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The sorrow of the world worketh death.—2 Cor. vii. 10. "The sorrow of the world !” There is displeased—and laid him down upon his far more of this than appears. Some of bed, and turned away his face, and us, who have public characters, as minis- would eat no bread!" He cannot have ters or physicians, see a vast deal more the little portion! He must be sick, of this than other men. Sometimes, and throw himself on his bed, and have when everything seems easy and happy no comfort from any of his possessions ! around a man, he will feel his heart This is the sorrow of the world." almost broke ; and will declare himself Haman enjoys whatever he can desire; in such a state that none can suspect. for everything which the king possesses Yet such an infatuation prevails, that a is at his command. But Mordecai will man will go on for years à careless, silly, not bow to him, as he enters the gate; unthinking creature--he weighis nothing his heart is torn asunder, because this -"to-morrow shall be as this day, and poor Jew will not yield him obeisance. much more abundant”-he wonders to “The sorrow of the world worketh find that any body should be in trouble death !” and nothing better; no amend

- he has none ! just as you see that men ment, no improvement, no wisdom ! intoxicated have no notion of the trou

a cunning bles of the world. But, when you look woman-a woman with a familiar spirit. into life, you see it full of trouble. I despair with respect to help from God,

Every one inust have seen what dis- and now I will go to the infernal spirit tress an ungodly man has frequently for advice.” And when he had taken found, in the view of loss, disappoint- this step, the next was to call on his ment, or pain. Raging, he teareth armour-bearer, “Draw thy sword, and himself in his anger;' he will hear of thrust me through!" nothing to pacify him; he will listen to

Here,” says Judas, " take this silver no reason; he throws out implacable which I have had from you! I have speeches against persons who seem to betrayed the innocent blood !” “What have had no hand in his troubles. Thus is that to us?” The very spirit of the doth the sorrow of the world work death. world! “ See thou to that!" “ Take

Ahithophel was a wise man. He the money!” says he ; " take it! take spake, and was reckoned, as an oracle. it! I have betrayed the innocent But he is disappointed and chagrined; blood !” And what was his one rehe cannot carry his point. What is his source ?—“He cast down the pieces of refuge ?—“And when Ahithophel saw silver in the temple, and departed, and that his counsel was not followed, he went and hanged himself!" saddled his ass, and arose, and gat him Brethren, I am speaking of what is home to his house, to his city, and put passing every day of our lives. You his household in order, and-hanged meet with these things in almost every himself!"

newspaper you take up. What is the Ahab was a king; and had large do- meaning of such an one having broken mains, many subjects, great riches. “I his heart ?—“The sorrow of the world must have a garden of herbs.” And he hath worked death !” Such an one is spake unto Naboth, saying, Give me pining himself into a consumption! thy vineyard, that I may have it for a Why? -" The sorrow of the world is garden of herbs. And (when) Naboth working death!” A rich man has shot said to Ahab, The Lord forbid it me himself! For what reason ?-" The that I should give the inheritance of my sorrow of the roorld worketh death !fathers unto thee,” what is his resource? Rev. Richard Cecil. —“Ahab came to his house, heavy and

Be serious and exact in duty, having the weight of it upon thy heart: but be as much afraid of taking comfort from thy duties themselves as from thy sins.-Wilcox.

PSALM CII. " A prayer of the aflicted when he is overwhelmed, and poureth out his complaint

before the Lord.

HEAR thou my prayer, O Lord most high,
And let my cry to thee come nigh;
Hide not thy face in trouble's hour,
When danger's threatening to devour :
But answer quickly when I call,
Ere to despair's dark depths I fall.
My days to smoke are all consumed,
No more with hope's bright rays illumed ;
My bones are like an hearth that's burned,
To wasting and destruction turned :
My heart now vainly tries to rise,
Bat withered ike the grass it lies.
E'en nature's cravings I forget,
While groaning midst afflictions set ;
My bones cleave to my tightening skin,
My flesh is wasting from within :
Like pelican or owl I stray,
This desert wilderness lone way.
I watch as sparrow all alone,
Companion, lovers, friends all flown;
My enemies reproach all day,
And swear to make me yet their prey :
Like bread I've eaten ashes vile,
Mingling my drink with tears the while,
Because thine indignation sore
Wrath's flame-is burning to my core.
Thy hands have lifted me on high,
To cast me down to earth to die,
My days decline, like shadows fly,

