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“ She left the world with all its toys, About Christmas last she began

For better, brighter worlds on high ; rapidly to decline, and, though generally Her faith embraced substantial joys, happy, was still subject to many doubts Soaring beyond the starry sky. and fears, which often distressed her ;

but God, in His infinite mercy, chased all " Methinks I see her now at rest, In the bright mansion love ordain'd;

away, and during the evening of ThursHer head reclines ou Jesu's breast,

day, the 14th of April, revealed Himself No more by sin or sorrow pain’d.

to her in the brightness of His glory, so

that, in the fulness of her heart, she ex'Twas through the strength of Israel's claimed, “Never did I think Jesus king,

would thus condescend to reveal Himself She proved a conquerer when she fell ;

to me; I thought to taste joy, but this 'Tis to the praise of grace we sing, is joy unspeakable.” Though of a dying saint we tell.

“Once I was needy, now every need “Fearless she entered Jordan's flood,

is supplied.” Precious Jesus! I need At peace with heaven she closed her no longer cry, Art thou my salvation ? eyes;

for Christ is my Rock and my salvaHer only trust was Jesu's blood,

tion.” In sure and certain hope to rise."- “I can say now, 'For me to live is

Christ, to die is gain. Welcome, wel. KENT.

come death, when it comes. Oh, that

He should thus favour me e-I who was ANOTHER SAINT IN GLORY. always doubting; how could I ever ll, St. Nicholas Street,


answered King's Lynn, Norfolk, now; more than answered. I am on

May 6th, 1859. the Rock. Jesus is mine, and I am DEAR SIR,—The following lines con- fountain. Bless the Lord, 'o my soul;

His. I shall soon be sipping at the tain a brief sketch of the last few days and all that is within me bless His holy of my dear sister's life. She was a name. My cup is full, heaped up, runreader and lover of the Gospel Magainsertion of them may tend to the glory how her mind was? zine ; and if you think well, perhaps

the ning over.'

On the Friday her mother asked her of God, and the comfort of some of His have not had such a happy day as last

She replied, "I doubting children. hailed with pleasure by our dear departed lien among the pots, thou shalt be as The first of the month was always evening; but these words have been

much blessed to me, Though thou hast one, as it brought your valuable perio- the wings of a dove, covered with silver, dical. With best wishes for success in your

and her feathers with yellow gold.' labours, I remain, dear Sir,

She was very ill and weak, indeed, on Yours truly,

the following day (Saturday), and M. A. HOLDITCH.

thought it would be advisable to have

some one with her during the night; On the 26th of April, 1859, the happy when these matters were settled, she spirit of Anna Maria Holditch, of King's laid her head on her sister's shoulder, Lynn, Norfolk, winged its flight to and said, “The summons won't be long, mansions of eternal bliss, to be for ever the rubbish is nearly all gone ; just a in the bosom of her Lord.

little more dross to be purged away, and Hers was indeed a joyful exit from I shall enter a purified being into my this world of sin and sorrow.

Father's house. He doeth all things Since October, 1856, she had been well; how pleasant to feel it so. I suffering more or less from consumption, know all is right. Bless His name, He and having at different times ruptured doeth all things well.” blood-vessels, had been brought to the April 17th. This Sunday was indeed hrink of the grave, but again restored in a Sabbath of rest to our weary sufferer ; some measure, that she might testify of she lay quiet throughout the day, every the exceeding goodness of a covenant now and then repeating a verse or two God.

of a hymn, a text, or conversing cheer

fully regarding her death, to those around , how willingly she would join in the songs her. Early, in the morning, she said, of triumph around the throne. Top"Can this be Jordan, so calm, so clear, lady's and Hart's hymns were much not a wave, not a ripple! Oh no! it blessed to her; and next to her Bible, is the land of Beulah. How glorious ! her great treasure and help was Krause ; how bright! how happy I am! If ever she was never weary of hearing his serI had a pain, the remembrance is quite mons and lectures. gone; I am so happy, He has given There were many sweet sayings which me a glimpse of Himself upon earth; fell from her lips that must necessarily oh! glorious foretaste; and if this be omitted, or this brief account would glimpse is so glorious, oh, what must it swell to a volume. be to be there!

