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and weather should not keep me from | trials, and persecutions I passed through going to Camberwell. I got there; the may well cause me to say, “ Truly goodgoodness of the Lord breaking down all ness and mercy have followed me all the obstacles for me. Again I beheld that days of my life.” thin, pale-faced young man. His text But, many, doubtless, like myself, will was, My Saviour." Oh! that knocked praise God to their dying moments that me down altogether, and broke me to ever they knew Joseph Irons. pieces ; from that Sabbath-day till the True, my dear sister in Christ, and time when it pleased the Lord to call among them is he who has drawn from Joseph Irons to his eternal home, did I you these recollections of your earlier continue to sit under bis ministrv, a days, and remains, period of upwards of thirty years, during

Yours in the best bonds, which eventful course the afflictions, Bow Road.

G. C.



The greatest trust God ever bestowed! To live on Christ, is to live over the on Christ, was to bestow on Him the truths of God in our hearts. Church, the body of Christ, and the care In believing we are transported into of the same; and the greatest trust be the bosom of Christ, and enjoy heaven stowed on the apostle Paul was the gos- in our souls. pel of the grace of God.

The Lord never forgets any outgoing Like the children of Israel were in of our hearts towards Him. bondage in Egypt, so our spirits are in We see love in Christ that can never bondage within us, and will be so till be fathomed. death.

There is that perfection in the finished There is no salvation in our believing salvation of Christ, which lifts us up on in Christ, because salvation is in Him high. independent of that.

The Lord remembers us, so as to will Precious in the sight of the Lord is everything that is to befal us in this the death of His saints, in consequence time state. of the death of Christ, the just for the Though we come into disquietudes, unjust.

yet He remembers us to lift us up beChrist did not bless the bread, for the yond all misgivings. bread could not be a spiritual blessing. He remembers nothing against us, but He invoked a spiritual blessing on His everything for us. people in their future observance of this Whatever has passed spiritually beordinance to the end of time. It is tween the Lord and us, is immortal, is called the cup of the Lord, because His eternal. name is called over it.

You are never engaged in asking any Full assurance of faith is believing the request of Jesus Christ, that is forgotperfection of Christ's sacrifice.

ten of Him. Explanation of 1 Pet. i. 18. And Our

prayers are but an echo of what hope perfectly in the grace that is Christ is interceding for. brought unto you in the revelation of The Lord never had a sigh towards Jesus Christ.

Him, but He will answer and grant. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, is It is in Christ, not in our knowledge not the gospel; it is only a declaration of it, that we are clean from all sin in that, in believing, we see and know that the sight of God. we are saved.

To walk legally, is to walk after the The gospel is a revelation of Christ, flesh; and to walk after the flesh, is to and of the perfection of the Church in walk legally and suspiciously of Christ. Him.

God cannot charge any man in Christ with sin, any more than He can Christ | give us an account of God's dealings Himself,

with men. Angel, a sword without a scabbard ; God is all thought, and His thoughts man, a sword within a scabbard. are continually and everlastingly en

The body is the sheath of the soul. gaged in thinking on His people in

Meetness for heaven is an act of the Christ. Holy Spirit on our minds, whereby we It is not three essences; it is the have a capacity to apprehend what the One essential Godhead. Lord has revealed, whereby we hold If we have no faith in the Holy Ghost, communion with Him.

there can be no faith in Christ. It is There are three rings all round the by the Holy Ghost we receive Christ, crowned Lamb:-/st. The Church, who and know who He is, what He contains, is nearest to Him. 2ndly. The ring of and what He hath performed. angels. 3rdly. The whole creation, as The Holy Ghost first gives us life, every creature living upon earth. “ For before He gives us light. we know that the whole creation

groan- Pray for a more enlarged appreheneth.” The restitution of all things. sion of Jesus Christ, that you may be so

The four beasts are living creatures. enlightened by the Spirit of God as to Some say, representatives of the Holy take Him in from the Scriptures of Trinity.

truth, and three books :-1. Creation of God never imputed sin to the elect. God. 2. Book of God's providence. In

