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I have called thee Abba, Father,

I have set my heart in thee;
Storms may howl, and clouds may gather,

All must work for good to me.

"Soul, then know thy full salvation;

Rise o'er sin, and fear, and care ;
Joy to find in every station,

Something still to do or bear.
Think what Spirit dwells within thee;

Think what Father's smiles are thine ;

Think that Jesus died to win thee

Heir of heaven, canst thou repine ? “ Haste thee on from grace to glory,

Armed by faith, and winged with prayer ; Heaven's eternal days before thev,

God's own hand shall guide thee there.
Soon shall close thy earthly mission;

Soon shall pass thy pilgrim days,
Hope shall change to glad fruition,
Faith to sight, and prayer to praise.

(To be continued.)


The following anecdote, while it illus- | minister's chamber—"Oh! Mr. Porteus," trates the power of prayer, speaks she exclaimed in an agony, “do you not encouragement to those whose hearts hear that ? and poor Saunders on his may at any time be led, under Divine way back frae Holland! Oh! rise, rise, influence, to plead before a throne of and ask the strong help of your Master. grace for others. The records of eter- The minister did rise, and retired to his nity will prove how often we have been little study; and the transactions with indebted to others' prayers for favours heaven during these brief moments were We asked not for ourselves. And even to be made visible on earth. The Elizahere below we are permitted to know beth at this critical moment was driving sometimes of answers vouchsafed on our onwards through spray and darkness behalf through the pleadings of others, along the northern shores of the Moray when no prayer was indited in our Frith. The fearfal Skerries of Shavelhearts. Thus the Lord stops the mouth wick, where so many noble vessels have of boasting, while He carries out His perished, were close at hand, and the own covenant designs according to His increasing roll of the sea showed the own appointed way—“For this will I gradual shallowing of the water. be inquired of by the house of Israel, to Macivor, and his old towns-man, Robert do it for them."

Hossack, stood together at the binnacle. Saunders Macivor, the mate of the An immense wave came rolling behind, Elizabeth, was a grave and somewhat and they had but barely time to clutch hard-favoured man, powerful in bone the nearest hold, when it broke over and muscle even after he had turned his them half-mast high, sweeping spars, 60th year; and much respected for his bulwarks, cordage, all before it, in its inflexible integrity, and the depth of his course. It passed, but the vessel rose religious feelings. Both the mate and not; her deck remained buried in a his godly wife were especial favourites sheet of foam, and she seemed settling of Mr. Porteus, of Kilmuir

, a gracious down by the head. There was a frightminister of Christ's gospel ; and on one ful pause. First, the bowsprit and butts occasion, when the sacrament was dis- of the windlass began to emerge, next pensed in bis parish, and Saunders was the forecastle--the vessel seemed shakabsent on one of his continental voyages, ing herself from her load-and then the Mrs. Macivor was an inmate of the whole deck appeared, as she went tilting Manse. A tremendous storm burst out over the next wave. “ There are still in the night time, and the poor woman more mercies in store for us," said lay awake listening in terror to the roar Saunders Macivor, addressing his coming of the wind, as it howled in the panion—"she floats still." "Oh, Saunchimneys, and shook the casements and ders, Saunders,” exclaimed Robert, doors. At length, when she could lie there was surely some God's soul at still no longer, she arose, and crept work for us, or she would never have along the passage to the door of the cowed you.'

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But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness,

faith, meekness, temperance ; against such there is no law.' -Gal. v. 22, 23. How dreary the very sound of the in construction, is the parable of the words “ the works of the flesh.” How vine and the branches in John xv. Ah! sad the catalogue of them, which the who can tell all the labour of that apostle gives the Galatians ! Does not Husbandman, which was necessary to the heart ache at the thought of the enclose that garden, and plant that vinecheerless toil, hopeless and thankless, yard! who the price that He gave for the which the taskmaster requires for their field! who, even the loving grace wbich performance; at the bitter wages of hedged about the tender plant, and disappointment and death, wherewith dunged it, so that it became “like a he requites his deluded victims ? With tree planted by the rivers of water, that what pleasure must not Paul have bringeth forth his fruit in his season, turned to the "fruit of the Spirit.” and is still bringing forth “fruit in old Mark, beloved, not the works of the age” (Ps. i. 3; xcii. 14). Spirit. That were blessed enough. But But the idea of “ fruit” carries with here it is "the fruit of the Spirit,” as it not only all this, but also the Husthough the apostle would not lose one bandman's joy in gathering in the word which might mark the contrast. pleasant fruits of the harvest. Can I, How his heart must have glowed with says the poor, timid believer, proholy fire, and his eyes have brightened duce such fruits that shall bring joy and with heavenly ecstacy, as he displayed pleasure to God? Yes, beloved, you one by one the choice and clustering both can and will, for "faithful is He fruit which his Master loved-their that calleth you, who also will do it” beauty heightened by contrast with the (1 Thess. v. *24) Doubtless, He will sad picture he had just drawnand work “in you, both to will and to do proudly exclaimed, “ Against such there of His good pleasure” (Phil. ii. 13). is no law.”