On Tuesday, the 26th, the day on As she lay quiet and still, we could which she died, she mentioned several often hear her say, “ Precious, precious times, that she thought the Lord would Jesus! countless, countless hosts-in- take her home. About the middle of numerable hosts!" as if, with the eye of the day her affectionate_friend and faith, she could already see the blood- pastor called to see her. He asked her bought throng around the throne; and how it was with her. She said, “He thither her willing soul was longing is leading me beside the still waters.” to fly. All day Tuesday, the 19th, she “Then it is all joy and peace

with you

?" lay apparently dozing, but told her sister " Oh!" she replied, “it is joy unspeakin the evening she had not been sleeping, able and full of glory. I am at the very but holding sweet communion with portals of heaven, and as soon as I enter Jesus; He had been very near, and she I will cast my crown at His feet; and had asked him to take her home, but the shout, Alleluia, glory to the Lamb.” answer was, "The refractory child must She then lay as if asleep, but with a wait until perfectly holy, then I will most beaming countenance; and pretake her to dwell with me for ever.” sently, in thrilling accents, she exclaimed, So she patiently said, " I must wait the “I see the King in His beauty, and the Lord's time, and I wish to do so; but land that is very near. He is coming! oh! I long to be gone."

He is coming! He is coming! Do you One day, as we stood by her bedside, not hear His chariot wheels ?” After awaiting her dismissal, and never ex- some time she opened her eyes and said, pecting to hear her speak again, she “Am I still on earth ? Oh, what a disapbroke forth with, “I have seen the King pointment! I thought I was gone home.” in His beauty, and the land that is very At a little before eight, in the evening far off.' Though I walk through the of the same day, she did indeed go home; valley of the shadow of death, I will fear her ransomed soul entered into rest. no evil, for thou art with me; thy rod Her end was without much suffering; and thy staff they comfort me. she burst a blood-vessel, and life gently

On one occasion, having her hands ebbed away. Whilst the blood was bathed in cold water, she said, “Do flowing from her mouth she said, you know of what this water re- “ Jesus! oh, Jesus !” and almost inminds Of Jordan; yes, of stantly her happy spirit was gone to Jordan; but I enjoy it. Í have no take its seat near her Father's throne. fear, for underneath are the everlasting She had been the subject of heart

Oh! I will plunge with joy into convictions for many years; and though the flood, for His hand is beneath to often feeling safe, and sure that she was uphold me.” Oftentimes, though weak, a child of God, yet she never dare say she would pray aloud and with much so until the glorious manifestation earnestness, wishing she could tell to all before named. She died in the 27th poor sinners, what a dear Saviour she year of her age, and was interred in the had found; how she had been snatched village churchyard of North Wootton, as a brand from the burning ; what a near Lynn. trophy she was of redeeming grace; and

On earth, God's people have their respective homes, and particular places of residence; but, when we come to heaven, one home shall serve us.-Holmes.

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REV. AND DEAR SIR, I have taken hoof shall be left behind” of those the Gospel Magazine for ten years ; have whom the Lord foreknew, and loved many times thought of writing to tell ; with an everlasting love. But, much as you

how much the Lord has blessed it may remain to be done, we believe that to my own, and dear wife's soul, as well Jehovah can and will accomplish that as to many friends who have taken it in much in a short time. How rapid have by my recommendation. The Holy been the developments of the last few Spirit generally makes it a “feast of fat years. What a marvellous opening out things to our souls." By His power and has there been. Everything appears to love we have obtained from it light and be tending towards some great crisis

. comfort. I should like to particularize Even men of the world admit this. portions and seasons, had I time. I Moreover, though “it is not for us to have thought, as I have seen you come know the times or the seasons, which the from the pulpit in town, I should like to Father hath put in His own power," we speak to you on these things. I have must not forget, that, according to our very much enjoyed your leading article own reckoning of time, and not taking this month; but there is one sentence into account some short period that may in it which Í have thought much about, have been lost, we shall soon be in the and the meaning of which I cannot un-year sixty of the 19th century, or 5860. derstand, viz. : —" And now in these This leaves but 140 years to complete latter times, when Jehovah's work on the six thousand, a thousand years earth is rapidly drawing to a close," &c. to a day; then comes Myself and others would feel it a great bath, or rest of a thousand years. Now favour if you would tell us in your next before this, we believe much has to be what you mean by this. We have so accomplished. Popery has to be dewondered what you mean “is rapidly stroyed, and a solemn" but glorious dedrawing to a close.” It cannot close struction it will be. The Jews are to be till the number of His elect be accom- gathered in with the fulness of the Genplished. We wonder whether you mean tiles. In what way all this is to be the probable nearness of the day of judg-effected, we do not presume to say. ment.

