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irritation or agony,

What is truth? Is phemers who have held, that, 110 matter there any such thing as revealed truth?| what their sins, as Christ had blotted Thus we involve ourselves in darkness. them all out, it would be only adding sin We forget that we have no business, in to sin to doubt or fear. Shocking, awfact, no capacity, to argue with God. ful, monstrous self-deception! Satanic We forget that

not only deception! The man that is not in darkfinite but fallen creatures; and that as ress after deliberate sin, is of all creafar as the heavens are from the earth, so tures out of hell in the most perilous high are God's thoughts above our and hopeless condition. thoughts.

So much for the causes, now for the Rebellious and unconverted man de- uses of darkness. nies this. He will contend that he is 2. Uses. It is for the soul's good. I quite fit to be a judge in the matter. question whether we should ever pray, Poor converted man is often led into were it not for darkness. God purthe snare, and hence many of his seasons posely keeps His creatures dependent of darkness. Oh, brethren, for more of on Him. We are naturally prone to the mind of a little child to trust the confidence and independence; but when God of the Bible; and whilst we exer- we experience darkness, we are compelled cise our understandings to see that to call upon the Lord. these things are so, that we may be Again. Darkness makes us, appreenabled to bow down before Him in ciate light the more; just as sickness, acknowledgment of our feebleness and health-hunger, plenty-cold, heat. ignorance.

III. Conclusion. It is impossible for iii. A third cause of darkness is wilful any pardoned sinner to journey to Zion sin. Let me not hesitate to assert it. without occasional doubts. No man can The man that is living in sin (I mean fight the world, the flesh, and the devil, the sin against which conscience is rais- without passing through much darkness. ing her accusing voice, and which the Besides, we walk by faith and not by man refuses to part with) must necessa- sight. But God in His mercy has prorily be in darliness.

vided us with means to dispel darkness If he were in any other state, i.e., if -prayer, praise, ordinances. The very he were without doubts, he would be praises of others have often dispelled a indeed an example of the most mon-cloud. strous delusion. I have heard of blas.


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Mary.--I hardly know at times what George.—Say what you will, Mary, I am ; such a poor, dead, lifeless, bar- ! I believe Paul and you belong to one ren creature. You don't know how bad family; and that were he here


he I am; such evils arising within at times. would not be ashamed to own you as his

George. --But, notwithstanding, Mary, sister. I perceive you are of noble birth; you Mary.—Oh, I wish it were so; but may say of that blessed champion of the oh, what am I?—" a dead log !" truth, Paul, the apostle of the Gentiles, George.-Well, there now, you talk “He is my brother.”

exactly alike; for your brother Paul Mary.-Oh, don't say so, George; says, " O wretched man that I am, who what! compare me to Paul, who was at shall deliver me from the body of this one time caught up into the_third death ?” this dead log which I am conheaven, and who could say, "Be ye tinually dragging about with me. Come followers of me, even as I am also of now, can't you see yourself that there is Christ ?” Compare me to such a blessed some likeness ? holy man of God as that? why, I am Mary.--It is true that is my language sometimes ready to think I am nothing very, very often; but still I am afraid but a hypocrite, a deceived person; to claim relationship, for see how he and, perhaps, you would think so too, rises above himself directly, and with could

you look into my heart. what glorious triumphant language he


ends that next chapter, the 8th of George. So you will in due time. Romans. Oh, were I sure I belonged That is a precious passage in Ist of to that family concerning whom those Peter. Just read it-begin at "knowblessed truths are spoken, I should be ing,” in the 9th verse. as happy as an angel; but is it possible Mary.-"Knowing that the same that such a poor, weak, vile, black worm afflictions are accomplished in your

bre as I am, can belong to such a family ? thren that are in the world. But the

George.-- Yes, Mary, it is; for none God of all grace, who hath called as but living souls, that is, souls to whom unto His eternal glory by Christ Jesus, Jesus has given life, can join Paul in the after that ye have suffered awhile