I'm withered, left to lie.
But thou, O Lord, shalt still endure,
For ever is thy throne secure;
Unto all generations hence,
Shall be thy name's remeinbrance :
For Zion's sake thou wilt arise,
Her fallen towers again shall rise.
For her the appointed time is come,
With stones to build her stately liome ;
For now her dust and crumbling walls,
The favour of her servants calls :
The heathen and earth's kings shall hcar,
Her Lord, Jehovah's name shall fear.
When God shall build His city's walls,
His living stones to Zion calls ;
His goodness, wisdom, glorious power,
O'er all its battlements shall tower:
Their King, His people's sure defence,
Will wield for them omnipotence.

Brace Meole, near Shrewsbury.

Its poor and destitute who cry, He will regard—to them draw nigh; And written for them still shall stand, Upon the rolls of Zion's land, This record for its Sovereign's praise, Which new-created saints shall raise. For from His holy place on high, The Lord on earth hath fixed His eye ; The prisoner's bitter groans to hear, Release death's captives from their fear : His mercy, goodness, power proclainHis praises in Jerusalem. When gathered round their glorious King, His people shall their offerings bring; Earth’s kingdoms join to serve the Lord, And yield themselves with one accord, Before His glorious throne to fall, And own Him sovereign Lord of all. My strength He weakened in the way, Aud left me sore affliction's prey; Crushed as the moth, health's bloom decayed, My hopes all fled, my spirits laid : My days in haste He bid to fly, And e'er their length's run out, to die. My God, amidst my life's short day, I said, O take me not away ; In mercy stay the fatal blow, To me thy promised favour show: Thy years for evermore remain, My life's faint flame light up again. Of old earth's deep foundations sure, Thy mighty. power hath laid secure; The heavens stretched out as curtains Fast, To perish with the earth at last : But thou shalt stand, while changed, laid by, As worn-out vestures they shall lie. But thou, nnchanged, art still the same, The great I AM's thy glorious name; Through endless years eternal still, Thy promises thou wilt fulfil: Thy saints all glorious yet shall stand On earth’s new frame-their promised land. The ransomed race shall then possess The earth, therein dwell righteousness; Thy servants find their blest reward, Be with—be like their glorious Lord; Till then, their children shall endure, Their seed before thee dwell secure.

J, P.



As I was walking along yesterday, | verse of the 13th chapter has marginal making melody in my heart towards the reference to 1 Cor. xv., it carries the God of my salvation, to whom I had mind thither, and we find this text, drawn nigh in heaviness of spirit, through "They shall revive as the corn," put my mind passed that mighty verse, For alongside "Thou fool, that thou sowest thus saith the high and lofty One that is not quickened except it die." By inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; the Lord's promise to be as the dew to I dwell in the high and holy place, with Israel, we are taken to Isaiah xxvi. 19. him also that is of a contrite and humble There I have noted as follows:-"This spirit

, to revive the spirit of the humble, verse is one of those passages which is and to revive the heart of the contrite dimmed and made obscure by the intro

(Isa. Ivii. 15). What wondrous duction of the words in italics. If we condescension ! Thou knowest, Lord, omit them, and read the verse without, my spirit is humble and my heart con- it bears a wonderful testimony to the trite; and I know, most blessedly, it is standing of the Church in Christ. the work of thine indwelling. Spirit. I " Thy dead,” says the Holy Spirit in cannot reason on the doctrine of the His record of Christ, “shall live." Trinity ; but I know I have fellowship Then the Lord Himself takes up the with the Father, through the mediation declaration, “My dead body—they shall of the Son, by the indwelling energy of arise." Then the command is spoken the Spirit Jehovah; and I know the forth which is to cause this glorious distinction of Persons in the unity of resurrection ; “ Awake and sing, ye the Godhead.

that dwell in the dust, for thy dew is What sweet meditations often arise as the dew of herbs, and the earth shall from analyzing a word; these two, cast out the dead." Yes, sing now, o "contrite” and “revive,” are highly Zion, church and body of the Lord; interesting.

