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nation is thy people. And He said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest. [Who could this be but the Angel of His presencethe Lord Christ, set up from everlasting ? see Isaiah lxiii. 9.]

" And he said unto Him, If thy presence go not with me, carry us not up hence. For wherein shall it be known here that I and thy people have found grace

in thy sight ? Is it not that thou goest with us ? So shall we be separated, I and thy people, from all the people that are upon the face of the earth. And the Lord said unto Moses, I will do this thing also that thou hast spoken : for thou hast found grace in my sight, and I know thee by name.” The reader will observe how the Lord and how Moses take up the same language. There is a sweet repetition, in order that there might follow a blessed confirmation. The whole bespeaks such intercourse-such a holy familiaritysuch an opening out of heart as well upon the part of the Lord as upon the part of Moses. Reader, do you know anything of it ? Do you know what it is, as it were, to draw out the Lord ? so to talk with Him, in and by His own power put forth in the soul, as to cause Him to open out the very secrets of His heart? What precious moments these! How all-absorbing ! How truly may the Lord's people, under such indulgence, say, “ they have bread to eat which the world knows not of.” Caught up on high ; entering into the very holy of holies; closeted with a precious Christ; unbosoming all one's desires, in whispers, and breathings, and looks, and longings; disclosing the secrets, and doubts, and tremblings, and flutterings of the innermost heart. Such a felt sense of the Lord's being nigh; a present realization that the place whereon one standeth is holy ground; so deeply convinced, by what one sees, and feels, and hears, that it is “ none other than the house of God and the very gate of heaven;" such a sympathy with the disciples upon the mount of transfiguration, “ Lord, it is good to be here."

There is a feeling about this, and a precious personal realization, that is as superior to the cold, dry formality in so-called religion-however sound its possessor may appear to be in doctrine-yea, as superior as light is to darkness. Oh, give us the soft, gentle, bedewed spirit that savours of intercourse with Jesus—frequent access to Jesus—holy familiarity with Jesus-daily visits to and from Jesus ; give us this, we say, in preference to all the rigid, dogmatical, stoical, cut-and-dried argumentations of the mere doctrinal formalist. We will give place to no man in our love to the covenant verities of a covenant God; we love, and admire, and adore our God, for that marvellous display of wisdom, love, grace, and power, which adorn the covenant which is “ordered in all things and sure.” We love to see, at the same time, the

grace of the doctrine adorning the doctrine—the savour accompanying the substance ; in other words, we love to come in contact with the mellowing, meekening, softening, Christ-exalting, sin-subduing, creature-rejecting influence and power that accompany the doctrine received into the heart by the teaching and power of the Holy Ghost. Such is not then a mere lipbut a life-religion.

Reader, be it yours and ours to be much in quest of the savour, and the unction, and the power of the truth, as it is in Jesus.

Here for the present we leave the subject. God bless His word. 1, Devonshire Buildings, Bedminster,

THE EDITOR. Bristol, June, 1859.

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DEAR BRETHREN,--Many of you nohis way. Remember, those who write doubt, in common with me, have often and labour for our spiritual edification had your souls refreshed, your hearts and comfort, need encouragement as comforted, your faith strengthened, your much as we need the liftings up of the hope enlivened, your love rekindled, and light of God's countenance upon us; and every grace of the blessed Spirit brought what so encouraging as to have manifest into lively exercise while perusing the proof that their writings have been Gospel Magazine ; but how little acknow- blessed to the hearts and souls of the ledgment of it is seen in its pages. How Lord's dear, blood-bought family. is this? This ought not to be.

