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plied to my soul by the Holy Spirit, and, and bless my precious Redeemer as I that God the Father sees no sin in His ought, to all eternity; for although I was people worthy of eternal death, because helped to tell to those around me, in He looks upon them in and through His some degree, how bountifully the Lord perfectly righteous and precious Son; had dealt towards me, yet I longed to do and, according to His own plan, He can it more; and I knew that in heaven be just, and the justifier of them that alone poor redeemed sinners can rightly believe in Christ Jesus. The other text esteem and worthily celebrate the praises was from the 8th chapter of Romans, of that precious Lord Jesus Christ who 35th, 36th, 37th verses, beginning with, has brought them from darkness to light, “Who shall separate us from the love of who delivered them from the curse of Christ ?” and ending with, “Nay, in all that law which they had violated, and these things we are more than con- saved them with an everlasting salvation. querors, through Him that loved us. Contrary, however, to my expectation, What a sweet thought it is that nothing the Lord, in His wise counsel, saw fit to -even sin, that worst of all evils—can restore me, and bring me, as it were, ever separate the redeemed soul from from the borders of the

grave, and

gave the love of God which is in Christ Jesus me a larger portion of health than I had our Lord. Those two sermons, under for many years enjoyed. In this sickthe preaching of which I was much re- ness I experienced much of the Lord's freshed, seemed like a preparation for faithfulness, love, mercy, and grace, by what followed. I thought they were feeling the truth of His promises, " that remarkably suitable for the last that I as thy day thy strength shall be;" that should hear; for neither myself or any. He rests in His love; that “He will one about me thought it possible, accord- have mercy upon whom He will have ing to human appearance, that I could mercy;" and that “by grace we are live many days. The Lord sustained saved.". Truly I can say, the Lord and supported my soul, by bringing many made all my bed in my sickness; and texts of Scripture to my mind, and when tribulation abounded, I found that hymns that were suitable and profitable consolation much more abounded. And for me to meditate upon. The Lord I humbly trust I shall not be allowed to made me perfectly willing to leave this forget God's goodness to me, but that I world of sin and misery; and if I knew may remember it in time to come, as an my own thoughts, the chief desire of my encouragement to trust in the Lord at soul was to depart and be with Christ, all times, and to hope in His name, and where I should be for ever free from sin, to be thankful for the great things He and where I should be enabled to praise has done for my soul.


All men might justly be left wallowing other things, is to deny His holiness ; in that miserable condition to which to say it entered without anything of they were reduced by the apostacy of His will

, is to deny His omnipotence. Adam; and God might have passed by In the fall of man, God did not hold the whole race of man.

the reins strict upon Satan to restrain The holiness of God is not blemished him from laying the bait, nor restrain by His secret will to suffer sin to enter Adam from swallowing the bait. God into the world.

left Satan to his malice of tempting, To say, God doth will sin, as He doth ) and Adam to his liberty of resisting.

Some people, it is feared, follow the gospel as a shark follows a ship-for & dinner.-Madan.



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WHEN a crown is made which is to en- tribulation we should enter the kingdom. circle the brow of an earthly monarch, He hath appointed us unto afflictions (1 gems which have been most carefully Thess. iii. 3). What a precious thought prepared and polished, and gold which is this~"He hath appointed us;" and has been many times in the fining-pot, remember, not only appointed us unto are used. No diamond “in the rough," afflictions,” but appointed the afflictions nor the smallest portion of unrefined for us. is not mere chance or acci. gold, would be allowed a place in such dent which subjects us to the bitter sufa crown; and if such care is taken that ferings through which we are sometimes the diadem of a mortal king shall be in called to pass ; it is no accidental burevery way a proper ornament for a regal den which weighs us down to the very brow, let us not wonder that the jewels, earth; but the appointed trial. The designed for the “crown of rejoicing, very distress has now come upon us, and for the “King eternal, immortal, invisi- at the very moment in which it was foreble,” must be cut, and ground, and ordained by our covenant-keeping God polished, ere they shall shine with the that it should come to pass. And what necessary