It was not Christ's engagements with the Song of Solomon all in nature is God; it was God's engagements with expressed and made use of to the praise Christ.

and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. 3. Christ is exalted in that very nature The book of grace-His eternal love, and in which He suffered and died.

favour of the eternal Three to the eleet Christ is the book of life, and our of mankind in Christ. The pillars of names being inscribed on Christ, and in silver, expressive of the purity of the Christ, are thus written in the book of gospel doctrine. Gold means the stalife.

bility of the foundation. Purple, the Mr. Romaine called it, the Acts of covering of blood. Paved with love the Holy Ghost on the Apostles; not the heart of Christ burns with love. the Acts of the Apostles.

Solomon signifies peace. Christ was the first of all God's The principal glory of Christ's crown thoughts.

is salvation. The Holy Spirit cannot prophesy Christ's having been accepted of the without a subject, which is Christ. divine Father, is a proof that all His

When Christ became incarnate, the people are and were accepted in Him. spirit of prophecy ceased.

God looks upon every member of His The things of God are made known to Church as He does upon Christ Himus by revelation, not by prayer.

self. Christ is the face of God.

It is God's great act to give His peeA little glimpse of Christ's person, ple the knowledge of Christ; and they puts down all our graces.

then set up their rest in Christ, and Christ's heart contains all the love of sing the Lord's song. God; and His bowels contain all the If we are cold and dead, we ought manifestative mercies of God.

even then to speak the language of faith, Our communion with God does not that Christ may be glorified. depend on our keeping it up with Him; In the 8th of Proverbs there are the but it depends entirely on His own first thoughts of Christ Himself. In friendship

the 1st of Ephesians there are God's The meaning of cherubim, was God first thoughts of us as His elect chosen. Himself in His Divine Persons. And the first act of the Holy Ghost is

Seraphim signifies burning ones, re- to give us spiritual life; and the first presentatives of the great Jehovah, good thought we had of Christ was that

Vision means some extraordinary and of a Saviour. This begins our fellowsupernatural appearance.

ship with Christ on earth. The history of men in the Bible, is to Christ keeps up a Church on earth, or


purpose to have perpetual opportunities "Awake, O sword, against my Fellow, of making Himself known in the virtue and against the Man that is my Shepof His blood and righteousness. berd, saith the Lord of hosts.” If sin speaks louder in your con

There is that in Christ I can never sciences than Christ, depend on it


fully receive. have dropped the subject, Christ. The heart of Christ was in His suffer

It is the man that feels sin that grows ings. into Christ.

My faith is in the worth and value of If you and I had not been defiled, we the sacrifice of Christ. should even then have stood in need of For three long hours the human soul Christ; because we could not have ap- of Christ was forsaken of God. proached to God without Him.

I want for Christ to possess my mind. The righteousness of Christ is appre

It is blessed to be content to be where hended by faith, and it is the Holy the Lord has placed us. Spirit's work to show us the glory of it. Damnation is not so great an evil as

John the Baptist baptized in the name sin, because sin is the cause of it. of the Messiah, not in the name of the The plaister of Christ's blood is wide Holy Trinity.

and large enough for the sore, and for God's promise is His will given for a the cure of all the sins of His mystic covenant; that means for a purification body; for it cleanseth from all sin. ---a purifier-consisting of the sins of The knowledge of the death of Christ the Lord's people being taken from is the only mortification of sin. them, and laid


We may not be able to call God our If we know Christ, all that is to be God; but He Himself says, I am thy done is to have that knowledge main- God. There is enough in this to carry tained.

us with triumph through the whole host We want our minds kept up in His of hell, for who shall lay anything to being a complete Saviour, in His having the charge of God's electIt is Christ loved and washed us from our sins in that died, yea rather, who hath risen His own blood.

again. Therefore we may well sing, It is what He is in Himself—the Hallelujah! for the Lord God omnipoknowledge of this centres me in Him. tent reigneth. He is fuller of grace than we are of The


to honour the Lord is to give sin.

full credit to His truths. Christ often holds communion with Fire, light, and splendour, showed the us when we do not know it, or think of it. Lord was peculiarly present.