Paul exhorted the Thessalonians, that The term "fruit" is often used in as they had received of him, how Scripture to express the results of the they ought to walk and to please God, divine life in a believer's walk and con- that so they should abound more and versation. This characteristic meta- more (1 Thess. iv. 1). Writing to the phor is highly suggestive. It brings Romans, he said, that now they had before us the toil of the husbandman in their "fruit unto holiness, and the end the preparation of the soil, and the everlasting life” (Rom. vi. 22). It is anxious care bestowed

the tender true that we receive the end of our growing plant-pruning the too exuber- faith, even the salvation of our souls ant growth, or propping up the over-|(1 Pet. i. 9); but it is also a wondrous taxed strength of the thriving sapling fact that " we are His workmanship, till it arrive at perfection, and return created in Christ Jesus unto good works, the grateful result of his labour. It is which God hath before ordained, that under the figure of the husbandman that we should walk in them” (Eph. ii. 10); the LORD often graciously discovers that we should be “to the praise of the Himself to His people. In the Can- glory of His grace” (Eph. i. 6), and ticles He addresses the Church, “a gar- show forth the praises of Him who hath den enclosed is my sister, my spouse." called us out of darkness into His mar“Thy plants are an orchard of pome. vellous light” (1 Pet. ii. 9). The sal. granates, with pleasant fruits” (Song vation of the soul is one great object of iv. 12, 13). Again we read, “My well redemption, but it is not the only one. beloved hath a vineyard in a very fruit. There is another, and that is the ful hill; and he fenced it, and gathered practical life of holiness. Oh! beloved, out the stones thereof, and planted it it becomes us " to consider one another with the choicest vine” (Isaiah v. ])to provoke unto love and good works.' Similar in figure, though slightly altered (Heb. x. 24); not only that man, recogniz


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ing the tree by its fruits, may glorify our the gifts that were in the Corinthian Father which is in heaven (Matt. v. 16; Church to the Holy Spirit, “But all xii. 33), but also that we may, in our these worketh the one and the self-same own measure, glorify God; for “ herein Spirit, dividing to every mau severally is my Father glorified,” said our Sa- as He will” (ch. xii. 11). In the eighth viour, " that ye bear much fruit” (John chapter of the same epistle, when rexv. 8). The soul that has been regene- minding the converts that he had sown rated by the Spirit of a risen Saviour unto them “spiritual things,” he, doubtcannot be selfish. It is not satisfied in less, meant “the things of the Spirit;" the contemplation of its own blessed- intimating that he was but the favoured ness. It rather goes out in holy long- channel of communication that the ings for a more entire devotion of every blessed Spirit made use of to minister to thought and action to the service of their necessities; so that no flesh might Him who has done great things for it, glory in His presence,” but “that whereof it is glad. How astonishing is according, as it is written, he that glorithe grace that God should deign to take eth, let him glory in the Lord” (1 Cor. pleasure in the works of His hands, in i. 28, 31). us the worms of the earth-the crea- They must indeed be the “fruit tures of a day! But it is so, beloved, of the Spirit.” For otherwise the for Himself hath said it. Yes, like the only alternative would be the wild husbandman of the earth, He waiteth and spurious fruit of the flesh. But it for His precious fruits, and hath long is not so, and the secret of our fruitpatience for them. Who can tell how bearing being all of God, from first to long-suffering that patience is ? And last, is our union with a risen Saviour ; shall not He be first partaker of the our being made to drink “into one fruits ? Shall we not bring out the best, Spirit,” and our baptism by this one the choicest, for this gracious, patient Spirit “into one body" (1 Cor. xii. 13). Husbandman? Then will He rejoice It is thus, in the beautiful parable of the over us with joy; then will He rest in vine, that believers are seen to be the His love, and joy over us with singing branches upon which cluster the precious (James v. 7; 2 Tim. ii. 6 ; Zeph. ii. 17). fruits of the Spirit. “He that abideth