, resplendance; nor that the a God is ours in such a moment as this ! gold which shall form the setting of 'He knoweth our frame, He rememthose jewels, shall be seven times puri- bereth that we are dust;" and He will fied. The refiner of the gold will not not afflict us beyond that we are able to leave his precious metal to be wasted or bear : and when surrounded by suffering lost; but will watch and wait until every and distress, His grace, which has ever particle of dross is removed, and until it been, shall still be sufficient for us. The is so pure that his own image is reflected omnipotent arm is never weary, but ever therein: and the lapidary will not finish underneath for our support, and outthe polishing process

his rubies and stretched for our defence; the sympadiamonds, until they reflect back the thizing ear is never closed against the sun's rays from every point. Nor will cries and prayers of a chosen people, but Jesus lose sight of His precious jewels, ever listening to the sighing of the connor of His gold, or His silver, until trite heart. The omniscient eye is ever the day when He shall appear to make watching over the sheep of the pasture. them up; when they shall be a “Behold, He that keepeth Israel shall of glory in the hand of the Lord, and a neither slumber nor sleep.” royal diadem in the hand of their God." Think for a moment of the peculiar This refining and polishing process is relationship existing between God and often very long and painful to bear, yet His people. He is their Father, and in the midst of the hottest furnace we they are His sons and daughters, chosen are safely watched over by our great in Christ before the foundation of the heavenly Refiner, who sometimes grants world. There cannot be a closer or us a glimpse of our future distinction, more tender relationship than that existwbich is even to adorn His own glorious ing between a parent and his children, brow, there to remain for ever (not as in this world; the father loves his child, the crowns of earthly monarchs, which and it is because he loves him, and beare worn awhile, and then laid aside to cause he is his child, that he inflicts become dull and tarnished); and at the chastisement upon him, that he may bevery longest the period is but short ere come more pure and more obedient. But this happy consummation shall succeed although the love of an earthly parent is to the manifold and various afflictions of strong and abiding, how all earthly love, the saints of God afflictions which, and the most tender of ties, sink into although they are grievous to the flesh, nothingness when compared with that are necessary for us for several reasons : brimming ocean of almighty love which for God's glory, for our own sanctifica- is and has been eternally flowing out to tion, and because it is the will of our the child of God. This ocean is fathomheavenly Father that through much less and boundless, and is ever full when


earthly streams run dry. So, because to increase our distress; if we could our heavenly Father loves us, and be but look right away from all temporal cause we are His children, “He chastens things as the causes, only regarding us for our profit, that we may become them as the instruments in the hand of partakers of His holiness. Chastise- God, how much more of quiet and of ment, then, is a proof of sonship; and comfort should we enjoy. Oh, for surely, with this blessed truth on our stronger faith to penetrate these dark mind, we ought to rejoice rather than clouds of trouble, and to fix our eyes complain when we feel the hand of the unwaveringly on our loving and all-wise Lord upon us : for "the Lord scourgeth Father, who will never appoint us any every, son whom He receiveth.” And trial which shall not in the end bring yet, how often are we ready to sink fresh glory to Himself, and work out under our trials, and to cry out, in bit. the sanctification of His children. terness of spirit, “Hath God forgotten Let us then ever seek to show forth to be gracious ? hath He in anger shut His praise, by our patience under afflicup His tender mercies ?” Even those tions; not repining at the hand which of His dear children who have trusted has kindled the flame, but praising and His name for years, and who have found blessing Him who hath chosen us to be Him ever faithful who promiseth, and among that third part which He will have in numberless instances experienced bring, but it shall be through the fire His mighty delivering power, are some- (Zech. xiii. 9). And let us look forward times tempted to cry out, with David, with stronger confidence and brighter “I shall perish one day by the hand of hope to that time, when, completely Saul.” But no enemy, though he be purged from every spot and stain of sin, ten times as formidable as Saul was to and made perfect even as He is perfect, David, shall cause us to perish, or pluck we shall be as pillars in the glorious us from the everlasting hand of our heavenly home prepared for us by our great Shepherd. We too often look God, to go no more out (Rev. iii. 12). upon our afflictions as arising from Stratford.