, make language he uses in the 7th of Romans. you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle Paul was a living, spiritual man when he you. uttered those words contained in it; and George.-Now, Mary, when the Lord all who can from the heart sincerely join does that latter part for you, then you him, are born of God, and possess the will be able to realize that you are insame spiritual life as he did, and there- cluded in the "all” our beloved brother fore they may with Peter say, “Our Paul speaks of in the 8th Romans, 32nd beloved brother Paul.”

verse, who are all one in Christ Jesus. Mary.—But I can't go on and say as Did you ever think over the blessed much as he did.

state that that “all”—the elect, God's George. But don't you know what it family—are in, and have been in from all is to be as it were out of the body some- eternity, as described in the 30th verse times? Does not the Sun of Righteous of the Sth of Romans ? Why, it’is plain ness sometimes cast a bright beam into from that verse that they were, in the your soul, perhaps, at a time you least Divine purpose, called from all eternity, expected it? And are you not then justified from all eternity, glorified from able to rejoice and triumph in Him ? all eternity; and I have been thinking

Mary.-I trust that has been the case since I read dear Mr. Maude's pieces at times; but then those seasons were “On Union with Christ,” that they are so short, and when they were over I righteous in three ways, and that they began to fear it was all a delusion.

are as holy now as they ever will be. George.—But, Mary, what do

Mary. Can it be true, George ? long for most after such visits ? Do

o you

George.--Yes, I believe it is; and I want to go into the world to find your believe I can prove it, too: but I must happiness?

leave that now till we have a little more Mary:-Oh no, George; I don't want time, for you know that while we are in to go into the world for happiness; I the world we must fulfil the duties of want Him to come again. My language our station. May we and all the dear is, “O visit me with thy salvation.” brethren, especially those dear ones with There is nothing in earth or heaven that whom we are connected, have that will satisfy me but Himself.

prayer of our beloved brother, Paul, in "His presence disperses my gloom,

Eph. i. 17, and following verses, an. And causes all within me to rejoice.”

swered in our own experience, then will

those precious truths which, by the George.-And so you are then, Mary, grace of God, we may be able to talk a sister of that blessed man, John over, be the very joy and rejoicing of Newton, too.

our hearts. Mary.—The Lord grant that I may

GEORGIUS realize it.



The man whose eyes are enlightened, the more I perceive the Scriptures to be and to whom it is given to see the de- true, and that man is not a bit better pravity of human nature, confesses, than the Word of God represents him & The more I converse with mankind, to be."-- Romaine.


(PSALM cxlv. 14.)

my mind

How different is the Lord's teaching to say, "If He knew that man would fall, man's: the teaching and learning of man, and bring death and misery upon all the without the grace of God, " Puffeth up;" human race, why did He permit it ?” but that of the Lord is, “He bringeth thereby making God the author of sin. low, before He lifteth up (1 Sam. ii. 7); It is certain man was permitted to fall, and in spiritual things, man begins where but that was his own act: and here I the Lord ends. Those whom the Lord have often wondered at the advocates begins with, they begin in sorrow, but of free-will to uphold it, when Adam, end in joy; when man begins, it is with a perfect example, could not stand when joy, and will be sure to end in sorrow left. If the will of man, when without either way. If left to live and die with sin, and perfect from the hands of his out a better righteousness than his own, Creator, fell from a state of moral perhis will be a sorrowful end; but if a fection and strength, where then is now better righteousness is given him, that the will of man towards God, when he sorrow will begin which will end in joy. is born in sin and death? Alas! it is lost. He will then know the truth of the I find the sad truth within; I have no Psalmist, “The Lord upholdeth all that will God-ward and heaven-ward, till it is fall.” There is something very striking given me. But man gained far more by in the words, it seems when a person the fall than he lost. It is asked, In what has fallen, it is then too late to uphold way? In this, Salvation now is not in them, because they are down, but want the hand of man, but is of the Lord holding up while standing, to prevent (Ps. xxxvii

. 39); and all the elect will falling : this is a natural thought upon be saved by grace : whereas, if salvation the words. But there is something to was in their own doings, there would

very sweet and blessed in the not be so many saved as will be. And Lord's meaning, and if the Holy Spirit, man has also gained in this respect, the only Teacher, enable me to write a having caused his own misery, he is now little of that sweetness, I will do so, an object of mercy; and if there had and hope it may also be blessed to others been no misery, there could have been of the Lord's family.