buried with Him by participation in 1. The word “contrite” is from His death, you shall also be partaker of Latin, and expresses that grinding, His resurrection. Sing while you crushing, or pounding, which corn un- sojourn in this tabernacle made of dust, dergoes to make flour, by which all vi- and which shall return to the dust whence tality is destroyed. In this place the it was, when the spirit, made perfect, shall word is the same which, in Isa. liii. 5-go to God who gave it, to await the 10, is translated "bruise;" in several consummation of glory, when He shall places, “crush ;” and in many,“ broken come to be glorified in His saints, and in pieces," " sore broken.” One pas- admired in all them that believe. Again, sage in which it occurs (Psa. li. 8.) is sea vi. 2. By the marginal referthereby brought in direct connexion ence (1 Cor. xv. 4), it is clear others with the one under consideration, " That have noted the purport of this prophecy; the bones which thou hast broken may and by laying this scripture alongside of rejoice."

Isa. xxvi. 19, we see how the persons 'Revive," has not merely the mean- included in "us are there spoken ing we now attach to it, it is to give of as included in the work of HIM. See life to, to cause to come to life; not as also Rom. vi. 4, and Col. ü. 12; where now understood, to refresh, to invigo- is set out, that by being buried with rate. It has this fuller meaning in Him by baptism into His death, we are Hosea xiv. 7, where, in turning to my also risen together with Him through Bible, I find I have the following note: the faith of the operation of God, who “This is Hawker's subject for meditation hath raised Him from the dead. See May 7th, morning. He treats it spirit- note (Numb. xxiii. 10),

Who can ually, as referring to the operation of count the dust of Jacob?” &c. This the Holy Spirit as dew on the believer's doubtless refers first to the Jews; but soul, reviving languishing graces, frames, also to the Israel of God. Who can &c. ;" but when we notice the 14th count the dust of the dead in Christ,

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love me," says the Lord, speaking under 1 by the Holy Ghost to say, “My Father, the character of wisdom (Prov. viii. 17), bể thou the guide of my youth;" then "and those that seek me early SHALL “ who can be against us?"

“Greater is find me.” How is the Lord to be He that is for us, than they that are in sought, and where? In His Word, and the world.” “In the world,” says by prayer and supplication. Listen! Jesus, "ye shall have tribulation ; but “Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse be of good comfort, I have overcome the his way? By taking heed thereto, ac- world. “ And what shall harm you, if cording to thy Word(Psal. cxix. 9). ye be followers of that which is good ?' “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, OLD JONATHAN, then, in conclusion, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be most heartily desires that God, of His opened unto you."

great mercy, would put it into the hearts Notwithstanding, then, the sinfulness of His dear young friends early to seek of our poor fallen nature; though it is Him; and to this end, he would urge quite true, that there is none good but the advice of his own dear sainted One, that is God ;” that we each and all mother. In 'her every letter to her then

go astray from the womb, speaking young JONATHAN, she would say, “Read lies:” that we are in the midst of your Bible; if it be but a few verses, enemies, and have a threefold foe ever read it every day. It is,” said she, “a to combat with, the world, the flesh, and warfare; but the Lord hath promised the devil; yet we have withal much- complete victory through the blood of very much-to encourage. “If God be the 'Lamb!”—Old Jonathan's Monthly for us,"—if He is pleased to put it into Penny Pictorial Broad-Sheet. our hearts to seek Him; if we are led

INSTRUCTION AND CONSOLATION. I always feel there is something defec- something—either the flesh or the devil, tive in the creed, or something amiss in or both-“it is ng use now, you are in the spiritual health, of any whom I be- such a cold, miserable condition yourself

, lieve to be children of God, when I hear that to go now would be to offer a stone them speak in any degree slightingly of to the hungry brother, instead of carry. reading the Word, and prayer at certain ing true bread! Wait till you feel a appointed seasons. Are we, then, like little more spiritually minded, and then Quakers, to wait for some inward sensa- go." Yes, and often long and hard is tion to move us to bow the knee, or the struggle. Nor is the tempter always open the precious Word ? I know by unsuccessful. But I am beginning to feeling and a saddening feeling it is learn that such times are exactly the best too-when prayer time comes, what it is times to pay such visits; they may open to wish one's self anywhere rather than with a communion in sorrow on account to have, according to present realization, of the dark cloud; but they usually formally to bow the knee. Yet, how close in sweet communion, as the preoften, while pouring out the heart in cious love, blood, and salvation of the bitter feeling, perhaps, before the Lord blessed Saviour, become the theme.