H. E. W. various earthly causes ; this only tends


We are not ignorant of his devices.”—2 Cor. ii. 11. Few are even the Christians who are souls. And, on the other hand, the completely alive to the dangers from multitudinous forms of religion, the Satanic influence by which they are sur- various modes adopted now-a-days to rounded; fewer still are the mere pro- win souls; the unusual bustle in the fessors of Christianity who believe in way of preaching; the rage manifested the terrific power of Satan. We live in for religious excitement; the awful false, an age when the very existence of Satan hoods told from many platforms and is openly questioned; how much more, pulpits; the shocking blasphemy of then, his power! It seems to me to be many calling themselves“ Revivalists," a most fearful age,-fearful from the induce me to stamp, this age as one in very fact of its high intelligence, its in- which Satan exultingly triumphs. Mark quiring spirit, and its success in the pur- you, it matters not to Satan whether suits of science; aye, fearful, too, from men are civilized or uncivilized—whether the fact of the wide spread of religious they hold by“ a dreary Deism,” or “a profession!

mystic Pantheism,” or “a spurious On the one hand, the discoveries of Rationalism," or a debased Superstithe microscope and telescope, the dis- tion;" his ends are accomplished if he coveries in geology and astronomy, in can lead away the mind from the Scripchemistry and botany-all good in tures of truth, interpreted by the Holy themselves) -are turned by Satan into Spirit. a fearful engine for the delusion of Now, I am bold to say, the following

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is the use that Satan makes of both the operations amongst the poor, uneducated, facts just alluded to, viz., the discoveries immoral, debased, and degraded memof science, and the widespread of bers of the human family; but he exerreligious profession. “It is possible," cises a fearful influence amongst the he suggests, that as such and such highly educated, gifted, moral, and even discoveries have lately been made in philanthropic classes. Pride is as useful geology and astronomy, &c.-discoveries a channel for Satan to work in as vice. which great and good men, long dead, “Ye shall be as gods," was the fatal never dreamed of such and such dis- 1 sentence that overcame his first victims; coveries will by-and-by be made in intellect without God” is securing to religion as will prove the utter falsity of him, and has secured thousands since. the present or past system.”

What can it signify to Satan whether he And again, “ There are

so many can induce a man to soar upon the wings opinions, so many creeds, and so many of pride, the pride of intellect, and premen of good intentions, agreeing to differ sumptuously place himself beside Him upon matters of religion now-a-days, who has declared that there shall be no that it evidently is a thing of no conse- boasting in His presence ; or induce him quence what a man believes or dis- to grovel in the purlieus of sensuality, believes, so that he is sincere."

and breathe out his soul in blasphemy? "What !” insinuates Satan, "would Nothing. It is all one to him so that you for a moment suspect the religion he secures his victim. What can it of that self-denying man, that amiable signify to Satan whether he can overwoman, that zealous minister ?”

come by a denial of all religion, or by I can tell my reader, that I myself the profession of a false religion? Yea, have been thus tried and tempted; I what can it signify to Satan whether he have literally been tossed to and fro by succeeds by the profession of a false what are called "large, liberal, catholic, religion, or by the profession (when it is

“ and noble thoughts ;". I have been nothing more) of the true faith? Noalmost driven to despair, to deism, to thing-literally nothing. His cry is for an utter rejection of all religion, by such souls. He is a raging and a roaring suggestions and temptations ; so that I lion, going to and fro throughout the am a witness worthy of some credit in earth, seeking whom he may devour, this matter. Hear, then, what I have and can be as an angel of light when it to say. The Lord has brought me to suits his accursed purposes. Oh! reader, see that it is possible for the wisest, the beware of Satan and Satanic influence. most self-denying, zealous, amiable, and “Prove all things, and hold fast that gifted man to be under the influence of which is good," not merely through the Satan. It is possible for a man to weep testimony of your teachers, but through in the pulpit, to cry aloud in prayer; the testimony of the Word of God. to be in season and out of season, pro- Believe me, that never was there a claiming God's name and Christ's name, day in which it was more needful than heaven, hell, and the value of immortal the present, to ponder over the lesson souls, and be under the influence of taught by Christ, -"Judge not according Satan!

to appearances, but judge righteous judg. It matters not to Satan what a man ment.' Even really converted men preaches, or what religion he professes ; seem to be carried away by the specious yea, it matters not to him whether a appearances of the present day. The man believes or disbelieves in Satanic words of Christ seem to me to be more influence, so that he holds not God's truth ominous than ever in this day of preachin his heart.