no display of mercy. There are some There are two sorts of falling : those who will have it, that if some are to be who are said to fall away (Heb. vi. 6), saved, all will be : I cannot find this and fall to rise no more" (Jer. xxv. 27), doctrine in the Bible ; though a child of and those whom the Lord'“ upholdeth," God, his worst wish is, If it were the who fall, but rise again (Prov. xxiv. 16). Lord's will He would have all saved. The one class are the children of God, But the Lord has clearly made known the other, though called so, do not be- in His Word His will, that all His long, to Him, but

, each may know of people, His chosen, and elected in Christ which class they belong to, from the before the foundation of the world Word of God; whether they have ever (Eph. i. 4), are the people, that are yet fell, but have been upheld by the saved, and their fall in Adam did not mercy of God from living in sin, when alter the purpose of Jehovah, which was, they have fallen into it; or have fallen, to save all those whom He had fixed but are left where they fell, and if not upon in eternity. Thus, all the elect brought out, do not belong to God. were upheld in Christ when they fell in

There is also a three-fold view of the Adam, and the “Lord upheld all them," fall of a child of God: his fall in Adam though they fell. (Gen. iii. 6); his fall by the law of The second view of the fall of a child God when made alive (Rom. vii. 9); of God. When the law enters bis heart, and often falling by the power of sin then he feels the truth of that word, (Hos. xiv. 1).

“When the commandment came, sin reIn the fall of Adam, there are some vived, and I died." Though in reality who lay all the fault upon the Lord, and now made alive, but did not feel this


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before, because dead, and sin reigned" falls of a child of God. The question is (Rom. v. 20). But now it is life that not, Does he fall? but, Does he rise discovers death, and light that discovers again? Nevertheless, the falling character darkness. Now he feels the fall: not can sing, when "upheld by the Lord,” only fallen in Adam, but that fall has “ Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy, come home to him, and he feels it in when I fall, I shall arise; when I sit in himself; and now, though he falls, "he darkness, the Lord shall be a light unto shall not be utterly cast down." Why? me (Micah vii. 8). The poet very “For the Lord upholdeth him with His sweetly sayshand” (Ps. xxxvii

. 24). And there is a sweet and blessed passage, recorded "And though they fall, suppose ten times a day, in Luke ii. 34. Simeon, speaking of

Perhaps it is to make them ten times pray." Christ, says,

“ Behold this child is set I have proved the truth of those words for the fall and rising again of many in many times, when the Lord hath left me Israel.” What a mercy this, that though to fall (not outwardly, but inwardig). “his fall was appointed, so was his sal. A Christian has more falls inwardly than vation,” and though he lost all in Adam, outwardly; the Lord keeps him from in Christ he is a winner, “being made open sins, but allows him to be overwilling in the day of God's power come by secret sins; and what for? that (Ps. cx. 3). Now his mind is to do the he may live in sin? God forbid! But will of God, and to be led by His Spirit. that sin may be his plague, and cause

But I must come to the third view of him to cry to God against it, and prethe fall;

often falling by the power of sin. vent him from either living in, or loving This is the battle, the warfare (Gal. v.17), the sins he feels, which makes him the inward conflict, the in-and-out path to “ groan, being burdened” (Rom. vü. of tribulation and trial (Eph. vi. 12) 23, 24). with the enemy of souls. The love of I have a few words to say on final Christ first made known to the soul falling away, and the faithfulness of the produces "joy unspeakable;" and this Lord to His own covenant oath and proespousing time is so sweet, that the soul mise in Christ, that those whom the thinks always to enjoy this, and “goes Father gave to His Son, of them Christ on his way rejoicing," till met by some says, " They are mine, thou gavest them temptation and trial, and is overcome, me (John xvii. 6), and them I have which droops his joy. But being “igno- kept, and the Holy Ghost takes pos, rant of Satan's devices,” still pro- session of them, and seals them heirs of ceeds, and meeting with many falls, he heaven. And then be lost ?finds he wants armour (Eph. vi