The Second Person in the Godhead It will not do to think about what assumed human nature, and dwelt may befal us in this time state. therein.

We want a present Jesus, and Christ It is not all that Christ hath done Jesus is the fulness of


and glory. that makes us God's elect. No; our There is no need for us to be looking union to His person was before all this, at sin or self. Nothing suits us so well even before the foundation of the world. as looking unto Christ. When

we shall see the glory of Christ's It is a blessed thing to begin a new person, I should suppose it will swallow year disencumbered. up all redemption.

Being saved in Christ, it is a blessed The Lord's people cannot avoid any thing to bring Him praise and glory. trouble or sorrow they are predestinated The Lord, in all His persons, rejoices to.

and is well pleased with His people in Some sins arise in us; some sins Christ Jesus. He cannot rejoice more arise from us.

over His people in the third heaven, Christ did not come so much to preach than He does at present. the gospel, as to fulfil the work He had Heaven will consist in the love of God to perform.

pouring in Himself into the mind. How much Christ enjoyed the The people of God will be filled with thoughts of standing in the room and His love, but they will never be able to stead of sinners! And He longed for comprehend it. the fulfilment of the Father's words

(To be continued.)



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ABOUT eighteen months ago, when the he burst out into a loud laugh, exclainFrench Government was engaged in des- ing, “You are done, my fine fellow! I patching large numbers of soldiers to am jester No. 1 of the regiment-or the seat of war in the Crimea, a regi- rather, ask my comrades! It is as elear ment made a halt of several days at a as the sun that shines that I am not a town in the south of France. It so bad hand at making a fool of you, and happened that a Bible colporteur was that I care as much as I did in the year in the same town, engaged in prosecuting | 240, about mumbling Ave Marias on my his work. His Christian solicitude was knees. My chaplet is to bave a long warmly excited by the thought of all the string of the funniest tricks and jokes. dangers that were about to be encoun- Ask my comrades, I say, again : they tered by these men, now so full of glee, will tell you about this better than my and wholly indifferent to what was before modesty will allow me to do. When I them; and whom a seasonable word am dead, dead, do you see, my dear might possibly bring to a state of feeling friend”—Here the colporteur intermore in consonance with the seriousness rupted this flow of trifling language, by of their position. Impelled by this so- exclaiming, in a tone of voice which licitude, he addressed such an earnest caused some of his auditors to tremble : request to the colonel of the regiment “After death, poor miserable man, the in question, that he obtained permission judgment will follow : and what a judgto converse with those who were first to ment! It makes me shudder with embark.

affright! Listen how the Lord Jesus One morning, then, while surrounded Christ expresses it : ' Depart from me, in the fore-court of the barracks by a ve cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared group of soldiers, to whom he was for the devil and his angels' (Mat. xxv. speaking, in the fulness of his heart, of 41). "There will be weeping and wailthe consolations which they would find ing, and gnashing of teeth?” (Mat. viii. in the New Testament in times of dan- 12). For a moment the young sol. ger, if they were only to beseech the dier ceased to laugh, and appeared as if Lord to enable them to discover them, silenced; but his levity quickly returned, a young man, of an open and most in- and, turning towards those who were telligent countenance, stepped forward, standing by, he called out, “I verily and coming close to where the colpor- believe, on my honour, that the old boy teur was standing, said to him, in a cor- wants to insult me; but, never mind, dial manner, that he had been deeply the pill I have made him swallow will touched by his serious and affectionate stick in his throat for one while at least.” exhortations. They have convinced “Give me back the book,” exclaimed the me,” he added, “ of the necessity of colporteur, with earnestness. Nay, getting possession of the Word of God; nay, old fellow,” replied the soldier, “I but, alas !” he continued, drawing a deep should be ashamed so to affront you sigh, “I have not a centime wherewith before such a respectable company as to make this precious purchase.” this is. What, I should like to know,

“That need not signify," the colpor- would my comrades think of you, were teur at once replied: "if you have so they to see you taking back with your great a desire to possess a copy, it shall left hand the present which your right not be said that a Christian allowed you hand had but just offered ? Matters to go away without giving you one, even have never been managed like that, and though I may have to pay for it myself never will be, in the French army.