; Again, this "fruit"

is called the in me," says the Saviour, “and I in “fruit of the Spirit.” A parallel pas- him, the same bringeth forth much sage is found in Eph. v. 9, “For the fruit." The branch cannot claim the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, and fruit as its own. Severed from the righteousness, and truth." Must we, vine, it is useless and powerless. It is then, understand that this fruit is literally only while in close and intimate union the work of the blessed Spirit Himself, with the root that the generous sap can and not of man? Yes, beloved, this is rise and produce the luscious fruit. the grand master-truth of our religion, Thus we see the truth and force of the that it is not of him that willeth, nor of expression, “From me is thy fruit him that runneth, but of God that found” (Hos. xiv. 8). But when this

(Rom. ix. 16). It is union does exist, there must result the only what we have received of God that precious fruit to rejoice the heart of the we can return to Him again ; for “all Husbandman. Beloved, it must be so. the rivers run into the sea ; yet the sea These two things must result. There is not full: unto the place from whence will be first an absence of evil fruit, for the rivers come, thither they return "a good tree cannot bring forth evil again.” (Eccles. i. 7). Of ourselves we fruit ;” and there will likewise be the can do nothing acceptable to Him; for good fruit, for “every good tree bring. our blessed Saviour has said, “Without eth forth good fruit” (Matt. vii. 17, 18). me ye can do nothing” (John xv. 6). The subject is exhaustless; but these Paul, writing

to the Ephesians (ch. i. 3), few lines must conclude, with a word of says, “Blessed be the God and Father exhortation. It is addressed to myself of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath more than to my readers. Beloved, if blessed us with all spiritual blessings these things be so, how anxious ought (or blessings of the Spirit,') in heavenly we to be to "bring forth fruit unto places in Christ.” Again, he refers all! God” (Rom. vii. 4). Let us remem

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showeth mercy

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ber the secret of strength, our union | loving Master takes so much pleasure
with the Saviour, who said, “Abide in in, and exhorts us to cultivate. Oh!
me, and I in you. As the branch cannot | that the blessed Spirit would fire us with
bear fruit except it abide in the vine, a holy ardour and rivalry to produce
no more can ye except ye abide in me. ” the acceptable fruits of righteousness.
Should not love and gratitude lead us, Oh! that the north wind would awake, and
in dependence on Him, to strive to the south wind come, and blow upon our
become “fruitful in every good work," garden, that the spices thereof might
and thus glorify God in our body and flow out, and that our Beloved might
our souls, which are God's ? (Col. i. 10; enter into His garden, and eat of His
1 Cor. vi. 20). I hope, if God will, in pleasant fruits (Song iv. 16).
a future paper to consider in detail Brighton.

T. B. L. some of the precious fruits that our



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To the Editor of the Gospel Magazine. MY DEAR BROTHER,—" Metrios"! I am now a Zion's pilgrim, past congratulates you on again finding rest seventy, and am daily listening for the for the sole of your foot on English orders to ford the river, and meet the ground. The activity you displayed at heavenly convoy to my Father's house. Bonmahon gives assurance that you will A few more sighs and tears, a few more not suffer your present abode to become pains and groans, and then,

bed-minster," but an arena, in which to fight against the rulers of the dark

“All my powers find sweet employ

In that eternal world of joy.' ness of this world. May the Lord give you many souls for a crown of rejoicing I take comfort in the Gospel Magazine. in the day of our glorious Jesus. The I never open its pages but I find someopposition of the carnal heart against thing suitable to the state of mind I the soul-humbling, God-glorifying way am in. I should be glad to possess the of salvation is as great as ever.


