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and composure, iningled, as it were, with | hated to the last by this enemy of all holy surprise.

righteousness. With the death of Voltaire most are The heart of Cowper was by nature acquainted-soul-harrowing, the acme no better than the heart of Voltaire. of despair! If ever the horrors of the Grace made all the difference-sove. damned were, in a measure, realized in reign, electing grace; and, therefore, to dying hours, it was by that miserable in the God of all grace be ascribed all the fidel. " O Galilean, thou hast conquered,glory. said Julian the apostate; but the de

H. spised hated Nazarene was despised and


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To the Editor of the Gospel Magazine. Dear Sir,-It is my desire to tell | power, or to appropriate detached senyou a little of the goodness and favour tences from the Word of God, without of the Lord, and how he hath taught me seeking to understand the mind of the to hear His voice, and to know it from Spirit in the whole, is not according to all others, having been prompted so to His will, but that it is a Bye path do by reading the inquiry in the Gospel meadow, which leads to Doubting Castle. Magazine, " Is it from the Lord ?” I have been favoured, more than once,

I often meet with a remark in your to hear a voice from heaven speaking address which affords some meditation. powerfully, not to the outward ear, but You ask this month, Why should a to the inmost soul, “I will speak to her child, whose father is in heaven, be con- heart." The first passage was from the cerned?” Why, indeed ? Should not Old Testament (the sweetest words in the knowledge of such an astonishing the whole Bible), and others from the fact make us exclaim, with the beloved New, but all were what the writer of the apostle, “ Behold, what manner of love" Wayside Notes” aptly terms Church the Father hath bestowed upon us, that Property, common to the family. Havwe should be called the sons of God?" ing been led by the same Divine Teacher We are to receive the kingdom of God to search for a hidden and spiritual as little children. How many profitable meaning in the miracles which Jesus lessons we may learn by witnessing the wrought, when on earth, I am constrained simple reliance of our children on the to believe that the literal meaning was power and ability of their parents. confined to that time. So also with the

Our heavenly Father knoweth what parables, which He spake unto the things we have need of, and He saith, multitudes, but unto Flis disciples (and "If ye, being evil, know how to give not to them only, but unto all them also good gifts unto your children, who love His appearing, in the word of much more shall your Father which is truth, in the ministration thereof, or in in heaven give good things to them that the ordinances of His house), "Unto ask Him?"

you it is given to know the mysteries of We do not allow our little children to the kingdom.” help themselves, neither do we place The literal meaning cannot satisfy the jars containing honey within their reach, longings which are inspired by the Holy or at their control; but when we Ghost, as Mr. Hart says, we want more get one from the depository, open it, than sign, and distribute the contents, they never question their right to it; they know

“I faint unless I feed on thee, the hand which gives it, and the youngest

And drink thy blood as shed for me.” generally gets the largest share. The Lord hath taught me that"

When Jesus was in the act of raising man can receive nothing except it be Lazarus from the dead, how blessedly given him from God.” And that to did He draw the mind of Martha from seek to know the times and the seasons her brother to Himself, as The Resurwhich the Father hath put in His own 'rection and the Life.”


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“ Blessed and holy is he that hath a | at variance with His promises ; when part in the first resurrection (a part in storms of various kinds threaten to Jesus), on such the second death hath overwhelm us; when it is dark, and no power.”

Jesus is not come. And what but a demonstration of the What a mighty wrestling is that same almighty power could have raised which the power of the Spirit someus from a death in sin, delivered us from times exercises in our hearts, making the power of darkness, and translated us intercession for us according to the into the kingdom of God's dear Son? will of God, and revealing Christ unto Was it not a miracle which opened our us, as exactly suited to our emergencies, eyes, to see the King in His beauty, and giving us access unto the Father, and to behold the land which is very far off?" boldness to enter into the holiest by to read our names in the Lamb's book the blood of Jesus, by a new and living of life, and to view with holy awe, aston- way which He hath consecrated for us, ishment, and admiration, the glorious through the veil, that is to say, His robe of righteousness, that beauteous, flesh. costly robe which Jesus wrought ? How blessed is it to be favoured with

He also unstopped our ears, to hear the witnessing of the Spirit, sometimes the still, small, yet quite unmistakeable

, without the particular application of any voice, which spake words of love and word; but “the peace of God, which pardon, “Dost mind the place” and passeth all understanding” so fills our how He made thee, who before was hearts and minds, that every rebellious dumb, to sing,

thought is hushed, and our turbulent "For who like sinners saved from hell,

wills are absorbed in the will of God. Should sing the Saviour's praise ?”

