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floor), were at play in the street, and calm. I felt the power of that word, exceedingly troublesome. She heard all

, and it melted my heart with joy and but still remained unmoved. I could gladness before the Lord, in this rebut think of the contrast of those plea- newed proof before my eyes, of what He sure-takers without, to the scene I was was able to do in the very article of witnessing within. It led me to speak death. “Why,” said I," that is what of the noisy bustling world, in contrast the Lord did for Daniel. He was weak, with that where are

and the Lord spoke to him, and then he

said, “Thou hast strengthened me. “No rude alarms of raging foes,

And Paul said, 'I can do all things No cares to break the long repose ; through Christ which strengtheneth No groans to mingle with the songs Which warble from immortal tongues.”

'When I am weak, then I am

strong I forget the different scriptures which Whatever doubts or fears about this at intervals I quoted, but among them case I may have had aforetime, they was that from the 43rd of Isaiah, "When were now all removed. I felt this sweet thou passest through the waters, I will word, and this blessed assurance, could be with thee; and through the rivers, only be from the Lord himself. That they shall not overflow thee: when thou was not the time, those not the circumwalkest through the fire, thou shalt not stances, for deception, or the playing be burned; neither shall the flame a part. It was evidently reality. Her kindle upon thee."

poor, anxious mother, standing by, felt It was just about this time, and in the force of that sweet word, " The Lord direct answer to one of these scriptures, has strengthened me.” that she made a remark, which, together I now unhesitatingly strove to pour with its effects, I think I shall never in of the oil and wine of divine consolaforget, she was at the time in the most tion. I had striven before to the utmost entire prostration, she had not the to probe, and to try, and to test; I had slightest power over her frame. If her again and again quoted David's words, leg was moved, her mother must move Search me, o God, and know me; it for her. She could not of herself. try me, and know my thoughts ; Her arm was simply all she could move. and see if there be any

wicked She had not taken so much as two-penny- me, and lead me in the way everlasting worth of bread for six months, her Can you say that? again and again had mother said. She had been kept alive I asked. Yes,” she would say. by liquids and little stimulants. She

Nothing in my hands I bring, was the merest skeleton; her skin hardly covered her bones. For weeks before, « Is that your language ?”

Simply to thy cross I cling."

Yes," it had broken through; but withal,

was the answer. there was not, as far as I heard, the slightest semblance of a murmur. But Jesus, thy blood and righteousness, now, in these circumstances, and with My beauty are, my glorious dress; the death-rattle in her throat, she sud

'Midst flaming worlds, in these arrayed, denly said, upon the quoting of one of

With joy shall I lift up my head.” the scriptures to which I have alluded, She responded in the same heart-felt

"What is gone ?" said way; and though her words were few, I. “My weak spirit.” “What do you they were evidently followed by the mean ?” “I was weak,” she replied, most servent mental ejaculations. Con"but now the Lord has strengthened me." |tinually was she to be seen looking up And it was evidenced in her counte, in simple, earnest prayer. Once, in the nance, and from her whole bearing, that last day she spent on earth, when I He had done so. Oh, with what power quoted the verse, that word from that dying one's lips

“ There is a fountain filled with blood," came! It was such a reality. It afforded such a blessed proof of what the Lord was she seemed as it were to grasp that able to do in the very swellings of Jordan. word blood. “Blood !” she whispered There was such a triumphing over the to herself. “Blood !” as much as to extremest weakness, and such a perfect say, “that's it; there's my hope.”

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way in


It is gone."



But to return: I now felt I dared not doubt, and I did my utmost to administer consolation.

"Your sufferings will soon be over. A little more faith, and a little more patience. The worst is over. I don't think you will suffer; but simply sleep or glide away." She said something about the death-struggle; but was cheered in a moment by the hope that it would be nothing. "One moment in heaven," said I, "and you would forget a thousand years' suffering on earth. Oh! think of what awaits you-where you are going to-who you will see. Jesus, face to face; not as the man of sorrows now; not sweating great drops of blood falling down to the ground; not in His dying agonies! but on His throne! The Lamb on the throne! Shall I read a verse or two about it ?" "Do." “And I saw no temple therein, for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it. And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon to shine in it; for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof." "What are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they? And I said unto him, Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came out of great tribulation, and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. Therefore are they before the throne of God, and serve Him day and night in His temple: and He that sitteth on the throne shall dwell among them. They shall hunger no more, neither thirst any more: neither shall the sun light on them, nor any heat. For the Lamb which is in the midst of the throne shall feed them, and shall lead them unto living fountains of waters; and God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes." God Himself to wipe away tears from their eyes. Don't think that worth waiting for, and suffering for ?” "Yes."

all you


All your sorrows left below, And earth exchanged for heaven." "Would you come back ?" "Not for fifty worlds," she said. "Not for the crown of England ?" No," said she, 'that would bring trouble with it, and I should not know the future; but I do know my future.”