One such instance in my own indivi. " Why should the wonders God has wrought, other day before alluded to; and had I

dual case, pressed upon the mind the Be lost in silence or forgot.”

had the opportunity then, it would have While meditating a little the other day on been written down, but circumstances the goodness and mercy of God towards prevented; the impression then wore off me, how He has preserved me up to the for a time, but it has returned again with present moment; how He has kept me increased force, which seems to say, from all real evil amidst ten thousand Withhold no longer.” I will theredangers; fed, clothed, and supplied my fore try and relate it, and may the every need; has not withheld His chas- blessed Spirit bring to my remembrance tening rod when needful, nor been slack some of the thoughts and feelings I had concerning His promise; but has always under it; then my writing will not be administered timely help and comfort in in vain, nor your reading in vain. times of distress and tribulation, the It pleased the Lord in His all-wise thought occurred to me how little dispensations, in the beginning of last acknowledgment I have made of the year, to afflict me with a bad hand; and same, and how little return rendered for a sore affliction it was, the marks of so much mercy daily and hourly be- which I shall carry to my grave. At stowed on one of the vilest of the vile, the same time my son, my only child, and the most unworthy. It is true, I was confined to his bed under one of the feel and confess it, I trust, in private on most distressing of afflictions. My hand my knees before God; but while I am was bad for twenty weeks, and when it doing this, and often it is done, how I was at the worst I walked the house and often is the humble yet honoured instru- garden for seven days and nights ; I ment by which the Lord is pleased to could not so much as lie down, much convey His mercies to me, forgotten; less get any rest. Twice I made the and no doubt it is the same with some attempt, and went to bed, but was of you. Look back, and see if you can obliged to get up again; and all this not call to mind some special instances only from the prick of a thistle. One when your soul has been more than night, when the rest of the family had usually blessed and refreshed while read- retired to rest, and I was left alone, the ing some sweet piece in the Gospel pain of my hand was so great I could Magazine ; when such is the case, why scarcely contain myself. I took a walk in not note it down, with some of your the garden, and while thinking, over thoughts and feelings under it

, and let what might be the issue of this double it have a corner in the Magazine ? Be- afliction, this thought came into my lieve

me, it is sweet employ to record mind, “Íf the pain I now feel is so great, the mercies of a covenant God in Christ only from the prick of a thistle, which is Jesus;

and while doing so, not only is an insignificant thing when compared to your own soul refreshed, but your God a thorn, what must His pain have been is praised and honoured, and your fel- who had a crown of thorns pressed into low-traveller in the wilderness encou- His sacred temples, the blood gushing raged to hold up his head, and speed on at every point; and that my sins helped

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to place that crown there? Lord," I in the Lord's gracious dealings with cried," do not suffer me to murmur or your precious souls. It always does my repine at thy fatherly dispensations ; soul good whenever I hear or read of keep me from complaining; keep me the Lord's giving testimony to the word from repining; suffer me not to have of His grace, through whatever channel hard thoughts of thee, or of thy just it may come. And I would here record dealings with me, but do enable me to it to the praise of my ever kind and bear whatever, in thine infinite wisdom, gracious God, that that home which was thou sees fit to lay upon me. I am in at this time little else than mourning, thy hands, do with me as thou wilt. I lamentation, and woe, He has in rich would rather suffer ten times more than mercy restored to peace and happiness; what thou hast afflicted me with, than me He has restored to the duties of my dishonour thee, or be deceived in my station, and my dear son to the right use soul's eternal salvation-only remember of all his faculties.

“Oh that men I am dust."

would therefore praise the Lord for His After walking till I felt myself cold, goodness, and for His wonderful works I went into the house, and took down to the children of men.” Who the the Gospel Magazine, to see if I could writer of that little poem is I know not, find some little consolation for my dis- if I did they would certainly have had a tressed mind, if I could get no relief for line from me long ere this; but should my poor weary body. I opened it at a this meet their eye, let them know that little poem

entitled “ The Post Letter whatever effect that little poem might and the Answered Prayer." I read that have had upon others, upon me it was little poem, and never shall I forget or such as I trust will never be wholly forbe able to describe what I felt while gotten, or lose its sweetness. Although reading it. I walked the house, I sung, this acknowledgment is more particularly I wept, I prayed, I praised and blessed directed to one party, let it be under. my God for His tender care, pity, and stood that others are not forgotten whose compassion, towards the meanest of His pieces have been blessed to my soul, as sheep; and felt I really did