Many profess to have much light into I am, Rev. and dear Sir,

prophecy; we are free to confess we Yours respectfully, have not. Although the coming of our

J. E. blessed Lord is dear to our hearts, we

know not when He shall come, nor [Most certainly the Lord's work, as far where, nor how; but the fact that He as the present time-state is concerned, will come, is unspeakably precious in will never be finished, until, as our cor- the contemplation, and from our hearts respondent intimates, “the number of we say, Come, Lord Jesus, come His elect be accomplished.” “Not a quickly.”—Ed.]

on the Sab


BELOVED BROTHER --How often have I was going mad. This has left me in a I said since we have been home, This


low place. comes of going to Bristol.” However, I have been so anxious about you. all must be well, however miserable we How hard it is to cast ALL CARE upon may be for a season, while the fresh our only mighty Shoulder! We find, cross galls, or while the fresh fire burns. however, after all our carefulness, that I do not know when I have been brought He has been all the while carrying us so low, or suffered so much pain, as dur- and our cares too. He lets us feelingly ing the past ten days. You see I caught carry our cares, and often they influenza, and that is always sure to fly if they must crush us; but in the end to my head. After Sunday's preaching, we find that Himself hath borne usfor two days and nights it seemed as if and borne with us in all, and through

seem as

all! " He bare them and carried them! ["This comes of going to Bristol;" yes, all the days of old.” I can but look at brother, and our temporary church, unyou, and then at myself, and wonder at der God, comes of the same. “And His grace and compassion! Why is it? what hath God wrought?” Come again Because of dear relation ! “ The Lord and see! We thought we had to break thy God bare thee as a man doth bare up fallow ground. Some thirty or forty HIS son, in all the way that ye went, we fancied might drop in on the first until ye came unto this place !!! "As a Sabbath; but when, ten minutes before FATHER pitieth his children!" Bless the service, we entered the place, and HIM! I want to be a better, more lov- found it was then half-full, though ing, more willing, more contented, more scarcely any notice whatever had been patient, more obedient child! But He given beforehand, we were fairly beaten. alone who bears with my bad manners Like Joseph of old, we would fain have can subdue my naughty, vile, rebellious “sought where to weep;" and we verily heart, and make me wholly what He believed that the text of that morning would have me. He says, “I have seen would be realized, “In this place will I his

ways s!” and what ? “I will cut him give peace, saith the Lord of hosts.” down? send him to hell? No! "I will The Lord hath indeed done great things HEAL him!” And when He heals again for us, whereof we are glad.

We were and again, in the sweet renewals of His not at all prepared for such a gracious love and mercy, how does it make the display of His fatherly kindness. We willing feet run in sweet and swift obe- do venture to believe that the Lord in dience to carry the precious balm to any that humble building will let fall many of the cast down among the Lord's dear handfuls of purpose broken-hearted family, that they may gleaners, and you well know what partake of the healing too! Well, is blessed work preaching is when the oil not this the very reason we so often find Aows—when Boaz is seen in the gospel ourselves stretched out, wounded, and field. We did not at all imagine sore broken in the spiritual hospital? I that the Lord had so gone before as to know it is! and yet my fool's heart prepare a people for His name, and that quarrels and rebels as much as though I so many would be found hungering and were ignorant of the “needs be !!thirsting after the bread and water of In much love, ever yours,

life. To His name be the glory!--D.] Plymouth.

G. D. D.

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for His poor

Sntelligence of the Month.

(From our London Correspondent.)

The exciting state of public affairs, both at these “May Meetings,” the Bishop of CARhome and abroad, has evoked during the LISLE, at one of them, said, “The question had past month the most lively interest amongst been often put, 'Where was the use of these all classes, but especially amongst those who Missionary Meetiugs ? It was said that deem it a privilege, no less than a duty, to they were a kind of religious dissipation, be doers of the Word, and not hearers only. that people came together just for the sake Our space will not permit us to give even of the excitement, and when they were over an outline of the proceedings at the great went away, and no good resulted from them. gatherings which are comprised under the He held, on the contrary, that the greatest appellation of “May Meetings.” We shall, good had been accomplished by these gatherhowever, endeavour to give, as briefly as ings, and great good was likely to be accompossible, the most salient points of some of plished this year if those who were present them which bear directly on matters of would remember that they were not there for peculiar interest at the present moment. their personal gratification merely, but that We shall select from the speeches of dis- they might exercise their personal influence tinguished individuals a few sentences ex. when they went to their homes on behalf of pressing great sentiments or opinions, or the work, bearing in mind that they were giving important information. Respecting each of them personally responsible to God."