"Yet a season and we know, Happy entrance will be given;



before her, and seemed to dread it. Once she spoke of the night she had "Oh," said I, "I don't think you will see to-morrow morning, Don't you? Oh, the Lord grant it, if it be His blessed will. I should be so glad not to open my eyes upon this world to-morrow morning."

When I repeated the lines, "Jesus can make a dying bed

Feel soft as downy pillows are; While on His breast I lean my head, And breathe my life out sweetly there," she exclaimed, “Beautiful.” And again, when I quoted the verse

"There shall I bathe my weary soul,

In seas of heavenly rest; And not a wave of trouble roll, Across my peaceful breast,"



she said again, "Beautiful.” Shall I pray with you once more?" 'Do, please." I did so, simply committing and commending her to the Lord; and a bidding her "look to Jesus,” wished her good-bye, believing our next meeting would be in eternity. She thanked me heartily for visiting her, and shook my hand affectionately, saying "Good-bye."

NEARNESS OF DEATH.-Though thou mayest have been nearer death (in thine to thee as now.-Evans. own apprehension) than thou art now,

little before nine o'clock,

Next morning the closed shutters told me the conflict had ceased, and that I found she had only tarried in this vale all was over. Upon reaching the house, of tears a little more than two hours after I left her. "Mother," said she, "get your supper quickly, and I shall was, for soon go after that." And so it about eleven o'clock, without a struggle, and scarcely a sigh, she fell asleep in Jesus. Blessed, blessed be His glorious


yet it is certain death was never so near



God is Love ; or, Glimpses of the Father's co-equal and co-eternal with the Father

Infinite Affection for His People. and the Son, “takes of the things of London : Darton and Co., 58, Hol- Jesus and reveals them unto us." He born Hill.

it is who, by His own essential and On a former occasion we made a brief indispensable light, demonstration, and reference to this work. We spoke in power, testifies of, and applies these terms of high commendation of it; the great realities to, the hearts and conconsequence was, a certain individual sciences of His people. procured a copy of the work, and, Now the great exhibition, so to speak, through its perusal

, was brought to have in the economy of salvation is Christ. such a clear insight into the love and He it is who is to be seen and heard ; tenderness of God the Father, in com- He it is who walked upon our earth ; mon with God the Son and God the He it is who spake as never man spake; Holy Ghost, as to have the doubts and He it is who went about doing good. mists of many years' experience most Speaking after the manner of men, blessedly removed. We thought that there was a something tangible in His one instance was a significant proof that person and work--something for even the book had not been written in vain. poor human nature to lay hold of.

It is a subject of immense importance, Hence antichrist, hence Satan, through and, under the gracious operation of the Papacy, trades upon the birth, the Holy Ghost, this work is eminently walk, miracles, death, resurrection, and calculated to cheer and establish the ascension of Christ; simply because timid and the wavering. That was a here is a something to be seen and touching scene in our Lord's history, heard. In a certain e-[mark, when Philip said, “Show us the Father, reader, we say in a certain sense]—no and it sufficeth us. Jesus saith untó faith is wanting ; sense and reason can him, Have I been so long time with grasp the whole. Not so with regard you, and yet hast thou noť known me, to the love of the Father, and the perPhilip? he that bath seen me hath seen

son and work of the Holy Comforter. the Father; and how sayest thou then, Here faith is absolutely necessary ; Show us the Father ?!! and then the because, except in two or three instances Lord proceeds to open up and strengthen with respect to the Father, when the the fact of the Father's indwelling in heavens opened, and a voice from the Him, for verily, “ in Him dwelt all the excellent glory was heard saying, “ This fulness of the Godhead bodily.”

is my beloved Son, in whom I am well Now, mysterious as this subject is, it pleased; hear ye Him;", there was no is fraught with inconceivable confort. outward or tangible demonstration; The doctrine of the Trinity, and of the and the same applies to the Holy unity in the Trinity, is full of the rich - Ghost, except as to what took place on est consolation to the poor, sensible the day of Pentecost. Consequently it sinner; for in Christ centres the love, is by faith acting in and by the operaand the grace, and the power of the tion and power of the Holy Ghost, upon Holy Three in One. Christ is sent the Word we are led through the Son forth by the Father as the blessed into a personal knowledge and appreevidence, proof, and token of His hension of God the Father. Now, the eternal and unchangeable love, pity, work before us, as a means, sweetly and compassion; Christ comes forth conduces to this. It puts forth this from the bosom of the Father, as par- great truth in a simple and encouraging ticipator in His own sacred person of way. It opens out the sacred mystery that love; "I lay down my life," He to the edification and establishment of şays, "for the sheep; I have power to the reader. Hence we cordially recomlay it down, and I have power to take mend the work, which has so speedily it unto me again;" and the Holy Ghost, I run into a new edition.