* Wayside Notes," "The Frightened " Love the Lord with mind and heart,,

Fisherman;" and particularly the dear His people and His ways;

Editor's pieces and remarks, which selEnvy, and lust, and pride depart,

dom fail to communicate fresh life and And all His works could praise."

sweetness. It often happens with me, Yes, even for this dark and trying dis- that after the toils and duties of the day pensation through which I was

are over, and while I am partaking of passing; and was constrained to bless my evening meal, I take up the Gospel His precious name that I was not given Magazine ; and while my body is parover in it to a reprobate mind, and left taking of the bounties of a God of proto kick against His righteous decrees. vidence, my soul is being sweetly feasted Oh, my dear brethren, these are precious with never-dying love and blood, com

municated through its pages.

Have I moments, and should be highly valued by us. Do thou (as I said before) look not cause then to bless God for the back, and see if you cannot record Gospel Magazine ; yes, and can with some special instance of the Lord's it and its subcribers “God speed."

all humble boldness and confidence wish goodness and mercy, and let us have the pleasing sensation of rejoicing with you Westerham.

W. H.



What makes a Christian praise God | he sees he is more unworthy of them. more to-day than he did yesterday?" Surely,” says the believer, “never Not merely because he has received sinner wanted Christ more, never sinner more blessings from Him, but because I deserved Him less than I." —Romaine.


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But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness,

faith, meekness, temperance : against such there is no law."-Gal. iii. 22, 23. A short time has already been spent | presence! And we are poor judges of in dwelling on the words, "Fruit of the the little or the much. When we and Spirit." Having pointed out the only others are saying hard things of ourtrue source of spiritual fruit, so that all selves, the Lord is preparing a crown of the glory, from first to last, may belong victory. When we are thinking, “ Lord, to the gracious husbandman, it might when saw we thee in hunger ?”' He now be profitable to enter a little into will be ready to reply, “ Inasmuch as detail as to the nature of this fruit as ye have done it unto one of the least regards its practical development. What of these my brethren, ye have done it do we know of these evidences of divine unto me.' And so it will be with the life? I would not have a person sup- other graces of the Spirit.

They may pose that he is saved by his evidences; languish, and some even may seem to but, on the other hand, I am certain disappear, but still they will be there in that none will be saved without evi- the husbandman's sight to distinguish dences. As well might it be argued, the good from the bad branch-the one that there was life in a corpse, which that is to be purged that it may bring has not one sign of natural life, as to forth more fruit from that which must say of another, or to lay the flattering be taken away. It is a matter of exunction to one's own soul, that there treme importance to have a right judgmight be spiritual life without one out- ment in these matters. May the Holy ward evidence of the fruit which the Spirit Himself guide the few consideraWord assures us is the invariable result tions that I wish to make upon His own of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. blessed work, that it may edify the Oh! beloved, we are saved by the life Church of God. of Christ alone; but that life is only The word “fruit,” being in the sinknown to be within us by ourselves as gular number, seems intended to show the hope of glory-it is only known to that all the graces of the Spirit are be so within us by others, but by its essentially one in their nature. There precious fruit, so universally insisted is one tree, one branch, one stem, one upon in the Scripture, and of which an sap, one cluster of fruit; the latter, ample catalogue is given in the text. indeed, composed of many portions, It may be that some portion of this susceptible of separate recognition, yet fruit may not be actively displayed. unable to bear a rude severance without But if one is not apparent, another will injury to the oneness and integrity of be. It may not be recognized by the the clustering fruit. And does not the believer himself, but it will be by his believer's experience testify to the brethren ; it may not be even seen by truth of this assertion? Is not the the brethren, but it will be by the Spirit's work perfect and entire in its loving eldest Brother. Joy may lan- nature in every regenerate soul ? Does guish--peace may be disturbed—but not the outward walk correspond with will not the soul instantly feel its loss? the inward work? I do not say that Will there not be a wrestling Spirit this perfection is one of degree, or that stirred up within, Jacob-like exclaiming, all the graces of the blessed Spirit are I will not let thee go, except thou equally prominent in every child of bless me;" and if the Lord see fit to God, but that in each there will be a make the promise tarry, is there not a work going on which will be perfect in patient waiting for it, and a “Thy will its nature, for it is the work of the be done,” even though it be breathed Spirit Himself; and that, moreover, the upon a sigh? And is not this faith, work will be entirethat is to say, that beloved ? Even if it be little, yet it is where one grace is seen, there will also there, waiting and hanging upon the be found the others, for they all conpromise_blessed sign of the Spirit's stitute the one fruit of the one Spirit