telling Him how cold and dead we are Now we have sweet instruction con. -appealing to Him, as the Searcher of veyed to us in the words before us, as hearts, that He knows how we groan, we are led on to view them under such being burdened by such a condition-in exercises. “To-morrow we die.” What a moment, in the most tender, and can tend to produce earnestness in spidivinely, gracious way, He draws near, ritual things, so powerfully as the realiand begins to open His heart's love to us, zation of this truth? Is it by the slothdropping upon the inward wounds of the ful, “Oh, it is no use now, I am too hard, spirit a little of that precious balm too cold, too full of perplexing care, too which the dear good Physician alone can full of bitterness and rebellion, because prepare., We then say, “It is good to of certain cross providences; or, I am be here."

too sad a backslider just now,” that we Again, how often when called upon to shall find profit by the merchandize of visit a sick or cast-down brother, a par- wisdom? No!--Gospel Lecturer, ley will go on within : "Ah!” says



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FRIENDS, dear fond ones, who taught | death! For your children's sake-for me that which, under God, has brought your household's sake-for the world's me here; that which has raised me to i sake—for your own sake-for the Lord's this glory—this bliss—this uninterrupted sake, strive, dear, dear friends, to live and eternal joy ;-friends-loved ones as it becometh the gospel of Christ!

“ BEAR AND FORBEAR. Oh, seek to The Lord hath forgiven you much-oh, check each untoward rising; strive each forgive each other! Again I say, “bear to exercise a watchfulness and self- and forbear.” Study each other's weakdenial. You are differently constituted, nesses, frailties, and infirmities, in such but you are not the first thus circum- a way as carefully to avoid the occasion stanced. God has brought many toge- of drawing them out, and rekindling the ther most unlike in temperament and flame of discord, animosity, or evil disposition; they have discovered that thinking; Consider who you are—who fact, but yet they have lived and hath called you—and to what you are "walked as children of light." Re-called. Oh," "Grieve not the Spirit of member, 'tis “not your rest.” Consider God, whereby you are sealed unto the how soon you will reach your journey's day of redemption !" Seek this moment end-how soon join me in this blessed reconciliation. Put away all bitterness. abode. Oh, then, strive to dwell in love At once come to a mutual understandduring the short interval. Live as you ing. Resolve to put away all lets, hinwill have wished you had done, when you derances; each and every occasion of arrive here! Live as you will have division, and unkind thought and feelwished you had done, when (as shortly ing. There must be, for a season at you must) you lay your head upon least, mutual self-sacrifice; until the your dying pillow. Think how soon you pleasure of each arises from the gratifiwill be where you last saw me-lan-cation of the other. guishing upon the bed of suffering and


And "

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I was a sinner vile and base,

And very near despair ; When Jesus led me to His feet,

none can perish there !"
'Twas there I cried, yea, agonized,

But Jesus heard my prayer;
I found the precious,

And “none can perish there."
When tempted since to doubt, and fear

The Lord won't hear my prayer ;
'Tis He who smiles afresh, and says,

And trust the morrow in His hands,

For “none can perish there.”
Lord Jesus, let me always come,

To thee in earnest prayer ;
Noue ever cried to thee in vain-

No, "none can perish there."
Yes, thou art dear unto my soul,

And this I do declare;
I love to go to thee, my God,

For none can perish there.”
Oh, may my wife and children dear,

All join with me in prayer ;
And feel the sweets of pardoning love,

“Ah! none can perish there."
And when brought there, 'tis then I feel,

And with delight declare
It is a precious resting-place,

none can perish there."
'Tis there I see His hands and feet,

His wounded side made bare; And there I see what sin has done,

none can perish there." Like Hannah, there I sadness leave,

My burden and my care ;

none can perish there."
In glory soon, oh, let us meet,

Its bliss and joy to share;
Avd join the great triumphant song,

Not one can perish there.” Come, then, oh thou of little faith,

Though almost in despair ;
Come, cry to Jesus, and you'll find,
none can perish there."

E. P. T

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