He maketh the storm a calm, so that

the waves thereof are still." Nothing It was indeed a feast of fat things, for


be altered; but, “He brought me into the banqueting house, and His banner over me

A word from Jesns fires our heart, love."

And sweetly tunes our tongue; Many years have passed since that

Bids every anxious care depart, never-to-be-forgotten period, and number

And helps our feet along." less have been the proofs of the unchang- "In His presence there is fulness of ing love of Jehovah; many darksome joy, and pleasures for evermore.” The paths have lain in the way. “ We walk love of God, shed abroad in our hearts, by faith, not by sight.” We are to wait. makes us exclaim, “It is the Lord." The Psalmist says, “I waited patiently He satisfieth the longing soul, and for the Lord, and He inclined unto me, filleth the hungry soul with good things, and heard my cry.”.

And though He give us but now and Our heavenly Father grants us a privi- then a sip of honey by the way, yet we lege, which I have often thought is quite know that in our Father's house there is peculiar to Himself. We tell our enough, and to spare; yea, enough to little children not to ask twice; but we last all the children for ever. are encouraged to "Pray without ceas- “I know that in me, that is in my ing."

flesh, dwelleth no good thing." If Sometimes we are obliged to wait a there be, therefore, any consolation long time; and though we would say, in Christ; if any comfort of love; if “I will trust Him, and not be afraid," any fellowship of the Spirit, I know “It yet we do fear; and instead of waiting is from the Lord.”. patiently, we often get very impatient, Yours in the best of bonds, when the Lord's dealings with us seem


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Without the powerful agency of the hands, somewhat like blind Bartemæus, blessed Spirit, to enlighten our under- sitting amidst the beams of day: or standings, and to apply the doctrines of like the withered arm with invaluable the Bible to our hearts, we shall be, even treasures before it.--Hervey. with the Word of light and life in our


DEAR DAUGHTER IN THE FLESH, we may remark, most of His disciples, AND IN THE LORD, -I received yours, if not all, went forth or out by the north and desire to bless the Lord for His gate, for they sealed Christ's testimony goodness towards you in applying His with their blood. Now the way the word: by His Spirit with power to your Lord led me was by the north gate, soul. These favours, waterings, and through a sea of trouble, affliction, and renewings, are precious tokens of His bondage, before He revealed His love love and mercy, and are to be highly and mercy to my soul; and no wonder, prized; and they call upon all the seeing I was so flagrant a sinner before powers of the soul to bless and praise Him, my iniquity, transgressions, and His holy name.

You mention your fears stubbornness, being so great; yea, my or doubts respecting the beginning, that hatred to God's ways and people so is , whether you came in by the

door. great, that with oaths I declared, if that If you turn to Ezekiel xliv. 2, 3, you is the way of salvation, He may keep it, will see that none but the Prince could for I will never submit to it. I write enter by the east gate. Our gracious this to my shame. Lord God of Israel, Christ Jesus, did

“But, lo, the chief of sinners now, enter by that gate, magnified the law, fulfilled it for us, and left not this world

Is brought before His feet to bow." until He had finished the work the Think again, would He ever manifest Father gave Him to do; and now, said His love to your soul, if He had not He, “Father, glorify me with the glory I brought you into the way. This is one had with thee before the world was;" of Satan's stratagems to rob you of your yea, and something more too, “Father, jewels. Say, rather, with Manoah's I will that those thou hast given me wife (Judges xii. 23), "Neither would be with me where I am.” Thus Christ He have showed these things, nor would becomes our righteousness, and all in He have told these things."