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We are pleased, moreover, to find, and satisfaction to state, that we handed that Mr. Grant, the indefatigable it over to a sick and deeply-tried author, has recently issued a companion friend, who realized considerable profit volume, entitled, “The Comforter.” and enjoyment in its perusal. We We shall (God willing) in a very early cannot but add our conviction, that Number, take up this volume also; these two volumes must greatly increase meanwhile it affords us alike pleasure the value of any theological library.

Obituar y.

On Lord's day, March the 27th, at the cares ; having no children, and being residence of Mr. John Webster, minis- comfortably provided for, she was a ter of Bethesda Chapel, Trowbridge, stranger to the trials which many of the Wilts, Mrs. Mary Luke, at the ad- Lord's children have to wade thirough. vanced age of 95; nearly eighty years Her time was devoted to benevolent she had been in connexion with the purposes, and to the visitation of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, and in sick and encouragement of young conearly life had enjoyed the ministry of verts; her moral character without the Rev. W. Huntington, of whom she blemish. Had she then no trials? ever spoke with the greatest respect. Yes, for there needs must be a crook in In latter years, when residing in Ply- every lot. For many years our dear mouth, she was a constant attendant sister was harrassed with the thought of upon Dr. Hawker's Lectures, at Charles having committed the unpardonable Church. Our dear sister was descended sin, and seemed never to have entirely from a refugee family of French ex- got rid of the dread and fear on that traction, and attended the French account, and often in great darkness Protestant church in Hoxton with her would flee to the Word, and cry out, family. Her father dying at an early “ Yes, Lord, I do believe.” Her conage she removed to Portsea, and there solation was in the unfailing promise of joined the church under the charge of Christ, “ Whosoever believeth in me, the Rev. John Griffin, in 1802. Her though he die, yet shall he live.” views on baptism having for years

been Well, our dear friend is gone, and is altered, she was baptised by the vener. now far from fear or Satan's wiles

, able Mr. Horton, and continued in that hymning the praises of Him who loved connexion till the day of her death. her, and gave Himself for her. Truly

, She often spoke with delight of the may it be said, “ Blessed are the dead friendships formed at Portsea, and of who die in the Lord.” She was their important results; many of these interred in the cemetery in a freehold early and revered friends are fallen grave, near the venerable John Warasleep; but some remain, who cherish burton, on the Saturday following, for our departed sister feelings of vene- attended by the pastor, deacons, and ration and respect. Here she formed elders of the Church; the funeral seran acquaintance with, and was after- mon was preached from John xiv. wards married to, Mr. Thomas Luke, 1-3, to a crowded and attentive cona gunner in the Royal Navy, a congregation, on the Lord's-day evening, nexion which contributed to her com- by her friend and pastor, with whom fort, and with whom she lived in har- she had resided for several years, and mony


many, years. He was, for a under whose ministry she had sat for lengthened period after their removal the last twenty years. to Plymouth, a deacon of Mr. Horton's,

JOHN WEBSTER. Morrice Square, Devonport. The life Timbrel Villa, Trowbridge, of our dear sister was devoid of family

April 8, 1859.


“Comfort ye, comfort ye, my People, saith your God.” “Endeavouring to Keep the Unity of the Spirit in the Bond of Peace." Jesus Christ, the same Yesterday, and To-day, and for Ever. Whom to know is Life



AUGUST 1, 1859.

No. 160,

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And the Lord descended in a cloud, and stood with him there."

Exod. xxxiv. 5. “In the cloud !" mark this, beloved. There is something in it, be assured. Clouds, clouds, they are dark-threatening. Poor human nature shrinks from the cloud ! Even the disciples of old “feared as they entered into the cloud.” Clouds ! not only are they dark-not merely do they hide the sun; ah! but they are harbingers of the storm-yea, they bring the tempest; and oftentimes how sad the consequences !

How the heart sinks at sight of the clouds! What's coming now? What fresh trial ! what new difficulty ! what unforeseen danger! Is my God about to leave me? Is He angry? Have I vexed Him, and is He about to chastise ? Have I been nursing some idol, and is He about to take it away? Has the world engrossed too much of my thoughts, time, and affections, and is the Lord about to embitter it, and to humble me before it? Have I been nestling in my bosom one of my God's foes, and is He about to show me that “ I cannot serve Christ and Belial ?” that “the friendship of the world is enmity with God ?" In lieu of the compliment and the smile, am I about to hear the exulting and the satirical inquiry, “ Where is thy God now? What of thy high doctrine ? Where thy vain boast ?—where thy confidence ? -where thy triumphant, It is well ?”

" Oh that I had been wise ! Oh that I had foreseen this ! Oh that I had not taken such and such a step! How foolish was I! Why did not I take heed ? Might not previous experience have shown me the probable issue? Why was I so regardless ? Why did I turn a deaf ear? Why did I not construe those very misgivings into so many godly cautions and admonitions, and why did I not by them say, “Speak, Lord, for thy servant heareth ?" "Show me now Thy way, and lead me in a plain path, because of


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