. How often people set forth. In Exod. viii. 22, we are the hearts of God's ministers made read that the Lord said, “And I will sever sad when they see those to whom they in that day the land of Goshen, in which have; under "God, bronght home the my people dwell, that no swarms of flies word with power, struggling against shall be there ;” and in chapter ix. 4-6, the increased burden of their sins, and " And the Lord sball sever between the

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