Your reall

, and hath opened the kingdom of marks in the close of your letter, fearing heaven for His saints. Now go to the some heavy trial, leave that in the Lord's 5th verse of the 44th chapter, and see hand. Through my weakness and unwhat the Lord enjoins upon the prophet belief, I have often taken bitter for (and, remember, to us too). Mark well, sweet and sweet for bitter. Judge the

coming in, or entering in, with every nothing before the time. - In the world going forth; and then turn to the 46th ye shall have tribulation ; but in me ye chapter and 9th verse, “He that enter- shall have peace.” Do not so foolishly eth in by the north gate shall go out by as I have too often done-kick, murmur, the way of the south gate; and he that and rebel; but keep on the watch-tower, entereth by the way of the south gate or rather pray the Lord to keep you shall go forth by the way of the north.” there, looking to Him for strength; When Christ called His disciples, it was, “ For as thy days, thy strength shall "Follow

," "Come and see." They be.". For often I have found that that appear all to come in by the south gate. which is sweet in the mouth has been So did. Zaccheus when he ran before, bitter in the belly; and that which I out of curiosity, to see Christ, climbed have greatly feared, the Lord has never the sycamore tree. Christ called him, permitted it to come to pass. May the " Zaccheus, come down, for I must cry of your soul be, "Give us this day abide at thy house." And the Lord our daily bread.” It was a wonderful said, before He left it, “This day is sal- providence for Elijah to be fed morning vation come to this house.” He came and evening by ravens, but a greater in by the south gate. So did Cornelius, wonder and mercy we experience the for as soon as Peter, began to preach Lord communing with our souls from off Christ, the Holy Spirit descended upon all. the mercy-seat; the blessed Spirit of God is a gracious Sovereign, and His gifts the Lord taking of the things of Christ and callings are without repentance. But, and revealing them to us.

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You never


heard a dead child cry for the breast, ington used to say when he wrote to nor a sinner, dead in trespasses and sins, T-B- I have not quoted the entreating the Lord for the light of His passages of Scripture at large, because countenance, and for that favour which they would have taken up so much of is better than life. The Holy Spirit my paper, therefore you can refer to indites the petition, and then, glory to His them, and may the blessed Spirit open holy name, answers it in the soul. My their sacred contents, more and more, for kind love to all them that love our Lord your soul's profit. Yours truly, Jesus, especially my son J, and love

HENRY WILLIAMS. to all the little Arminians, as Mr. Hunt- Deptford, April 23, 1839.


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To the Editor of the Gospel Magazine. Rev. AND DEAR SIR, -May grace, I am sure I feel my need of Him; no mercy, and peace be multiplied upon poor creature was ever more brought to you. I did indeed rejoice, and I think nought (as our dear brother “Barnabas that the whole family known to you in so sweetly touches upon) as myself

, My earth and heaven must also have rejoiced, path, too, has been so peculiar and diswhen God so manifested His mercy tressing; for while I have thought I towards

you in leading you to your pre- most earnestly and humbly desired to sent sphere. May a double portion of serve God, and to be a hewer of wood His Spirit rest upon you for the sake of or a drawer of water in His service, how the many dry bones around. Dear Sir, have I from time to time been left to that letter in a recent number of the drink the sour wine of astonishment by Magazine, from “One of low Estate, being deceived both in persons and and your reply to the same, were places. And indeed, dear Sir, God has exceedingly encouraging to me. The and does now seem to say to me, I piece which he refers to by our valued neither will accept you nor your ser

A Servant of the Church," my eager vices. eyes and heart grasped at; for I may “ One of low Estate” writes very say, from my youth up these terrors (the lowly, but he is not half so low as I; he absence of a law work wrought in my reverts to sweet revelations, and evident soul) have I suffered with a troubled tokens of God's favour. He may truly mind. When very young, I remember say— meeting with this verse in dear old Kent's hymns, which distressed me so “ Did Jesus once upon me shine, much, that I wrote to him, beseeching Then Jesus is for ever mine." him for an explanation, but which he took no notice of; so that I thought But I! oh, dear Sir, I am a dead log: that this good old man considered me no light, no sweet application of Scripan hypocrite, and I set myself down as ture. Blind as to my spiritual path; such. The verse was this

blind as to my temporal path: and He ' And hence this conclusion I draw,

sees that I have no power of myself to With gospel assurance, that he,

help myself. While others talk of their Whose heart was ne'er broke by the law,

love to Christ, alas ! where is love?