Ι to those to whom I give an account of Whatever is given, is given willingly, my operations." And drawing one of and in the same manner I shall keep it. the smallest New Testaments out of his Moreover, your book may be of use to wallet, he handed it with much pleasure me, and this is no doubt what

you wish. to the soldier. But what was his sur. In the camp, one has not always at hand prise and grief! for scarcely had the a piece of paper to light one's pipe, an rogue got possession of the book, than it will serve capitally for that. Much

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obliged to you, therefore; but mind, I her head falling on her breast, and there must be no grudge between us. evidently sunk in the deepest distress, On this, making the military salute in for heavy groans ever and anon escaped the most grotesque manner possible, her. The heart of the colporteur could the young man hastily went away, not long remain unmoved and indifferent though not before he had heard the fol- under such circumstances. Our friend lowing serious warning, uttered in the therefore went up to the sorrowful femost solemn manner, “Take care what male referred to, with feelings of that you are about, for 'it is a fearful thing deep sympathy, which, when expressed to fall into the hands of the living in the most simple words, soon excites God”” (Heb. x. 31).

to resignation and secures confidence. The poor colporteur, observing the “Yes, I am in sorrow, in deep sorrow, lamentable effect which had been pro- exclaimed the landlady, the tears gushduced on the dissipated minds of those ing down her cheeks, " and I thank you who still surrounded him, went away for the kind words which you have just immediately afterwards, his heart filled addressed to me; they have done me with the deepest sorrow, but wholly free good here,” placing her hand upon her from any bitter feeling: The feeling heart. “You ask me the cause of all which predominated in his mind was one my sorrow. It is this :-Only a few of intense compassion, which caused him hours ago, he wlio was the happiness, to cry out in prayer to God, “Lord, and, I may say, the pride of my lifepardon him, for he knows not what he my son—was placed in the silent grave ! does! O God, with thy own almighty and what a son!” Here her voice voice cause a word to penetrate into the wholly failed her, in agonizing sobs. very depths of his conscience, which "Do not grieve so, my good woman, shall change his heart ! Lord ! Lord ! said the colporteur, with deep emotion ; enlighten his mind-touch him-convert“ do not grieve so, but let me read to him--save him!” Such was the fervent you a few lines out of a book which I prayer of this Christian man.

never open without finding something One evening, after the lapse of fifteen exactly suited to all the sorrowful or months from the period when this happy circumstances through which I occurrence took place, on our colporteur may be called to pass.” arriving at a small village, situated at a The colporteur thereupon drew from distance of upwards of a hundred his pocket a small New Testament, out leagues from the town where the New of which he read as follows:-"God has Testament was taken from him in so un-chastened us for our profit, that we becoming a manner, he inquired for might be partakers of his holiness. Now, an inn where he might hope to rest no chastening for the present seemeth from the fatigues of a day during joyous, but grievous; nevertheless, which he had been very actively cm- afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit ployed.

of righteousness unto them which are He had scarcely entered the house, exercised thereby” (Heb. xii. 10, 11). when he became aware that some ex. Scarcely had these last words been protraordinary, if not sorrowful occurrence, nounced, when the woman uttered a must have taken place there. In the loud cry, and jumped up with extreme public room, some ten individuals were impetuosity. "The colporteur, without eating their evening meal, but everything seeming to pay any attention to this, in their visages betokened that they turned over a few leaves of his book, were weighed down by most saddening and again read as follows:--" Seeing, thoughts : and a more sorrowful sight then, that we have a great High Priest, still met the colporteur on going into that is passed into the heavens, Jesus the kitchen, where the people of the the Son of God, let us hold fast our house were assembled. They were all profession. For we have not an High pursuing their occupations in silence, Priest that cannot be touched with a and with an air of grief, and even con- feeling of our infirmities; but was in all sternation, depicted on their counte- points tempted like as we are, yet withnances; and close to the fire-place was out sin. Let us, therefore, come boldly a somewhat aged woman, sitting with unto the throne of grace, that we may


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