means to give it and Old Jonathan a milk-and-water divines on this side the wider circulation, but I do not. great sea have made a grand discovery I have watched the discussion of they have found out that sinners, dead "Caleb’s” query, but, in my poor opinion, in trespasses and sin, without strength, nothing of importance has been elicited enslaved by Satan, have only to give more than was contained in your first their hearts to God, who stands with observations. It would be well for the arms extended, waiting to receive them, people of God to bear in mind the first and all will be well. The notion that question Jehovah asked Job, "Where God will ever open the heart of any one wast thou when I laid the foundations is a mere hoax; for that He cannot do, of the earth ?” The most sure token of “ for the fastening is on the inside.' the communications of the Holy Spirit The wind blowing where it listeth, or with our spirits is the sovereignty of His God having mercy on whom He will, are going and coming. He will generally expressions entirely obsolete. What a surprise His people with unexpected powerful creature man must be, who can mercy. At least, so I have found it in thus“ bind the arms of Omnipotence!"? more than fifty years' experience. Bunyan had the temerity to assert that The Lord bless you, and make you a the gate of the castle of man's soul was blessing to many, so prays your loving broken to shivers by Immanuel's batter- brother in our most glorious Jesus, ing rams: but alas! poor man, he could Grand Lake,

DAVID PALMER. only have been dreaming. Oh, my dear April 11, 1859. brother, how blessed to turn away from such mawkish divinity, and fall back on [Dear aged friend and brother,God's sure foundation, and sing the Literally we are far apart. Thousands new song, "Not unto us."

of miles intervene between thee and us

but how sweet is the reflection that we ! pathway, but the right road, nevertheare near and dear to each other in our less, towards a city of habitation. Thou glorious Head. “Members one of art in advance of us, and wilt arrive at another.” What a thought is that! home first, but we shall not be long and by that wondrous union and identity after thee; and the thought cheers us, which subsists between us, realize a one that we shall recognize and commune ness of life, interest, and enjoyment, in with each other there! It will be a and froin the same blessed Fountain and blessed time, brother! Full, glorious, Spring-head! We should love to meet everlasting! The wilderness passed ; thee and to greet thee in our common sin gone ; Satan silenced; the world Lord. We should delight to see thee extinct. What blessed society now! face to face, and to speak with thee of angels, the spirits of just men made His kind and gracious dealings with thee perfect; Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; during thy fifty years' experience." David, Samuel, and the prophets; It seems that thou hadst entered upon thy apostles, martyrs; but oh, infinitely spiritual race before we had commenced above and beyond all, Jehovah, Father, our earthly pilgrimage. But, blessed be Son, and Holy Ghost; our precious our God, in the exercise of that divine Christ in glorified humanity! We sovereignty of which thou hast spoken, merely state the fact: description, imand in the riches.of His grace, and sweet possible! But of this we are certain, exercise of His boundless love, He “in that the set time to favour Zion,” brought

“ There we shall see, and hear, and know, us to enter upon the same narrow way All we desire or wish below; with thee; and we journey on after thee, And every power find sweet employ, finding truly this but a strait and thorny In that eternal world of joy."--Ed.]


DEAR BROTHER IN THE LORD,- granted her great patience, under all her I have had a desire to write to you for suffering, never murmuring or complainsome time, with reference to sending ing, but often said, “ The Lord does all you a little manuscript which I found things well.” She talked to all the among my dear sister's papers since her friends who came to see her, of the lost death. I thought it might be profitable and undone condition of sinners by to some of the Lord's dear people, as I nature, and of the finished work of the have often found comfort in reading blessed Lord Jesus, telling them that in similar experiences; that is, if you and of herself she was a poor, lost sin. think, on perusal, it is worthy of a place ner, but in the Lord Jesus Christ, and in the Gospel Magazine, to which I am Him alone, she had full, free pardon, a subscriber, and read it with much and was fully justified. With much pleasure and comfort.

earnestness she would cry out, "What I felt as if I would like to tell you a could I, poor worm of the dust, do to few things respecting the last days and save myself?” “What a blessed thing death of my dear sister. The Lord was it is salvation work is finished !” A few pleased to spare her life forty years hours before she died, she was speaking after He gave her joy and peace in to a young friend, who came to see her, believing, during which time she never of the goodness of the Lord to her ; enjoyed a day's health, and was sorely when, all at once, she clasped her hands, tried with the buffetings of Satan. The and exclaimed, "Is it possible that I Lord enabled her to live a consistent can be deceived, and not right at last!" and humble Christian life, trus-ing in Her countenance exhibited the greatest His blessed promises, and at times re- agony I ever beheld. I said to her, joicing in the finished work of a dear "My dear sister, it is Satan tempting Redeemer. Her last illness was short, you to think so ; it is his last effort to but very severe (four days and nights). worry your dear soul.” And so it The Lord was marvellously kind, and I proved, for the Lord rebuked him, and

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