. 13), and

“Shall any child of God be lost, also grace and strength, for he feels his

And Satan cheat the Holy Ghost?” own strength to be perfect weakness.” And not only that, but the power and yet such is the belief and doctrine of strength of his lusts, sins, and tempta- some men; I thank the Lord that He tions, which cause him to cry "mightily bath kept me out of such a soul-destroy

. to God” to be kept from falling;" ing doctrine, and I believe He will keep for now, being made to stand, he feels he als His children out of it; for the proshall fall, and not as say those who are mise of Christ to His Church, just before strangers to a work of grace, and the His departure, is concerning the Holy inward conflict-that a person may live Comforter, “I

will send Him unto you careless. A feeling of sin, and a fear of (John xvi. 7-13), and then what? let falling. There is no "high-mindedness" them be led away into error ? No, “He there, but a fearing of that those who will guide you into all truth,” which is feel they shall fall, is a proof they stand, a blessed promise of guidance, and is for

fulfilled in every child of God. “That man can't fall that never stood ! There are many of the Lord's children He still lies in the fall ;

feel and fear falling away, but there is And those who never felt their sins, no ground for it. I never doubt the love They never stood at all.”

of God to His dear Son, and the love of Those who never stood know nothing Christ to His people, for whom he laid of the many (and sometimes grievous) ! down His life, and that salvation is cer

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tain to those for whom Christ died; yet For head and members must then dwell I often doubt my interest in His love, together, and doubt whether I am one of His, and Christ from His people, hell and earth can't I dare say there are many other dear

sever.” souls in the same place, but here is an

What a mercy it is, it is not yea and evidence

nay, as some say; but yea and amen in There never was a soul but was a winner, Christ Jesus. But do these precious That cried to God, a poor self-emptied truths cause listlessness of soul? no, sinner,

it is for want of them, they are the And trusted Christ the Lamb."

spring to zealousness. There is one or The soul with this cry can never be two blessed truths of the Lord's uplost, for it comes from the Lord, and to holding care, and then I must finish. Him it returns, and what the Lord is The cry of the soul will be that of the the author of, He will also carry on and man of God, “Uphold me according unto finish. If He gives grace, He will give thy word, that I may live ” (Ps.cxix. 116). glory also.

And what is the Lord's answer? “ Yea, But there never was a child of God I will uphold thee with the right hand lost, and never will be; while some may of my righteousness' (Isa. xli. 10; have the form, or a name to live, but are Ps. xxxvii. 17). dead; of such there are many, and al- The Lord never forfeited His word ways will be. A child of God is a mem- yet, and never will, and has never failed ber of the mystical body of Christ, of to do what He has pledged Himself to do, which He is the head, both of which and it is a mercy He has said, “I change make one body. Is it possible, then, for not;" "with Him there is no variableness, any, (if one) member of this body to be neither shadow of turning” (James i. 17). in hell, and the head in heaven? im- May the Lord bless, if it be His will, possible ! or, how can it be a perfect the few broken truths I have written, body if any one member is missing? but to His church's good and His own the body is complete in Christ, the head. glory; and the grace of our Lord Jesus

Christ be with all them who Him, is "Bat fall to hell, no, never, never one,


S. S. If they go there, then so may God the Son ;

the prayer


Never man spake like this man.”—John vii. 46. How sweet the words of Jesus sound For peace from every accent flows; In every mourner's ear!

Peace was His great bequestWith streams of comfort they abound, His "dying legacy” to those His drooping soul to cheer.

Who on His bosom rest.*

From anxious cares they set us free,

And heal the wounds of sin; Like oil upon the troubled sea,

They calm the storm within.

Though grief attends us day by day

As we on earth sojouru,
While He talks with us by the way

Our hearts within us burn.

The music of that Shepherd's voice

The sheep delight to hear;
It makes their trembling hearts rejoice,

And drives away their fear.

We still would linger by His side,

Like Mary at His feet;
With Him we ever would abide,
And hear His words so sweet.


Mankind are like sheep grazing on a another; while the rest feed on, unconcommon: the butcher comes continually, cerned, until he comes for the last.and fetches one away, and another, and Herne.

* John xiy. 27, and xvi. 33.

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