At another, the Bishop of WINCHESTER I in Ireland. Go to that country which has said, it was something like a Sunday feeling been her boast, and which you want to make which came over him when he attended such her shame. Go to that land which is her meetings, and he trusted that all present citadel. Strike through her heart; and then, would listen to the proceedings with a Lord's in the days that are coming, when England day spirit in their hearts. Surely it was a will want every heart she can have—when privilege to be able to leave behind for a time England will need, in the threatening times those anxieties which were besetting the that are near us, a united people against a minds of so many who were engaged in tremendous foe,—then you will feel that you election contests. At these meetings there have done your duty to England, if you have were no such anxieties to disturb the mind, established on the foundation of truth and for their business was to consider what was righteousness the union with Ireland.” best for this world and for the next.

The Bishop of Ripon said: “There is not Aged Pilgrims' Friend Society.—The fifty- a truth, which we as Protestants hold to be second anuual meeting of this most invaluable fundamental and dear to us, which is not Society was held on Monday evening, May more or less mutilated or impaired by the 2nd, in the large room of the London Tavern, corrupt C:urch of Rome. When we contend which was crowded; it being estimated by against Romanism, it is not coutending for some old friends of the Society that it was mere circumstantials,—it is not contending the largest, and in many respects the best, for minor or insignificant points, -it is conever held in its behalf. A hymn having been tending for matters which intimately concern sung, and prayer offered by the Rev. E. the truth of Christ's Gospel and the glory of MANNERING, Mr. W. JACKSON, one of the his salvation. Secretaries, read the annual Report.--Mr. The meeting was, in every respect, a highly Box, the senior Secretary, read the cash interesting one. accounts of the various funds connected with British and Foreign Bible Society.—THE the Society. - The Chairman, the Loed EARL 07 SHAFTESBURY presided at the Mayor, who has been long and intimately Aunual Meeting. The report is most satisacquainted with the workings of the Institu- factory. The receipts of the year ending tion, in the course of his speech remarked, March 31, 1859, had esceeded those of any that from the report read, he gathered that preceding year (excluding the Special Funds). some of the pilgrim pensioners were relieved The amount applicable to the general purin poor-houses. He thought it a disgrace to poses of the Society was 78,0471. ls. Od., any Church to allow one of its members to and the amount received for Bibles and Tesreceive the compulsory relief of the law. taments 76,8591, 5x. ld., making the total

The Rev. R. MAGUIRE and the Rev. receipts from the ordinary sourees of income JAMES WELLS were succeeded in the advo. 154,9061. 6s. ld., being 5,5971. 199. Od. cacy of the good cause by Joseph PAYNE, more than in any former year. Esq., Assistaut-Judge, whose ready wit and To the above must be added the sum of witty rhyme, as usual, elicited loud applause. 8231. 17s. 6d. for the Chinese New-TestaThe learned gentleman concluded his speech ment Fund, and 4,3321. 15s. 9d. for the by reciting lines entitled, Quiet in the Special Fund for India; making a grand midst of Bustle."

total of 160,0621. 19s. 4d. At the conclusion of Mr. Payne's speech, The issues of the Society for the year the LORD MAYOR vacated the chair, and were as follows:JOHN THWAITES, Esq., was unanimously From the depôt at home 989,287 called to supply his place.

From depôts abroad 636,698
The meeting was addressed by the Rev.
W. LINCOLN, the Rev. J. P. TURGUAND, the

1,625,985 copies, Rev. Dr. HEWLETT, the Rev. J. Jay, and being an increase of 23,798 copies over other friends.

those of any preceding year. Irish Church Missions to the Roman Catho. The total issues of the Society now lics.-The chairman, J. C. COLQUHOUN, amounted to 35,609,931 copies. Esq., observed :-“We see that Rome is busy The ordinary payments had amounted to in Parliament. She is pressing on Govern- 153,5901. 7s. 9d., and the payments on ments, Conservative and Liberal. She is account of the Jubilee and Chinese New-Tes. crushing all. She is assailing the Church. tament Funds to 5,0521. 7s. 3d., king the She is pouring into the Church of England total expenditure of the year to amount to her principles of venom. She is assailing all 158,6421. 15s. Od., being 5,4651. 10s. 4d. portions of society. That is her warfare, more than in any former year. The Society vigorous, industrious, and incessant. Then was under engagements to the extent of what are we to do? Strike her to her heart | 87,5761. 16s. 9d.


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