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which is within the believer, and is ! We read that God is love; He is, as ripening for glory, and will make that it were, the embodiment of its princihis path shall be as the shining light ple. Every action that God performs which shineth more and more until the is dictated by love. Not, perhaps, by perfect day.

that which man would denominate love, The first portion of the cluster that for he is a very bad judge in such matthe apostle distinguishes is love. Its ters; indeed unable, except so far as it beauty is the first to catch the eye, and be given him of God, to pass any its desirableness to ravish the heart. opinion upon His ways and acts. That And should it not do so, beloved, when cannot be true love which would have the first breath that the heaven-born to be exercised in opposition to the soul inspires is love? We read, “faith other moral perfections of God. He is worketh by love,'' and that “ love is the light as well as love. The two attributes fulfilling of the law” (Gal. v. 6; Rom. must act together in order to the perxiii. 10). But what are the character- fection of either of them. But I am not istics of this "love of the Spirit”-this diminishing the love of God. No, beunion love of a risen Saviour ? The loved, that be far from me. We have Word of God enables us to answer this but the faintest conception of what the question; and every child of God can love of God is. To orerrate that love tell something of its experience. But -to draw too largely upon it, would be though we know and feel that the love impossible. It is only in the light of of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the love of Christ which dwells in our the Holy Ghost which is given unto us, heart by faith, and as we become rooted and are acquainted with the Scriptures and grounded in that love, that we that speak of its blessedness, yet how begin to know somewhat of "the love little is known of its experimental-how of Christ which passeth knowledge little is seen of its practical working ! (Eph. iii. 17, 19). Yet though it passOne view is succeeded by another of the eth knowledge, it is not more abundant love of Christ more beautiful and ex- than sinful man required. Could love pansive than the former; and the soul less than this have created us, redeemed still unwearied, and still longing for us (can any compute the price that love further exhibitions, is fain to own that gave ?), and preserved us to this moits union with the Lord Jesus, its glori- ment, and still continues to preserve us ous Head, and all its ineffable results, is to the end, notwithstanding all our a mystery that will take eternity to real- accumulated sin of unbelief and cold ize and understand; and that till " we disobedience, even unto the shall see Him as He is," and "know things” that He hath prepared for us? even also as we are known," it will be

“We should perish, couldst thou prove impossible to do more than wonder at,

Less than intinite in love." and praise the Author of such amazing grace. Sometimes sin comes in and Oh no, beloved, we want it all. Great clouds the vision, and at others the soul, as it is, we could not do without any of or ever it is aware, is made like the it; for we trust and rejoice in it here, chariots of Ammi-nadib, and is forced to and shall realize and exult in it herecry out, “ Lord, it is enough, now stay after. thy hand.”

poor, weak,

Behold," writes John, “what manwretched creatures; and in every case ner of love the Father hath bestowed let all the glory be to Him, and to us upon us, that we should be called the be shame and confusion of face. The sons of God." Once children of dislove that springs up in the believer's obedience and wrath even as others, and soul is but a stream from the divine now the sons of God! It is well to source of all love conducted in the remember at times the hole of the pit channels of grace to water and refresh from whence we were digged, that our it. To arrive at some conclusions, then, hearts may be warmed with love and respecting that holy principle of love, admiration for our God, who has called we should trace it as displayed in the us to a “ fellowship with the Father and dealings of God towards man, and with His Son Jesus Christ;" and loved afterwards in its return from man to

“with an everlasting love.” God.

And the reason of all this love being ,

" all

We are



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