my No sweets in the gospel can see.”

cold as ice. My prayers ! they are only And yet I thought I could see sweets in

broken sighs and sobs in the midst of

my gatherings of stubble instead of straw. the gospel. I never could nor can see “Oh that I knew where I could find anything really sweet in anything else. Him P" I often think of the ten virI have often wished that these lines gins; how nearly those five foolislı were Bible words, then I could believe resembled the wise. them “All the fitness He requireth,


R. C. Is to feel your need of Him."

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and 3rd verse,

To my three daughters in the faith, fear, 1 thing of that glory that there is in the and love of God, the Father, Son, and bond of peace;

the bond of charity or Holy Spirit, grace, mercy, peace, and perfectness, as Paul says, writing to the truth, be multiplied.

Colossians; yea, leadeth us to see someIt being on my mind these several thing of that bond which Paul to the weeks past to send you a few lines, Hebrews so blessedly opens up in the as I have entered my threescore and eighth chapter, wherein our sins and thirteenth year, and not knowing how our iniquities He will remember no soon this, my frail tabernacle, may be more.

What a sacred, holy bond hath taken down, being encompassed about our most gracious Lord ordained the with infirmities, and yet blessed with bond of the covenant which our dear inany. mercies; something by way

Lord and Saviour has fulfilled and sealed of remembrance, when I am removed to with His blood, and God the Father hath that inheritance which the Lord

ratified it by the resurrection of His

my gracious God will bestow to all them dear Son; and God the Holy Ghost is that love His appearing. My good and a witness in our hearts to the sacred kind Lord brought the savoury meat truth and blessed contents of the same. early one morning from the 4th of Eph. There are three that bear record in

Endeavouring to keep heaven, the Father, the Word, and the the unity of the Spirit in the bond of Holy Ghost; and there are three that peace.”

." Meditate on it ; turn it over and bear witness on earth, the Holy Spirit, over in your minds, it is fraught with rich the washing of water by the Word, blessings. Endeavouring, say you, we

which He applieth to His chosen, and sometimes think the more we strive the the precious blood of Christ that cleansfurther we seem to get from the resting; meat indeed, and whose blood is drink

eth us from all our sins; whose flesh is place, viz., a fixed reliance

upon Jesus, who is our only hope ; it may be indeed, in faith, in covenant, in truth, and so, and it is so, if we strive in our own

in love. Thus we love to worship the strength. Such blessed petitions as, Trinity in Unity, as Paul says in his sacred "Hold thou me up; uphold me with thy blessings to all the churches, “The free Spirit.” ""Look thou upon me as grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love thou usest to do to them that love thy of God the Father, and the communion, name.' Oh, remember me with the or fellowship, of the Holy Ghost." May favour thou bearest unto thy chosen.” the good Lord make you a blessing to " And be thou my strength and

your husbands and families, and may

my salvation.” Only consider what a rich they prove a blessing to you. Rememblessing is the unity of the Spirit; one ber the time is short, the days are evil, with the Father of all m cies, chosen as sayeth the apostle. Quench not the before time; one with His dear Son, Spirit; resist not the Spirit; grieve redeemed by His precious blood, atoned not the Spirit ; for the Lord hath" said, for by His sacrifice, cleansed by His “My Spirit shall not always strive with merits. He taking away all our sins, men,” therefore endeavour to “ keep the and bestoweth upon us His righteous- unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” ness, which is without spot, wrinkle, or

You will find enough to try you in the any such thing; one with the Spirit, who world, in your families, in the evils which hath made the riches of His


known befall us by the way; but remember, a unto us, wrought faith in our hearts;

meek and quiet spirit is, in “God's sight, led us to Jesus, and to the Father of great price.'

The Lord bless you through Him, the God of all consola- and keep you. The Lord make His face tions, who taketh of the things of Christ to shine upon you, and be gracious unto and revealeth them unto us; blesseth you. The Lord list up the light of His us with union to His church in time, countenance upon you, and give you and with elect angels in eternity. The peace; and the Lord put His name upon union of the Spirit known, felt, enjoyed, thy families, and bless them. Amen and and lived in, gives us to see some


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