ing and lecturing, and forcing religion That Satan exists is as clear as that upon the attention of the masses,God exists. If the heavens declare the "Lo, He is here! Lo, He is there!glory of God, and the firmament showeth But, oh! I warn you! Watch, and be His handywork, sin, and misery, and sober-sober in judgment, sober in evil proclaim the existence of Satan. trusting, sober in believing what you The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, hear. What delusion there must be witnesses to his existence, personality, abroad! Sometimes I have noticed an and power. He does not confine his entire column of a newspaper filled with

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announcements from different preachers, Atonement, &c.; but he believes in the of different sects and persuasions, of worship and intercession of saints and their intention to preach upon the suc- angels, &c.; so that the truth is rendered ceeding Sabbath, upon the sublime mys- nugatory. teries of the gospel; and as I have The Methodist believes in many essenglanced down that long list, in which tial truths, just as the Papist, but he were the names of Church of England also believes in the power of free-will to men, of Presbyterians, of Baptists, do good, and human merit, so that the Methodists, Unitarians, Swedenborgians, truth is rendered nugatory.. Lutherans, Calvinists, Ranters, and I The Unitarian believes in the unity know not what, I have involuntarily of God, which is an essential truth, and exclaimed, “Lord ! surely all these can- though he eliminates from his system not be thy ministers; all these cannot the divinity of Christ, and the personpreach the truth as it is in Jesus; many ality of the Holy Spirit, and the Atoneof them must be adventurers and impos- ment, he substitutes a very high morality, tors! Which are they? How are thy and profound reverence for Jehovah. people to know ? Or, is it a fact that The truth in his case, too, is rendered they all are true and genuine Christians, nugatory. though differing in church discipline, or The Ranter believes in many of the in their mode of expression ?”. And the essentials of truth, and professes to have answer invariably coming, has been, an intimate acquaintance with the opera"All thy children shall be taught of the tions of the Spirit, but he confounds Lord."

animal excitement with the Spirit's witThen I have seen that Satan has been ness, and raves in presumption and at work with his devices ; and I have | blasphemy. The truth in his case, too, been led to cry unto the Lord more is rendered nugatory. energetically, “Lord, teach me; Lord, The High Churchman believes in keep me; for I can neither teach nor nearly all the essential truths of God's keep myself!"

Word, but he believes in something I believe it to be a fact, that though more besides, such as the absolute Satan is neither omnipotent nor omnis- efficacy of the sacraments, and is ready cient, he is endued with tremendous to pronounce an anathema upon those power, and is wonderfully subtle, skilful, who smile at the absurdity. The truth and ingenious. Though he is not ac- in his case, too, is rendered nugatory. quainted with our thoughts, he knows The Calvinist holds most glorious that man has a conscience, and that that truths, but when imperfectly taught, he conscience must have a religion of some is just as decidedly under the delusion sort. Accordingly, he provides men of Satan as any other religionist; for with a counterfeit religion, taking care he will deny human responsibility, and to infuse into it as much truth as will confound predestination with fatalism; appease misgiving. In this respect, as has repudiating, too, all chastisement for sin. been well said, “he is like a dishonest The truth, in his case, also, is rendered chemist, who, whilst he professes to nugatory. sell a certain acid for the restoration of It is so with all who are not really health, takes care, before it leaves his “s taught of God.Satan has provided laboratory, to mix with it a neutralizing them with a counterfeit religion, a chalk.” The object of the man is to religion with a sufficient quantum of keep the patient on his books. The truth in it to appease the conscience, medicine does neither good nor harm. but a religion which, when tested by So is it with Satan, the truth he gives is God's Holy Word, will be declared to mixed with a sufficient quantity of error be a Satanic sham! to render it nugatory; It does the I warn my reader, then, against the victim no good, it does himself no harm. devices of Satan. It is his policy to

I might illustrate this device of Satan keep himself as much from public notice for you thus, viz :

as possible. He is never better pleased The Papist believes in many essential than when men deny his existence, or truths, such as the doctrine of the when they are zealous for a counterTrinity, the divinity of Christ, the I feit religion, or for a part of God's



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